Telepath Wolf


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This plot was originally conceived when by chance I found some old VHS tapes I have and started to sort through them, I found some B5 Chapters from when they were aired in my country and I used to program the VCR to record them when I was not going to be home to watch it... Can you guess which two episodes were what prompted this into my mind? (I'll probably let you know on the AN at the end of this)

Anyway, this is going to be a multichaptered fic, I plan to go through Season 1 to Season 4, not quite sure about Season 5 since I didn't really like it.

Please be informed that this story is going to portray a little different approach to Susan's and Talia's relationship, which means YES, as most of my stories, this is a FEMLASH, if this bothers you, you shouldn't really be here, so leave now if you're not comfortable with the idea.

I most probably will change the time line and other B5 attributes to suite my needs, however I will stick to cannon major plot and daily problems of the station. Be informed though that I already changed the fact that Susan is not a normal Russian jew human, so…

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Telepath Wolf

Chapter 01


A lot has changed for everyone in the galaxy since Babylon 5 came into play. Yes, it was originally meant to be for peace, but after a few years it became the operation center that would lead us to survival and hopefully victory too. There are still many untold stories of all the living creatures that at one point or another, were at least once on board the station, but today, I'm standing for the first time in years in calm, an odd occurrence.

We are at Mimbar, and tomorrow she will officially become Anla'Shok Na. I can't help being proud of her. She has been through a lot, we both have.

It is tonight that as an omen, snows at Mimbar. I can't get to see the stars, or the Moon to which she and the others in the pack like to sing to. There are only clouds letting down the snowflakes that melt into the buildings and desperately try to cling into my pajama robe. I take out the old penny that I've had with me since I was a child and smile fondly at the memories it brings to me.

A pair of arms wrap around my waist and a warm body is pressed into my back. I lean into it, knowing it was her. Having heard and smelled her since she opened the door to the back yard that is in our home.

"Why are you alone under the snow?" she asked slightly amused

"Just remembering the past, and wondering about it too" I said turning in her arms and kissing her softly

"What were you wondering about?" she asked in my mind, and I could sense her worry.

She usually didn't use her telepathic abilities; It took me a while, but I understand why she was so reluctant and afraid at the beginning of our relationship, and now, every time she reaches into my mind, I can feel how she sees me, and her feelings and her worries and everything that is her; when she does, there are no barriers between us and is almost magical. It is perfect, even if it only lasts for a few seconds.

"Did I ever tell you what happened when my telepathic abilities manifested for the first time?" I asked her once she broke the kiss and her mind retreated from mine.

She shook her head before answering "Not explicitly. I know the Corps took you in and raised you, generating the loyalty you professed them when we met on Babylon 5"

I nodded "Yes, but that's not it. I was 4, almost 5 years old when my telepathic abilities manifested" I told her looking up to the sky, snow still falling down. "The reason that I was so loyal to the Corps, Susan, the reason for me to believe their propaganda all those years, was because they were there for me when everybody else had left me"

I looked at her face then and smiled softly at her, taking her hand and leading her into our house now. I grabbed two towels to dry off the melting snow and reached for two clean robes to get dressed on. After a moment I could feel Susan's mind trying not to probe, but to ease my own mind, to calm me down, which is when I realized I was feeling sad and angry and everything I felt all those years ago.

"I'm fine. Sorry I worried you" I told her, taking her hand when she offered it to me, our rolls shifting now, being her who lead us to our bedroom. We got lain on our bed, my head on her shoulder, and she just holding me, placing soothing circles on my back.

"What happened there?" she asked referring to just a few moments ago

"I got lost in the memory" I sighed "The first time I was able to feel someone else's feelings, was my father's anger toward my mother. The first thought I heard not belonging to me, was how he was going to kill her and then what he was planning to do to me" She gasped but kept quiet, I kissed her shoulder before settling into a more comfortable position where I was still held by her and I was able to look at her face. "We were on vacation near the old Ukraine region. I told my mom about it, and she called the Corps" I could see her jaw clenching tight, which is why I brought up my right hand and gently cupped her cheek. "He didn't do anything to me." I reassured her. After a long moment she sighed relieved and waited patiently for me to go on. "Unfortunately, my mother was not as lucky as me. The Corps didn't arrive on time to help us. My father attacked my mother. She has hurting and crying, and I could feel her dying, even when I didn't know it at the moment. She told me to run, and as I crossed the threshold at the door I was able to hear her last thought… 'please let her find shelter until they find her'"

"What did you do?" she asked me after placing a kiss on my forehead.

"I kept running and got lost in the forest. It was snowing too then. It was really cold and I could barely feel my feet and my hands. I ended up leaning against a big tree, but I was shivering, both from crying and the cold weather. I closed my eyes ready to give up, but then, something amazing happened. I felt concern and a little amount of curiosity in my mind, I knew it was not mine so I looked up and found a creature staring down at me."

"A creature?" Susan asked me now amused

I nodded "I know now what it was. It was one of us. A pup at the moment. But at the time, all I knew was that it resembled a wolf, only bigger and I must say, uglier."

"Hey!" She complained poking my ribs

"It's the truth!" I defended myself. "The wolf then disappeared from sight, I didn't know if I had imagined it or not, but after a few minutes it came back with a fur coat in its snout. It placed it front of me and it's feelings helped me understand that it was for me, to keep me warm. As soon as I put it on, the wolf laid next to me and invited me to snuggle against it." I smiled remembering how safe I had felt then. I realized then that I felt just as safe when Susan held me, like she was doing right now. "At sunrise, I noticed that we were not alone anymore, there were two other wolves, both bigger than the one still next to me. When they noticed I had awakened I felt three different emotions, one was relief, the other was amusement and the other appeared to be pride with a hint of anger. Noises then were heard from the forest, the three of them turned into the direction the noise was coming from and after a grunt from the biggest wolf, the one I had snuggled into licked my face and then the three left running in the direction opposite to the noise." I yawned then, feeling tired after the long day we had had. "Inside one of the pockets of the coat, I found this old penny that I have kept as a lucky charm. It wasn't long after that, that the Psi Corps agents arrived and took me in to the Corps."

"What happened to your father?"

"I don't know. And I never asked, after all Corps is Mother, Corps is Father, remember?"

"Were" she said dryly

"Were" I confirmed. "Susan?" I asked her when I felt we were both about to drift to sleep "Do you know of any pack in Ukraine or at least someone who does?"


"To this day, I don't know what happened to my very first friend and the other two wolves" I told her seriously

"I don't know any pack there now."

"But you did?" I asked hopeful "Before your pack left Earth to follow you?"

She shook her head "No. But I know who those three wolves were" she said in a serious tone

"You have to tell me what happened to them" I requested her, straightening into a sitting position.

"The oldest one, Andrei, died in 2258. The other, Ganya, died during the Earth-Mimbari war. The one you cuddled into then, is the one you cuddle into every night" she said smirking.

A/N: Ok, I know it's short but this was just an introductory chapter to the story... we know what we know and are to learn more as time goes by. Chapter 2 will be posted before May comes to an end, that I can assure you since I'm already editing it.

The episodes that prompted this into my mind were S04 E01 "The hour of the wolf" and S01 E09 "Deathwalker"

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