Deana had been thinking a lot about Dean and she knew that she would never see him again. Reaper had curled up quietly by the fireplace almost as if he missed him and maybe he did.

She had been having trouble sleeping but she sat straight up when she heard the roar of the Impala, her heart beating madly thinking something else bad had happened to the Winchester's, she rushed to the door only to see Dean getting out of the car alone.


Sam was getting comfortable after hearing his brother drive off, he couldn't help but be a little proud of his brother for believing that Deana deserved a night with him, maybe it would seem conceited to others but for Dean it was something.

There was a knock and Sam carefully checked and found Sadie.

"I heard the car leave and I got worried." She breathed.

Sam let her in since she hadn't even bothered to put on a jacket. "Dean left to um check on Deana."

"Is something wrong?" Sadie asked.

"No Dean just felt like checking on her and Reaper." Sam didn't know what else to offer.

"You know he's going to get caught in the snow storm."

"Actually I think he's counting on it." Sam found himself studying Sadie closer. She wasn't much older than him but she wasn't the type of woman to fuss over makeup and hair. She was what men would call average but she wasn't average. She had helped a perfect stranger find his brother and had not freaked out when things went a little south. She had put herself at risk to help the Winchesters and damned if that didn't make her beautiful.

Sadie was momentarily shocked when Sam pulled her in for a kiss but she soon melted into his arms unbelieving that a man as handsome as him was even interested in her.

"I'm sorry I was a little too forward." Sam blushed.

"It's ok." Sadie stammered.

Sam stared down at her with his big dimpled grin and she looked up at him with her big Bambi eyes. "Shouldn't we at least have dinner and a movie first?" He said slyly implying that he wanted her.

"At this hour we have a late night snack and a library of DVD's to choose from." She replied shyly, she was trying to remember how long it had been since a man had even thought about her that way.

Sam grabbed his weapons duffle and threw on his clothes and shoes. He knew he wasn't coming back to this room tonight or the next couple for that matter, a proper thank you took time. He smiled at her throwing his jacket over her shoulders and then took her hand. They walked back to her house behind the motel.


Dean saw Deana standing at the door as he got out of the Impala and he smiled at her so that she would know everything was fine. He quickly dialed his brother.

"Sam I made it just fine thought I'd let you know in case I can't call later."

"Ok Dean just promise me you won't try to leave while the weather is bad." Sam pleaded.

"I'm not leaving till it clears up again Sammy." Dean sighed wondering what the hell he was going to say to Deana.

"Um Dean if I'm not at the room when you get back then I'm at Sadie's."

Dean smiled widely. "That's my boy."

Sam's soft laugh filled his ear. "This second sight of yours is kind of rewarding dude."

"I just wish I seen clearer sooner Sammy." Dean sighed. "Alright don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"That's a short list." Sam huffed.




"Yeah Dean?"

"Thanks for everything and I'll see you in a few days." Dean murmured.

"You're welcome and I love you too." Sam murmured back.

"Yeah." Dean shut his phone and took a deep breath.

Never in his life had he been nervous to talk to a woman but now he was at a loss. He walked up the steps and Deana opened the door. Reaper came bounding to him excited to see him.

"Hey Reaper, I had to check on you. I missed you." He said as he looked directly at Deana.

Her cheeks burned red as he stared at her with those damning green eyes and those long lashes that most women strived to get, the curve of his lips too perfect for a man.

She felt a mess just having jumped from her bed but there wasn't much she could do now.

Dean's mind raced with a million different thoughts to say and not one made sense to him, she would probably think he had gone stark raving mad if he even tried so he did the most logical thing in his mind. He leaned in and kissed her. He felt her tremble.

He pulled back and looked at her gently tucking a lost strand of hair behind her ear. "How are you alone when your heart is so beautiful?" He murmured to her.

"Men don't look at hearts Dean." She replied lowering her eyes.

He wouldn't have that; he lifted her face gently with the tips of his fingers. "I'm sorry that men are such dicks."

"You can't apologize for the whole male species." She sighed. "Look at me Dean I'm not what men want, I'm not any man's fantasy."

"I want you." He whispered seductively into her neck before he softly kissed it.

Deana shuddered. "You don't have to do this Dean."

"I know I don't have too I want too man do I want too." He whispered. Now it was Dean who lowered his eyes to the floor dejectedly. "I understand if you don't want me." Barely above a whisper and Deana could swear that his eyes looked a little too bright.

"Not want you, do I look that stupid?" Deana laughed nervously.

Dean looked at her through his lashes. "You look beautiful." He whispered and laced his fingers into hers.

"What would you think of me to just fall into your arms the first time you ask?" Deana blushed.

"That you're the most unselfish person that I have ever met, you saved my life with risk to yourself and I won't lie to you Deana I want to be with you I want to make the sweetest love with you and I would not think any less of you just consider myself damn lucky."

His lips brushed against hers. Who the hell was she kidding? How often would a man as gorgeous as Dean want to be with her? She had seen his muscular body and felt it when she took care of him. Her desire for him assaulted her.

Reaper whined and gave a bark, he picked up a bone he had been working on and headed to the bedroom and promptly closed the door behind him.

Dean and Deana began to laugh.

Deana's heart fluttered because as it was the man's looks were to die for but when he smiled holy he just scorched the sun.

Dean caressed her face and she prayed that if she were dreaming she wouldn't wake up until it was over. He began to kiss her hungrily pulling her closer to him and she melted into his arms, there was no denying Dean Winchester.

Dean smiled at her and led her close to the fireplace and busied himself making a palette for them with blankets and pillows. Did he just know that she had always wanted to make love by a fireplace?

When he was done he pulled her close again and they kissed his hands sliding gently and hotly over her body.

With shaking hands she began to pull off his over shirt and then his t-shirt. She kissed his chest and she heard his soft moan. She wasn't sure if her legs were going to hold her. He slipped her nightgown straps off and she watched his face waiting for the look of 'what the hell am I doing with this woman' but instead he leaned down and gave her ample breasts the attention she never thought they would get again. She unbuttoned his jeans and he bit his lip watching her slide them down his legs, he stepped out of them and his boxers in an instant.

Deana thought her heart was going to beat clear out of her throat seeing this man standing before her wanting to make love to her with that hot body and parts that she knew he had to be proud of beyond a doubt.

They slipped onto the palette and they kissed while their hands roamed.

Dean pressed against her and entered her so passionately she trembled. She nearly lost it when he moaned her name.

They hardly noticed the snow begin to fall heavily as they took each other above and beyond the brink of utter ecstasy.


Sadie slept soundly in Sam's arms and he smiled, she had rocked his world and he would never deny it, it had been a long time since he had had such a satisfying partner and never again would he judge a book by its cover.

He wondered if Dean was enjoying himself just as much and he was, man he had to thank his brother for this one. Sadie was a tiger under the sheets and he was far from through with her, he had to keep them warm after all.

'No time like the present' he thought as he rolled over waking her with a gentle kiss and as she smiled at him he started to make love to her for what he hoped was only the beginning.


The fire light from the fireplace flickered over their bodies, Deana had fallen asleep with her head on Dean's shoulder and he was staring at the fire.

He had been with many women in his life and of course he had been satisfied but tonight with Deana had been a lesson to him. She had shown him such passion that he thought for a minute he was actually going to pass out from the intensity of his climax. He grinned to himself, 'make that plural' he thought like a fool. Deana had rocked his world and he couldn't help but wonder how many fantastic nights like this he had missed out on because the women weren't eye candy.

He was getting aroused again just thinking about what they had done, he hoped Sam was having as much fun.

Deana moved against him and opened her eyes. "So you weren't a dream." She murmured.

"Nope I'm here in living breathing color." He said kissing her.

Deana pushed Dean back and he was about to ask her what she was doing when he let out a moan louder than he thought he could manage. What he could only describe as a whimper escaped him as she gave him her complete attention using her hands and her mouth in ways that even Dean didn't know were possible. He couldn't control his actions as he threw his head side to side and arched off the floor. She had found his sweet spots and was heatedly playing with all of them at the same time driving him absolutely insane. He was so glad that he had opened his eyes which now rolled into his head as she brought him to an even more intense orgasm than before literally taking his breath away and he felt the room spin but in an unbelievable good way.

He couldn't believe the noises he was making as he was coming down from his orgasmic high he had no idea how she did it but one quick hand thrust and a strategically placed tongue tip and he was riding the wave instantly again. His body bucked involuntarily and he couldn't catch his breath as he panted wildly. Her name was all he knew.

He smiled at her dreamily as he settled back onto the blankets and drifted off in the most amazing haze of post orgasmic bliss.


Dean sipped on his coffee staring out the bay window at the snow covered world outside. It was time to leave and for the first time ever he felt regret that he had too. He had been at Deana's for five glorious days and had enjoyed every minute of it. They made love, cooked together, watched movies, took Reaper on walks, made more love, talked and laughed.

He found out that Deana had been engaged once but the guy had left her, she dated but no one worked out for long. She wanted a family but had pretty much accepted that it was never going to happen and she would be the crazy dog lady that lived in the woods.

Dean didn't laugh when she said that, he had accepted the fact he would never rock the picket fence but he knew how much it hurt to face that idea. Deana didn't deserve that but he was a hunter it was in his blood hell it was his blood and he would hunt till he stopped breathing. He had too how could he know what was out there and not do anything about it?

If there was ever a time that he wanted to stay somewhere this was it but it wasn't going to happen, he would be no good once he got stir crazy. He could already hear the call of the open road but he didn't want to hurt her and he prayed that he hadn't given her the idea that he was going to stay.


Deana walked into the living room and Dean was lost in thought staring out the window. Her heart ached because she knew he was leaving and leaving for good. She had known it from the start yet she had clung to hope but Dean Winchester was a hunter and nothing could keep him from that.

She had fallen in love and had no idea how she was going to face the days after he was gone alone. Five days of happiness would be all that she would have to hold onto for the rest of her life.

He realized she was in the room and he looked at her seriously. "I don't want you living out here alone anymore."

Deana stared at him because it wasn't a request. "I have lived out here all my life Dean."

He walked up to her. "Please I need to know that you'll be closer to town to people if you need help." He left the 'when I'm gone' unsaid.


Sam watched Sadie cleaning up their breakfast dishes and he sighed. Five days of happiness had flown by and for the first time Sam found himself wanting to stay someplace just a little longer but he knew Dean would be feeling caged by now.

He hoped that this wasn't going to hurt Sadie she didn't deserve it, she had been hurt by too many men in her short life and he didn't want to be one of them.

The roar of the Impala brought him to his senses and he went to meet Dean, he had Deana with him. Sam smiled, Dean looked refreshed but he could see the sadness hidden in his brother's eyes.

Apparently Dean had convinced Deana to move closer to town and he was going to help her find a place and help her move before they hit the road. It turned out to be a lot easier than they thought when Sadie asked Deana to move in with her.

"I'm tired of being lonely and I would love to have you and Reaper live with me I have too much room for just me." Sadie offered sincerely.

Deana loved the idea and agreed to it. Dean and Sam helping her get her things that she wanted to keep. She was all moved in within a couple of days and Reaper seemed to love it too.

They celebrated by going out to dinner and the people who knew the women stared openly but it rolled right off of them. They all knew that it was their last night together and they were going to make the best of it.

They shared one last night of passion.

In the morning Dean pulled Sam aside. "Sam if you want to stay I won't get mad at you then I'll have more reason to come back more often."

"You know I won't leave you alone Dean, not with everything that has happened to us."

Dean could hardly stand good byes like this but he wasn't going to leave Deana without one and neither would Sam do that to Sadie.

Dean bent to Reaper lovingly ruffling his fir. "I don't have to tell you to take care of them."

Reaper whined raising his paw to Dean's heart. Dean swallowed the lump in his throat blinking fast.

"Me too Reaper." He murmured.

Dean hugged Deana fiercely. "I wish things were different." He whispered to her as she cried in his arms, his own tears sliding down his face.

"Who am I to take the hero of the world to myself?" Deana cried softly.

"I promise things are going to be better for you, you'll see." Dean asserted looking into her eyes.

Dean kissed Deana one last time caressing her face putting his forehead against hers. "You are the most amazing woman I have ever met." He whispered. "I love you." He quickly walked to the Impala with Sam and they drove away.

No matter how hard they tried to avoid it they left behind two broken hearts as they drove away with theirs.



Dean and Sam exchanged glances as they stood on the roof of the garage watching across to the motel.

Deana and Sadie were sitting on the front porch of the motel office sipping ice tea talking and laughing.

The men smiled glad that their pain had left them and they wanted so much to go to them and be with them again but they knew they couldn't, it brought too much pain to all their hearts.

The first few weeks after leaving had been unbelievable for the Winchester's, they knew better than to let themselves get so attached. As awful as it was they had to give these woman peace.

Reaper looked toward them but didn't make a sound, he knew too that things were better the way they were.

It wasn't the first time and it wouldn't be the last that they would make sure they were fine.

Dean and Sam watched their eyes bright with tears at the life that would never be theirs. Neither of them spoke a word as they watched Deana and Sadie stand up and walk off the porch to head to the house.

Both women laughed as they moved along slowly their pregnant bellies extended before them.

Dean and Sam exchanged one more look and Sam walked away while Dean looked on a bit longer.

He had told Deana that life would be better for her because he had made sure that she would never be lonely again. He knew his child would have no better mother. Sam had come to the exact same conclusion about Sadie.

He hitched a breath and turned to go but something made him turn around. Sadie had walked into the house and Deana stood by the door with her hands rubbing on her belly.

Dean held his breath as she looked toward where he stood even though there was no way that she could see him.

"I love you too Dean." She called out. A tear ran down her cheek and she walked into the house and closed the door.


The End

Unless I can come up with a suitable sequel that's if anyone is interested.

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