Thor helped Carry Loki, his little brother whimpering as he held a hand over his stomach, to keep its contents inside.

"I-I was trying to make you an appropriate Ceremony present." He said softly, gasping in pain. "But the Bilgesnipe attacked me..." he mumbled, leaning against Thor, who finally conceded and just picked Loki up, running for the infirmary.

"Pay no thought to it, Loki-brother. I will make sure you are protected, and I will sit by you until you are healed. " "It shouldn't take long, Brother. I will heal."

Thor waved off his concern. "I made my choice, Brother. I said your name, You said Mine, and I dropped the stick." Loki looked at him, wide eyes, unbelieving. "I..."

Thor smirked. "The prayers I made to the Allfather this morning seemed to be answered. I had no wish to Marry Lady Sif, no matter how much of a Warrior she may be. I have always had eyes for one person, Loki-brother. And now he sits before me, spilling blood like river water, and we should make sure to be get you healed – we have a celebratory feast tonight after all.

Loki coughed, and buried his face in his brothers chest. "I love you, Thor. My svass..." He mumbled, and Thor beamed. "My Svass..." He purred back and entered the infirmary.