Aria Meloetta squinted to see that there were several Braviary and Staraptor coming towards her. Ten Braviary and five Staraptor, to be exact. Since it was still raining, and since there was a thunderstorm occurring, Meloetta zapped them with Thunder. While three Braviary went down, the other seven circled Meloetta, using agility to go faster. The five Staraptor all used close combat on Meloetta at the same time, causing her to fall into a glass building nearby, crushing every single building behind it. Meloetta groaned, placing her right paddle shaped hand on her stomach as she groaned, still holding the frightened Cherubi. The Staraptor attempted another Close Combat attack, but Meloetta had them in range, zapping them with another Thunder.

One of the seven Braviary attacked Meloetta to the face with Superpower, weakening her greatly. Meloetta groaned as she shook her head, climbing on one of the near one thousand foot buildings as she fired Thunderbolts at the Braviary. Cherubi was beyond frightened, fainting at what was occurring as she couldn't handle the situation. Three other Braviary soared towards Meloetta, using Crush Claw on Meloetta's stomach. Meloetta gasped as she nearly fell, trying to hold onto the building as she felt weaker.

"Oh no... I'm not gonna have enough energy to survive this..." Meloetta stated as she gulped, looking down at the Cherubi. "I gotta eat up this sweet, innocent Cherubi! It's now or never!" She closed her eyes and gobbled up the fainted Cherubi, letting out a loud burp that repelled the seven Braviary, one of them going down. Meloetta's stomach growled, causing her to grow twenty more feet, making her one hundred and forty feet. Meloetta held onto the building with both of her hands, climbing as high as she could. She reached the top of the building, looking down as the six Braviary came towards her, ready to slash her. Meloetta closed her eyes and covered her ears as she used Perish Song, causing an eerie melody to play throughout the entire city. Meloetta then clapped her hands, thunder booming as yellow lightning zapped the Braviary, zapping them to a crisp.

Meloetta opened her eyes, gasping as she held her hands together. She let out a sigh. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about those birds attacking me..."

Meloetta farted loudly, her tuba like poot causing Meloetta to fall through the building. The much smaller Pokemon inside the building screamed as they were crushed by the impact of Meloetta's butt, the building collapsing down to the ground floor. Meloetta blinked, looking down to see that her butt was on top of the ruins of the building she was on, along with thousands of dead, innocent Pokemon underneath. Meloetta let out another tuba toot, causing the buildings surrounding her to explode and topple.

Meloetta covered her mouth with both of her hands. "Oopsie... I guess I was too heavy for the building to handle..."