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Santana stormed into the office of her boss.

"I want a new partner!"

"Good Lord, Lopez. Knock before coming in here!"

Santana took a deep breath and calmed herself. She had a tendency to get riled up easily and wasn't one to hold back.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant," Santana said calmly, "But you need to reassign that idiot officer the department paired me with. He's a total moron."

"Jesus Lopez, I can't keep giving you a new partner every time they annoy you. Work it out!" Lieutenant Shuester said.

Lieutenant Schuester had been with the LAPD for over 15 years and was one of the best in the force. Santana looked up to him not only as a mentor but as family. Will Schuester had been Melvin Lopez's partner years ago and Santana grew up knowing him as Uncle Will.

"This isn't because he annoys me," Santana said taking a seat. Her black LAPD uniform immaculate despite just finishing up an early shift.

"Oh no?" Schuester asked, incredulous, "What is it this time?"

"He needs to sit at a desk or retire," Santana said, "He's 40 pounds overweight, he thinks he knows everything, but doesn't. You know it took him 15 minutes to get to Melrose when it should have taken him 10."

"What was the call?"

"A neighbor dispute. What if it had been a shooting? Something serious? Those 5 minutes could have meant the life of someone," Santana said, stating her case.

Schuester ran a hand through his curly hair, "Santana, he is the third partner you've had in a year. No other office has had that many partners. How are you supposed to form a partnership with them if you keep changing partners. That'll get you killed out there."

"Maybe if they weren't such boneheads, I wouldn't have to keep changing partners," Santana said.

The Lieutenant let out a small chuckle, "Even as a kid you were never satisfied. Look, you know I and Emma consider you like the daughter we never had..."

"As you should," Santana said with a smile.

"...My boys see you as their little sister..."

"The endless teasing are a testament to that."

"...And I'd do anything for you. But in here, inside the force, you are just another officer under my command. The answer is no."

"But..." Santana began to protest.

"But nothing!" Schuester said, "You said that some officers already think you get special treatment because of our relationship, doing this would only prove that. So no. No new partner, Officer Lopez."

Santana let out a sigh. Schuester was right. This would look like preferential treatment. She had been on the beat for less than 3 years and only recently had she begun to prove to the force that she was a good officer. Prove that she didn't get this job because of her connections.

When she had graduated from the academy and assigned to the West Los Angeles Division, many had questioned how she had pulled off a prime assignment. While the West side had it's crime, it wasn't as dangerous as others.

"Fine," Santana said getting up, "I'll try to stick with him, but I'm not making any promises."

As she walked to the door Schuester spoke up.

"Santana, give him a chance, OK? Not every officer can be as perfect as you."

"I'm not asking for perfection," Santana said, "I'll settle for competence."

"Well, maybe the new batch of rookies will live up to your standards."

"Oh God," Santana said, "Is it that time of the year again?"

"Don't scoff," Schuester said, "You weren't a rookie that long ago."

"I was an awesome rookie," Santana said.

"Look," Schuester said, "I can try for a new partner."

Santana smiled.

"But it's going to be one straight out of the academy."

Santana's smile faded, "No way. I'm still learning, hell, I've only been on the streets 3 years, I can't teach a newbie."

"Then stay with Frakes."

"Have you spent any time with him?" Santana asked walking back to the desk, "He's insufferable. When I heard I'd be paired up with a 12 year veteran of the force I was excited to learn from him. But instead of a teacher I get a junk food eating ass. I'm surprised he hasn't dropped dead of a heart attack. How does he pass the damn physicals?"

"Listen," Schuester said, "You're right, Frakes is a tad overweight..

"A tad?"

"Between you and me, Frakes might not get clearance to stay on the street, and despite his...personality, he is a good cop."

"I have yet to see that," Santana scoffed.

"Take a rookie now or wait until Frakes' next physical to see if he's fit for duty."

"When the physical?"

"Can't tell you that," Schuester said with a coy smile, "I can't reveal personal officer information."

"You're a tease," Santana said, "Fine, I'll wait."

"Go home Santana," Schuester said, "Get some sleep."

"I do need a nap," Santana said, letting out a tired breath. Her shift had started at 3 a.m.

"And go have some fun," he added, "You work too much."

Santana opened the door to leave, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Santana walked out and headed to the locker room to change.


Brittany didn't want to stay out late, but her friends insisted they go out for a drink.

"Come on Brittany drink up!" Quinn encouraged.

Brittany smiled at her best friend and finished her shot,"OK, that's the last one."

"Wuss," Quinn said.

Brittany and Quinn had just graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department earlier that day and they were out celebrating.

"Quinn, come on. We can't get wasted. We're officers now." Brittany said.

"Brittany, we don't officially start till Monday. So I say let's get wasted all weekend to get it out our system and we can start fresh on Monday."

"I just don't want mess this up," Brittany said.

"Good Lord, sweetie," Quinn said a bit exasperated, "It's Friday. We have all day tomorrow to recover...so we can get drunk again on Saturday."

Brittany couldn't help but laugh. Quinn was right. They still had two days of being civilians. Brittany was glad to have Quinn in her life because without the her, Brittany was sure she would never have passed the academy. Or even college.

Brittany wasn't a genius and she was OK with that. She could memorize things easy but processing them was another story. She loved science, history and math because with those subjects you got what you got. Facts were facts. Quinn had been a life saver and helped her through English where one thing could mean another which just ended up frustrating Brittany to no end.

Facts. That's what Brittany liked. And dancing.

"Alright. You're right," Brittany said giving up,"Let's get shit-faced for two days to celebrate."

"WOOOHOO!" Quinn yelled. She turned to the bartender, "Two more shots!"

Brittany looked around the crowded bar and scanned the room for their friend Puck. Puck had also graduated with them and was supposed to meet them at the bar.

"You looking for a hook up?" Quinn asked teasing.

"I'm looking for Puck. He was supposed to be here by now."

"Relax," Quinn said, "He probably met someone at the door."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Brittany said taking the shot glass Quinn was handing her.

Brittany and Quinn had met Puck the first day of the academy and had been friends ever since. Quinn was the responsible one, Puck the tough one and Brittany the fun one. It worked.

"I still can't believe we all got assigned the same station," Brittany said drinking her shot.

"Not that hard to believe," Quinn said, winking.

"Oh God," Brittany said coming to a realization, "You didn't have your mom set that up did you?"

"Brittany, they were going to assign Puck to the Valley," Quinn said, "The fucking Valley. It's 120 degrees in the summer. And you were going to get shipped off to one of the most gang infested areas in the city."

"I was?"

"Yes! Look, sure, I had my mom pull some strings but hey, that's the perks of having your mother be the mayor right?"

"I just hope no one finds out we got preferential treatment or anything," Brittany said, a bit worried.

"Don't be such a worrier, Brittany," Quinn said, "I've never had my mom interfere in my career. This is the only time. I just really wanted the three of us together."

Brittany didn't know if she should be angry or touched at what Quinn had done. On the one hand, she thought it was sweet that Quinn had wanted to keep them together but on the other Brittany was now assigned to a station she was not originally chosen for her.

"I would have been great on the South side," Brittany said.

"I know you would have been," Quinn said, "But don't you worry, we'll see plenty of action where we're going."

All of a sudden, Puck made his appearance.

"Hey fools!" Puck greeted.

"HEY!" Brittany and Quinn said at once.

"I need a drink!" Puck said.

"What the hell took you so long?" Brittany asked.

"Sorry, my parents and brother got me a cake," Puck said taking a shot offered by Quinn.

"Aww!" Brittany and Quinn said.

"Stop it," Puck warned.

"So," Quinn said, "Here is the plan. Two days of drunkenness and a day of recovery."

"Sounds like a good plan," Puck said, "Alright, let me go to the bathroom and when I get back we can start the celebration."

After Puck was gone, Brittany turned to Quinn, "Whatever you do, don't tell Puck about what you did."

"I won't. He'd kill me if he knew I messed with his assignment," Quinn said.

Out of the three of them, Puck had wanted to be a cop since birth and took the rules of the job seriously. He wanted to earn everything on her own merits without any favors.

Brittany ordered more drinks to get their celebration started.