The Hauntings of Camp Solitaire part One

Oogiejess, Jessy in her monster form, was doing what she always loved to do: taking care of her Little Supper, who had a very round and big belly, as she stroked the form of her lump inside her own stomach. This was what they always did for each other even if one of them was sad. This time Oogiejess was the one who was sad, she was close to finding out her real mother over the last few cases they had but each time her mother only ran off before she could even get close.

"Don't worry Oogiejess," Emmy said as she rubbed her best friend's stomach "We'll find out who your mom is. I'm sure of it."

"But i'm tired of being so close then to lose her in a heartbeat." Oogiejess said "I don't even know what my mother is like, or even my dad, i don't even know what to do when i tell them about my predatory self or my love of vore or even if they already knew! I... i just don't know what to do."

Emmy opened her mouth to speak when she let out a burp which vibrated the monster's entire burlap stomach and the monster patted her bulge and said "But at least i have you my darling Little Supper... would you mind if i let you stay inside me for a long time?"

"I'll stay inside you forever if you want me to." Emmy said "Forever and ever and you would never have to take me out. And if anything should happen to me... and i say if as a strong word there... then i'd want you to digest me so that we can be one."

Oogiejess felt touch but the moment was ruined when a knock on the MCF door caught there attention. Oogiejess waddled over to the door and opened it. There was no one there but on the floor was a brocure of a Summer camp that read 'Send your kids to Camp Solitaire!' and on the bottom of those words, written in fresh blood, were the words 'I'm waiting for you Jess Mess! Signed Julia James'

Oogiejess felt faint as she gasped and looked at the bloody brocure on the floor and horrible memories flushed throught her brain before she slammed the door shut and gasped in fright.

"Oogiejess, What is it?" Emmy asked

"N-Nothing," Oogiejess lied "Just thought i saw something. It's nothing really."

However that night Jessy, who was back in her human form and in her bed, was tossing and turning in fear and fright as she tried to wake up from her nightmare.

Jessy's Nightmare

She was about eleven years old and wore an orange top, a colorful mini skirt and dark brown sandals as she walked across a large camp ground with other children playing and making wallets around her when she felt someone tap her shoulder and she turned around, turning pale at the sight of the girl behind her.

She was an african american girl no older then Jessy with long curly black hair, a blue and purple striped shall thing on her head like a hat, a magenta dress with purple and pink hearts all over and light brown african jeweled sandals. "Julia James!" Jessy gasped "Hey Jess Mess," Julia said "How about we go play a few games on mine?

Later Jess screamed as she was being pulled across the lake by her ankles while Julia, who was controling a moter boat, laughed whickedly. But that wasn't the end of it. Jess was teased, tourchered, bullied and brused so badly she just wanted to go home.

Then there was a bright white and blue light and then multipul screams were heard... Then Jessy found herself standing on the grounds of camp only the tents and the cabins were destroyed with clawmarks and vines with thorns sticking out of the cracked windows and there was nobody else around. Then she turned and the face of a demon rushed towards her while cackling

Nightmare Ends

Jessy sat up and gasped for air as she looked around her bedroom for a while before she calmed down. She reached to her glass of water she had placed but touched something else. She turned on the light and saw that what she had grabbed was the brocure with the blood written on it but this time with 'I'm still watching you!' added to it.

She screamed her head off and thrusted herself out the open window and continued screaming like a maniac across the street as she frailed her arms around like mad.

Watching her from atop a building was a teenaged girl with glowing eyes and she smiled as she said "I knew you'd like the surprise Jess Mess. I can't wait to have fun time together all over again."

Next to her was a figure of a woman wearing a cloak around her body and she said "You know i don't trust you or your plan to bring us together anymore then Jessy will. You really were a pain and a bully to her. I don't even know why i even came to you in the first place."

"You said that you wanted you and your kid together," The girl said "Trust me, this entire operation of ours will go according to plan. My plan of course."

"That's what worries me the most." Jessy's mother said "I just wish that Jessy had gotten over that Camp fear of hers when they shut it down."

"I know," Julia said "Heh, Guess Jess Mess is even more of a mess then i thought."

"And what's that suppose to mean?" Jessy's mother asked crossly.

"Oh nothing," Julia said with a her eyes glowing red "Nothing at all..."