The Zebra, The Sea Lion and the Beasts Part four

As everyone slept soundly while others snored Stefano and Marty tossed and turned, with the sea lion whimpering in fear while Marty moved his hoofs around.

Stefano's Nightmare

Stefano was standing in the middle of the circus ring with a spot light shining on him. He looked around for his friends, but they weren't behind stage like they always were. "Guys?" he called out, his echo sent a chill up the sea lion's spine and he gulped as he reached his neck where his collar was. However his collar was gone and in it's place was another collar, one that had beeping buttons on it. He felt his head and realized he was wearing a clown hat.

Then another spot light shined on a large hoop like Vitaly's hoop and the sea lion some how had a bad feeling about this. "Vitaly?" He called out "Gia? Alice? MARTY!" again no one responced but an eerie echo and the sea lion shivered in fear. Then he heard a whip cracking and fell backwards as the sound of the loud crack. "Jump through the hoop you worthless thing you!" a harsh violent voice shouted.

"Who-a are you?" Stefano asked as he looked around "Jump!" the voice shouted again as the hoop suddenly caught on fire "Leave me alone! I don't wanna jump-a through that-a hoop!" the scared sea lion cried as he tried to run away but then he tripped on a lot of banana peals and fell face flat on the ground.

He then heard the taughting, mocking laughter of a crowd and the whip cracking again. Stefano couldn't stand any of it as he held his head, trying to block the sound but no matter how hard he tried he heard the hurtfull laughter of cruelty. He couldn't stand cruelty and had feared that this one happen. Now it was happening. "HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME!" He screamed as tears streamed down his eyes

Nightmare ends

Stefano shot awake and sat up. He felt his head and felt his beloved collar around his neck. He sighed and realized that he had cried in his sleep. That nightmare was the worst he ever had in his life. He never wanted such a nightmare again.

Then Marty shot awake and gasped "Marty?" Stefano asked "What's-a the matter?" "I was having a terrable nightmare." the zebra said "Alex, Gia and Vitaly were trying to eat me and... and then the fossa... and... oh man, it was awfull." "I know," Stefano said "I had a nightmare that was cruel and heartless. Everyone was laughing at me and none of my friends were there for me and someone tried to make me jump through a burning hoop and... and..."

The sea lion lept on to Marty and sobbed a little while the zebra tried to comfort him. "Maybe we should have a little talk outside, where we won't rudely wake everyone up." "Yes, good-a idea." Stefano said with a sniffle.

As Stefano and Marty walked out of the hut only Jessy woke up and saw the two leave. Stefano and Marty walked out to a lanturn and Jessy fallowed. Unknown to the three someone, or something, was watching them.

As Stefano tried to wipe his face dry with his hands Jessy stood nearby, wondering what to do. She had overheard what they said and felt very sorry for them. Her stomach was growling loudly but she held it so she wouldn't be discovered so easily. The girl throught that she could turn into Oogiejess and eat them... but then remembered that Marty's nightmare was based on being eaten so that wouldn't help at all, it would make it worse.

Obelix was just checking on the guest when he sees a demonic like monster holding a large boulder over it's head about to strike Marty and Stefano with it with one easy push "Look out!" Obelix cried.

Stefano, Marty and Jessy turned and saw the creature just as it throws the rock at them. As the three brace themselves for the empact Obelix comes to the rescue and knocks the boulder out of the way however the force of such a blow caused him to loose his balance and he ended up falling down a cliffside while the three watch him hit a few rocks before coming to a halt.

With help from Jessy's magic She, Marty and Stefano slide safely down and rush to Obelix's side as Marty pushes the creature's stomach "Hey Buddy, are you ok?" Obelix's respond was painfull moaning and turned over before staying still "Is he... going to be..." Stefano asked, worried about his question as Jessy checked the creature "He had a very nasty fall." she said "But i think he'll be alright."

"Too bad you won't be." the demon creature said as it landed near the group. Stefano lept behind Obelix for protection as did Marty while Jessy stood her ground "Who are you?" Jessy asked "All you need to know is that i'm the one responsable for these gaul's transformations long ago. And soon the zebra and the sea lion will be next."

Hearing that made Stefano faint while Marty caught him. "Over my dead body you beast." Jessy said "Beast?" the demon asked "When i get done with you the only beast i'll see will be you." then he vanished but not before he blocked the exit with his powers over the rocks.

Time pasted and Obelix awoke to find Stefano tending to him and a fire in the middle of a cave like room while Jessy and Marty dug a hole that was about 21 miles far. "Oh my aching head." the creature said as he held his head in pain "What happened?" "Oliver!" Stefano cried happily before he hugged the creature "I was worried when-a you didn't wake up."

"Still Obelix, not Oliver." Obelix said "I know," Stefano said "I just can't say names like yours. I think it's natual." Obelix's belly growled hungrily for food and he turned to the sea lion "I'm hungry." "But-a your hurt, you cannot go anywhere." Stefano said as he fluffed a pillow Jessy had poofed up for the creature "Just rest, you'll be fine once-a you get enough of it."

"But what am i going to eat if i can't move?" Obelix asked Stefano was about to awnser when he let out a very tired yawn and his eyes grew halfway shut "You're tired aren't you?" Obelix asked "Yes, i-a am." the sea lion said with a yawn "Didn't you get a good night sleep?" The creature asked the sea lion "I've-a had the worst nightmare i've ever had-a." Stefano said "I was being treated cruely with a sound of a wip and a firey hoop-a someone wanted me to jump throught-a... then i fell over and everyone laughed at me... my friends, they were'nt there... and... and..."

The sea lion started to cry as he covered his face with his hands. Obelix felt sorry for the crying animal who was as tired as he was misrable. As Stefano kept crying Obelix picked up the sea lion and placed him right on top of his large stomach. Stefano felt how soft and cozy the creature's belly was and looked at him with confusion "Don't cry anymore little buddy," Obelix said as he gently stroked the sea lion's head carefully "It was just a bad dream, it won't happen to you. Not ever. Even if it did I won't let anyone treat you cruely. I'll always be right here whenever you need me. I'll never leave you and i'll never disapoint you."

Stefano smiled and felt very happy. Then he curled up for a rest on the creature's stomach and fell asleep quickly. Marty and Jessy watched as Obelix, who suddenly lost his hunger, rubbed the sleeping animals's back to remind him that he wasn't alone. "Isn't that sweet?" Jessy asked "A little uneasy with the stomach bed but it's ok." Marty said.

Stefano felt very comfortable as he slept on Obelix's stomach. Somehow it felt like he was back home again. As Obelix watched him sleep he remembered that he once had the same thing happen to him long ago. However the last 'friend' he had sleep on him didn't return and when he came to get him he heard that same 'friend' telling lies about him being a monster and that guy a prisoner. But Stefano wasn't like that last guy, he had tented to his pain and was tried and sad because of a nightmare. Yes, he was diffrent. He knew that Stefano wouldn't leave him, he was too sweet and bubbly to even think of double crossing, dispite what he did to the sea lion and the zebra (Which he still haven't a clue way he did that in the first place) but he was a little glad he did.

Jessy and Marty had just broken through the stone wall with their digging tools and looked up to see a massive climb. "Oh man," Marty said as he fell backwards on his butt with Jess "This is going to take longer then we thought."