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Crash paces back and forth, his fingers hanging onto his bottom lip as he bit away at his shaved nails. Ellyn was beside him sighing every time he'd let out a painful whine from biting his nail too short. Sandtor wasn't there with them, he'd herthed back into town to get some supplies and until he returned could they proceed with rescuing Elliane.

"Why? Why'd Sandtor have to go now? That guy has Elliane! Anything could happen to her!"

Ellyn sighs.

"I know but, we're starving, dehydrated, and growing really weak...and honestly, you haven't gotten much sleep these past days, if you were to fight this guy you'd fall asleep in his lap right away. Talk about sneak attack."

Crash rolls his eyes, dropping to his knees and unsheathing his sword. He lays it in his lap and grabs a nearby rock.

"I FUCKING SWEAR ELLYN, if that bastard does anything to her, I'll kill him EVEN IN HIS AFTER LIFE."

Ellyns eyes widen and he backs away from Crash.

"I mean fucking seriously. I fucking spent days dieing in the snow down at IronFordge just to find her, and when I'm finally reunited with her, she's lost her memory. WHAT'S WORST? A fucking blood elf steals her away!"

"Actually she ran off with him."

Ellyn bites his tongue as Crash stiffens, then his shoulders sag.

"And that's...supposed to make me feel better? What if...he's...nice to her or something...and...she falls in love with him..."

"No, Crash, that won't happen. The Goddess Elune sent you on this quest to find her only because she wanted you to find her."

Crash looks over his shoulder, tears in his eyes.

"Why is it that the one thing I hold closest...always gets taken away?"

Ellyn stands, takes a couple steps until he was beside Crashers and plops down at his side, pulling him into a one-arm-hug.

"The battle you're willing to fight for her will make her come to her senses. IF not, she's fall back in love with you."

Crash leans into Ellyns arms, eyes shut and mouth clenched in anger.

"I'll kill him if he touches her."

Elliane holds her air with fear, her arms looped around Wolfs neck as he carried her down the side of the mountain. Above them were the giant spiders again, crawling down like experts and occasionally jumping. These, unlike the first ones, were only as high as the Wolfs hip, which for Elliane was still pretty big. Every time one of them let itself fall at Wolf Elliane used her thorn spell to trap it against the wall. And when it was more than one, he'd used a spell she'd never seen before and the spiders would all go up in flames.

"We're almost there!"

Elliane cheers though Wolf can't understand her. Finally, with one quick glance at the fast approaching ground Wolf lets go of the rocks, pulling Elliane into a tight hug and tumbling the rest of the way down.

Elliane groans as she sits up, a trail of blood running down his nose from her forehead and dripping off of her chin. Beside her was Wolf, unconscious or most likely dead.


Elliane pulls him onto her lap as loud sounds come from behind bushes. Elliane wraps one arm over his chest and outstretches the other one. She stares in shock as a figure comes into sight. If it wasn't an animal, she wouldn't be able to use her weak druid magic, the opponent would be too smart.


Another blood elf runs over to the two of them, lifting Wolf into his arms with little ease then turning back to Elliane.

"What are you doing in Horde territory?"

Ellianes eyes widen.

"Y-you can speak Darnassian?"

The man examines Elliane with his sharp eyes. Obviously he was very intelligent and wise, he didn't need the giant books hooked at his waist, or the finely sewed robes to make him seem the part.

"You must be the healer he went in search of."

"E-excuse me?"

He looks down at Wolf then back at Elliane.

"His younger brother was attacked by a giant beast, we're just ordinary hunters...and I'm only a warlock. We needed some one who could heal Hemlock without doubts."

Elliane stands up slowly.

"S-so that's why he was so urgent about getting me to come with him?"

"Must be, Hemlocks the only family he has left, now, please follow me, I'll take you to Hemlock."

Elliane nods following close behind.


Hemlock was a small teen boy, about fifteen. His hair was black and his eyes a faded shade of Jade. The boys skin was paler than usual and the bandage around his wounds was drenched in his blood. Elliane wasn't even sure if he was still alive as she sat beside him, not until he slowly turned his face to her. A look of pure fright flooded his face, he began to scream weakly and throw sorry attempts of getting away. The other blood elf left Wolfs side to pin Hemlock down gingerly. Elliane looks up at the blood elf with uncertainty.

"I-I don't know...if I can heal him..."

Elliane whispers holding her hands out over Hemlocks chest. The poor blood elf boy was frantically looking over at the blood elf with teary eyes. He seemed to think the blood elf was going to have Elliane kill Hemlock to stop the pain. The boy wasn't listening to his words though, only throwing his head around and screaming that word Wolf was saying when pointing to himself. A couple of Orcish words are said from behind Elliane, then Wolf was at her side, holding Hemlocks head in his bloody arms as he kissed his younger brothers forehead, surely telling him in Orc that everything was going to be okay. Finally the boy calmed down, staring only into his brothers eyes as Elliane cast the spell. Once they removed the bandage to make sure the wounds were completely sealed Wolf turned to Elliane and began to speak.

"Thank you Star, for saving Hemlock, it means so much to me, I'll be sure to return you to safety right away."

The other blood elf translates. Elliane nods. Hemlock jumps to his feet and outstretches his hand, helping Elliane to her feet then hugs her. She smiles and pats his back.

"Good luck Hemlock."

Elliane says patting his head, he grins, stepping back and giving his brother a fist bump. The other blood elf says something to Hemlock in which Hemlock hurries over to the mount that was tied to a tree.

"Coyote will see you home safely."

"Thank you...uhm..."


Elliane smiles. Thank Goddess Elune she would finally be returning to safety with Crashers.