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I know that I am not finished with my longer fic but this one was nagging at me and I really wanted to wait until I finished the longer one before I started this one but it was eating at me so I had to do it now. It will be shorter four chapter's tops give or take, just a small idea that I had to put in writing.

Set in a completely different universe where the Remington's do not exist.

Don't let the title fool you either.



They had been hunting day in and day out. Sam was worn to the bone and just wanted a couple of days to rest and be warm. The weather was unbelievably cold and Dean wanted to hunt everything in sight.

"Dean whatever other hunt you want to do can wait a couple of days." Sam said yawning and falling back onto his motel bed.

"Tell that to the people that will die in those couple of days." Dean growled.

"We will be two of them dropping dead from exhaustion if we don't get some rest." Sam argued.

"I don't get it Sam since when is sleep so damn important to you? There was a time you hated it." Dean was rifling through his duffel.

"That was when I had nightmares that actually kept me awake. Now real life is actually more frightening than my nightmares." Sam yawned again; he got up off the bed intent on getting comfortable and sleeping twelve or fourteen hours.

"Come on Sam just this one last hunt and then we'll rest." Dean headed for the door.

"That's what you said the last ten hunts Dean! I'm tired and so are you. You're always telling me that we have to be alert and watch each other's back, kind of hard to do when you can't keep your eyes open!" Sam was clearly agitated now.

Dean grabbed Sam's arm to turn him to make him look at him.

Sam didn't even think about what he was doing as he instinctively defended himself and shoved Dean back.

Dean who wasn't prepared at all for Sam's reaction flew back, landing solidly against the night stand by his bed with a loud thud and falling onto his side. He quickly sat up.

Dean stared up at Sam his face filled with complete hurt and not the physical kind, before his mask was back in place.

"Dean oh my God I'm so sorry." Sam started bending to help Dean up.

Dean pushed his hand away angrily. "Try it again!" He snapped, jumping to his feet. He faced Sam.

"I didn't mean it Dean it was just a reaction." Sam offered softly.

Dean glared at him. "Whatever." He mumbled and headed to the door.

"Dean where are you going, it's supposed to snow tons tonight. We really need to stay inside." Sam watched Dean as he stopped at the door with his back turned to him, he didn't answer only ran his hand over his neck and walked out the door.


Sam looked out the window watching Dean head to the Impala, he watched as Dean stopped holding onto the hood of his car for a minute and he seemed to sway a little. Sam didn't like it and was about to chase him but Dean was backing out of the parking space in the next moment.

Sam sighed deeply. Dean was the most stubborn person he knew. Why couldn't he just accept that they weren't young bucks anymore and needed actual sleep? Sam yawned again and started into the bathroom and that's when he saw it, the edge of the coffee table was coated in blood. He suddenly wasn't very sleepy anymore. He had hurt Dean when he shoved him and his stubborn ass brother had hidden it out of anger that his little brother had gotten the upper hand on him.

"It had to be his head." Sam said to the empty room. "And he's driving in the snow, son of bitch." Sam grabbed his phone to call Dean and prayed he could talk him into coming back.


Dean wasn't paying attention to how far he was driving, he just wanted to find a bar and get warm. So far every bar he passed had closed early due to the snow.

"Pansies." Dean grumbled to himself.

His head was beginning to pound where he had hit it pretty damn hard against the night stand when Sam shoved him, he ran his hand over the lump on the back of his head and his hand came back tacky with blood.

"Great." He mumbled to himself now he would have to endure washing the blood out of his hair and Sam's bitch face and constant apologies.

Dean knew he deserved it, he had pushed them both to their limits and he wasn't even sure why. The big bads would be there every day of the week every hour of the day so what if they actually slept some. He felt really stupid right now. He slowed down deciding to head back to the motel. He managed to turn the car around and then he was suddenly seeing two of everything. All hell maybe even three. He felt nauseas. Just how hard had he hit his head?

His phone sounding off startled him and he reached for it, he flipped it open suddenly unsure why he was holding it and threw it on the seat. He couldn't hear Sam yelling to him, he couldn't see the road anymore and he sort of knew that he should stop but he didn't, not until the Impala was sliding down the embankment and he was out cold before it hit bottom.


Sam was surprised and relieved that Dean answered the phone. The relief short lived when all he heard was the roar of the Impala and the phone being dropped. He called to Dean over and over. He could hear Dean mumbling incoherently in the background. He must have really hit his head hard, which made Sam's guilt kick full force.

"Damn it Dean pick up the phone." Sam yelled.

Suddenly he heard the screech of brakes and grinding metal. He heard Dean grunt in pain and then nothing.

Sam fell back sitting on his bed the phone pressed to his ear, stunned. Dean was out there hurt and alone in the snow because of him.


Dean opened his eyes, his head hurting so badly and he was so cold. His body shivering uncontrollably didn't help the pain in his head. Where was he? Moving his head slightly he smelled the leather of his car. He was in the car. Why was it sloped at an angle and why couldn't he move his left arm?

Never mind he could move it but not without excruciating pain shooting through it.

Sam he had to call Sam he would find him his little geek boy brother could find him. He tried to sit up and that wasn't a good idea at all, now he needed to hurl. He bit it back not about to throw up in his car.

Something burned in his left eye so he slowly reached up to touch his head and drew back a bloody hand. Great he had hit his head again. So he needed to call Sam before he couldn't remember how.

He heard his phone ringing. By the sound of it he was on top of it, he managed to grip the phone somehow and flipped it open.

"Dean!" Sam's frantic voice came over the line.

"Hey Sammy, I was just thinking about you." Dean murmured with a silly grin. Why did he sound like he drank a whole bottle of Ever Clear in two minutes?

"Dean where are you?" Sam asked.

"In the car." Dean huffed.

Dean heard the exasperated sigh and could picture Sam bitch face. "Where is the car Dean?"

"I….I don't know Sammy." Dean slurred. "I can't get up my head hurts and it's too cold, the shivering hurts."

"Damn it Dean I have to find you, listen you think you can turn on your GPS for me?"

Dean felt an explosion of pain in his head. "Love you Sammy." He murmured as his eyes rolled and the phone dropped from his hand.


Sam waited to see if Dean would wake up again the phone was still on and Sam could hear Dean slight moans. For Sam it was enough to let him know that Dean was still alive but for how long? The temperature was dropping fast outside and Dean had only been wearing his usual leather jacket.

He had no idea how badly Dean had been hurt in the accident and he needed a general idea on where to start looking. He was praying hard that Dean could turn on his GPS before his phone died.

Sam sat up straight when he heard the Impala door creak open. Had Dean woken up?

"I need my brother." He heard Dean murmur and now he could hear someone or something breathing. His heart raced and he started to pace.

"Please help me." Dean whimpered.

Now Sam knew his brother was really hurt, Dean didn't do whimper. He was afraid to let anyone know he was listening.

Sam heard the growl and he couldn't move or breathe. What the hell was with his brother?"

"Sammy please help me." Dean sobbed softly. "It hurts please stop hurting me."Dean gasped. "Don't please don't!"

"Dean!" Sam yelled in the phone when his brother's scream filled his head and the line went dead.



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