Stevie first day as a Perf.

After Stevie walked out with the perfs. She said to Molly "are you sure that they don't care, because they sound like they do?" "Stevie you can't believe what they say. When Kacey was one of us she used to say things that made no sense and were not true. And that we do care about you. They just want you back because they know that without you that gravity 5 is no longer a band." Said Molly.

Stevie left to go to her next class which was with Grace. But Kacey was also in that class. When they go to the classroom Grace sat in her usual seat and instead of Stevie sitting next to Kacey she sat by Grace. Kacey, what wondering what was up? Kacey asked Stevie in the middle of class "what is going on Stevie, you know we care about you. Why are you treating us the same way the perfs do? We need you, without you we are no gravity 5 and we have no bass player." "Molly was right you just want me back because you need a bass player." Said Stevie.

At lunch Stevie was sitting at the perf table when Zander walker over to her and said "can we talk." Stevie got up and walked over to another table and sat down with Zander. Zander said "Stevie we need you, if you don't come back we will have no choice but to replace you in the band. I am going to hold auditions to day at 3:00 in the band room. If you still want to be in the band then you need to be there before then."

3:00 came around and stevie didn't show up. So he held auditions and found a new girl who was just as good at the bass as stevie was. Her name was Lucy and she knew How to rock and How to hold it down.

Next day Lucy was sitting with gravity 5 and next to Zander where Stevie sits and Stevie go anger when she saw this. She had thought that he was bluffing and that he would not be about to find anyone to replace her. Molly saw the look that Stevie had on her face and said "don't worry about that. Next week is the talent show and we will destroy gravity 5. You are one of us now, when means you are perfect and don't need them.

Next week is the talent show the perfs went to teach Stevie the perf's song.