Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or any of the characters.

A/N: This is based off a story I wrote many years ago "Everyone loves Communicators" that I never actually finished and I realized the writing was poor. If you want to check it out, It's still up somewhere around here...

All the Titans were gathered around the living room to have a meeting that was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. They were waiting for their leader who nobody seemed to be able to locate, Finally Beastboy was getting bored and wanted to play angry birds so he made a suggestion!

"Dudes, I say we just start the meeting without him" Beastboy sighed

"We can't" Raven told him "He was the one who called this meeting in the first place. We have no idea what it's even about"

"Rae's right" Cyborg sighed in agreement "It would be nice if the little spiky haired freak would let us know he was running late"

Suddenly Robin came running into the tower as if that was his cue! He was out of breath and really sweaty.

"Looks like someone finally decided to show up" Beastboy crossed his arms and glared at Robin.

"Friend, Please you are okay?" Starfire asked Robin as he nodded and got himself a drink from the fridge.

"Sorry I'm late!" Robin apologized "I have the greatest news for everyone!"

"You're quitting the team so I can take over?" Cyborg asked hopefully

"No" Robin glared at him "Try again"

"You have decided to pursue a romantic relationship with me?" Starfire asked excitedly

"No..." Robin told her "That would be a good idea! Guess again!"

"You're going to tell us so we can stop guessing?" Raven asked

"You guys know how it's been really hard to keep in contact with people lately?" Robin asked

"No..." Everyone said in unison

"Yeah, It's really hard to stay in contact with anyone!" Robin told them

"I have email" Raven told him.

"I text" Cyborg added in "I have a facebook too!"

"I send out tweets" Beastboy informed him "I also text and have a facebook"

"I use the instant message system that Cyborg has shown me" Starfire told him

"Oh..." Robin sighed "I don't have time for that! So I made it easy to stay in contact and I gave Slade a communicator! He promised he would use it next time he plans an attack!"

"You did what now?" Cyborg glared at him "You gave Slade a communicator?"

"Yep" Robin told him "I gave one to everyone in my life that way I can easily stay in contact with them"

"Dude, You should have just gotten a facebook!" Beastboy yelled

"He's right" Raven added "That was just stupid of you!"

"I do not feel comfortable talking to the villians" Starfire told them

"How are you going to fix this?" Cyborg asked Robin "You can't just give him a communicator!"

"I gave one to all the villains so that would make it fair" Robin told them "I think that covers it! Meeting is over!"

Robin left the room and the remaining Titans stared at their communicators.