Ok, so I have request, promises, and fics for pics (as I call them) lined up, but I couldn't resist. I love Avatar, and I love Tokka. Lin used to be my least favorite character next to Asami, but now I love her and the story I gave her.

If you look at my favorite Avatar fics a lot (if not most) are Tokka (TophxSokka) fanfictions. I have a feeling Lin wasn't Sokka's biological child, but I love Tokka too much to not have Toph and Sokka be totally in love. My solution? Write the story I gave for Lin's birth and Toph's pregnancy, of course! This will be a few chapters, nothing to long. I think.

Disclaimer: If I did own A:TLA or A:LOK I would have Lin be Toph AND Sokka's daughter.

Most people would believe Toph Bei Fong would never stand this behavior. Toph couldn't stand it, so instead she sunk to her knees. She appeared to be staring at her hands, but she wasn't. The girl was unable to stare at her hands, or anything at all.

Sadness hardly ever takes grip on Toph. She was tough as stone, but she could be as happy-go-lucky as an airbender. The young woman had her share of pain and suffering, but she hardly let it get to her. Tears welled up in Toph's unseeing eyes as she felt and heard it. Then again, and again. What was supposed to bring joy now only brought her grief. What hurt the most was she couldn't take it away.

Footsteps in rain and mud reached the small twenty-one year old's ears. She couldn't see who it was because the bottoms of her feet her faces the sky being pelted by raindrops. By the sounds it was a man in his early to mid-twenties. Did it matter who it was, not to Toph. She knew it wasn't him. A shakey breathing escaped her lips which got the attention of the man. He started running to the earthbender. They stopped and fell to their knees and cupped Toph's cheek.

"It's ok," the man said. "Don't worry Toph, don't start crying on me." His voice, which was normally filled to the brim with humor was dead serious.

The voice, his hand, how he said her name. Toph instantly knew who it was. She never had to lie or pretend around him, so she confessed. "He left me," Toph licked her lips as a tear fell on them. "He left because I have a..." With a deep breath she put his free hand right under her bellybutton. "I have another heart beat, right here."

The twenty-four year old was dumb-founded. After he recovered he squeezed his best friend's hand. "Toph, I don't know what to say. I mean, your friends are here. I'm hear. I'd nev-"

Toph wiped her eyes and interupted him. "I know, Sokka. Thank you."

I know, a bit OOC, but they're older, and Toph is heartbroken. Wouldn't you be crying if your boyfriend, who claimed to love you, dumped you because you were carrying his child? I would.

Please tell me what you thought. This is like a prolouge, so other chapters will mostlikely be longer. :) Thanks for reading. (And I was spending to much time trying to fix thing. I'm tired, hungry, and nervous about my first published Avatar fic. Never a good combo.)