I do not own Naruto nor any characters other than my OC Seishiro.

This plot is exclusively Yaoi despite the fact there is a female OC involved.

They say that the kid came from Konoha. But the members themselves weren't allowed to kill him. That was the annoying part. Konan was the one who brought them in.

"Seishiro is to be kept in this room at all times. Escape is not an option, and interaction is forbidden unless absolutely necessary." she explained.

Tobi was the first to speak. "Araaaa?" he said, in his usual, childish high-pitched voice. "Seishiro-kun looks so small! Why does he have to be locked up? He looks sad!"

"Shut up Tobi, hm!" Deidara scolded right after, whacking the idiot.

Konan nodded. "Don't be fooled. Size doesn't matter, you should know that."

Kakuzu merely grunted while Hidan moved closer to the door of the chamber to take a peek.

"What the fuck? It's really just some fucking kid in there." Hidan frowned, scrunching his nose up.

"Be careful Hidan." Konan said. "That 'kid' is a lot like you."

"Hah?" Hidan scowled even further. "Like me?"

He suddenly lit up, before Konan interrupted him.

"Yes. Seishiro can't die."

The scowl returned full-blow to his lips. "Oh. Just that? Jashin-damned…"

"Stop swearing." Kakuzu grunted. "You're like a whiney child yourself too."

"Shut the fuck up, Kakuzu, you shit!" Hidan snapped back, backing away from the door.

"Is that all?" Zetsu's white, kinder side asked. "Seems like a lot of trouble for one kid that's locked up."

Konan cleared her throat. "I'm telling you all of this because this is the transit lair. There's always at least one team here in between missions and resting, and they need to be…checked on, every now and then. She can also, very easily break the door down."

"…." Itachi peered through the bars on the door this time. "…then why keep him there, right?"

Konan gave him a knowing look.

Itachi replied for her. "An agreement with Leader-sama, am I right?"

Konan nodded. "A rather unwilling one. But the child says an agreement is an agreement, he's testing to see if that's true."

Itachi nodded, seeming to understand somewhat.

"In any case, back to whatever you were doing." Konan said dismissively. "Kisame, Itachi, you have the mission in the South next, correct? Deidara, Tobi, after today you may go home to rest for a few days before your next mission."

"That leaves me with two brats to babysit." Kakuzu said.

Hidan shot him a look. "What the fuck does that mean?"

Kakuzu didn't reply, instead turning and heading down the hall, venturing to his room to rest. He was swiftly followed by Hidan, throwing insults and curses that echoed off the walls