Blue eyes blinked open. The eyes looked a bit surprised to see an unfamiliar environment. The small owner of the curious and surprised blue eyes, a small blue kitten with white ears and four black paws tried to stand but failed. "Where are you trying to go sweetie?" a soft, sweet voice asked, obviously amused at the kitten's many attempts to stand.

"To explore." came the squeaky voice of the tiny kitten. Even the kitten looked surprised at how his voice sounded.

The little kitten had scooted around without standing up. He looked at a large, to him at least, white cat with the same blue eyes as him. The large cat leaned down. The kitten squeaked when his nose was touched to the other cat's. "You can explore soon sweetie… but right now I want you to stay with your siblings and I." the older cat commanded.

"…You are my mommy?" the little kitten asked.

"Yes I am." the older cat nodded as she carried the curious kitten back to the other kittens.

"Have you named me yet?"the little kitten asked.

"Not yet… I was planning on letting you kits choose your own names." the female purred.

After the kitten was lying with his siblings again, their mother sighed and told them to stay put. He guessed she was going to get them some food. Well, herself food so she could make milk for them to drink. The little kitten decided to look over his siblings.

One of them was mostly black with a white spot over his left eye and a white dot on his chest. Another was white and black, with almost like patch worked fur. A third was mostly white with black ears and black front paws. Finally there was a female with white fur and black stripes on her legs and down her forehead to her nose. All of his siblings had grassy green eyes and none of them had any blue fur. Plus all of them were a lot bigger than him, except for the girl kitten who was only a little bit bigger than him. But he was still the runt of the litter.

After their mother came back and feed them, she had them all sit in a line. She told them she was going to let them name their selves.

The first kitten, the mostly black one named himself Ulquiorra. The next, the patch worked one named himself Patches. The mostly white one called himself Moon. The female named herself Tora. Finally the tiny kitten named himself Grimmjow.

Patches and Moon thought his name was silly and stupid while Ulquiorra and Tora didn't say anything about it. Their mother, Pantera shushed the two rude boys and told Grimmjow she thought it was a wonderful name. Then she told them a short legend about a brave cat named Grimmjow who had been the ruler of Egypt for centuries. She told them that both of the Grimmjows looked very similar.

That shut up the older boys and made Grimmjow purr happily.

The little kitten looked around the sandy desert he was suddenly in. He remembered curling up to his mother's chest and falling asleep. But he was in an alley, not in a giant sandbox. The kitten noticed he was standing and forgot his previous fear and worry. He started to walk around on the hot sand with a grin.

"Grimmjow?" a voice asked. The kitten whipped around to see a full grown black cat with golden eyes. His pupils dilated, his instincts screaming for him to sprint across the desert and run. He could feel the overwhelming power rolling off this powerful she-cat. The kitten dropped onto his stomach, eyes widen with fear and ears flat to his head.

The black cat blinked, walking towards Grimmjow. "What's wrong Grimmjow?"she asked.

"How do you know my name?" the kitten asked.

"…Oh… you don't remember, do you?" the older cat sighed.

"What do you mean?" Grimmjow asked, sitting up and letting his ears stand up as his fear dissolved and was replaced with curiosity.

"You will remember in time Grimmjow… just know you had an important life and we made a promise to you long ago…now wake up and return to your bodily mother." the black cat soothed.

"Before I go…who are you?" Grimmjow asked.

"I'm your soul mother…Yoruichi." the black cat smiled before she leaned over and nuzzled his forehead and sending him on his way.

"Bye Yoruichi-ma then." the kitten chirped as he faded away to wake up.

Lying under a soaked slide was a now full grown mostly light blue cat with white ears and black paws. He was a little over a year old and had now living on his own, though he visited his mother every week. He was a smart cat. He had learned his lessons much faster than his siblings. He was able to stalk perfectly by two months, climb by two and-a-half months, hunt by three months, fight by five months, and outrun even the quickest squirrel or rabbit by five and-a-half months. He had his own small territory by six months. He could even take down a human or a dog. He could steal a whole turkey. And if absolutely necessary, he could beg any human into feeding him.

Despite all that Grimmjow could do, he was still considered the 'runt' of his litter and Patches and Moon took every chance they got to tease him. Though Grimmjow rarely attacked them, they were below him. But if he did, they would turn to whimpering messes the moment their paws left the ground or their stomach met it.

Grimmjow stretched his body before getting up. He assumed today would be an average, boring day, though he had an itching feeling that he was assuming wrong. Shaking off his thoughts, the cat left the playground and the park he had spend the night in.

The cat headed out of the suburb and started into town. He was going to see his sister who had decided a while back she wanted to be a pampered pet. He also thought about stopping to see Ulquiorra on his way home, but Grimmjow didn't get very far down the sidewalk before he was pinned to the ground by an energetic fluffy white ball of fur.


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