Madara scowled behind his orange swirl of a mask-a trait that almost all Uchiha seemed to have. But he couldn't help scowling, he was very upset. Why? Mainly, because Deidara himself was upset. But upset-at the fact that he was left all alone with the idiot instead of the fellow artist. And he was very, obviously jealous.

"Senpaiiii~!" 'Tobi' whined, waving his arms about. "Tobi can make draw-draw too!"

"Shut up, Tobi!" Deidara snarled, marching past him and down the hall away from the room. "Damnit, I cant sculpt with all this rain hm!"

He toppled over a few things on his way, a few old sculptured he deemed unworthy of any more of his attention, a few bags of raw clay, a stray cg from Sasori's days. He stopped, looking at the cog before scoffing and turning away. It had been a…strange adjustment, not having the red-head puppeteer around. And frankly, he missed having disagreements about art with the other. His tantrum eventually led him to Seishiro's…-Seshiru's…-whoever's…room.

He opened the door and was surprised to find a few parchments and canvases, littered around the room-surely, they hadn't been there before. But all the same he was happy to find some form of art that would remind him of some of the pleasant debates he had with the now not-so-new kid.

Gentle strokes graced the whitened skin of the canvases, traditionally made from dried and stretched animal skins over bamboo shafts. Almost everything was sketchy and free, but it somehow characterized the personalities of the portraits so much more-wait…portraits?

Deidara's eyes wandered over to the (assumingly-since it was on the bed instead of on the floor or propped against the wall). There was linear, painted with a light brown tint. Some of the lines were loose and rough, but the thicker ones elegantly outlined the shape of the person she had been painting. And Deidara knew that face well.

Curious now, he looked around the room, lifting the fallen canvases and shifting the ones that were stacked on top of each other or behind other canvases.

Kakuzu's glare seethed with a mass of hatred he hadn't known for a very long time-not since his village wrongly punished him for risking his life on a however failed mission. But this hate was new, and more intense.

He was sharp, and an observant one-surely. And it didn't take him long to notice that the kid Sei-kun, now, since he didn't want to bother with the name-ordeal, had ben looking at Hidan. No, not just looking, but staring. In a very, keen, observing, way. Much like he way he was looking at the latter now. Kakuzu really regretted having Hidan walk around in the nude now. Sei-kun would watch the other-not out of the corner of his eye, either. But very opening lift her head up and follow the other's nude march across the room to the futons. She watched him as shamefully and as openly as the jashinist walked in his birthday suit.

Kakuzu growled. He hated it. Up until now…he hadn't noticed that he almost enjoyed being the other one Hidan strutted about in front of. Of course, the clothes on the floor weren't a bother anymore, since Sei-kun now picked them up for him. But that fact now irritated the miser even more. Much to the point where he was so focused on the fact that the kid was looking at the jashinist, he'd forget to as Hidan to put his clothes on. But...

…did he want to babysit Hidan? Surely, that couldn't be possible. But now that he had all the time in the world to himself, he didn't know what to do with it.

"Are you going to be with us on every mission now?" he asked off-handedly, irritation evident in his voice.

"Hmh?" Sei-kun blinked and looked over, tiling her head in an innocent manner. "Not sure. You should ask Konan-san."

"That would be un unpleasant factor if you were." Kakuzu said.

Sei-kun laughed and straightened herself-whatever she/he was, now that Kakuzu thought about it. "Well, that's from your your perspective."

"Really." Kakuzu said, in a serious tone.

"Hmmh." the other shrugged in response.

Hidan was now fixing the necklace that usually hung around his neck, falling like a limp waterfall down to the middle of his chest. But for all modesty's sake, he pulled on his pants. this, made confused Kakuzu.

"I'm gonna go~!" Sei-kun said, upon noticing the change in the miser's eyes.

"Where to?" Hidan asked, looking up from the cloth around his waist, which kept his pants up.

"Im gonna get some paint. I heard that the ink shops around here sold rare color dyes." Sei-kun replied.

"You paint?" Hidan asked, looking slightly interested-for once, in something other than Jashin.

Which of course, peeved Kakuzu even more.

"Mh-hm…" Sei-kun said, gathering the small pouch-the halfings only possession on their current mission, which contained her own fund, checking her hair once in the mirror before walking out.

Hidan stood there, staring at the sliding door that had just shut upon their companion's departure. The memories of the last time he and Kakuzu were alone in a room were still ringing clear in his mind. And he didn't like the situation right now one bit.

He stiffened as he heard a shuffling of clothes and the creak of wood against the floor, knowing that it was the motion of Kakuzu getting up. Already, he felt warmth prickle his back as the miser's body drew closer.

"Hidan…" Kakuzu breathed.

Hidan bit his lip, knowing that as of late, Kakuzu had been getting stranger and stranger. It was better to act like he didn't care, he decided. "What, you prick?"

He turned his attentions to the rest of his clothing, folded and placed on the futon by the comrade who had just left. Maybe it was a better idea to keep all of his clothes on…

"You're turning pink." Kakuzu said. "Have you thought about what I asked you?"

"Hm? What?" Hidan said, trying to sound as disinterested as possible, stretching his neck and and cracking it a few times.

Kakuzu's gaze, ate up the action, all too eagerly. "Hidan…" He breathed.

They were so alone in the room. Not the birds outside nor the spider nesting in it's web on the corner of the room, nor did the people bustling below in the village streets existed this moment. Hidan's heart began to race, feeling only the heat of the elder immortal behind him, as if his back was pressing int his body.

"…I'm jealous." Kakuzu finally said.

Three days. He had just been forced to sit side by side with the silverette for three, long, endless days. Feeling his presence so close, counting every breathe as they sealed the beast away. Kakuzu finally decided, he had waited long enough. Whatever game Sei-kun was playing, he wasn't going to let the prize get away. He had him. And at this very moment-he was all his.

Kakuzu's hands moved fast-as they always did, and strong. Hidan's wrists were grasped and arms pulled back behind him.

"KAKUZU?" Hidan cried out-a reaction which Kakuzu easily foresaw, and in return, allowed his threads to whip free from under his skin like tentacles, slipping up around Hidan's neck and diving into his mouth to muffle the noise, tickling the younger man's tongue. "Haaa-uukhft-!"

Hidan struggles fruitlessly-what was happening? He hadn't done anything to get Kakuzu mad! He only ever man-handled him when he was upset as far as Hidan was concerned. What could he have possibly done? Fucking Jashin!

"Ku-…zz..u..!" Kakuzu almost swallowed at the way Hidan was moving his tongue against his threads to try and talk-and hell, he could feel it too. "…"

"Shut up, Hidan." Kakuzu said calmly, using some of his thread to wrap around the others wrists, sewing into the skin to keep them securely together.

Hidan flinched, groaning a little at the pain, feeling the blood from the stitching travel between and around his ingress, before it finally dripped onto the floor. Hidan gritted his teeth against the threads in his mouth, snapping a few-enough to speak.

"Kakuzu, you bastard! That fucking hurts!" he yelled. "Get those fucking thin-"

Kakuzu grunted, hardening his hand and shoving a couple of fingers into the other's mouth, pulling it aside, the warmth of it causing him to shudder and smirk. He was going to savor his prize. He had previosuly thought of wanting to see that frightened look in Hdan's eyes-int he eyes of a man who normally looked bored at the thought of beg harmed, though he complained about it much.

He wanted to see it. And this time, not just as a fantasy conjured up in his head.

Hidan noticed the predatory gaze in Kakuzu's eyes and panted against the stone-hard fingers in his mouth, Kakuzu pushing him over so that he was on his head and knees, face turned forcibly to the side, gazing up at his captor. What was he planning to do? That look…that same frightening stare as before, only more intense. Hidan struggled even harder, now knowing…Kakuzu was serious.

"Struggle all you want Hidan." Kakuzu said smugly; in truth, that made it a little more fun.

Hidan kicked a leg out, trying to aim for Kakuzu's face, but Kakuzu caught it with his currently free hand, now that the binds took care of Hidan's arms. Threads came out from inside the segment in Kakuzu's arm, approaching the other's mouth once more.

Kakuzu sneered, "Should I stitch your lips together too?" He removed his fingers from the other's orifice to allow him to reply.

Hidan merely spat back, not knowing how to react otherwise, as foolish as he was to do so. "What? So it fucking looks like yours, you sick old pervert?"

The older man's eyes narrowed dangerously as he shoved Hidan further into the floor, causing a few bamboo fibers to dig into his skin, making him hiss. Kakuzu huffed.

"I guess that's a yes. I'd prefer not to have your foul mouth ruining the mood." Kakuzu said.

Hidan's eyes widened as he stared back. "Fuck-! What are you going to do? You sick fuck!"

"Nothing special." Kakuzu replied monotonously, reaching up and the cloth that held Hidan's pants up.

It was then a cold shiver ran up Hidan's spine. "YOU-!"

Kakuzu's threads went to work, ripping the zealot's hitae-ate away from his neck and forcing the metal and cloth between his teeth, securing it. Hidan's muffled cries were now only audible to the miser himself-and that's just how he liked it.

"You can't die. But you can pass out." Kakuzu stated. "I wouldn't want to go overboard by paining you /too/ much."

Hidan was finally shivering slightly from fear, as Kakuzu replaced his hand on his pants, yanking them down violently, exposing milky, untouched cheeks. Young and smooth skin stared back up at Kakuzu's hungry, greedy eyes. And for once in his life, he wanted to own everything of something other than money.

Kakuzu was almost a century old. He had seen many years pass, and has had many spans of boredom and need. Women were easy to come by in the right places and for the right price-he wasn't so low as to rape anyone; such things were for punks and sum who didn't know the thrill of proper combat. But up until now, a man was out of the question. He tentatively reached forward, giving both cheeks a firm squeeze, curiously feeling them up. The feeling sent a strange but pleasurable jolt through Hidan's system, up to his brain and right down to his groin, which began to harden a little.

"Mphh-!" Hidan shook his head, trying once again to kick, Kakuzu this time taking it far more seriously than he did before, reacting by snapping the other's ankle. "MMPHHHT-!"

Kakuzu merely chuckled, flipping the other over onto his back. He needed a full view. Hidan panted, glaring up into the miser's emerald-against-blood eyes.

"What's the matter? I've seen you strutting around naked before." Kakuzu teased, reaching down to brush a thumb over the other's now flushed cheek.

Hidan cursed, though it wasn't heard and pulled his knees up-or attempted to, until he was reminded of his ankle injury, left leg failing to draw nearly close enough for a full cover. That sight; with Hidan splayed out, unclothed, right knee drawn up and left pathetically limp against the bamboo matting was completely breathtaking in a whole new way. A way Kakuzu hadn't experienced in all his long years.

Maybe it was because-this time, his partner was in a sense undying. Just like him. And this wasn't going to be a one-night stand. He could keep toying with him…forever.

Hidan's brilliant violet eyes trembled as he gazed up pleadingly at his partner-half-angry, half-scared. And it was just so beautiful. So helpless. Kakuzu was going to eat him up for that.

"Not so high and mighty now are you, Hidan?" Kakuzu smirked, behind his mask.

Hidan trembled, tears of anger prickling his eyes-and this, made Kakuzu almost growl. It was a look that annoyed him. A look better wiped clean off his face. With a great smack, he backhanded the other's face, sending Hidan onto his side, spluttering. He quivered for a second, shutting his eyes and trembling a little more than before-but this time, he was scared.

"That's better." Kakuzu said, taking the other's face between his fingers, forcing HIdan to look at him, misty pink eyes leaking waterfalls down his cheeks. "….."

What was that word? Cute? Was Hidan….cute? Kakuzu stared as the other sniffled, saliva finally leaking through the cloth and dripping down his chin, pooling at Kakuzu's palm before finally spilling over as well.

Kakuzu stared as the rivulets of Hidan's sweet saliva trailed down his skin, tickling the nerves. He removed his mask, leaned down and took a long, hungry lick up the river to the source. All-too-eagerly, Kakuzu tore the hitae-ate away from the other's mouth, slicking his tongue in to taste the pot of sweet nectar that was Hidan's mouth.

Meanwhile, his hands slide up Hidan's torso, prodding, feeling, memorizing the soft skin of the young man. There was a strange plumpness to his muscle, a silky feel to his curved and muscles Kakuzu didn't think a man who fought as much as Hidan should have. Finally, he reached his groin and cupped the area, rubbing and pressing down, before finally grabbing the now hardened shaft and pumping it.

Hidan breathed against the tongue in his mouth, biting it. Kakuzu withdrew, growling and slamming the other's head down against the floor before situating himself leaning down from above him.

Kakuzu licked his lips, tasting copper. The taste of death. But there was nothing to fear-Hidan wasn't able to do anything in the state he was in, even if he had ingested his blood.

"You like that?" Hidan panted, out of breath. "You fucking pervert…"

"…" Kakuzu was momentarily surprised by the question, but soon smirked a little-as much as he could manage with a sticked-together-mouth- and leaned down. "Yeah…"

"Fuck you…" Hidan breathed.

Kakuzu lifted the other off the floor, deciding that it was best not to leave a complete mess on the matts, heading to the bed. It would be easier to clean Hidan up then. And the semen wouldn't be everywhere. Hidan fell to the bed with a slight thump, flinching and turning away from the suddenly impact, which caused a throb up his injured leg.

"That should heal soon…you should be more worried about…" Kakuzu said in a low voice, removing his head covering and hitae-ate. "What I'm going to do to you now."

Hidan shook, bare, naked, and ravished-but not quite finished, and at the mercy of his aggressive partner. The way Kakuzu's messy hair fell down around his face in lazy strands made Hidan's eyes cloud over and his heart jump.

"Hidan…" Kakuzu said, mouth widening, stretching the stitched enough to allow threads to slip through, weaving and waving in the air. "This is going to hurt."

There. There it was. The frightened, adorable, defenseless look Kakuzu had only dreamed of seeing. Hidan trembled, as like before, staring up into contrasting eyes of a greedy monster.

"N-no more…" Hidan squeaked, the last shrapnel of his pride at last, thrown out the window to be spat on, trampled and forgotten. "P-Please…Kakuzu…hurts…"

…..Kakuzu had wanted to see it. But now he realized, for a whole different reason, other than fear.


What? Don't cry? No…Kakuzu wouldn't say it. Instead he cupped the other's face, snaking his threads down, around his arms, and between his inner thighs, caressing and feeling the skin, occasionally dipping farther in to tear it open just enough for blood to seep out.

"Haa-..s-stop…!" Hidan cried, the new sort of pain bringing a deviant pleasure. A pleasure he wasn't familiar with. "Kakuzu! Have you lost-…ii-i…ah…"

"You're hard." Kakuzu points out, his threads tweaking his nipples and sliding against the crack of his ass, rubbing pleasurably against his ball sacs.

"I fucking…haa…hate you…" Hidan croaked, moaning at the threads now expertly massaging his body in places he himself didn't dare dwell on too long.

Hidan's body grew hotter and hotter, twitching and writhing in the most alluring spectacle Kakuzu had ever feasted his eyes on. The thought of his loud-mouthed and relatively uncontrollable partner writhing and breathing, panting at his very caress was provoking enough.

Kakuzu's hands gasped beneath the bend of Hidan's knees, the latter now too lost in the caresses of his black threads to care. He spread the other's thighs, gazing down at the now erect, twitching cock.

"Dirty little bitch." Kakuzu said proudly, always wanting to curse at Hidan the way he cursed at everything else.

"Fuck y-"

Before Hidan could finish his rant, Kakuzu leaned down, slicking not only his tongue, but the threads that weaved out of his stitched mouth, into the ring of muscle known as Hidan's anus.

"AAAAAAAAAAH~!" Hidan screamed, voice growing more high-pitched than usual, crescendo-ing. "N-ot..aaah-!"

The pink-eyed man shuddered, feeling his asshole expand and tug open, farther than it ever had been before, tendrils, wet from Kakuzu's saliva, forcing themselves deeper and deeper into him. Into his most private places. His stomach tightened, feeling pressure from inside as Kakuzu pushed more and more threads in-but not too much. He didn't want to rip Hidan open just yet.

They curled against Hidan's insides, bumping into everything and each other, causing Hidan to spread his thighs further in reaction, throwing his head back in a hoarse cry. Kakuzu teased him long and drawn out, before he finally had some of the tendrils stimulate and rub against Hidan's prostate.

the body beneath him shook with the wrack of overwhelming stimulus.

"Ka…kuzu…" Hidan moaned, body twitching and sphincter contracting against the blackness within him. "Enough already…please…just…"

A desperate twitching red cock just above the ass signaled the true reason for his begging. Kakuzu lighten his head, detaching the strings that now writhed inside Hidan's deepest places. They conjugated together, now performing a slow, torturous thrusting motion inside of him.

Hidan whimpered, trying his best to buck down on the feeling slowly igniting his senses beyond the point he could withstand. He needed more. He craved more. And Kakuzu was the only one who could give him more.

"Say it." Kakuzu commanded. "Say it like the little slut you are."

Hidan bit his tongue, swallowing at the slow, sensual thrusts of the threads that remained alive inside him just enough, before melting into the black ooze they deformed into, seeping out from his precious little hole. He couldn't take anymore!

"Kakuzu…'Kuzu…please…" Hidan whined. "I'm fuckin' b-begging here…"

Kakuzu bent closer, crawling over Hidan's violated body. "What?"

"Just fucking fuck me already!" Hidan exploded, tears of frustration wetting the pillow beneath the messed up crown of silver that was usually slicked back on his head. "I can't fucking take it..a-anymore…"

Kakuzu nodded. He wanted more too. Now that he knew the warm, velvety feeling inside the jashinist-he wanted to abuse it in the worst way possible. For the final time that day, Kakuzu gasped a hold of Hidan's thighs, lifting them over his shoulders, spreading his dripping ass wide open. He eased his own pants down just enough.

Hidan froze at the feel of the tip of Kakuzu's cock, poking at his entrance. "K-Kuzu…"

"You're wet enough. Just shut up." Kakuzu said before surging forward and pushing himself all the way in, in one fell swoop.

"AAAAH~!" Hidan gasped, feeling his ass tear, despite the previous torture of having all those threads inside him. "OH MY FUUUCK!"

Kakuzu grunted, noting how even in bed, Hidan's mouth was foul. Next time, he was having the zealot's mouth stuffed with his own cock. The heat inside his ass however, was a little too tempting for Kakuzu to actually go through with that idea. And, as he withdrew, Hidan shuddering, feeling his inner walls contract once more, only to have them forced open again, Kakuzu relished the feeling.

"Ah-! Haaahn!" Hidan cried, groaning at the large intrusion. "Aaah fuck!"

Kakuzu lifted Hidan's legs off of his shoulders, pushing his thighs up and open more, the latter's knees pressing against his chest. He thrust in deeper.

Hidan threw his head back, the head of Kakuzu's cock hitting it's mark on his sweet spot. "Aaah! F-fucking Jashin!"

….now that wasn't going to do.

Kakuzu frowned, flipping Hidan onto his stomach, causing his face to press into the pillow, ass in the air. Hidan whimpered at the momentary loss of stimulation.

"K-Ka…k…uzu…?" He panted between breaths. "A-AAH! K-KAKUZU!" He cried, the entire length of his partner plunging in all at once.

"That's better." Kakuzu grunted, resuming his mad thrusting. "Don't…forget…Hidan…you're my bitch now…!"

"A-AH!" Hidan swallowed. "K-Kakuzu-! No-AH! I-I'm gonna-!"

"Hk-!" Kakuzu flinched as Hidan's walls suddenly tightened.

"K-Kak-UZU!" HIdan cried, spilling his seed all over the bed sheets.

As the constricting continued, Kakuzu gave in, shooting his own essence inside Hidan's body.

"Is it fine like this?"

"Yeah. it's fine." Sei-kun chuckled, a finger twirling a few hair strands. "Actually, I kinda like this couple."

"You would."

She giggled.