[A/N: I have to say, this was really fun to write. For that, it gets a secondary humor rating. I don't think I have to say much here, since I cover most of the plot holes in the story. I'm really tired, so excuse any major errors. This was meant as a stand-alone, and something to satisfy my plot bunny while thinking up ideas for "Secrets of Secrets". I originnally wanted to use Hoobastank's "Remember Me" and turn this into a song fic, but I never got to that plot and it would make this more serious then intended. Also, I am not a shipper of any kind, and I enjoy C/C, C/L, and Clex, not to mention anything involving Pete. So don't take this as C/L because of the reference to a romance in the past. It's just how I think the show will go. Future fics are hard like that. At least this fandom has a future. Please review, and if you ask nicely, I'll see if I can squeeze out more. But don't get your hopes up.]

Remember Me

Clark Kent took a deep breath, then a long stride into the Smallville High gymnasium. It was decorated with balloons, streamers, banners, and any other stereotypical high school decoration you could possibly buy. Clark suddenly felt a knot in his stomach. It looked just like the freshman Prom. Before the storm, and... Well, he didn't want to think about that now. This was the reunion. He was supposed to be happy.

He patted the hand rested in the crook of his arm reassuringly, and looked over to its owner. He had to admit, Lois cleaned up nicely. Her raven hair fell gently onto her shoulders, and her short red cocktail dress looked as if it had been tailored to her body. He was reminded of the childish fantasies he would have about Lana, back in the day. Even if that wasn't something he was especially proud of.

"Thanks again for coming with me," he leaned over and whispered for the fiftieth time that night. Lois smiled coyly.

"I'm here to give my boyfriend support. Now, if that wasn't an obligation in our culture, I'd be at home right now, wearing sweats, eating Chinese take-out and watching Audrey Hepburn movies." Clark had to laugh at the image. "You're lucky I love you."

He placed a chaste kiss on her head, and smoothed her hair back down clumsily with his hand. Lois giggled at the gesture.

While Clark was busy with primping, he didn't notice a black man walk over, dragging a pretty brunette on his arm. Lois glanced up at the couple, who seemed to be pulling in two different directions.

"C'mon honey, Clark was my best friend! I haven't seen him since I went to Washington. You don't have to say anything, just stand and look pretty like you did all through high school."

"I resent that, Pete! Plus, I was just being Whitney's trophy girlfriend. You know I've grown out of him." She dropped her voice. "And you know what happened with Clark and I junior year. I haven't faced the poor boy since, and I don't plan to start now. Not after ten years!"

Lois furrowed her brow in confusion while carefully removing her lover's hand from her head. "Clark, do you know these people?" she whispered, careful not to let the feuding couple hear.

Her companion glanced up quickly, and his jaw dropped at the site. Pete Ross and Lana Lang? He shook his head. It was just too strange.

Pete saw Clark's gesture and took it as a sign that he had seen them. "Come now, Lana. Clark's waiting."

Clark slapped on a bright smile to mask his befuddlement. "Pete! Lana! How are you two? It's been so long!"

"We're doing great, man. Married happily for three years." At this, Clark raised his eyebrows in surprise. How did he miss this for so long?

Pete then noticed Lois, who had snapped into a polite stature. "So, Clark- man. I see you're not doing too bad yourself." The black man waggled his eyebrows at his friend, as Lois suppressed a laugh.

"'Clark-man'??" she hissed in his ear. He blushed.

"Yeah, I'm doing fine. I have a job at the Daily Planet, and I keep myself busy." Lois smiled knowingly. Clark kept himself very busy, stopping all the evil in the world and whatnot.

"The Planet," said Lana thoughtfully. "So, does that mean you get all the inside dirt on Superman?"

"Lois does. She is the chief investigative reporter." He delivered his partner a proud smile. "I don't meet the big guy too much." Lois was momentarily amazed at how smoothly he said all this. With her help, he was becoming a much better liar.

"Oh," Clark continued, "Pete and Lana, this is Lois Lane, my girlfriend. Lois, this is Pete Ross and Lana Lang, my old best friend and my high school sweetheart, respectively." The couple shook hands with Lois, and Lana gave Clark a slight smile in thanks to the kind introduction.

"Hey, some of the gang is missing," interjected Pete. "Have you seen Chloe or Whitney?"

"Well, last I saw Chloe, she was packing up to go to Coast City. But I know she wanted to go to New York from there, maybe work at the Bugle. But Whitney-"

At that precise moment, the double doors of the hall burst open, and a large blonde man in a football jersey and a busty woman barreled into the room. The man glanced around, spotted Clark, Pete and Lana, and pulled his companion over to the circle.

"Lana!" he bellowed, arms wide open as if he was expecting a hug, "You haven't changed a bit, baby!"

"Wh-whitney?" Lana stuttered. The three others in her little group all took one simultaneous step backwards.

"Who else would it be, sweetie?" Whitney grew tired of waiting for Lana to make the move and engulfed Lana in a bear hug. The woman who came with him simply stood, waiting for her introduction.

"Ross, my man! It's been so long since you warmed the bench! How's life been treatin' ya?"

Pete just stood in shock, gaping at the former football hero before him. Whitney leaned into Clark and muttered, "Gone mute, has he?" Clark could only nod in response.

Presently, Lana shuffled over to Pete and motioned for him to put his arm around her. He did, protectively. Whitney eyed the couple, then turned to Clark.

"Kent!" he yelled angrily. Clark yelped, and Lois pressed her hand on his shoulder as a silent reminder that if he wasn't careful, he could jump through the ceiling. Whitney moved in on them.

"You didn't keep your promise, Kent! I thought you said you'd protect Lana, make sure she'd wait for me when I went to those confounded Marines! But Erica Fox (my wife, so ha!) here told me that y'all dated for a year, and then she went off with Ross, apparently! What the hell happened?"

"I hate to interject, considering that I wasn't present when this whole saga began, but it doesn't seem like you fulfilled your end of the bargain, either," Lois said, hesitant and confident at the same time. She braced herself for the counterattack. It never came. Instead, Whitney was standing with his arms around the other woman, Erica, kissing her passionately. The foursome looked away; some out of etiquette, some out of disgust. Lana was the one who took a step forward.

"Excuse me, you two, but this is a public place, and some of us," she glanced at their audience, "don't want to see that at the moment. This reunion is supposed to be about remembering the good memories, not the disturbing ones. I can't believe I thought I loved you!" Tears welled up, and she left in a huff.

"Are you sure this isn't scripted?" Lois muttered in her boyfriend's ear. Clark snorted.