[A/N: Hello, all. I wrote another chapter for this one 'cause I'm still puzzled over "Secrets", and because every review I got basically said the same thing -- "Bring in Chloe!". I'm really not sure what her purpose will be yet, because I might make her evil ::bwahahahahaha::. There's also a hint of Chlex, a bit of Chlark, and a guest star romance! Now, about the guest: I'm not a comic expert, and I mainly deal with just Supes in that department. Even so, I'm not a canon expert, either. I basically just have "Smallville" (I only get a few cheesy jokes from that anyway), www.supermanhomepage.com (which is a great resource), and the "Justice League" cartoon on Cartoon Network. So my images of the Flash (Michael Rosenbaum!), Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, etc. are based on that. If you're gonna get all nit-picky on my ass, don't. I like this the way it is. Also, I steal another line that I thougnt was hilariously true from Calette's "Of Mice and Men". See if you can spot it. Oh, and this isn't as funny as the first part. The humor bug's just not in me today.]

Lana marched down the familiar halls to the girls' room, feet thumping on the tile all the way. Several times throughout her four years at Smallville High, she had sneaked out to that bathroom to cry in peace and secrecy. What would they all say if they knew that the former head cheerleader was a fragile cry-baby? She tried to be open with people she trusted, but shedding tears in their presence obligated them to care, to try and comfort her. Lana didn't want to obligate anyone to do anything. Not now, when they were trying to escape pseudo-Whitney's wrath back in the gym.

A few sobs worked their way back up through her throat and escaped her just as she tore open the door to the bathroom. It slammed behind her, and she buried her face in her hands as she leaned against it and slid down. She took a moment to glance at her hands; they were covered in gray streaks from her extensive mascara. Taking a deep breath and releasing it in an uncertain sigh, she pushed herself off of the ground -- as dirty as ever -- and staggered over to the sink to reapply her makeup. She wasn't going to be a damsel in distress. She had left that behind at Smallville High.

Her steps stopped abruptly as she realized she wasn't alone. There was another woman; Lana wasn't sure of her identity, but she seemed vaguely familiar. The stranger had finished brushing out long, red hair that reached an inch past her shoulders, and was now shuffling her hand around in her chic handbag for something or other. She finally pulled out a small plastic container and set it on the counter. Presently, she reached towards her eyeball. Lana would've screamed had the honey-colored contact not popped out so easily to reveal a sky-blue hue. The woman squeezed a few drops from the container onto the slim object, then replacing it back into her eye and blinking a couple of times. Lana watched wordlessly, gaping. The stranger repeated the entire process with the other contact lens before acknowledging her audience.

"'Evening, Miss Lang. Or should I say, Mrs. Ross. Congratulations, by the way. I apologize for not attending the wedding. I had previous engagements."

"Excuse me," Lana began, then paused to make sure she wasn't sounding too forward. She gave herself a reassuring chuckle before she continued. "Do I know you?"

"Well, I sure hope not," the woman answered cryptically.

Lana shook her head. "I'm sorry, but if I should know you, please, enlighten me with your identity. I'm afraid you've caught me at a fragile moment, as I may have with you. Please, I don't want to appear rude, and I hope you feel the same." Lana babbled a bit, as she usually did when she was distraught. Nell had once told her that she didn't speak a comprehensible word for three weeks after Clark left her.

"For tonight, I am Jenna Stewart. I am here with my husband, Jon. We are from Coast City. I attended Smallville High for the last week before graduation, as my father worked in the army and we moved around a lot. My mother wanted me to graduate high school properly, so she whisked me here, unbeknownst to my father. I don't know many people here, but I was invited to the reunion and Jon needed to go to a conference in Metropolis, so here I am." Lana shuddered at the way the woman said all this, as if she were a robot programmed to systematically spit out information. She took a moment to recover, then jumped back into the conversation.

"'For tonight'? You mean you're not always Jenna Stewart?"

"Very astute of you, Mrs. Ross. You must have gained some insight in the past ten years. I didn't know Pete had that kind of effect. He always kind of just seemed like the third wheel, y'know? The 'token black guy', so to speak."

"You sound like you knew him personally. And me as well, from the looks of it. Are you sure you were only at SHS for a week?" Lana placed her hands an her hips in a suspicious manner. She hoped she didn't look too precocious.

"In reality, no, I was in Smallville a lot longer than a week. Good thing I didn't want to be an FBI agent. I would seriously suck."

A masculine voice through the door couldn't have more impeccable timing. "Chlo-I mean Jenna! Are you done yet?" Lana furrowed her brow. It was not a voice she recognized. But she did know the name.

"Chloe?? What the hell are you doing spying around here? This is your high school reunion, too, y'know."

"I know, I know. But after all that happened senior year, I didn't see how I could face you guys again. As Chloe Sullivan, anyway. So I came in disguise. To observe, but not participate. For once, I'm willingly the outsider."

Lana took a moment to reminisce on the events of their last year of high school. She and Chloe had bonded as juniors; both being rejected by Clark, they suddenly had a lot in common. But then Chloe dove into a secret romance with none other than Lex Luthor. When Lionel had decided to close the plant, after all, right before graduation, Gabe was forced to move his family back to Metropolis for good. But not before finding out about his daughter's liaison with his former employer. Her union with the dark side had outcast her from her small, but close, circle of friends, and she left as a bitter loner. Lana didn't blame her for being so secretive; she probably would have done the same. But to go out on a limb so far as to become someone else, that was uniquely Chloe.

"Jon Stewart really is my husband -- fiancé, actually. And we do share a small apartment in Coast City. But I didn't want to stir up past conflict. I see that Whitney hasn't had the same sentimentality," Chloe continued, breaking Lana out of her reverie by gesturing towards the door. "That jockstrap left the town a shambles, and he comes in acting like a friggin' war hero or some kind of demented politician. Wait -- that's redundant, right?"

Lana's face broke into a small smile. She had missed Chloe's biting wit after all these years.

"Jenna! Coming or not?" came the male voice again.

"I'll be right there Jon! And I'm bringing and old friend with me!" Chloe winked at Lana, whose smile widened.

The red-haired blonde (if there was such a thing, it was Chloe) handed Lana a paper towel, which Lana wiped her still-tear-strewn face with. She made a face. "God! These things are rougher than I remember!"

Chloe flung open the door, not to keep her prince in green armor waiting. She waiting politely for Lana to pass, then followed her out the door.

Lana stopped short when she came face-to-face -- or face-to-chest, as it were -- with Jon Stewart. He was a tall black man with a no-nonsense crew cut and -- were they hazel? -- yes, piercing green eyes. He slid an arm around Chloe's bare shoulders, and Lana noticed a glimmering emerald ring on his index finger. As the threesome strode back to the gym, Chloe introduced Lana and assured her love that she knew her true identity.

"Now Lana, remember that Pete, Clark, Whitney, nor everybody else know who I am. So call me Jenna, say that you showed me around when I came, and introduce everyone like I'm a stranger. Got it?" Lana nodded, and sucked in a cool breath before she proceeded back into the giant room. Chloe and Jon stayed behind for a moment.

"So, you said you'd know him if you saw him?" she asked him. He nodded.

"I see Kal almost every day. I don't know what he does for disguise, but it can't be much, considering his costume and powers. Still, he fools an entire city daily. You said yourself that you think you know the guy. What do you think?"

"I think 'De Nile' isn't just a river in Egypt. I mean, I saw this guy every day too, for almost five years. All the evidence says that something is up. And if I have any kind of superlative, it's some kind of spider- sense for reporters. We went through the some procedure time and time again: I do some digging, Clark kicks the meteor mutants' ass, we go out for coffee afterwards. Kansas may be landlocked, but I smell something fishy. Why did I have to have a stupid crush on this guy? Why did he have to be so gorgeous? Why-" she cut off, remembering that she was engaged to the man standing in front of her. If she fucked it up with Superman, why couldn't she have a chance with the Green Lantern? "Sorry, Jon. It's just that a tiny part of me will never be over him."

"It's okay, sweetie. I'm here for you," comforted Jon, who pulled her into a bone-crushing hug.

"That is, unless you need to go save the world -- again." Chloe's chuckle was muffled through Jon's suit. "Let's go in now. Clark'll be hard to miss, he's so damn tall."

"Sounds like Kal," muttered Jon as he started scanning the crowd for a familiar face.