Brittany sat in the middle of Santana's bed, playing with Santana's hand.

"Let me see them again," Brittany asked, a playful smirk on her face.

Santana sat facing Brittany loving the way their fingers intertwined.

"Again?" Santana asked, "Sweetie, you just saw them like an hour ago."

"Come on," Brittany almost whined, "Take them out."

"Britt," Santana said trying to be strict, "I already put them away."

"Well, then," Brittany said softly, leaning in to Santana and giving her a small kiss on the lips, "Just take them out again."

Santana sighed. Truth was, she really didn't mind taking them out again. They were pretty cool. She let go of Brittany and went over to her dresser and picked up the wooden box where inside were two gold medals. One from the department and one from the mayor's office. She brought the box over to Brittany and opened it.

"There, you happy," Santana asked smiling and sitting back down on the bed.

"Yes," Brittany said taking the box from Santana, "You shouldn't hide these away Santana. I'm going to get one of those deep frames and frame them and the certificate you got."

"Come on, Britt," Santana said rolling her eyes, "That's not necessary. The box is fine."

"Nope!" Brittany said closing the box, "You should be proud and everyone should see what an awesome cop you are."


"I'm framing these," Brittany insisted.

"You suck," Santana said playfully.

"I can if you want me to," Brittany teased.

"Oh God," Santana said laughing.

It had been almost two months since the shooting at the benefit. The man Santana had shot and killed was identified as a life long criminal that even had a few warrants out for his arrest. Upon further investigation, it turned out he had come to the banquet hall the day before to hide his gun and the syringe in the stock room so that it wouldn't be detected by security the day of the event.

John Bronson had been planning on putting out a contract on his wife for about six months. His plan had been to kill Quinn first, then the mayor. But when his plan to kill Quinn backfired, he had gotten so angry he rushed to get to the mayor. When the tattooed man's family had heard he had been killed doing a job for Bronson, the family had apparently taken revenge. Not two days after the incident at the benefit, Bronson was found dead in his cell.

With Bronson dead, the deal with Artie Abrams had been rescinded. All the evidence he had provided to get Bronson was used against him. He'd be a middle aged man by the time he got out of jail.

This whole ordeal had actually helped make Judy Fabray even more popular with the public. She announced she would be running for governor in a few months and pundits were already claiming she'd have an easy victory. She publicly mourned the death of her husband but privately, Judy had no real sadness at his being killed. The Fabray family drama had ended.

Santana had been seen as a hero. Judy had been so grateful for saving, not only her life, but her daughter's, that she had offered Santana an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world. Santana had insisted that she was just doing her job. As much as Santana wanted to take Brittany on a trip around the world, she didn't feel it'd be right accepting such a gift. Judy had told her that the offer would always be there.

Brittany couldn't have been prouder of Santana. There had been a medal ceremony, which Santana hated, but went regardless. Sugar had even written a piece about her for the paper. Santana hated that too, but did it anyway.

A week after the benefit, Santana, Brittany, Puck, Tina and Quinn had gone back to their partners and resumed their patrols. Brittany was so happy that she and her friends didn't have to look over their shoulders and be under constant worry that someone was out to get them. All the bad guys now were just regular people and not people involved in their lives.

Brittany and Santana's relationship was out in the open. Everyone knew about them and while they had to remain professional around the station, they at least didn't have to hide around supervisors anymore. Santana had even met Brittany's parents who turned out to be just as quirky as Brittany.

Now here they were, just a regular Saturday morning hanging out in Santana's bedroom before all their friends came over for a BBQ party. In a rare event, everyone had managed to get the same day off and they were not going to waste the day.

"Let me do this for you," Brittany said.

Santana looked at Brittany and knew she couldn't deny her.

"Fine," Santana said rolling her eyes, "I think you've brainwashed me cause I can't seem to say no to you."

Brittany put the box on the side table near the bed and then turned to crawl over to Santana.

"Is that right?" Brittany asked slowly pushing Santana down to lie on the bed, "I can get you to do anything?"

Santana let herself fall flat on the bed and wrapped her arms around Brittany's neck, "Maybe."

Brittany settled herself between Santana's legs and buried her face in her neck, kissing right below her jawline.

Santana closed her eyes and lost herself in the amazing feeling of having Brittany on top of her, kissing her, loving her.

Brittany had slept over the last two days and it was getting harder and harder to spend the night apart. They would often alternate. Two days at her house, two days at the penthouse. Schedules permitting of course.


"Mmm?" Brittany moaned.

Santana reached for Brittany's head and moved her to look up.

"What's wrong?" Brittany asked, "We have time. Everyone won't be here for another like three hours."

"It's not that, Britt," Santana said, caressing Brittany's cheek.

"You don't want to?" Brittany asked.

"I do," Santana said, "I just...I love when you stay here."

"Me too," Brittany said smiling down at Santana.

"Remember when you told me to call you when I felt like this house was too big and lonely?"

"Mmm hmm."

Santana gave Brittany a quick kiss, "Well, it feels too big and lonely every time you're not here."

Brittany leaned down and kissed Santana again.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Brittany asked pulling back.


"Even though I have two roommates and a cat," Brittany said, "My place still feels too big and lonely when you're not there."

Santana smiled and kissed Brittany.

"Move in with me," Santana said.

Brittany went for another kiss. This one was longer, deeper. Santana tightened her arms around Brittany and brought her closer.

"Umm," Brittany said, pulling back, her lips still touching Santana's, "Lord Tubbington..."

"He can have the guest room," Santana interrupted and pulled back further to get a better look at Brittany.

Brittany couldn't help but chuckle.

"I was going to say," Brittany went on, "He's going to be pissed we're moving again."

Santana was sure she squealed as she shot forward and hugged Brittany to her.

"San..ta..," Brittany tried to talk, "I can't.. breath.."

Santana let her go and cupped her face, "Yes?"

"Yes," Brittany said, "I was actually going to bring that up after the party. I feel more at home here, in this house, than I do at the penthouse. I want to be where you are."

"We can start bringing your stuff tomorrow," Santana said, now excited.

"OK," Brittany agreed, smiling at seeing how eager Santana was to have her here, "Kurt is going to be so happy."

"About us living together?"

"Yeah, remember," Brittany said, "I told him he could have my room at the penthouse when I moved out."

Santana laughed, "Oh right! Did you tell Quinn and Puck? I mean, do they even want to live with Kurt?"

"Oh yeah totally," Brittany said as she adjusted her self to lean on her left elbow so she wouldn't squash Santana, "They love Kurt. And Kurt loves them. It's a great fit."

Santana reached up to caress Brittany's cheek, "You make me so happy," she said softly, "I love you so much."

Brittany took Santana's hand and moved it from her cheek to her lips and kissed it, "I love you too. I can't even imagine not being with you."

Brittany leaned forward and took Santana's lower lip in her mouth. Kissing Santana was her favorite thing ever. Kissing Santana made her feel relaxed, happy, excited, and tingly all at once.

"How long," Santana began, her breathing a bit haggard as she pulled back from Brittany, "Umm, how long before people get here?"

Brittany smirked and slid down Santana's body. She removed Santana's shorts and panties in one swift motion.

Santana looked down and smiled seeing and feeling Brittany kiss up her inner thigh.

"We have plenty of time," Brittany said slowly then buried her face between Santana's legs.

Santana leaned back, closed her eyes and hoped everyone would arrive late.


Santana went out to the pool carrying a large bowl of potato salad and placed it on the patio table. She looked around and really couldn't remember the last time she had so many people in her house. Kurt and Tina constantly teased her about having this big house and never throwing parties. One of the things she was loving about being with Brittany is that Brittany was encouraging her to spend more time with her friends. Their friends.

Brittany got out of the pool as soon as she saw Santana come back from the kitchen. She left Tina, Mercedes, Quinn and Mike to continue the game of catch they had started in the pool. She grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around her waist and walked to Santana who was now organizing some plates on the table.

Santana was so engrossed in setting up plates she didn't see Brittany come behind her and wrap her arms around her.

"Hey," Santana said smiling.

"Come in the pool with me," Brittany said into Santana's ear.

"Soon," Santana said, relaxing into Brittany, "I want to keep an eye on Sam and Puck on the grill and make sure they don't burn our house down."

Brittany smiled, "Our house?"

"Yup," Santana said leaning back and placing a kiss on Brittany's chin.

"So," Brittany said, "How much rent do I have to pay a month?"

"Umm. We'll since I own the house there's no mortgage so you'll just have to pay me in other ways," Santana teased.

"Oh yeah?" Brittany asked her mouth close to Santana's ear.


Brittany and Santana looked behind them and saw Sugar walking towards them holding three tequila bottles.

"Hey Sugar," Brittany said letting go of Santana.

"I bring presents!" Sugar said placing the bottles on the table.

"Finally!" Santana said, "People are waiting for my famous Margaritas."

"Sorry," Sugar said, "I was held up. I was talking to a literary agent who wants me to write a book on the whole mayor thing."

"Look at you," Santana said, "Making a career out of your friends almost getting killed."

"Hey, that's not fair," Sugar said, "I'm really glad everyone's OK but it's not my..."

"I was teasing," Santana said, "Sort of."

"So Sugar," Brittany began, "Since it's been months now, can you tell us who your source was? It was Finn, right?"

"I'm not saying," Sugar said, "Can't break the journalist code."

"It was Finn," Santana stated, "You're eye twitches when we mention his name."

"No it doesn't!" Sugar protested.

"Finn," Brittany said. It was faint but Brittany did see a tiny twitch near Sugar's right eye, "Ha!"

"I'm not saying," Sugar repeated, "Anyway, I'm going inside and changing into my bathing suit."

Brittany and Santana just laughed as Sugar left.

"So," Santana began, "Since all our friends are here...what do you think of us announcing our new living arrangement.

"Sounds like a great plan," Brittany said.


Brittany turned towards the door and saw Rachel come into the pool are with a guy with a lot of hair gel that she didn't recognize.

"Rachel!" Brittany said, glad to see her friend.

Santana watched ast Brittany and Rachel hugged. She found Brittany's relationship with Rachel sweet but kind of odd. They just seemed so different, but it worked for them.

"Hi Santana," Rachel greeted with a big smile, "Nice to see you again."

"You too Rachel," Santana said.

Brittany turned to the guy next to Rachel, "Hi."

"Oh sorry!" Rachel said, "Santana, Brittany this is Blaine Anderson. He's the new assistant to the mayor. He just started a couple of days ago. You said I could bring someone so I figured I'd bring Blaine so he could get to know everyone."

"Of course," Brittany said, excited. She loved meeting new people, "Hi Blaine. Welcome to our party and don't be shy about eating and drinking as much as you want."

"Thank you," Blaine said, still a bit nervous, "Thanks for having me."

"It's nice to meet you Blaine," Santana said. She really wanted to ask what the hell was up with this hair, but she figured there'd be plenty of chances later.

"Well, guys there's hamburgers, turkey burgers," Brittany said, "And veggie burgers, hot dogs and tofu dogs."

"Fantastic!" Rachel said, "Thanks for remembering Britt."

"So you're the reason Britt bought all that meatless stuff," Santana said, making a disgusted face, "That's not even real food."

"Oh I asure you it is," Rachel said, "It's much healthier and better..."

"Alright, I don't need a health speech," Santana interrupted, "If you guys are getting in the pool, bathroom is down the hall so you can change."

"You should try tofu Santana," Rachel said as she left to change, "It's great."

Santana just shook her head.

"Thanks for having me," Blaine said, "I just moved to L.A. and don't really know anyone. You two have a great home."

Santana loved hearing him call the house hers and Brittany's, "Thank you. Welcome to our city and to our home. You know, since you are new to L.A. I have a friend who loves to play tour guide. He should be here soon. I'll introduce you."

"Great," Blaine said with a big smile, "I get so lost here. This city is huge. Umm, I'll go change then and be back in a bit."

"Who likes to play tour guide?" Brittany asked after Blaine was gone.

"Kurt," Santana said with a smirk.

"Santana Lopez," Brittany said playfully, "I never would have thought you'd play cupid. But how do you even know Blaine's gay?"

"Britt, please," Santana said, "So obvious."

Brittany just laughed.


An hour later everyone had arrived. Kurt, Will, Emma, Jim and Jerry had arrived shortly after Rachel. Sam and Puck took turns on the grill and were shoving out burgers and hot dogs left and right. People were either in the pool, eating or sunbathing and having a good time.

Santana really did love this. All her friends, old and new, just hanging out. She had to talk to Brittany about making this a regular thing. She got out of the pool and went over to the lounge chair where Brittany was sunbathing.

She stood over her girlfriend, who had her eyes closed, and let her eyes wonder all over her body, water dripping on Brittany.

"Argh!" Brittany grunted suddenly sitting up, "That's cold!"

"You're on my towel," Santana said laughing.

Brittany lifted her body and removed Santana's towel and handed to her, "Here. Cover yourself before people start leering."

"Let them leer," Santana said wrapping the towel around her waist and sitting next to Brittany, "I mean, look at me. Hot."

"So modest," Brittany said sarcastically, "But I still don't want anyone leering at your body. That's my job."

"Mmm hmm," Santana hummed and leaned in to kiss Brittany.

"Since everyone is here," Brittany said, "Maybe we can do that announcement now."

"OK," Santana said unable to stop her smile.

Brittany stood up and grabbed Santana's hand, "Hey! Everyone! Kurt can you turn down the music a bit?"

Everyone turned to look at them.

"What's up?" Puck ased, "Are you kicking us out already?"

"No way," Brittany said, "Santana and I have an announcement."

"You're getting married!" Mercedes blurted out excitedly.

"No you dork!" Santana said, "Slow down."

"One of you is pregnant!" Sam said with a laugh.

"OK, now you're just being an idiot," Santana said.

"Santana and I are moving in together," Brittany said, "I'm moving in here. To the house."

There was a loud shriek. It was Kurt.

"I get to live in a penthouse!" Kurt said standing up and jumping up and down.

Brittany looked at Kurt and laughed.

"Whoa really?" Quinn asked, coming up to them, "This is fantastic!"

Quinn hugged Santana and Brittany at the same time, "I'm going to miss you Britt but this is great."

"Thanks Quinn," Brittany said.

Quinn turned to Santana, "If you hurt her, you're dead," Quinn warned.

"Never," Santana said seriously.

"Penthouse!" Kurt shouted.

"Good luck with that by the way," Santana joked.

"I love Kurt," Quinn said, "He's fun."

The BBQ had now turned into an sort of house warming party for Brittany and Santana. They spent the next few minutes accepting congratulations and well wishes form their friends.

By 10 pm everyone had gone home. Quinn and Puck were the last to leave because they had insisted on helping clean up. By 11:30, Santana and Brittany were getting ready for bed.

"I want to get Lord Tubbington first thing tomorrow morning," Brittany said as she got into bed, "And some clothes."

"Whatever you want," Santana said, adjusting herself so she could lay her head on Brittany's chest, "A lot of your clothes are already here, so we just have to make more room."

"I guess I don't need my bed," Brittany said yawning, "I wonder if Kurt wants to buy it. Or I can sell it. I do want my dresser though. We can put it in the guest room. You've got no furniture in there, just the bed."

"Well, I hardly ever had any guests," Santana said, "I mean once in a while Kurt would sleep over or Tina when she had a fight with Mike, but otherwise, it just stayed empty."

"We'll use my stuff to decorate that room," Brittany said.


Santana was so sleepy. Knowing that Brittany would be here when she woke up filled her with a sense of calm.

Brittany yawned again and hugged Santana to her. She couldn't imagine not going to sleep and waking up without Santana with her. Not anymore.

"Good night, sweetie," Brittany said.

"Good night, Britt," Santana said softly.

They drifted off to sleep knowing they'd each be the first thing they'd see when they woke up.

The End

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