Bruce had no idea who or what this metal monster was but the instant it knocked Steve against a wall and through it and was now holding down Tony right at his arc reactor he saw red.

Or rather he saw green.

He instantly transformed and the Hulk roared angrily before attacking the metal monster and going head to head with it.

Tony got up gasping for breath before stumbling over to the hole in the wall and looking inside calling for Steve. What he found scared the hell out of him.

Steve was lying face down in a pool of blood and Tony ran over and knelt down turning him over. His breath hitched as he ordered JARVIS to do a health scan on the super soldier. The skull fracture worried him as he worked his hardest to keep his friend from bleeding out.

The Hulk roared in anger as he held the monster down. Thor shot it with electricity and Clint added an electrical charged arrow as Natasha went to the boys. Even her eyes went wide at the state the patriotic hero was in.

When it finally was destroyed they all ran to Tony and Steve.

"Oh God…!" Clint said shocked and horrified.

Thor frowned in worry. "Iron Man?"

Tony took a shuddery breath. "He's alive but he needs a hospital!"

The Hulk bent down and gently picked him up. "Hurt…"

Tony looked at him. "Yes. He needs a doctor."

The green hero looked at them. "Bruce doctor."

Natasha sighed. "Yes but even he can't help Steve now. Steve needs serious medical attention or he'll die."

The Hulk cradled the man. "Hulk take to hospital. Hulk fast and strong. Bruce telling Hulk where to go." He then took off with the other Avengers close behind as SHIELD agents arrived to clean up the mess.

At one point Steve looked up drowsily at him. "Hulk?"

Hulk looked at him as he sped through the city. "Rest. Hulk take brother to get better. Brother no die!"

Steve smiled weakly. "Try not to."

The Hulk only held him closer as Tony flew alongside them. Tony looked at Steve and was glad for the mask because it hid his watering eyes. "Stay with us Steve! Don't join Bucky yet! That's an order soldier!"

Steve sent him a weak smirk before his eyes slid closed.

Seconds later they were at a hospital and Steve was whisked away on a gurney. The Hulk stood there as the others slumped into chairs. He could feel the worry and sorrow that Bruce was feeling and it was the reason Hulk was still here. Hulk went and sat on the floor beside Tony.

"How come you haven't let Bruce out yet?" Tony asked.

Hulk looked at him. "Bruce too upset. Lost many in his life. Hurt heart."

Tony frowned as he put a hand on his shoulder. "You're protecting him?"

He nodded. "Hulk love Bruce. Bruce take care of Hulk since Avengers start. Hulk come from Bruce anger and fought Hulk since accident." He looked down and sighed. "Hulk made Bruce scared and alone."

Tony frowned. "Hulk. He likes you now. We're here for the both of you."

He nodded and shut his eyes letting out a sad sound that broke all of their hearts. Tony put his hand on the Hulk's cheek and guided him into his lap where he stroked his hair and wasn't surprised to find comfort with the big, green so-called monster. Now he seemed like an overgrown teddy bear.

Several minutes later Nick Fury came in. He looked at the scene before him and frowned. "No word yet?"

Natasha shook her head. "No…Director Fury what if…"

"The super soldier serum in his blood will save him like it did when he was in the ice," Fury said. "He may need some time and care. I'm sure Dr Banner will want to help him." He looked at the Hulk.

Hulk looked at him and only nodded.

"Hulk…may I speak with Dr Banner? Is he capable of coming out?"

Hulk shut his eyes and after a minute he nodded. Without another word he began to shrink until Bruce Banner now sat in the pants Tony had created to stretch when he transformed. The man stood up. "Yes Director?"

"First off sit down before you fall down."

Bruce did glad because of how tired he felt.

"I know you're not a medical doctor. You're a physicist but…"

"It won't be a problem," Bruce said determined. "He'll be given the best care I can give."

Fury nodded. "I had a feeling. I will have his medical records sent to you and anything you may need."

Bruce nodded as he sank into a chair.

It was many hours later that they got word. Steve was unconscious but stable. He would be moved in a few days.

"Can we see him?" Tony asked.

The doctor nodded and led them to his room.

The first impression they got of the blond was that for the first time since he woke up in SHIELD custody this was the first time he looked helpless. His head was bandaged and he was connected to several machines. His body was completely still and his face was pale.

Natasha and Clint looked at their friend sadly. Thor had to look away to hide his tears. Tony and Bruce went over and each took a hand in their own. Tony kept his mask on but his shoulders sagged and Bruce looked sadly at the super soldier.

America's hero had never looked so young.

Tony reached over and brushed a strand of blond hair away from Steve's face. "I know I pick on him for his age but…damn he looks…"

"Like a kid from Brooklyn," Clint said sighing. "How old was he when he went into the ice?"

"His file said he was 22," Tony said shutting his eyes. "And yet he's been through more than any of us could think of."

Bruce sighed as he brushed the back of his hand against Steve's battered cheek. "Its no wonder his anger could rival my own sometimes and why he goes through punching bags so often."

Natasha looked down. "Everyone tends to forget that he's more than Captain America. I think even he forgets it sometimes. Forever the soldier…"

"Would have loved to have seen his first reaction to New York when he woke up though," Tony said smirking a little.

Clint smirked. "Fury made a 40s hospital room but he caught on when the radio was playing a game he had already been to. He woke up fighting, ran out of the building! His face was priceless!"

Natasha grinned a bit. "And the first thing out of his mouth when we confronted him was…"

"I had a date," came a weak voice from the bed.

They looked down at him and all of them smiled in relief.

"Welcome back Cap. You ever scare us like that again I'll personally kick your ass!" Tony said finally lifting his mask.

Steve grinned tiredly. "Sorry…supersoldier serum's working overtime."

Bruce snorted. "Yes well you still need rest."

"Doctor's orders?" Steve asked with a boyish smirk.

Bruce chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder. "Yes. Until I say otherwise am I clear or do I need to get the Other Guy to make you get it?"

"Eh heh…not necessary," Steve said smiling as he shut his eyes again. He felt Tony gently massage his other shoulder while Bruce checked his forehead for a fever. He felt Thor put his large hand over his chest as Clint and Natasha went to his head. Clint put his hand on the top of his head and Natasha kissed his forehead.

The warmth from his 21st century family healed him more than the serum or any medicine ever could.