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It's been two days since we've left Harrenhal. Hot Pie's eaten most of our food, and Arya's determined to get us to Riverrun, back to her family.

"My brother and mother are there. They'll take you in, I promise. I bet Robb will let you smith," Arya breathes out as she starts to climb one particular nasty hill.

I didn't say anything. I didn't leave for the job, I left so that I could watch her back. Can't tell her that though, she'd try to shove me into the next gutter if I told her.

"I'm hungry." Fuck. That's the hundredth time that Hot Pie has complained about the lack of food.

I turn around and give him a look. "Shut up. You just ate this morning, and you know we've got to ration what we have left. Who knows when we'll be able to find food."

Arya pauses slightly up ahead, listening to what I said. Shit. She hasn't given that much thought, and now there's something else for her to worry about. I grip the daggers in my hands tightly. Arya wanted swords but these were all I could get.

I catch up to her, letting Hot Pie straggle far behind. I nudge her, "We'll find something, alright? There's probably a couple of inns we can loot."

She smirks. "Thought you said you were an armorer's apprentice?"

What? I ask her as much.

"When we first met, you told me that Yoren's," she pauses at his name, his death still haunting her, "collection was made up of rapers, pickpockets, highwaymen, and murderers. I asked you what you were and you told me you were an armorer's apprentice. Seems to me, you're more highwayman."

Gods, how does this girl remember a conversation from what seems to be a lifetime ago.

"Rather starve to death, would you?"

She shrugs, but still smirks. Good. I haven't seen her smile since we've started this trek. I purposefully step forward ahead of her. Let her know that she doesn't always have to lead.

There's someone watching us. I have no idea how I knew that, probably been locked up too long in that miserable fortress, watching my back in case any of those fucking guards try to stab me with their steel. Shit. If it isn't Jaqen fucking H'ghar. I turn back to the other two. Arya's already spotted him.

Hot Pie voices my thoughts exactly. "How did he find us?"

I slow my steps, already Arya's walking faster as if she can't wait to talk to him. Or fuck him. I'm not sure which.

She turns around, stumbling as she holds up a hand and looks at me. I know what she wants. To be with him. Alone.

I keep my eyes on him, but one blink and I lose him. I wanted to tell Arya, but she's already paces ahead. I see a sweep of a cape right behind her. What the fuck? How the bloody hell did he get down here so fast?

I sit on a rock, making sure to keep Arya in sight. I grip the daggers again, this time out of the cloth.

Hot Pie is panting next to me. "You think Arry would mind if I take the last bite of cheese?"

"You might lose a thumb when she finds out." I answer, still watching the little tomboy.

It's been a couple of minutes. What can they possibly be talking about? I get up and slowly walk closer, to get within hearing distance.

I reach a safe distance just as the man is leaving, but Arya speaks softly to catch his attention again. Softly, but I hear every word.

"Please, don't go, Jaqen."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck the old gods and the new. She wants him with her, begged him even. I turn around to get back to Hot Pie. I stare at the daggers in my hands.

Hot Pie eyes me. "What are you doing?"

She chose him. She only keeps us out of necessity, I want to tell him. I had half a mind to leave Arya and her bloody knight-in-armour.

The shuffling of dirt behind me makes me turn around. It's Arya, just Arya. She stares at me with her grey eyes. The cheerfulness from earlier is gone.

"Where'd he go?" Hot Pie asks, standing up.

Arya shrugs. A lie. She was too nosy to not ask where he was headed. "Not with us."


She looks down at the unclothed daggers in my hand before looking back up at me. I can still do it. I can leave her. I'm free now. There's no need for me to stay here and risk my life.

"Gendry?" She knows. I know she knows. Her eyes. Her fucking eyes. Just as I can read hers, she can read mine. Ask me. Ask me to stay. If you can bloody well ask him, you can ask me, too.

I stare at her, unmoving. Waiting, but I know it's no use, she's hardened her stare and turns away.

She doesn't need me. I should just go. But gods, she's just...just so fucking Arya and I can't.

"Well, come on then, we don't have all day." I'm kind of surprised to hear my own voice. I push past her and keep walking, wrapping the daggers up as I move.

It's only a beat before she catches up to me. It takes a few minutes, but I feel it. The brush of her hand against mine. It's her way of saying thanks.

The stubborn wolf. Can never bow down to the Bull. But, she'll gladly stand next to him.

And gods, the Bull will do anything to stand by the wolf.

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