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The room was consumed by silence. The moment seemed to drag on forever; for an eternity. Santana couldn't even think straight, all perception of time pulled from her grasp. Had it been hours? Months? Or merely seconds? She blinked, staring into Brittany's eyes. She had never seen the blonde cry; didn't even think she was capable of it. Making others cry? Sure. But Santana hadn't even contemplated someone being able to hurt Brittany's feelings, let alone make her react like this.

The brunette swallowed uncomfortably, lost for words. She knew Brittany was waiting for a reaction, and finally found her voice.

"You…what?" she managed, unable to produce more than that. Brittany almost jumped when Santana spoke, looking thoroughly shaken. Despite the moisture around them, her eyes had lost their usual sparkle. She looked utterly lost.

"I…I was a cheerleader at my old school," she said, voice scratchy and quiet. "When that girl found out about me, I…I felt like everyone was out to get me, you know?" She paused for a moment, glancing away before meeting Santana's gaze again, fresh tears forming. "All my friends ditched me. The girls were scared of me. The guys…" She let out a harsh laugh, shaking her head slightly. "Well, as soon as they realised I wasn't something they could put their dick in, they didn't wanna know."

"Even Puck?" Santana asked, but Brittany just shook her head again.

"Puck had already left," the blonde replied. "He was probably fucking Fabray when I tried to call him that night." She laughed again, but sounded far from amused. "And I called him a lot that night…"

"So what happened afterwards?" the Latina asked, furrowing her brow. "You couldn't have just left right away, could you?"

"I tried to stick it out for a while," Brittany replied, shrugging. "But…well, you know what people are like." Santana nodded. "I wasn't exactly the same person I am now, as if that wasn't obvious. I didn't know the first thing about defending myself. I mean, I was pretty fit, being on the cheerleading squad and all, but I wasn't in any shape to start a fight." She let out a sigh, running a hand through her tangled hair. "Not that I'd ever wanted to before then…"

"Is that how you ended up…well…" Santana trailed off, gesturing up and down Brittany's body. Despite the tears still running down her reddened cheeks, the blonde cracked a small smile.

"Built like an ox on steroids?" she asked. "Yeah. I thought maybe I could deal with the name-calling, but…a week after I was outed, some guy made a pass at me. I was on my way home, it was dark, and this guy comes up behind me – said he was going to 'cure' me. Some old lady driving past scared him off, but I…" The blonde paused again, looking as though she were struggling for words. "…I had never been so scared in my life. But then I had an idea – the bitch that outed me in the first place, no one dared touch her; they were all too scared of her. So I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would make myself as strong as her."

"So you became the thing you hated most," Santana mused, pondering Brittany's words. "She bullied a sweet, innocent girl until she had no choice but to copy her to fight back."

"Something like that," the blonde replied with another shrug. "It's not an act, you know. Sometimes I wish I could make it all go away; the outing, the bullying, the months of training and boxing lessons with a slightly creepy instructor, but…" She sighed. "…what you see is the real me. The Brittany S Pierce who ran for Senior Class President with a campaign of Pixie Stick promises and anti-tornado legislation is dead and buried."

"You ran for Senior Class President?" Santana asked. "But you're…oh, right."

"Yeah, I wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed," the blonde admitted. "I lied about my age at McKinley so I could have two years instead of going straight to senior year and fucking things up."

"…and the…ah…Pixie Sticks?" Santana repeated, unable to hide her smirk. Brittany just grimaced.

"Shut up."

There was another moment of silence, punctuated only by the sound of Brittany wiping at her nose. Santana regarded the other girl for a moment, processing everything she had discovered. Was Brittany really telling the truth? Was a person even capable of such a radical personality shift in the space of a year? When Brittany had first arrived at McKinley, she had brought a rather scary reputation with her – had that been a fabrication? Was it only after her arrival that she had begun behaving this way? Santana knew she had to get the specifics on this, but another question had appeared that was suddenly begging to be asked.

"How do you do it?"

Brittany frowned, cocking her head to one side. "Excuse me?"

"How do you act the way you do?" Santana elaborated, keeping her voice as calm as possible. "You call people names, threaten them – you even put two guys in the hospital. And yet despite all that, you have the…the impudence to complain that you were bullied?"

"I don't bully people," Brittany snapped, suddenly defensive. "I never have." She took a step towards Santana, suddenly looking a lot more like her usual intimidating self. "Or are you trying to tell me Quinn Fabray doesn't deserve what she gets?" Santana remained silent, while Brittany took another step forwards. "No, that's not what this is about, is it? After what they've put you through, I know you couldn't give two shits what I do to them. What is it, Santana?"

The brunette couldn't read the other girl's eyes; hurt, anger, sorrow – it was all bubbling right there under the surface, plain as day. She knew there was no getting out of this, and as she took a deep breath, Santana averted her eyes, unable to hold the blonde's gaze.

"You know how I feel…" she said, her voice not much more than a whisper. She didn't see Brittany's reaction, so just kept going. "Every day, I'm picked on. They call me names, push me in into lockers, slushy me at least three times a week…" She looked up again, realising for the first time that Brittany was no longer than only one with tears running down her face. "This whole time you've known what I'm going through; known how much it hurts, and yet you did nothing?"

"I…don't underst-"

"Of course you do!" Santana interrupted, anger flaring. "That's the whole point! You were bullied just as bad as me – maybe worse – and despite claiming to have liked me ever since you first saw me, you were okay with just sitting back and watching?"

"And this has only just started bothering you?" Brittany asked, but Santana just rolled her eyes.

"Er…yes? Before, I just assumed you'd always been like this. It never mattered to me because I was so sure you wouldn't understand…" She trailed off, choking back a sob and wiping at her eyes. "But you do. You've always known what I was going through, and I…god, I thought I lo- …no, forget it."

"Santana, please-"

"Please what?" Santana scoffed. "Forgive you? How the hell do you expect me to just forget this? What, you wanted to date me, but not enough to actually step in and maybe…oh, I dunno…stop me from feeling like crap every day? Feeling the exact same way you did? What were you so afraid of?!" Brittany flinched, and in that instant, Santana knew she was right. She took a step back, part of her almost wanting to smile triumphantly. "That's it, isn't it?" she asked. "You were afraid." Brittany remained silent, her expression completely unreadable. "You were so afraid of going through everything again that you kept your distance. I'm right, aren't I?"

"…can you blame me?" Brittany asked quietly. "Look at me, Santana. A few months of it and I went from a ditzy cheerleader to this."

"Three years, Brittany," Santana spat. "I've had this for three years. You could have stopped it – you know you could have! You didn't have to tell anyone we were together, you could have just got them to back off or something."

"Why does this matter so much now?" the blonde pleaded, looking a lot smaller now.

"I told you!" Santana shouted, voice rising. "I thought you had no idea what it was like. But now I know you do, and I…I can't do this, Brittany."

And with that, she ran.

She didn't even linger long enough to see the other girl's reaction, instead turning on her heel and heading straight for the stairs. She slammed the large front door behind her, taking off down the road leading away from the house. She didn't care that she was on foot, or that it was cold, or that she had left her bag in Brittany's room; she just needed to get away.


By the time the echoing sound of the front door slamming had ceased, Brittany had made her way over to her bed and slumped back onto it, staring up at the fairylights tangled throughout the four-poster. She had always known it would come to this. Something was going to alienate Santana. The blonde had often wrestled with herself over how to approach the other girl, and the longer she left it, the stronger her fears became – clearly they had not been unfounded. She had no defence against Santana's words; nothing to justify her behaviour. Despite her physical strength, she was just as weak inside as she had been before. And she hated it.

Groaning, she reached over the side of the bed for her bag, pulling her phone out before rolling back onto the bed. She quickly scrolled through her contacts until she reached Puck's name.

And he never picked up.

"Probably fucking around with Fabray again," Brittany muttered, casually tossing her phone across the room before letting her head fall back onto the pillow. But then something occurred to her – she didn't hear her phone hitting the floor. Sitting up, the blonde found that the device had been saved by Santana's bag, still sat by the wall. She slid off the bed and grabbed the bag, placing it on her desk and looking at it for a moment. Her malicious side wanted to open it; to get back at Santana in some small way. But she knew it wasn't worth it, and instead slipped her phone into her pocket before returning to her bed, completely unsure of what to do.


It took Santana nearly an hour to get home, but knowing that Brittany would realise that made her feel slightly better. She knew she had been hard on Brittany; it had taken a lot of courage to reveal what had happened to her, even if Santana had cut her off before she could go into much detail. But she was still livid that Brittany had just sat back and watched her get bullied. Part of her knew it was wrong to just expect the blonde to help her; to put her own reputation on the line like that. But if Brittany really did care for her that much, surely it wasn't too much to ask? How could she sit there and let Santana go through the exact same hell she herself had experienced, and just been fine with it?

Her parents were still out when she returned, so Santana only felt slightly guilty when she slammed her bedroom door behind her. But no sooner had she entered her room, than she felt even worse. Just looking at her bed filled her with memories of how Brittany had pinned her to it earlier that day, made all the worse by the fact that half of her wanted nothing more than to run back to the blonde so she might end up in that position again. Reasoning that a distraction was necessary – and possibly desiring to get back at a certain girl – she decided to take Sam up on his earlier offer. After all, if she just sat there, she was going to go crazy - and with her homework finished, she had nothing to bury herself in.

She quickly made it to the phone in the kitchen, dialling Sam's number and waiting. Was it unfair on Sam himself? Probably. But right now she needed to get away from anything that could possibly remind her of Brittany.

"Hello?" Sam's voice answered, sounding a little breathless.

"Hey," she replied, already feeling guilty at how excited he was going to be.

"Oh, hi!"

Excited was clearly and understatement.

"I was just wondering, is it too late to take you up on that stargazing offer?" she asked, closing her eyes as that annoying little voice in her head reminded her that Brittany had hinted at once being into the same activity.

"No, no not at all," Sam replied, sounding nothing less than thrilled. "Did your parents cancel, or…?"

"Oh, um…" It took Santana a few seconds to remember the lie she had told. "No, they just said we weren't leaving as early as I thought, so it's okay if I'm out late."

"Awesome," Sam said. "Well, I can be over in a few minutes. Let me just get some snacks and stuff together."

"Sounds great," Santana replied, hoping she didn't come across as too false. She wasn't being completely untruthful – she was excited to see the meteor shower, after all. But her conscience was already questioning her motives.

After they had said their goodbyes, Santana went to grab her phone so she could text her parents, almost making it to the stairs before she remembered where she had left it. Groaning to herself, she grabbed a pen and scrawled out a quick note explaining where she was going to be, before sticking it to the fridge. While waiting for Sam, she fixed her appearance as best she could, only realising for the first time just how dishevelled she was looking; hair messed up and eyes still framed with red.

By the time Sam arrived, Santana at least looked presentable. She smiled and greeted him warmly as they walked to his car, but already she couldn't help but feel as though she was making a mistake. She'd left Brittany in a pretty sensitive state; she - Santana Lopez, resident nerd and the easiest target of jocks and Cheerios alike - had made Brittany Pierce cry. And then just left her there. As she settled into her seat, she began hoping that this was all a bad dream. She was still mad at Brittany, sure, but her familiarity with the blonde had seemingly made her forget just who she was dealing with. Would Brittany seek revenge? Were they still even together? Just what was going to happen when Monday morning came?

"You okay?" Sam asked, glancing to his right. Santana just nodded, not trusting her ability to speak right now.


"I'm sorry, Brittany," Mrs Lopez said. "She never said when she would be back. I tried calling her to ask if she'd be home for dinner, but she's not answering her phone. I thought she was with you."

"She left her phone here," Brittany replied with a sigh, running a frustrated hand through her hair. "I was…uh…gonna drop by and give it back."

"Well, when she gets in, I'll tell her you called," Maribel said. "I have no idea what time that meteor thing is happening, so…"

"No, it's okay," Brittany replied quickly, already reaching for Santana's bag. "Thanks, Mrs Lopez."

"You're very welcome, Brittany," Santana's mother replied politely. "Nice to speak to you again."

As soon as she heard Mrs Lopez put the phone down, Brittany immediately dropped her own and turned Santana's bag upside down. The brunette's phone, a couple of schoolbooks, several loose pens and pencils, and finally, several sheets of folded paper – exactly what Brittany was looking for. She had seen Santana tuck Sam's meteor 'information sheet' into her bag before leaving, and already had something of an idea forming. If she could come out in front of someone else, even if it was just one of Santana's friends, then maybe the other girl would see just how much their relationship meant to her.

It was easy for Brittany to tell Santana she had wanted to be with her since first setting eyes on her, but she has a strong suspicion that Santana didn't fully appreciate the truth of that. Something about the shy girl had caught her attention from day one; it was so strong that at first, Brittany had wondered if there was something wrong with her. And after so long waiting and so long planning, like hell she was going to let her past mistakes screw this up.

She unfolded the sheet of paper and scanned through it. Most of it was just scientific information on the meteors; only just within Brittany's understanding. But as she turned to the second page, she found what she had been looking for: Sam had calculated – or at least pretended to – the best location to view the shower from. Brittany knew it was just a ruse to get Santana alone, though as angry as that made her, she wasn't worried for the other girl's safety – she knew Sam wouldn't force himself on her. Still, the idea of him alone with Santana made her blood boil. She quickly looked for familiar street names on the map for a rough idea of where the field was, before grabbing her phone again.

"Hey, it's me," she said quickly. "I'm calling in the favour you owe me."

"What do you want, Pierce?" the voice replied irritably. "I'm busy."

"Oh fuck off, CeeCee," Brittany scoffed. "All you do is sit at home crying over TV characters."

"Didn't I tell you not to call me that?" Brittany just rolled her eyes.

"Tell me your real name and I won't have to," the blonde replied. "Look, I'm really sorry I broke your nose…and your arm…but I need your help with something."

"Make it quick, then."

"Do you know anyone who lives out by Victoria Crescent?" Brittany asked, glancing at the map again. "Near that old cornfield?"

"Yeah, my friend Naomi lives there," the voice replied, sounding highly confused. "What's this all about, Pierce?"

"Nevermind," Brittany replied quickly. "Just give me her number."

"What, so you can do one over on her too?"

"Look, it's important," the blonde insisted. "I promise I won't hurt her, I just need to ask her some stuff. Please…"

"…did you just say 'please'?"

"Uhh…yeah, guess I did," Brittany replied with a shrug. There was a laugh from the other end of the phone.

"Wow, must be serious," the voice said. "Alright, Pierce, I'll play ball. But you better not be screwing around with me here."

As soon as Brittany had written the number down, and said her goodbyes, she hit dial once more, tapping her foot impatiently. After a few seconds, a new voice greeted her.


"Hey, is that Naomi?" Brittany asked. There was silence for a moment; clearly she had caught the girl off-guard.

"Um…yeah?" she replied. "Is that…is that Brittany Pierce?"

"Yeah, it's me," the blonde replied, a little taken aback that her voice was so distinctive. "I need to ask you a favour."

"Oh, sure!" the voice said, sounding worryingly enthusiastic. "I don't know how much help I can be, but I'll do whatever I can. I mean…uh…if it's nothing too extreme, uh…"

"Look out your window."

There was another pause.

"What, are you in my yard or something?" she asked, and Brittany just rolled her eyes.

"No, of course not," the blonde said. "There's a field behind your house, right?"

"That's right," the girl replied cheerfully. "I always used to play out there when-"

"That's real nice, but I don't have time," Brittany interrupted. "I need you to tell me if can see anyone out there?"

"But it's already dark," she protested. Again, Brittany found herself pulling an exasperated expression.

"Just look, will you?" she said flatly. "They probably have torches."

"Hmmm, okay," the girl answered. She was gone for a few moments, before Brittany heard her picking the phone up again.

"Hey, there are people out there, just like you said," she explained. "Two, I think. Are they friends of yours?"

"Uhh…kinda," Brittany replied. "Thanks, Naomi."

"Don't mention it!" she said brightly. "It was really nice to actually speak to you. You always seem so cross at school."

"Yeah, I guess I do," Brittany said, managing a small laugh. "You're on the cheerleading team, right?"

"Yes, but I don't have anything to do with Quinn Fabray, if that's what you're asking," she insisted. "She's horrible!"

"That she is…" Brittany mused. She thought she recognised the girl's voice and name. "Hey, um…you know that tall girl you like? On the soccer team?"

"…...I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah, stop lying and listen," Brittany scoffed. "Newsflash: she likes you too. You should get up on that before someone else does."

"Uhhh…thanks? I think…?" Naomi replied slowly, sounding utterly bemused. "Hey, some more of your friends are there."

"…what?" Brittany asked, her smile gradually disappearing.

"Yeah, there's another car heading down to the field," she said. "Big red one with those spinning wheel things."

"Naomi, are you absolutely sure?" Brittany asked, already getting to her feet.

"Definitely," she replied. "Are they having a party down there?"

"Shit, I've gotta go."

Brittany threw her phone down before Naomi even had a chance to respond, grabbing her jacket and car keys before tearing down the stairs.

Santana was in danger.


Santana leant back against Sam's jacket, folded behind her head. It was the perfect night for stargazing; not a cloud in the sky, and it was actually warmer than it had been during the day; bizarre given how late in the year it was. As she continued to stare up into the sky, she heard Sam laying down nearby. They had left his car some distance away, not wanting to clog it's already wheezing engine with debris from the long grass.

"I got you a drink," Sam said, holding out a bottle of soda. Santana took it with a smile.

"Thanks," she murmured, gazing back up to the stars. Looking up into the night, she couldn't help but feel incredibly small. Maybe it was down to how much she knew about space; that in reality, people really are tiny and insignificant. It certainly made her regret her behaviour earlier that day. If she had questioned her actions to Brittany upon returning home, she was downright regretting them by now. She had jeopardised the one good thing that had happened to her since meeting her friends all those years ago, and she already knew that if she had ruined any chance of a relationship with Brittany, she would never forgive herself.

Vowing to apologise as soon as she returned home, she unscrewed the bottle top and took a long swig of the fizzy drink. It wasn't until Sam coughed quietly that she even remembered he was there, turning to face him.

"You okay?" he asked. "You've got that distracted face again."

"You guys always think I'm distracted," Santana replied, looking back up to the stars. "You've been saying that for the past month or so."

"Well it's true," Sam said with a shrug. "You've skipped half our after-school clubs, you're suddenly busy at the weekends, and you keep acting like there's something none of us know."

"…is it really that obvious?" Santana mused before she could stop herself. "Uh, I mean…oh crap…"

"Is what that obvious?" Sam asked, sitting up and suddenly looking nervous. "You mean…you mean there is something?"

"Damn," Santana muttered, before copying her friend and sitting forward. "Sam, I…I never meant…oh dear, I'm not very good at this, uh…"

Well that was a bad choice of words. Suddenly Sam was looking rather hopeful.

"Sam, look, I…" Santana stammered, her composure slipping. "…promise you won't be mad?"

"Santana, we've been friends for years," Sam said, smiling confidently. "It's cool. You know you can tell me anything."

'You won't be saying that in a minute,' a voice in Santana's head scoffed. The brunette gave an uneasy smile.

"You've always been a great friend, Sam," she said quietly. "But I don't think even you are going to be okay with this."

"Oh come on, what's that supposed to mean?" the blonde boy asked, clearly trying to maintain his smile.

"Sam, I…ah…" She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. "For the past few weeks, I've-"

"Wait," he cut in, suddenly glancing around. "Did you hear that?" Santana remained motionless for a second, but all she could hear was the wind and rustling of the grass. Sam seemed to be looking off in another direction, rising up onto his knees. "Maybe it was just the wind."

Santana was about to agree, until she heard something herself. It was quiet, but she knew it was naïve to pretend otherwise – it was definitely the sound of a footstep. "I heard it too," she said in a hushed whisper. "There's someone there."

"What do you mean 'someone'?" Sam asked, suddenly sounding incredibly out of his depth. His once cocky expression was replaced with one of dread, all colour gone from his skin. "It's…it's probably just someone walking their dog, right?"

"Do…do you want to head back to the car?" Santana suggested. "Just in case?"

"Yeah, good idea," Sam said quickly, scrambling to his feet and heading in the direction of his car, pausing only to make sure Santana was behind him. As she followed, she wondered just what on Earth had convinced her that sitting in the middle of an empty field in the middle of the night was a good idea. She stumbled through the long grass, trying her best to keep up with Sam's brisk pace. She almost fell as her shoe caught on a hidden dip in the ground, but managed to keep upright as they continued. She couldn't quite tell how worried Sam was, but if the fact that he had left everything behind was any indication, he was just as freaked out as she was.

And while it was adequate for telling the difference between food wrappers, the light from Sam's phone was hardly much of a torch. Surrounding by a wall of darkness, Santana felt an overwhelming sense of relief when Sam's car came into view. She made a beeline for the passenger door, waiting for her friend to unlock it. But he never did.

"Oh my god," Sam breathed. Santana looked up, unable to ignore the fear in his voice.

"What is it?" she asked, mentally pleading that this was some elaborate prank on the part of her friend.

"The tires have been slashed."

Santana's blood ran cold.

They stood there, looking at each other over the roof of the now useless vehicle. Sam looked so lost, it was a wonder he hadn't fainted. Santana wracked her brain, trying to remain rational and ignore the feeling of dread creeping through her. They were totally alone, with no means of transport, and it was highly likely that someone was watching them from the dark; someone who was intentionally keeping them there. The brunette had seen enough horror movies to know how these things went down, though moments later she found herself unable to believe she had even thought that – this was real life. She looked up at Sam again, who didn't seem to have taken his eyes off of her.

"We need to get out of here," she said. "Right now."

"But how, we can't-"

Whatever Sam was going to say, Santana never found out. There was silence; even the wind seemed to have died down. But that wasn't what had made Sam stop talking. It took her a moment to realise, in fact. As she looked at Sam, everything became clear.

She was casting a shadow on him.

Slowly, she turned on the spot, squinting at the blinding lights pointed in their direction. She couldn't even tell what they were coming from, and raised a hand to shield her eyes. The moment seemed to drag on forever, until the silence was shattered by the roar of an engine. Santana stood rooted to the spot, quite literally as a deer in the headlights would, unable to move or even think about doing so. The car was getting closer, bearing down on her, mowing down the grass and crops in it's path, picking up speed and only moving faster. Santana closed her eyes, paralysed with fear and unable to even contemplate moving as the thunderous machine barrelled towards her.

But the impact never came.

Santana's ears were filled with the sound of tires squealing, punctuated by a deafening crash of metal on metal, so close she could feel it against her face like a sudden gust of wind. She opened her eyes, but had little time to even see the car that had been about to hit her, for now an entirely different one was right in front of her.

"Get in!" Brittany shouted, kicking the passenger door open. Santana barely had time to register that the rear wing of the blonde's car was dented and scratched before she found herself on autopilot, diving into the seat. She looked back to Sam's car, seeing her friend still visible on the other side of it.

"Sam!" she called. "Sam, come on!"

He finally looked at her, his mouth agape, before finally coming to his senses and skirting around his own car, clambering into Brittany's just as Santana pulled her seat forward, allowing him to slide into the back. The blonde didn't even wait for the door to close before gunning the engine and skidding the car around. Just as they straightened out, Santana saw headlights in the mirrors, and realised that this was far from over; the other car was still running and still behind them.

Brittany floored it, forcing Santana – and Sam, judging by the yelp he let out – back into their seats. It wasn't until now that Santana fully appreciated just how much power Brittany's engine modifications had added. She finally glanced over to the blonde, watching as she turned them out of the field and back onto the road. There was fire in the other girl's eyes; her arms were tensed and her jaw set. This was the Brittany Pierce that McKinley High was in awe of.

"I told you not to come here!" Brittany snapped, not taking her eyes off the road. Santana just scoffed.

"No you didn't!" she found herself replying hotly.

"Well I was going to!" the blonde shot back, sending the car skidding round a corner. "I knew something like this was going to happen!"

"Oh really? How'd you figure that one out?" Santana snapped. "What the hell is going on?!"

"The bastard that owes me a new body panel is one of Fabray's cronies from the football team," Brittany said through gritted teeth. "She probably sent him here to scare you."

"How did she even know I was going to be here?" the brunette asked, and Brittany actually smiled.

"Because some guppy-lipped idiot posted a Facebook status saying he was spending the night with Santana Lopez," she explained, nodding towards the back seat. "For future reference, fishface-" They skidded round another bend, briefly traveling on two wheels as the car lifted from the road. "-she's fucking taken."

"Oh, am I now?" Santana said, not even waiting for Sam to respond. "You really think so?"

"Yeah, I do, actually," Brittany snapped. "Come on, Specs, I just saved your ass, I think I've earned it."

"Really, well how do you-" But Santana found herself cut off when she took a glance through the windscreen. "Oh my god, what are you doing?!"

"Shortcut," Brittany replied simply, not even batting an eyelid. Santana, on the other hand, slammed her hands into the glovebox to brace herself. Seconds later, the car was crashing through an old storey-high window, sending glass flying in all directions. When Santana looked up, she registered two things: one, they were now inside what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, and two, Sam was screaming.

Santana turned in her seat, mostly ignoring Sam's wailing and focussing on the fact that the other car was still right behind them. It wasn't really until now that it hit her – she was in the middle of a car chase. This wasn't a scene from a movie, or some theme park ride – this was actually happening. But she didn't know what shocked her more; the situation she was in, or that she had never found Brittany more attractive than when they had been shouting at each other as she drove. She turned forwards again, bracing herself with an elbow as the car slammed through an old gate and out into the open, knocking half of it clean off it's hinges and sending it crashing into the pursuing car.

"Do you even know where we're going?" Santana asked, and to her mixed horror and amused, Brittany just shrugged.

"I'm just having fun until the other guy gets bored," she replied matter-of-factly. "Why, you have a date or something?"

"Oh shut up," Santana snapped, folding her arms. "You said it yourself, I'm taken."

Brittany just grinned.

They emerged into a wide area, surrounded by tall derelict buildings. Santana recognised it as the old industrial district, but all that told her was that they were still on the outskirts of town. Sam was still whimpering in the back seat, but Santana felt oddly calm; or at the very least, she wasn't panicking. Brittany span the car around another corner, slamming the rear of it into a stack of crates, sending splintered wood into the air.

"We should probably think about losing this guy," Brittany said, pulling an overly-exaggerated thoughtful expression. "You know, seeing as it's probably past your bedtime and all."

"What the hell is he even doing?" Santana asked, glancing through the rear window again. "What's he gonna do if he catches up to us?"

"You think he even knows?" the blonde replied with another shrug. "Dog chasing cars, right? Isn't that from one of your movies?"

"If you're talking about The Dark Knight, I didn't actually like it that much and why the hell am I even discussing movies when I'm in the middle of a fucking car chase?!"

Brittany just looked at her for a moment, quirking an eyebrow. "…well, someone's in a bad mood."

"Can't possibly imagine why," Santana muttered, grimacing as they flew over a bump in the road. Brittany just laughed. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"I didn't say that," Brittany replied quickly, but her continued smirk gave her away.

Their route led them into a long alleyway between two of the larger industrial buildings, littered with boxes and crates; none of which Brittany had any qualms about smashing her way through. Santana was almost becoming used to the sound of wood and metal flying over the car's hood, but one sound she didn't expect was a phone ringing. She frowned, glancing over at Brittany. The blonde nodded to the back seat where her bag was sat.

"It's mine," she said. "Can you get that?" Santana did as instructed, guessing correctly that Sam was in no fit state to do it himself, and quickly passed the phone to the other girl. "Hello?" Moments later, Brittany's eyes lit up. "Oh, hey, Mrs Lopez! Oh no, it's fine, Santana's with me. Yeah, she's okay. No, she's helping me with some homework. …you can, huh? Oh, it's just a movie. Yeah, she said I was doing so well we could have a break. Haha, yeah her movies do have way too many loud noises in them."

As Brittany spoke, Santana just sat there aghast. Since when did her mother have Brittany's cell phone number? Since when did her mother have any of Brittany's numbers?

"Oh, sure, hold on." Brittany held the phone out for Santana. "Your mommy wants to speak to you."

Santana swiped the phone from the blonde's hand, but not before shooting her a glare. "Hi mom," she said, trying her hardest to sound calm.

"Hello, mija," her mother's voice replied. "We were starting to worry. Why isn't your phone on?"

"It isn't?" Santana asked, looking up at Brittany.

'I turned it off,' the blonde mouthed, to which Santana nodded.

"Oh, the battery must have died," she said sweetly. "I'll charge it when I get home."

"I take it you've eaten?" her mother asked. Santana frowned for a moment; was it really that late? One glance at the clock on Brittany's dashboard confirmed her suspicions.

"Um, yeah, we got takeout."

"And are you staying there?" Maribel asked. "You know, I'm still not sure about that Brittany girl."

"No, I'm on my way home now," Santana said, wanting nothing more than to hang up and focus on the fact that…you know…she was sat in a car likely travelling at three times the speed limit, with another car right behind them being driven by someone who was intending to hurt them.

"I thought Brittany said you were watching a movie?" her mother asked, and Santana just grimaced.

"Um…I gotta go," she said quickly. "I'll be home soon, promise!"

"But Santana, wait-" But the brunette hit end call before her mother could even finish her sentence.

"Great, so now on top of everything, you've got me lying to my parents!" she snapped, dropping Brittany's phone into her lap. Brittany just kept smiling.

They finally reached the end of the long alley, where Brittany sent them skidding round to the left. By now, Santana was bracing herself against the door almost subconsciously. Given how casually Brittany was behaving, she had to wonder if this wasn't the first time the blonde had found herself in such a situation. She looked out of her window, ignoring the industrial park still flying past and trying to work out exactly where they were now. She had no idea the abandoned buildings went on for so long, but was rather thankful that at least they weren't doing this on actual populated roads.

She looked over at Brittany, who appeared to be keeping her eyes directed not at the road itself, but at the edge of it. Santana was baffled, but the reason quickly became clear.

"Finally," Brittany said with exasperation. Santana she had little time to react before the car shook as it smashed into a large utility pole, uprooting the metal structure as though it were nothing more than a twig. It flew over the roof, prevented from moving much further by the countless wires and cables still attached to it. The Latina looked through the rear window, just in time to see the pole swing back and smash into the front of the pursuing car, shattering it's windshield. At last, it skidded to a halt, and quickly faded from view into the dark. Santana turned to Brittany, knowing she should feel angry; furious even, but quite honestly, all she felt was admiration.

And maybe a little arousal.

This girl had just saved her from god knows what fate, and in doing so, partially wrecked her own car; her pride and joy. Santana closed her eyes, leaning back in her seat. She felt a small bump, before the ride suddenly became a lot smoother, and she knew they were once again travelling on an actual road. She let out a deep breath, glancing sideways at Brittany, watching the way the streetlamps' light played over her face as they passed. The blonde looked at her for a moment, and for the first time that night, Santana felt her cheeks burning. Perhaps the adrenaline of being involved in an honest-to-god car chase was wearing off, but she suddenly felt rather inadequate sat next to this remarkable person.


After a silent drive, they arrived back at Santana's house. Brittany parked a little down the road, not wanting to alarm Santana's parents with the state her car was in. The blonde got out first, moving round to open the door for the other girl. Santana smiled as she was let out, but was quickly distracted when she saw two people approaching down the sidewalk: Artie and Nicole. The two of them looked both relieved and shocked.

"What's going on here?" Artie asked, coming to a stop.

"Is Sam with you?" Nicole asked. "We've been texting you guys all night."

But Brittany completely ignored them, instead turning to Santana. "Are you okay?" she asked, looking down at the brunette. Santana just nodded, and quickly found herself pulled into a tight embrace. It was only after a few seconds that she realised what was happening. Brittany was hugging her in front of her friends, not a care in the world. She smiled, and slowly returned it, sliding her arms into the blonde's jacket.

"Thank you," she murmured. Brittany remained silent, but it was pretty clearly she knew what Santana meant. It wasn't until Sam staggered out of the car that they looked up, remembering they had company.

"Dude, what the hell happened?" Artie asked, approaching Sam. "You said you weren't feeling well, then you said you and Santana were watching the shower alone, what gives?"

Sam just looked at him, then over at Brittany and Santana, before shaking his head and heading off down the sidewalk. Artie turned to Santana, looking expectant. She sighed. "One of Quinn Fabray's jock friends played a prank that got out of hand," she said, not even caring that her arms were still around her girlfriend's waist. "Brittany managed to get us out of there just in time."

"And you did that, why…?" Nicole asked, fixing Brittany with a searching look. The blonde gave a small smile, locking eyes with Santana.

"Brittany and I are…ah…" Santana managed a smiled of her own, before turning back to the others. "We're dating. Brittany's my girlfriend."


"You know," Brittany began, gazing up at her bedroom ceiling. "In hindsight, they could have taken it worse."

"You're only saying that because you thought Artie looked funny when he fainted in his chair," Santana pointed out, nudging the blonde in the ribs. "You're a mean girl, Brittany Pierce."

"Oh shut up," the taller girl snapped playfully. "Deny it was funny and you're a fucking liar."

They had been laying on Brittany's bed like this for hours, going over the previous day's events. Santana was genuinely amazed that their 'awesome movie scene car chase', as Brittany called it, hadn't been seen or caught on camera. Not that she was complaining; appearing on World's Wildest Police Chases wasn't exactly at the top of her to-do list. She had had an early night, complaining that all that 'homework' with Brittany had given her a headache, and retreated to the sanctuary of her bedroom. But the next morning, she was awoken by tapping on her window; Brittany once again deciding she was too good for the front door.

Her car's bodywork was being repaired by a family friend – one who apparently wouldn't ask questions – and so Brittany was on foot for once. Thankfully, it was a pleasant morning, and as they walked the entire way to Brittany's house, Santana couldn't ignore the definite spring in her step. Yes, she was still uncertain as to just how her friends would adjust to her dating Brittany, but quite honestly she was just glad the two of them were even still together, given the drama of the previous day. In fact, their calm walk to Brittany's was exactly what she needed, given the excitement of her white-knuckle ride home.

The sun was just beginning to fade behind the trees, when Santana heard a noise that was definitely not from within Brittany's room. She sat up, frowning at the half-open door. "What was that?"

Brittany just sighed. "It's Triple-F," the blonde answered. Santana frowned.

"Triple-F?" she repeated. "Isn't that the acronym for an all-female threesome?"

"Christ, no!" Brittany replied, fighting back laughter. "No, come on, I'll show you." She got to her feet, waiting for Santana to do the same. "Really? You want a threesome now? Damn, girl…"

"Shut up," Santana muttered, stalking past Brittany. "Just…shut up."

Brittany led her downstairs and into the kitchen. She had been given the grand tour that morning, so roughly knew her way around now – not that it stopped the enormous house from being any less intimidating in it's scale. She looked around expectantly, but finding nothing out of the ordinary, turned back to Brittany.

"Well?" she asked, frowning. Brittany just smirked.

"Look down."

Santana did as she was told, and gasped. Staring back up at her, was the fattest, grumpiest looking cat she had ever seen. It blinked at her, before looking over at Brittany.

"And Triple-F stands for…?" Santana asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Fat Furry Fucker," Brittany replied, crossing her arms. "Isn't that right, Mister?"

The cat just glared.

"Brittany, that can't really be his name," Santana said incredulously. "Even you wouldn't be that mean."

"What do you mean 'even me'?" Brittany replied irritably. "Besides, it's not mean. That's what he is."

But Santana wasn't having any of it. She bent down to stroke the cat, giving him a little scratch behind the ears. "Bet you don't like being called names by the nasty girl, do you?"

"Oh…oh fine," Brittany muttered through gritted teeth, unable to make eye contact with either her girlfriend or her pet. "His name is…his name's Lord Tubbington."

It took a solid fifteen minutes for Santana to stop laughing.


By the time darkness had fallen, they were back in Brittany's room. Santana had asked to stay the night, and despite her mother's brief protests, had been allowed. Lord Tubbington was fast asleep in his basket near Brittany's bed, and the two girls were sat on the floor in the middle of the room, swapping stories. It was the first genuine heart-to-heart they had ever had, but given recent events, they both agreed it was about time. Santana had forgiven Brittany for hiding her past, despite her initial insistence that she couldn't, and in turn, Brittany had forgiven Santana for assuming the worst when she had first begun her tale.

"So let me get this straight," Santana was saying. "You ran for Senior Class President at your old school? And that was your…first time, in Senior Year?"

"Yup," Brittany replied, popping another piece of candy into her mouth. "Failed at the end of the year, so when I transferred t McKinley, I told them I was two years younger than I was so I could start in Junior year. At least give me some time to get my act together."

"So you're…"

"Twenty, yeah," Brittany replied. "And if you even think about calling me an 'older woman', I'll…" She pondered for a moment. "…I'll do something not very nice."

"Hard to look threatening with a gobstopper in your mouth, huh?" Santana teased, causing Brittany to just stick her blue-tinted tongue out at her.

"You wanted to date me," Brittany replied with a shrug. "You get the remnants of Unicorn-Brittany too."

Santana chuckled, leaning against the side of the blonde's bed. "I think I would have liked her."

Brittany gave a sad smile. "I think she would have liked you too." She was quiet for a moment, rolling the candy around her mouth, before looking up again. "But hey, you're not complaining, right?"

"I've never heard you sound so unsure. I thought that was my job?" Santana said, but when she saw how serious Brittany looked, she smiled and leant closer. "Of course I'm not. You're awesome, Brittany. And one of these days I'll figure out just why you want to be with a nobody like me."

"You're not a nobody, Specs," Brittany replied softly. "So what, you like comic books and sci-fi. Big fucking deal. I told you before – I'm not a bully. Sure, I can crush a man's skull like an egg, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna do it 'cos I feel like it. And I'm certainly not gonna think any less of you because you're different. Christ, that's why I like you in the first place."

"What do you mean?" Santana asked, well aware that the sombre look hadn't disappeared from Brittany's eyes.

"I…you're different," Brittany repeated. "Just like I was. But you haven't let all the crap they give you change who you are." She smiled, leaning her head back against the dresser behind her. "I guess…in many ways…you're stronger than I ever was."

They sat in silence for a few moments, before Brittany slowly got to her feet. She padded over to her desk and checked the clock, letting out a low whistle.

"Damn, it's two in the morning," she said. Santana chuckled.

"You're the last person I expected to be worried about staying up late," she said, but Brittany just gave her a look.

"What, you think I keep in shape staying up til stupid o'clock?" she asked. "You realise I'm gonna have to work out for an extra half hour tomorrow just work burn off all the crap we've been eating tonight?"

"I'm not complaining," Santana said, suddenly feeling rather bold. "My girlfriend stays hot and I get to see her sweat. Great combination."

"Oh shut up you nerdy pervy girl," Brittany replied, rolling her eyes.

Santana smirked, subconsciously biting her lip. She had no idea where half her comments were coming from, but had long since given up questioning the effect Brittany had on her. She had always resented her inability to interact easily with people, but Brittany not only made it easy, but brought out a confidence she never knew she had. She just sat there smiling to herself for a moment, meaning that when Brittany slipped her bra off right in front of her, it took a few moments for it to register.

But when it did, the majority of her confidence said goodbye.

"Uhhh…what are you doing?" Santana asked quickly, unable to take her eyes off of Brittany's completely bare back. The blonde just shrugged again.

"…getting changed?" she said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Why, what's the problem?" And with that, she slid her pants off. Fighting to maintain her composure and ignore the sight of those distractingly toned thighs, Santana struggled to her feet, leaning against the bed for support. Even as Brittany stepped out of the jeans pooled around her feet, leaving her in nothing but a pair of boyshorts, she maintained her casual demeanour. "You okay over there?"

Far from okay, Santana felt close to a freaking nervous breakdown.

But her silence proved her undoing, and with no further distractions, Brittany swiftly pulled the last vestments of underwear off, leaving her completely bare. Santana's heart was in her throat, eyes unable to look away, nor able to choose a single spot and focus upon it. Even with her back turned, it was quite obvious that Brittany was grinning.

"Don't tell me you've never seen another girl naked before?" the blonde teased. "And no, your extensive porn collection doesn't count." She raised a hand to silence any potential interruptions. "And don't argue – I've been under your bed, remember?"

Santana gave an almost cartoonish gulp, wondering just where all the moisture from her throat had decided to go.

Oh wait.

Crossing her legs a little, the Latina braced herself for the inevitable, and seconds later, it happened. Ever-so-slowly, Brittany turned on the spot, her smile not faltering for even a moment, watching with barely contained delight as Santana's dark eyes seemed to light up like fireworks. If she had thought Brittany was stunning with just her stomach and arms on show, it was nothing compared to seeing it all at once. She was so unprepared that it was probably a small miracle she was even able to remain standing while her eyes raked over the blonde's naked body.

"Something wrong, Specs?" Brittany teased, folding her arms across her breasts. "You're looking a little ill."

"You're beautiful…" Santana murmured before she could stop herself. "Brittany, I…oh my god…"

The blonde smiled, and slowly stepped towards the other girl. "Well if this doesn't convince you I wanna be with you, I'm all out of tricks."

"I…" the Latina croaked, looking back up to Brittany's bright eyes. Only this time they weren't so bright; on the contrary, they were decidedly dark; half-lidded and full of something Santana wasn't sure she recognised. "Brittany, I…"

"Shhhhh…" The taller girl leant forwards briefly, placing a gentle kiss upon Santana's lips. "Come on, your turn."

"I…what?" Santana shook her head, stepping back until her legs hit the bed. "I can't…"

"Sure you can," Brittany said, smile never fading. "I mean, I'm not gonna force you, but…" She looked down at her with those damnable eyes again, and all too-soon, Santana felt her self-restraint melting away.

"Okay," she said simply. She was surprised by her own voice for a moment, as her mind caught up with her decision. Brittany's smile only widened. The blonde was about to step back, but Santana instinctively reached out and grabbed her wrist. "But...but I want you to help."

It was a painfully slow process, having Brittany remove each and every garment one by one. Rather surprisingly, the athletic girl's own nudity seemed to distract Santana from her own. Only when Brittany's bare leg brushed against her own did Santana's embarrassment flare up, causing her to take a deep, shuddering breath. By now, she was down to her underwear, and feeling incredibly self-conscious. Part of her felt coerced; forced into this. It was made all the more intimidating by Brittany's silence; she hadn't said a word since she had started removing her girlfriend's clothing. But almost as soon as the thought crossed Santana's mind, the blonde finally found her voice.

"Jesus Christ…" she muttered, eyes roving up and down Santana's stomach. The Latina instantly feared the worst; prepared herself to push Brittany away. "Half the girls on the Cheerios don't have abs like yours."

"I…what…?" Santana was surprised, to say the least.

"I mean it," Brittany insisted, gentle grazing a finger down the middle of the brunette's belly. "You…damn, Specs, what's your secret? You're built like a fucking supermodel under here!"

"No I'm not, I-"

"Yes. You are." And before Santana could protest further, she was pulled into a firm kiss. It lasted only for a moment, but it was enough to quell her nerves, at least in that respect. It didn't change that fact that she was stood there in her underwear, next to a completely naked Brittany Pierce.

Satisfied, the blonde gentle ran a finger along Santana's shoulder, sending a shiver down the Latina's spine before she even reached the strap of her simple white bra. But once she had, she gently hooked her finger beneath it, and began dragging it aside at a torturously slow pace. Santana couldn't tell whether Brittany was trying to be teasing or polite, though she had a strong suspicion it was the former. She felt the strap slip completely from her shoulder, hanging uselessly at her side. Brittany wasn't quite as ponderous with the other side, and soon that too was removed. Though Santana wasn't entirely sure why she was bothering to take it so slow; it wasn't going anywhere until she could get at her back. Maybe she really was trying to give her more time to back out.

But Santana knew that wasn't an option; not now. The confidence Brittany often imbued her with was returning, and moments later she found herself turning without even being prompted. Brittany wasted no time in unclasping her underwear, but she didn't touch it further.

"Are you sure?" she asked quietly, to which Santana just nodded. There was no way she would ever be able to do this and not be nervous, but there was also no way she would ever be able to say no.

With deft hands, Brittany finally pulled the garment from her girlfriend's body, casually tossing it to the side as soon as she was able. With her back turned, Santana's chest was still hidden from Brittany's view. But with a deep breath, the brunette bit the bullet and quickly turned back to face the other girl. Brittany was clearly surprised, but judging by her growing smile, it wasn't in a bad way.

"Holy fucking crap…" the blonde said, almost sounding disbelieving. "Who would have thought you were hiding those all this time…?"

"What did you think was in there?" Santana shot back, unable to take her eyes away from Brittany's lest, she catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror opposite the bed.

"Well you always insist on wearing those damn baggy hoodies, I…" Brittany trailed off, unashamedly looking down at Santana's breasts. "Wow." She chuckled. "Just…wow."

As soon as she was done leering, Brittany slowly reached for Santana's waistline, but the brunette stopped her, grabbing her wrist again. Brittany gave her an enquiring look, but Santana just smiled.

"I've got this," she said, releasing the taller girl's hand. Brittany let it fall back to her side, watching in amazement as slowly, Santana slipped her underwear from her body. She didn't know what made her do it; maybe she wanted to prove that she wanted this herself, and wasn't just giving in to what Brittany wanted. Either way, with that final action, she now stood just as bare as the other girl. "There," she said matter-of-factly. "Done."

"…yeah," the blonde murmured, looking her up and down. "I…goddamnit, look what you've done to me. I was expecting to maybe have to put on a little act or something to make you feel good, but…just…fuck." She took a step back, still looking the other girl up and down. "You're fucking stunning, Santana. You…just…yeah. I can't even find the right words."

"Well…you're not too bad yourself," Santana teased, feeling almost giddy that she had actually done as Brittany asked.

"C'mere," Brittany breathed, reaching forward and pulling the other girl into her. Santana's breath hitched as their breasts touched for the first time, but she quickly lost herself in the embrace, nuzzling into the blonde's shoulder.

"Thank you," she murmured. Brittany pulled back slightly, giving her a quizzical look. "Not just for this. For…well, everything. God, that sounds like a bad movie line, doesn't it?"

"A little," the taller girl teased. "But under the circumstances, I think I'll let you off. I can't believe you actually did this for me…"

"You make it sound like seeing me naked has fulfilled your life," Santana said, managing a small smile. "I'm just the same as every other girl. I have all the same bits and pieces."

"Specs, your bits and pieces would make most girls in the world genuinely jealous," Brittany said, giving her a little squeeze. "You have no idea how lucky I'm feeling right now."

"I just…wanted to share everything with you," Santana began, not quite sure what she was even trying to say. "You're…you're everything to me, Brittany. When I'm with you, I feel like everything's right. I know everything's right."

"You know…" Brittany said, looking up over Santana's head for a moment. "It…it doesn't have to stop here. I mean, only if you-"



She smiled, closing her eyes for a moment. "I know what you want, Brittany. And the answer is yes."

"Santana…are you-"

The Latina silenced Brittany with a finger to the lips. "Shut up." And without another word, replaced it with her own mouth. The kiss was tender at first; almost gentle, but all too quickly, heat began to rise on both sides, and Brittany pulled away. Santana looked surprised, but not nearly as surprised as she did moments later, when the taller girl pushed her back onto the bed.

Almost instinctively, Santana reached up to remove the last thing she was wearing. But then Brittany did something she didn't expect. The blonde reached down, and stayed her hand.

"Wait…" Under Brittany's touch, Santana allowed her hands to be guided back down, away from her face. "Leave your glasses on."

Santana swallowed, and nodded.

She might have been the one to say yes, but there was no doubt over whom was in control now. Brittany seemed to glide over her, hands and knees placed carefully to prevent any contact. Santana could see each and every muscle of the blonde's athletic body tensing and tightening as she moved over her, muscles rippling just beneath her skin. She felt almost timid, trying her hardest not to stare at the other girl's shapely behind, or the way Brittany's breasts were nearly hovering directly over her. The taller girl seemed to sense her hesitation, leaning down to place a chaste kiss against her full lips.

"You can put your hands anywhere you think they should go…" she said huskily, once again planting her mouth softly against Santana's.

It was only seconds after they parted that Santana began to miss the contact of Brittany's lips, and gently pulled the blonde's smiling face down again for more. In mere minutes, they went from soft, feather light pecks, to open mouthed wet kisses; frantic and breathy. But despite the passion with which their tongues met, the whole time Brittany kept herself propped up on her palms, restraining from all contact except mouth to mouth. Santana could tell that Brittany was already growing desperate for the pace to increase; for their bodies to meet completely. But if they were really going to do this, it had to be perfect, and thankfully Brittany seemed to be keeping that in the forefront of her mind. The Latina let out a gentle sigh as her girlfriend's mouth made it's way to her jaw, leaving a trail of surprisingly light kisses down to her collarbone. The sensation was amazing; nothing she had ever imagined or dreamed of, resulting in a few breathy moans. Santana's hips were contracting underneath her, acting of their own free will in a desperate attempt for friction with the girl still just out of reach above her. Brittany inched her mouth down toward Santana's earlobe and gently tugged with her teeth.

"So fucking sexy…" she whispered, breath tickling heated flesh. Santana replied with another moan, her hand seeking contact and caressing Brittany's ribcage. But it didn't stop there, tracing her firm torso before slowly moving upward. Brittany let out a throaty chuckle, clearly growing impatient and and pulling the brunette's hand to her right breast. Santana looked up to the other girl for approval, and upon finding nothing but satisfaction in those deep eyes, she began fixate solely on the soft, round flesh cupped into her hand. She caressed it for what felt like an eternity, before – remembering how it often went in the stories she had read – moved over to the other one, giving it the same treatment. Above her, Brittany's soft sighs and occasional moans goaded her on, giving her absolutely no reason to stop. Soon, her actions became more precise; fingers beginning to stroke soft circles around Brittany's rosy nipples. Santana almost let out a noise of surprise as she felt them harden beneath her touch, not quite able to believe that she was able to get such a reaction from the other girl. Brittany exhaled in pleasure, the sound travelling right through Santana; she felt more and more wetness pool between her legs, so much so that it was starting to aggravatingly slide against her most sensitive nerve endings. Just know that she was here, in bed with Brittany Pierce, feeling those feelings in those places, was almost enough to drive her over the edge then and there.

Letting out a shaky breath of her own, Brittany leaned her head down and kissed the crease between Santana's breasts, causing the shorter girl's back to arch almost violently. It became only more forceful when she gently squeezed the flesh within her hand, kneading it firmly with her strong fingers.

"So perfect…" the blonde sighed, resting a cheek against the other side of Santana's chest. She peppered kisses around her breasts, but saved her nipples for last. Her tongue dipped out against light brown buds, and after several agonising minutes of teasing, she allowed her mouth to close completely around one. Her tongue tickled against the sensitive skin, eliciting a series of even louder moans from the writhing Latina.

"Brittany…" she breathed, voice straining as she fought to keep at least some of her composure.

"That feel good?" Brittany asked, cracking her usual grin as her hand traced down Santana's stomach. The brunette bit her lip, managing little more than a nod in response. Long fingers traced hipbones, almost light enough to tickle at first, before making their way down towards Santana's thighs. The brunette knew exactly where Brittany was headed, and in a vain effort to at least prolong the moment, grabbed her roughly, lacing her fingers within tangled blonde hair and pulling the taller girl into a deep, frantic kiss. Despite the distraction, it wasn't long before Brittany tested the waters, ghosting her fingertips against Santana's soft, inner thighs. The Latina's hips pushed upward again, this time making contact with Brittany's skin. The blonde hummed with approval, kissing her deeply one last time before sliding down her girlfriend's body, peppering her shimmering skin with further kisses as she went.

Her head situated between Santana's legs, she looked up with those half-lidded eyes again. Santana could only meet them for mere moments before the sight became too much, and she collapsed back into the pillow, one of her own fingers firmly between her teeth as a distraction. But what little relief it offered was shattered when Brittany's lips made contact with her thigh, leaving a trail of fire against her skin as she moved ever higher. Santana wasn't nervous, but was still eternally grateful when she felt Brittany's hand seek her own out, their fingers interlocking tightly. As for the blonde's other hand, it gently slid down the Latina's hot core, earning a shivered gasp from Santana. Brittany's fingers were gentle, rubbing against it back and forth; teasing but also preparing. It was no secret that Santana had never done this before, but clearly Brittany knew exactly what to do to make it nothing but enjoyable. But despite her confidence in Brittany; her trust in this wonderful girl, Santana couldn't help but feel self-conscious like this, laid out before her girlfriend in such a way. But all those worries were quickly chased from her mind as Brittany lifted her index finger to her mouth and tasted Santana, licking them clean after their earlier teasing.

"Fuck, you taste good," she whispered, and Santana knew in that instant that she wasn't exaggerating or lying for her benefit; the blonde was truly enjoying this just as much as the girl beneath her.

And moments later, Brittany finally lowered her lips to Santana's exposed core and kissed her there, lingering for a good few seconds for slowly pulling away, her breath washing over the burning flesh. Seemingly satisfied, she reached up again, stroking up and down ever so gently with her long fingers. By now, Santana was quite literally writhing against her girlfriend's touch, leaning into it as much as her position would allow.

"You ready for me, babe?"

Brittany's voice cut through the thick air like a knife; never had Santana heard anyone speak to her like that; never had she dreamed that anyone ever would. All she could manage was one final nod before, with a final kiss again placed against her slick folds, a single finger slid within them.

"Fuck, Santana," Brittany murmured, breath tickling against her skin.

But whatever Brittany was feeling, it was absolutely nothing compared to the sensations filling Santana's mind at that moment. Never had she imagined it would be anything like this; never, in all her experimentations, had she ever been prepared for the sensations currently filling her from head to toe. Just knowing that someone was doing this to her, and that that someone was Brittany, was already almost too much to handle.

"Shit…" Santana couldn't help but let out a rare expletive, each and every breath growing louder and louder.

Brittany began a steady rhythm, and before too much longer added a second long finger to join the first, forcing Santana's back into an even more prominent arch as she struggled to process the feelings spreading from her core. Brittany's mouth settled around her girlfriend's burning clit, pressing a soft kiss there, before extending her tongue out and licking upwards in one slow movement. Santana felt her hands clenching into fists around the sheets, holding onto them as if her life depending on it. Brittany repeated her licking motion, again and again as her fingers continued their work. It wasn't long before Santana felt herself coming undone. Despite it being the first time experiencing it; despite her mind being an almost complete blank, she knew what was building inside her. And judging by the increasing pace of her movements, so did Brittany.

The Latina's eyes had long since closed, and as she felt her hips tensing more and more, she released the sheets from one hand, bringing it up to her forehead. For a moment, she dared to open her eyes, and found Brittany staring back at her. If her blue eyes had shown a hint at something unknown before, they were now full of it. Santana still had no idea what it was; was it too much to hope that it was a mirror for her own feelings? Could it really be that?

She had little time to consider the possibilities, as with one last firm push and a final stroke of her tongue, Brittany brought her crashing to release.

It took at least a few moments for Santana to even remember where she was, let alone what she was doing there. She blinked, eyelids slightly sore from being screwed up so tightly and for so long. Above her, Brittany's face swam into view, framed by a tangled mane of golden strands. The blonde just smiled, before slowly sliding her arms beneath the other girl, her sweat slicked skin making it easy. And then, in one swift motion, she rolled them over, allowing Santana to rest atop her. The feeling of Brittany's entire body against her own was indescribable; Santana was pretty sure it would take a long time to ever fully get used to it, if at all. She felt strong arms encircle her; one hand placed against her lower back, the other between her shoulder blades.

The Latina let out a shaky breath, closing her eyes once more.

"I love you," she murmured, before her brain could catch up with her and tell her that maybe, that wasn't such a good idea.

Well shit.

Suddenly, the warm afterglow seemed very distant. Santana's faculties returned with full force, allowing her to take note of the way Brittany had suddenly stiffened beneath her. The brunette swallowed, not even daring to breath. But as the need for oxygen became too great, she started to shift away, wanting to be anywhere but in that bed, with this girl, after blurting out those three words.

But Brittany didn't let her.

Instead, she first relaxed her hold. And then, if anything, she tightened it, pressing her face against Santana's dark hair.

"I love you, too."