How to Become the President

To: Candace =D

From: Hirano, Stacy

7:09 PM, 21 September

Hey Candace!

It's Stacy. You might not recognize this email address, it's the one from my school. Being a freshman again sure does suck. But hey, at least I'm at New York University.

NYU is so great.

My classes right now are kind of boring. I mean, why did I choose Political Science as a major, anyway? Probably because my mom told me it would "open up opportunities for me". I don't really know what I want to do with my life yet. What if I decide I want to be a fashion designer or something? Being a Poli Sci major isn't gonna get me very far in that field. Who knows, I could bring the bow back!

If these classes don't get better, I'm changing my major at the end of the semester.

My dorm is okay. I'm rooming with this girl who's in International Relations - yuck. That sounds even worse than Poli Sci. But she's really nice, and she's helping me with my Spanish. Yup, I have to take Spanish again. Oh well. I got a B in the class in high school, so I should be okay.

I wish you were here with me. There are so many cool places to shop here, it's unbelievable. You would die of pure happiness just looking at all these stores. I almost did the first time I visited Soho. You have to come visit. Otherwise Danville will swallow you alive! You'll never escape suburbia, Candace! Even if you're going to college there, you're still living at your parents' house. So if you want to escape, just give me a call. =)

Just kidding, you can chill in suburbia if you want. I guess I'm just naturally a city girl. I mean, come on, I was born in Tokyo.

Cute boys here? Times a million. I know you've got Jeremy, but I am proudly single, my friend, and I want you to hear about the potential there is here for eye candy. There's guys on my floor who enjoy walking around shirtless...yummy. And there are so many parties here, you wouldn't believe it. There's some raging thing going on practically every day. I will admit, I've been to a few of them...but not too many. I can't handle that much partying.

You better call me and keep me up to date with Danville. If Phineas and Isabella ever get together, I have to be the first to know, okay?


Stace =)

A/N: Based off an interview conducted by Wired's GeekDad column with Swampy, it's going to tell the story of how a ditzy Japanese teenager can become the president of a South American country. I'm excited. Stacy is really funny and awesome, and one of the most underrated characters on Phineas and Ferb, for sure. She's got some growing up to do, for sure...yes, that means I'm plotting something. XD