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Chapter 1

Ruby was watching Casey surf. She loved watching Casey surf, sometimes more than surfing with him. Usually Ruby and Casey would be surfing together but Ruby's mind just wasn't in the right place, although surfing usually helped clear her mind she wasn't really feeling well the last couple of days and the thought of surfing made her feel worse.

When Casey came running out of the water with his surfboard under his arm, Ruby couldn't help but smile back at him whilst he was giving her one of his most adorable smiles ever. The smile that made Ruby fall in love, the smile that makes her heart melt, the smile that makes her forgive him after they have a fight because she can't stay mad at him any longer.

When Casey reached Ruby on the sand he dug his board into the sand and took the towel Ruby was holding for him, but instead of drying himself he threw it back onto the sand and picked Ruby up off the sand giving her the biggest hug ever and saturating her with his wet clothing. "Casey no… Casey stop! Hahahahhahahahaha stop!" Ruby was finding it hard to breath she was laughing so hard and trying to get Casey to let her go. When Casey finally let her go she sat back down on the sand and wrapped Casey's towel around him but at the same time pulled him down on top of her and kissed him. "I love you Casey Braxton." She told him sweetly looking deeply into her eyes. "And I love you Ruby Buckton." Casey looked even deeper into Ruby's eyes before kissing her again, this time for at least a minute.

"Ruby, as much as I love you, I think this is something we should save for home."

"Wanna go home now?" Ruby suggested in the cutest voice that made Casey want to kiss her even more.

"Well in that case…" Casey kissed Ruby lovingly one last time before he helped her off the sand, grabbed his board and the two walked up the sand hand in hand towards home.

Casey and Ruby walked through the front door of the house laughing and joking around when they walked in on Charlie and Brax all lovey dovey on the couch. "Oh you two please! You have a room, go use it." Ruby yelled at Charlie and Brax while her and Casey hurried into their bedroom to get away from the awkwardness of seeing Charlie and Brax together.

That night at dinner:

Charlie, Brax, Casey and Ruby were all sitting around a table at Angelo's eating a pizza, talking, laughing and having a drink. Casey had his arm around Ruby and the two were sitting very close all night. Whilst Charlie and Brax kept their affections to a minimum because people were still a bit weird with the two being together and for some it was uncomfortable to watch the two be affectionate.

"So Case, what did you and Ruby get up to today." Brax asked the first question.

"Well I went for a surf and then we just hung out in our room for the rest of the day."

This time it was Charlie's turn to ask the question. "Doing what exactly?" She raised her eyebrows jokingly.

"Not sex, Mum. Case and I aren't like you and Brax." Ruby commented.

"Being smart to your mother isn't a wise move missy, you might want to take that back."

For the rest of the night, the four all spent their time laughing at each other and having their little jokes. Life was perfect, the two relationships were perfect and life was just the way it should be. If only life could stay perfect forever.

When they arrived home from dinner….

Casey and Ruby went into their bedroom and Charlie and Brax went straight into theirs when they all got home after dinner. Ruby took off the gorgeous red dress she was wearing and put on her pj's and Casey took off the shirt and shorts he was wearing and hopped into bed wearing nothing but his boxers.


"What's wrong?" Casey knew something was wrong with Ruby, he knew her too well.

"Nothing, I was just wondering… When you think of the future… What do you think of?"

"You.." He said instantly.

"Really?" Ruby was quite shocked by his answer.

"Of course. Why do you have a different idea?"

"No, I just.. most guys aren't really sure of their future, you know."

"Yeah but most guys don't have you." Casey leant over and started kissing Ruby's neck causing her to giggle and pull away from him.

"Do you want to get married and have kids?"

"Yeah not soon but later on when we're older I want us to have everything together! We're going to spend the rest of our lives together Ruby Buckton!" Casey said proudly.

"Awwww Case!" Ruby teared up at hearing how confident Casey was at wanting to spend the rest of his life with her, and wanting everything, which not everyone wants.

"Your such a sook." Casey teased. He made up for it though by kissing her several times and whispering cute things making Ruby laugh.


Charlie and Brax were lying in bed together when Charlie interrupted the silence between them.

"Brax, there's something I need to tell you…"

"What is it Charlie, are you ok?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Well actually…" but before Charlie could continue Brax butted in.

"Well actually what? What's going on?" Brax was starting to get really worried.

"Brax calm down." Charlie laughed. "There's no easy way to say this but… I'm pregnant, we're having a baby!" she said excitedly but inside she was really worried about what Brax was going to say.

So thankyou again to caceyandrubyfan and thankyou to everyone who read this. Just to let you all know, Ruby, Casey, Charlie and Brax have all moved into the Braxton's house together and Heath has moved out and into a caravan because he didn't want to be in the house with all the loved uo couples. Him and Bianca are not together, she is still with Liam. Also, this story is a Casey and Ruby but I will put some Charlie and Brax scenes as well. Please review and let me know what you think. Until next time :) xx