Words key:




"Mind speaking"


( Parseltongue or talking to an animal)

July 31, 1980

In a white room, which smelt of sterilization, four people waited for the arrival of the Medi-wizard. For you see Lily Potter is just minutes away from giving birth to either a bouncing baby girl or boy.

In the room is Remus Lupin. A lean sandy blonde haired man, with mischievous yet serious eyes, and worn out clothes. Sirius Black, a tall slightly muscled man with broad shoulders, black shaggy hair pale blue grey eyes, and an endless smile. James Potter, with his golden eyes, wild ebony hair, and tall 6'2 muscled body. And finally Lily Potter a tall woman, 5'8, with fiery red hair and green emerald eyes. Usually she gave off an air of majestic grace, not now.

" JAMES POTTER, YOU BETTER GET THOSE FUCKING MEDI-WIZARDS IN HERE NOW!" Lily screamed as another contraction racked through her body. Her eyes where blazing green fire in pain and anger.

" Now, now Lily dear, please just calm down" James tried to sooth. Sadly for him, it just pissed her off more.

"CALM DOWN! I'LL TELL YOU WHERE YOU CAN STUFF THAT SHI_ARGHH! GET ME A FUCKING MEDI-WIZARD!." Lily knew in her head that she was being unfair, but why should she fucking care, Lily was going through agony.

"Oooh Jaime boy, might want to do what she says, don't want to get stuck in the dog house right?" Sirius bellowed out a bark like laugh.

"Sirius not now" Remus snapped, before Lily could.

"WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET ME A MEDI-WIZ_Oh! Severus so nice of you to make it." Lily said happily as a pale moody man, dressed all in black of course, came through the doorway, with his usual smirk.

" Of course I came, my dear Lily. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Even if I have to deal with the" at this his smirk turned to a sneer as he looked at James and Sirius, "less than desirable company." The reason he didn't sneer at Remus was that they were life mates.

" Now Severus, none of tha_WHERE IS THE MEDI-WIZARD!"

At this four men came into the room. The leader, a tall delicate man, with long silver hair and aquamarine eyes, calmly observed the other three as they prepped the room and Lily for birth. "Now, my name is healer Arabaz and I need you to try and relax so the potions can take effect. They should get rid of any access pain and work to loosen you up as well. " Arabaz calmly walked over to lily and took her pulse. "Please, can you four men back up."

All four men complied, and watch as Lily gave birth. Though Sirius had to throw up half way through.

Samantha iris Potter was born at 11:40 am. She was a healthy red faced screaming baby. After she was cleaned, she was passed off to her father, James gazed at his perfect little girl. She was obviously going to look exactly like her mum. Except for the eyes. Samantha had his golden eyes.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as all the medi-wizards started to run around gathering more supplies. It was then that he noticed what they where saying.

"HURRY THERE IS ANOTHER KID! Its ok Ms. Potter, relax just calm down." Arabaz soothed. "SOMEONE GET MERE MORE POTIONS!" He snapped "Ok now I want you to push_ that's it_ just a little more_ it's a boy!" they wrapped up the silent bundle and handed him to his mother. " There is nothing wrong with him' but I doubt he'll be vary tall or physically strong when he grows up."

Lily stared at her son concerned. He had yet to cry, he was just staring at her with her own eyes. Her son looked exactly like his sister except for his wild ebony hair and emerald eyes. As she looked in her child's eyes she gasped. He was an heir of both Ravenclaw (lily) and Gryffindor ( James). There hasn't been a full heir in centuries. He was going to inherit the full magical gifts of the two founders.

Arabaz spoke up from behind her. " What will you call him?"

James was flummoxed. He'd only wanted one perfect child. Not one and a midget. He looked at his wife and was floored by the utter love and adoration present in her face as she looked at that ,that thing. He'd never seen that look before and boy was he jealous. That thing isn't even crying I doubt it'd survive the night. She should be looking at me and My daughter like that. James thought furiously. From that moment on he resented his son. The war had started to get to him and he might be getting a bit coco.

" Harrison Jade Potter." Lily spoke with finality. " and you, Severus, and you, Remus are to be his godfathers. I mean even if I didn't make you both godfathers you'd both end up with custody" Remus and Severus here puzzled, no one should know of their relationship. Lily was teasing them. She was a seer and could see the future, she'd known they'd end up together since 5th year when she came into her magical inheritance. It was only one of the powers of Ravenclaw so she wasn't a full heir.

" NO! SAMANTHA DESERVES REMUS NOT THAT THING!" James snarled angrily. That thing didn't deserve Moony as a godfather. He thought nastily.

"JAMES! Remus can be godfather to both of them. Now everyone please leave so I can get some rest." Lily sent them all out with a glare.

Right before she closed her eyes, Lily received a vision.

When she came out of it she was crying softly to herself. Her poor babies where gonna live such hard lives. One worshipped and one ignored and abused. Especially after she dies. Lily goes to sleep determined to help her kids in any way she can, till her death.