Stevie the Perf

This is what I think would happen if stevie ever became a perf.

One day stevie walked in to school with her bass and looks as she always does. She went over to where the rest of gravity 5 were sitting and sat down and looked like she had been crying. Kacey asked "Have you been crying?" stevie said "yes, I got some bad news that last night my mother was in a car crash and they don't know if she is going to make it." Zander looked and her and asked "is there anything we can do?" stevie thought about it for a min and said "there is nothing anyone can do we just have to wait and see if she will be alright." Kacey goes over and gives her a hug and then they head off to class.

At lunch molly walks over and says "Stevie I heard about your mom. Is she going to be alright?" Stevie, Kacey, and the rest of gravity 5 were wounding why molly was being nice instead of being herself. Stevie said "how did you hear about my mom and why do you want to know if she is alright?" Molly looked at her and said "I will tell you why but I can't tell you in front or gravity 5. Come over to our table and I will tell you." Stevie wanted to know so she followed molly over to the perfs table and that is when molly said "I think you have a lot of potential and would be a great addition to the perfs. What do you say do you want to be one of us? After all we do care more about you and your mom then your friends do."

The next day at school stevie showed up looking like a perf. Kacey and they other were shocked about how she was dressed and how she was acting. Instead of sitting with them she went over and sat with Molly, Grace and the rest of the perfs. Nelson and Kevin wanted to know what was going on and asked "Stevie, why are you dressed like that and why are you sitting with the perfs, instead of with us?" "Because" said stevie "they care more about me and my mother they the rest of you put together and they are my friends." Zander who had heard this said "they are not your friends Stevie we are they are just using you or playing a prank on you or something like that." "They are not Zander they care about me." Said Stevie. Kacey said "you can't believe them stevie." Stevie said "I do" and then said "peace out girl scout" and walked out with the perfs.