Dragonball Heroes

This story is about Future Trunks' team of Saiyans.

After returning to his time Trunks found away to use the time machine to go to other universes. Years passed and Trunks has formed a team of heroes Six Saiyans, three Namekians, three Aliens like Frieza and soon later on in the story three Majins who split from the fat one.

These heroes have trained all their lives under the supervision of Trunks and Akina, another half-blood Saiyan who helps Trunks train the young heroes.

When something upsets the time line Trunks tried to fix and strange monsters begin to appear Trunks has no choice but to send his young student in to find the source of the disturbances in the universe.

Will Trunks young heroes be enough to fix the time line? Or will the new evil destroy the most powerful fighter in the universe?

To see all their pictures search Dragoball Wiki since I can't put up the link. Search Dragonball Heroes go down to where the pictures are and you will see what the heroes all look like.

Dragonball Hero Profiles:

Name: Kento

Age: 14

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Victory Cannon

Personality: Happy-go-lucky

Kento has a strong resemblance to Goku but with a much different hair style, he relies on his speed and skills and battle and strangely has a fear of needles…

A.N. he's the one in red.

Name: Zang

Age: 14

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Mega Flash

Personality: Smartass

Zang is a knowledgeable young man who uses everything around him to his advantage. Zang strongly looks like Andriod 17 but is clearly not an android.

A.N. the one in blue

Name: Reyoto

Age: 15

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Berserker Wave

Personality: Cocky

Reyoto is trained in a large variety of alien fighting skills and abilities but he relies on his brute strength and agility to win his battle. He looks like Vegeta but has hair like Raditz and clothes that resembles Broly. Reyoto has no fears known by his teammates but will scold anyone who forgets their manners in his presence.

A.N. The one without a shirt and has long hair.

Name: Serena

Age: 14

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Violet Beam

Personality: Cheerful

Serena is a kind young girl who does not like to fight but only fights when the situation calls for it and shows mercy when she feels it's needed. Serena has a resemblance to Pan but with a different hair style. Serena only fears of bugs with ugly faces…..

A.N. The girl in red

Name: May

Age: 13

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Miracle Disk

Personality: Shy

May is a very shy young girl but speaks her mind when she feels it is needed. May likes to hang around with her friends but when danger calls she is ready for battle.

A.N. Girl in blue

Name: Naomi

Age: 14

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Black Rose Strike

Personality: Fierce

Naomi is the strongest female Saiyan of her friends but is actually very kind. She and Reyoto will always be seen in an argument but in reality they like each other, although both are too proud to admit it.

A.N. The girl in purple and wearing Saiyan armor

Name: Trunks

Age: 25

Class: Leader

Ultimate Attack: Double Buster

Personality: Stern

Trunks improved his time machine so that it could cross into other universes and with this he met Akina, a like-minded fellow Half-Saiyan. Trunks trains and teaches the male division of the STF while Akina trains the girl division.

Name: Akina

Age: 24

Class: Leader

Ultimate Attack: The Angel's Judgment

Personality: Extremely Happy

Akina is the leader of the female division of the STF and is a very bright young woman. Akina meet Trunks when he accidentally hit her with his time machine and the two soon formed an instant friendship when they found a lost base.

A.N. This girl is the one in pink with the brown hair.

Now here are the other six characters in the STF I found them while I was researching and some people will like them.

The first three are Namekians and are only kids too so they're not giant walking green men like Piccolo they're only half that size.

Name: Tsumuri

Age: They think he's 16

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Mighty Drill

Personality: Solitude

Tsumuri looks identical to Piccolo but was not born evil. Tsumuri prefers quiet and solitude so he rarely seen with any of his comrades but always in a conversation with his twin bother Azumuri. He is usually seen in a large tree in the base Grand Tree either reading a book or rereading one he's read in the Grand Library.

A.N. I didn't see a separate pic with him in his first outfit so he the one in the group shot that says Namekian Avatars and he's the one in the center.

Name: Azumuri

Age: They think he's 16 too

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Night Wing Barrage

Personality: Outgoing

Azumuri is the very opposite of his twin, even with the face like his he's very fun to be around Azumuri is always willing to do whatever his friends want to do and enjoys the company of others. He's skilled in a rare ki which allows him to use magic in his fight.

A.N. Also in the group shot and the one on the left.

Name: Harker

Age: 17 or maybe 18

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Hell's Fury

Personality: Mysterious

Like Tsumuri, Harker likes to keep to himself but prefers actions instead of words. His past is unknown to anyone but Trunks and Akina.

A.N. Also in the group shot but is not wearing a shirt and is on the right.

The next ones are aliens like Frieza expect they aren't villains, just because three of their kind was evil it doesn't mean all their people are like Frieza, Cooler and King Cold I couldn't find what their alien race were called so I'm calling them Iceins.
/Tepheris's note: I and many others in call then Arcosians

Name: Froze

Age: 14

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Gravity Sphere

Personality: Honest

Froze is very intelligent for his age. He's reached his final form making him strong but not as strong as his Saiyan comrades. Froze is actually very kind for his species and may not be as fast as his other Icein friends but he's defiantly the smartest.

A.N. This guy in the the group shot that says Frieza Race Characters and he's the one on top.

Name: Chill

Age: 14

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Chilling Death Wheel

Personality: Joker

Chill is the funny one of the STF he loves getting a laugh out of people whether it's intentionally or unintentionally. Though Chill is powerful he never likes to kill unless he has too.

A.N. same as what the last thing said but he's the one on the left.

Name: Frost

Age: 13

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Icy Needles

Personality: Silent

Frost lost his ability to speak when he was very young but he never let that stop him from fighting for what he believes in. Frost communicates with his friends by writing everything on a sketchpad Trunks gave him.

A.N. Same thing except he's on the right with the thing on his mouth.

The next heroes I will not introduce till the Majin Buu Saga but I will give you their profiles and background information.

The next three heroes all were born when the STF fighters run into fat Majin Buu and each one of these new heroes were born all good and quickly join the STF knowing their intentions are good.

Name: Kabra

Age: Unknown

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Mighty Fist

Personality: Protective

This Majin Buu was born from Buu' small ounce of kindness, Kabra as he named himself dedicated his new life to protect the humans from his former host, Kabra uses strength in his fighting but lacks Bash's speed or Zink's knowledge.

A.N. these guys are in the group shot that says Majin Heroes and Kabra is the one in red.

Name: Zink

Age: unknown

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Majin Death Trap

Personality: The Smarty Pants

Zink was born from Buu's small ounce of intelligences. Zink is very intelligent and is believed to know everything. Zink uses his knowledge in battle to study his enemies fighting skills and to quickly learn their weakness and a fast way to bring them down.

A.N. same as before except he's the one in blue and wearing wizard clothes.

Name: Bash

Age: unknown

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Thrash Attack

Personality: Aggressive

Unlike his other two counterparts Bash was born looking like Kid Buu. Bash was born from Buu's determination, Bash uses his speed in battle to get an advantage over his opponents. Though Bash can get aggressive in battle he's actually very kind and enjoys the company of his friends.

A.N. same as last but he's the Kid Buu in black and yellow.