It was the dead of night in the Avengers Tower and Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, walked through the hallways. It had taken some convincing after the battle with Loki to get at least two of his new team mates to move into the newly renovated Stark Tower. He'd work on Thor when he got back and Clint and Natasha had been sent out on another mission but he'd created rooms for them as well.

In the weeks following the battle he had decided that these two, as brave and smart as they were, were actually the two that needed looking after the most. He felt protective of these two men because they were lost souls that needed a friend….a family…

A home.

Tony stopped at a door and opened it to reveal the bedroom of Bruce Banner. He went quietly and closed the book that had been open on the doctor's chest and put it on the bedside table. Afterwards he slid off his glasses and put them on the book before easing him gently into the bed and covering him up.

When it came to Bruce, Tony would never forget that shocking revelation that he had tried to kill himself. He had immediately decided to get to know this man whose anger caused a raging and destructive green monster. He read the file SHIELD had on him and immediately understood the reasons behind the anger.

Although something had changed in the battle. The Hulk had saved him and took Cap's orders in the battlefield. When asked Bruce had smiled and there was something in his eyes that showed the change. Apparently the Hulk had realized there was a need for him and the two had conversed mentally on the way to battle. A truce had been made. The Hulk would do his best as an Avenger and in the meantime Bruce would stop trying to get rid of him and work more on improving him and their connection so that no matter what Bruce would have control.

Tony admired Bruce for his genius and his resolve to help others. The man had had to live in poverty in third world countries alone and he still sought to help the less fortunate. Working with him in the lab was pure enjoyment. Bruce would banter with him and he also listened to him when needed. They connected on a mental level.

Tony quietly went to the door and turned around to look at one of the men that was slowly changing him for the better. One of the two brothers he had grown to care for.

He smiled gently as he quietly shut the door and made his way to another one.

He quietly opened the door to find Steve Rogers sleeping soundly in his bed. Tony stepped in and quietly shut the door not wanting to disturb the man's rest. Lord knows he deserved it.

As much as he loved to tease Steve about his age he knew that really the man was only in his early twenties. He couldn't imagine being asleep for seventy years in the frozen arctic. He couldn't imagine losing consciousness in one world and waking up in a totally different one. Fury had told him Steve's reaction when he woke up.

He frowned in concern as he regarded the blond. This man had been through hell and back. He could only imagine some of the horror he'd witnessed in World War II. Hadn't he even lost his best friend, actually watched him die?

No wonder Steve went through punching bags. He was young and already held mental scars that would have broken a lesser man.

A moan from the bed brought Tony out of his thoughts. He frowned softly as he went over and put a hand on the soldier's shoulder. He watched as Steve's face took on a pained expression in his sleep.

"Its alright…you're safe."

Tony repeated that in a soothing manner until the super soldier relaxed. His own face shown with worry. PTSD was nothing to trifle with as he knew all too well. Add that to everything else piling on top of him it was no wonder he lashed out at times.

No matter what Steve Rogers still held an innocence about him. He was pure and decent. The picture of perfection by human standards. He was compassionate and kind. Courageous and heroic. A true gentleman in every way.

And that was what Tony intended to protect. He had started acclimating Steve into the twenty first century little by little and had started looking for some artifacts from his past.

Tony looked up at the blue helmet with the white "A" on it. It was old and battered but when Steve had seen it he had literally lit up with happiness.

Tony waited a minute to see if he'd have another nightmare before slipping out quietly and heading to his room. Once there he changed clothes and laid down.

He smiled as he thought about his two "brothers". Both had been grateful for his help. Both had been amazed at what Tony was giving them and were unprepared at the kindness he was showing. Both had said that they didn't know how they were going to repay him.

He'd made a joke while with them about repayment which had made them both laugh before shaking their heads at him.

Steve had apologized for what he said on the helicarrier. Bruce had pre-apologized for anything the Hulk would break.

Tony had waved both off and wiped the slate clean with Steve.

Together all three were laying to rest personal demons and becoming more than just a team.

They were brothers.

Tony shut his eyes and drifted off knowing that his roof would always be filled with the one thing he always wanted.

Tony Stark finally had a family.