He was finally of age - he could go through the Ceremony, where he would name his lifepartner, the one who would be his for all of time. He had decided to pick Sif, he did love her, but...he could think of no one else to use.

He went through the beginning of the ceremony, then held a white Stick of strange marble, looking over his mother and father. He didn't know where Loki was, but he trusted he'd be here before the party tonight.

Odin looked at him proudly, and Frigga smiled warmly. "Now, all you have to do is say the name of your Intended, they'll say your name back, and you drop the stick."

Thor opened his mouth to say Sif's name, but his eyes shot over, as Loki stumbled into the room, in pain.

"LOKI!" Frigga's eyes went wide, but shut when she heart Loki cry out Thor's name, and Thor dropped the stick, running to Loki's side.

Odin's mouth was gaping a little, speechless, and everyone else had broken into shocked chattering. Loki had gotten attacked by a Bilgesnipe, and Thor had no eyes for anyone else as he took him to the infirmary, but that had always been so...

And so Frigga spoke up. "So it is Said, So it is Acted, So Shall it be."

Thor and Loki were bonded now, for better...or Worse.