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"Mind speaking"


(Parseltongue or talking to an animal)

{Gobbledygook Goblin language}

*Elvin language of the Elves*

(AN: For Dudley's animagus form it's a ….

Slow Loris: The Slow Loris is one of the absolute most cute, sweet, and shy mammals on earth. With its narrow set, bulbous eyes, they are the kind of animal that people dream of taking home and cuddling it like a teddy bear. However, besides being one of the cutest mammals, it is also the most poisonous and venomous. By poisonous, the Slow Loris produces a toxin on the inside of its elbows through a gland, which if eaten, would give you quite an extreme case of stomach pain. They smear this excretion on their young, to help keep them from being eaten in the wild. They are also considered venomous because if provoked, they can suck this same poison from their elbows into their mouths, injecting it into an enemy via a bite. If the presumed predator shows an allergic reaction to the toxin, they could be dead within hours if not properly treated. [By Eric J. Leech]

.. Scary, right? Also remember Harry is Emerald.)


Running into the living room Petunia and Vernon were met with the sight of pure chaos. A small mufti tailed black and silver fox was running around the room being chased by her young son. Petunia could only watch in frustration as her living room was literally destroyed by what, she assumed, was her transformed nephew. It was called Anima-what's-it or something like that. Dudley was now chasing the creature around the house, at the cost of the few heirlooms she had from her parents. Ah hell no.

"STOP THIS NONSENSE THIS INSTANT AND SIT ON THE COUCH!" Her scream was so loud and sudden that Dudley and Emerald both ran to, then sat down on the couch. "Now, Emerald dear, change back this instant." Her tone spoke of pain if he disobeyed. Emerald quickly changed back into himself.

"Sorry aunt Petunia." Emerald whispered, ashamed. He'd acted like a Gryffindor! He'd never live it down.

"Good, now that was that animagus thing my sister talked about, right?" Petunia asked curious.

Harry visibly brightened, "yeah it was"

"Ok. Good. Now," petunia looked over at her son and the smaller boy next to him. "What did my sister mean by the fact that you need to stabilize your bond?"

Harry shifted, uncomfortable with the subject. The young boy had never been very open, always relying on his mother and Samantha to know everything. Looking around, Harry realized for the first time that he had no one.

A fist seemed to squeeze onto the young child's heart and his eyes started to ache. A sadness so profound swiftly blew into the child. Incapacitating any type of thought or reason the child's frame started to shake and quiver. Tears built over until they spilt over plump cheeks. The area around him started to bleed until the world was completely saturated with grays and black. No hope seemed to live and no peace could be seen.

Unable to hold in the pain Harry screamed his pain to the heavens, before bursting into sobs. Samantha, his flower, his twin, for the first time, separated so far from him that they could no longer speak. His Mother was dead and gone. No longer there for him to love or to seek comfort from. The hugs, the smiles, the warmth, everything that harry had associated with his peace 3was gone, violently ripped from his life.

Empty. He was so empty that a hollow ache filled his chest. The pain cause him to double over, grabbing and scratching at his chest. The pain, oh Merlin the pain.

And then the pain was being held at bay. Arms were wrapped around him, shielding him from the gray of the world. Two bodies pressed down on him, comforting in their presence and warmth. The smell of vanilla, of cinnamon, of earth, and air surround the grieving boy's senses.

Feeling safe Harry's eyes started to droop. His body growing slack after the emotional outbreak he'd just gone thorough.

"Sleep." The voice was soft and kind. It reminded Harry of his mother in the way it spoke, as it alone would keep the world and the horrors away.

Comforted Harry slept.


Dudley stared at the young child that was his cousin. A few minutes ago he'd seen the amazing sight of this boy, turning into some kind of fox then back. But he'd also seen the most sad and somewhat scary thing in his life as well. Never had Dudley every witnessed anything as traumatizing and heart breaking as it was to see his seemingly innocent looking cousin start to scream and cry.

The very air had seemed to shake and swell with the pain of those sobs. For a moment he and his mother could only stare at the distraught child, stunned before they both moved to the couch to try and comfort the child.

Now Emerald was sleeping peacefully, leaning on Dudley's mother. Every few seconds the boy would twist or whimper in painful remembrance.

"Pet…is he okay now?" the uncertain voice of Dudley's father disturbed the now quiet air.

Dudley's mom looked up from staring at Emerald with worried eyes. "No Vernon. I don't think he is okay at all." She swept her hand through the boy's hair. "His mother has just died, his twin is gone, and his life has been uprooted. Its no surprise that this has happened."

Dudley barely payed attention to the conversation that continued around him. His focus was only on his cousin, his hurt and injured cousin. Just looking at the sleeping boy, Dudley could see the hidden pain that the child was going through.

Emerald looked so delicate and so innocent, that Dudley couldn't help but feel…protective of him.

I will always protect him.

Suddenly the air was starting to charge. Vernon and petunia both stopped talking and looked over at the two kids. Dudley was holding onto Emerald's left hand, and both boys were glowing. The air around them shimmered with color and light; Dudley was surrounded by browns reds and golds, while Emerald was surrounded by a multitude of rich and deep colors.

The light brightened till they both had to close their eyes. When it was over, Dudley had passed out next to Emerald.


Samantha stared in shock at her bedroom door.

Her mother, her twin, both was gone.

When the screams had started up, James had literally picked her up and slung her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. Running through the chaos, he made it to one of the Apparition points and apparated from the alley.

An hour later, Uncle Siri had stopped by to deliver the message that her mother was dead and her brother was missing.

No matter how hard Samantha tried to reach her brother, she couldn't. He was to far away and already she was starting to feel the effects of the separation.

When a knock sounded on her door, the shocked young girl started to get up before screaming and falling down.

James entered just in time to see the most amazing light display, and her unconscious form.


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