Meloetta's In Big Trouble

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is... something. Yes, something. I can't think of a good author's note, so just enjoy the actual story. Now I'm going back out to enjoy the rainy weather. Because I like rain.

In some unknown laboratory on some craggy coastline to the east during a raging thunderstorm...

"We have this special case of vanilla icing for testing purposes." One male Patrat scientist stated, adjusting his red glasses.

"Yes, but why icing?" Another scientist, a female Purrlion with blue glasses asked.

The Patrat scientist laughed as he continued adjusting his glasses. "Because the substance is sweet, and it can be easily congested."

"Why vanilla?" The Purrlion scientist asked again as she folded her arms.

The Patrat scientist shrugged. "...Well... it's plain white. There's nothing wrong with that."

The Purrlion scientist nodded. "Oh. Good point."

The Patrat scientist wrapped his right arm around the Purrlion scientist. "Come on, let's allow it to warm to that we can test it."

The Purrlion scientist laughed as she left with the Patrat scientist. "There's nothing that could go wrong with this! Nothing!"

As soon as they left, Aria Meloetta entered the room, snooping as usual as she looked around the room, holding her paddle shaped hands together. "Hello? Is anyone here?"

Meloetta spotted the circular case of special vanilla icing. She gasped as she clasped her hands together. "Oooh, icing! Looks yummy!" She approached the case as she held it in her hands, licking her lips. "Boy, this looks yummy... I wonder if..." She looked around to see if anyone was nearby, looking back down at the carton. "Well... one scoop won't hurt..."

Meloetta opened the lid, placing it away as she looked at the pure white icing. She stared at it for several seconds.

"Should I really be eating this?" Meloetta asked herself as she blinked several times.

Meloetta's stomach growled loudly, prompting Meloetta to shrug as she placed her right hand into the carton, scooping the icing and eating it. She squealed with joy as she ate more of the icing, emptying the carton. Dropping the carton, Meloetta burped loudly as she patted her satisfied, slightly pudgy stomach. Meloetta's stomach growled again, but it wasn't of hunger, as Meloetta suddenly began to grow bigger!

"What the..." Meloetta piped as she looked down, gasping as she saw that she was getting bigger.

The male Patrat scientist and female Purrlion scientist from earlier came back into the room, gasping in unison as they looked up at Meloetta, who was fifty feet tall. The mammal Pokemon held each other as they whimpered. Meloetta looked down, to see the furry pair trembling with fright.

"Dear Arceus, look how huge this girl is!" The Purrlion exclaimed as she gulped. "I guess the special icing did work after all!"

Meloetta placed both of her paddle shaped hands on her knees. "Pardon me? Special icing?"

The Patrat cleared his throat as he pushed Purrlion off of him, walking up to the giant Meloetta with his hands behind his back. "Well, you see, this was special icing being used to make particular objects big. And... how much did you eat?"

Meloetta hiccuped as she covered her mouth with her left hand, putting her right hand on her stomach. "Oh... hic! ...I ate the entire thing... hic!"

Meloetta's stomach rumbled loudly, prompting the Patrat and Purrlion to hold onto each other as there was a small quake caused by the stomach rumbling. Meloetta gasped as she placed her left hand over her right hand and stomach. Without warning, Meloetta burped loudly for thirty seconds, causing the entire area to shake, and the laboratory to collapse on itself. The Patrat and Purrlion were blown away by Meloetta's huge belch, being blasted into the dark, stormy sky.

Meloetta blushed as she placed both of her paddle shaped hands on her face. "Oh my... excuse me!" She burped again, covering her mouth as her eyes widened. She looked down, to see all the other Pokemon scientists, mostly early encountered Pokemon, running for their lives.

Meloetta gulped as she shook her head, holding her hands together. "Oh, this is bad... I gotta find a way to make myself small..." Meloetta gasped again as she felt her stomach rumble once more. "Oh no, not again!"

Meloetta farted loudly, the tuba like sound echoing miles away, as Meloetta grew again, growing up to 70 feet tall. This wasn't gonna end pretty for Meloetta.