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I hadn't seen in her a fortnight and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is, "Where's Jaqen?" A greeting would have been nice. Gods, the girl was such a pain in my ass. Ever since Lord Tywin had us assigned to different duties, she's been running around doing who knows what, leaving me with only Hot Pie as company. There's only so much a man can take of talks of pie.

I give her a look of disbelief. "How would I know?" How would I know? She's the one bloody stupid enough to step foot near the cretin. Everyone else has sense to stay away from the man with red and white hair.

"I need him now!" She pauses a bit before continuing. "Lord Tywin is marching tonight." Fuck the reason. If it were any girl besides Arya who said that they needed a man, I probably wouldn't have given two shits. But this girl, the one who refused to let me carry a water pail for her even though she struggled, she never needed anyone.

"You need him?" Shit, I wasn't supposed to say that. To hell with it, it's out there.

Why did she shift her eyes like that?

"He's helping me."

Helping her with what? Taking off her small clothes? She's just a child, why can't she see that? That Lorathi better not be touching Arya. Nobody should be touching Arya.

"I saw him." Bloody Hot Pie with food in his mouth. Stay out of this.

The way she ran to squeeze Hot Pie's cheeks, the desperation in her voice. Gods, I can't...how in love with the man was she?

She turns around after Hot Pie gives his answer and asks her why she wants him, but she's lost to the pudgy boy, and to me.

I slam the horseshoe again with the hammer. Lord Tywin's marching; maybe she wanted to squeeze in a good fuck before he leaves. Why am I so angry? At her, at him. It's irrational, but then again, what do I know about being rational, I'm just Gendry, a bastard boy from a forge.

I stare after Arya, something she normally picks up on, but this time she doesn't even notice. Hot Pie is speaking again. He doesn't realize that I don't give a damn about cherry pies.

"Hot Pie, shouldn't you be in the kitchens?" I ask, before slamming down on the horseshoe again.

"I'm leaving, I'm leaving." He gets up slowly, and frowns, "Between you and Arry, you'd think that we're at war or something."

Sometimes I wonder if that boy has pie between his ears. "We are at war, if you haven't noticed." I gesture around, "We're prisoners."

Hot Pie spies Arya coming back, he shoots me a terrified look before scurrying off, "I'm going back to the kitchens."

Arya stands beside me again. "If you see Jaqen, will you come tell me?"

To hell with Jaqen, but damn if I can say no to this little being. I nod.

"He's helping me, us, escape. Tonight. Midnight."

"What? Arry, slow down and explain." I was resting on our pile of straw in our corner of the cell. It was a step better than the muddy earth we slept in when we first got here.

She kneels down and starts whispering, her eyes wide, but fierce. "Jaqen, he's agreed to help us get out of here. We leave tonight."

A million thoughts ran through my mind, starting with the question of what she had to pay in order to strike a deal with the odd-spoken man.

"How'd you manage−" I start to ask but she shakes her head.

"There's no time. Are you coming with me?"

Always, I want to say. I just nod.

Arya lets a ghost of a smile grace her lips, but her eyes harden again. "Good. You need to find Hot Pie and tell him."

"We're bringing Hot Pie?" Honestly, the boy was irking.

She nods, "He's ours, Bull. We can't leave him." Damn it to hell if this girl wasn't loyal. "And he'll be able to grab us some food from the kitchens." And smart. No one could deny this girl was smart.

She gets up. I almost reach for her ankle to pull her down. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to check the gates. I'll be back in a bit. Get Hot Pie." She reminds me before she leaves.

We've been crouching for a good while now. Hot Pie's been going on about his bloody pies the whole time. I'm about to turn around and strangle him. I glance at Arya, but she's too focused on the guards. Stupid Jaqen, it's past midnight, and he hasn't done anything to distract them. Hot Pie is whining again.

"Shut up!" I whisper.

"Probably in the pie crust by now. In the oven, the nice, warm oven." He continues, like he doesn't even hear me.

"Shut up." This time, Arya speaks. "What did you bring?"

Hot Pie starts talking about the food, but I only half-listen, still wary of the guards.

I sigh, we were wasting time, "What did he want us to do about those guards?" I can't even bring myself to say his name. But she knows who I'm talking about.

"He didn't say. He just said walk through the gates."

"Yeah, well, what about the guards?" Exactly what game was the man playing at? He's got Arya waiting on him, trusting him so completely.

"He didn't say anything about the guards," she repeats.

Did they even plan this thing? "Well, he left that bit out?" I can't even mask my frustration. "That's a pretty important part, don't you think?" I want to reach out and shake her, but she continues staring at the gates.

"We have to trust him." Gods, why does she have so much faith in him? Why was she so in love with him?

"Trust him? You trusted him to fight with us, and you set him free, and he ran." I breathe out, trying to get her to see the real him, and not the man she's imagined him to be.

"I want to go back to the kitchens." Hot Pie cries out before I can continue ranting.

"Shut up," she turns to look at him, and ignoring me, like she didn't even hear me. "Stay here if you're afraid." She turns and I see her swallow in the low flickering light. Oh gods, she isn't...

"Arry, don't!" It's too late, she's already gotten up and walking towards the guards. She's going to die, we're going to die because hell if I let her go alone. I stand to my feet and slowly follow her. Maybe the guards will think we just have to take a piss or something, outside the gates.

We walk, closer and closer to the arch. The guards haven't said anything. Strange. We walk closer, and still they're eerily still. But then we notice, they're dangling off the walls. Nothing, no words between us, we just keep marching on.

Fuck, Jaqen has killed men for Arya. No wonder she's swooning after him.

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