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Show Him Heaven

If you show me heaven I will meet you there...

It had taken a lot of convincing, hours almost of begging and bribes to finally get the big boss out of the office. Miroku and Koga didn't know how they managed to do it, but they did, and now their boss was finally going to get out and have some fun instead of spending another night doing paperwork for the company.

The thing was, they knew that Sesshomaru would throw himself into whatever work he had to forget about people that had left, and it was starting to get a little out of hand. First it was his father's death, causing him to inherit the company, forcing more work onto him. This time it was his now ex-girlfriend Kagura, who had figured out that maybe she didn't have a taste in men after all.

The poor dog wasn't expecting that L word to pop up after dinner and a quickie, and he was still healing. He'd deny it to the moon and back, but that woman had almost been his life. Koga had apparently seen a small little box on his desk. Sesshomaru must have been ready to take the next step.

But that was over and done with, and the two friends weren't going to have any of it anymore. They were going to drag their boss out for a few drinks and some ass. Whether it be a man, woman or tranny, they were determined to find him a street walker or a stripper to get his mind off the woman who had left him for a new graduated high school student.

"You don't have to do this…" The strained voice of the boss echoed in the company limo. He didn't even know why he agreed to this. It was probably just to shut the two idiots up. "And why are we taking the limo again? You know I take this home. You'll have to find your own damn ride."

"There's a reason why we're in the red light district, sir." Miroku said, pointing out to the taxis and other services outside of their ride. "They're already prepared for tonight's customers, and we are here to do something fun and get you out of that office for once."

"We totally understand the pain of losing a girlfriend." Koga said, slapping his hand onto Sesshomaru's shoulder, giving it a squeeze and receiving a glare. "But this totally going too far, you old dog. It's time to get back out there!"

"So you decided to take my personal matters into your own feeble hands and take me to a…strip club to find a new mate?" The dog demon's eyebrows rose.

"No, this is step one, where we get you piss drunk and get you laid." The human said casually, getting a shoe thrown at his head.

Koga got up and retrieved his shoe, putting it back just as they pulled up to their first stop. "Okay, look. Just…let loose with us for a bit."

They exited the car and looked at the line up to get into the club. The scent of sex and booze even filled the street, making Sesshomaru's nose crinkle. Judging from the line though, this was a popular place to get some ass, and the demon would be damned if he waited in a line with a bunch of mere commoners who had already started their fun earlier in the day. He pushed through the pedestrians, grabbing his employees arms to drag them along and stopped in front of the bouncer.

The demon before him was much larger than he, a Boar by the looks of it. The dog demon held his head high and raised an eyebrow, the other demon looking down at him for a moment before recognizing the billionaire, letting him through.

The club was pounding, men and women dancing in sync with the electronic music that wove around their bodies and slipped into their ears like poison. It was near infectious, Sesshomaru had to admit, but looking at the waitress, escorts and regulars he wasn't even interested at all.

"This way!" Miroku shouted over the music, motioning for his two friends to follow him through a large set of doors.

The music changed to something more erotic and sex worthy, the scent of sweat changing to semen in a matter of moments as they entered an area with dim lighting and various men and woman dancing on stage and off.

A pole was situated at the front of the stage and around it were a couple free tables. The three business men quickly took the seats just as the lighting changed to a dim hot pink and the music died.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The star of the night is about to take the stage. Give it up for Night Puppy!" An announcement rang through the room, followed by hoots and hollers from the ladies and quite an amazing amount of men.

Sesshomaru had a bad feeling about the adventure already until he saw a lovely head of snow white hair and creamy tanned legs supported on knee high stiletto heeled boots. The shiny leather was held with a series of buckles that matched the tight little shorts and corset top that he could just barely see as the dancer picked up her hair, looking back mischieviously.

Gold eyes met gold for a split second before the music began to pump through the room, slamming into his ears unmerciful as the lovely Night Puppy began to strut, one foot in front of the other to the pole. She grabbed it with both hands, dropping and bouncing once before circling the pole and lifting off in what looked like impossible moves for anyone. Though it was clear to the dog demon as he sat there and watched the dancer spin and bend that this maiden was flexible.

He couldn't look away, the shiny leather shone differently depending on the light, mesmerizing him as he reached into his suit jacket for his wallet. He hadn't noticed that Miroku and Koga had already placed a couple twenties on the floor, and simply pulled out a couple hundred dollars, standing up just as Puppy bent over backwards, her hair pooling over the stage.

The stripped saw the executive go to place the money on the stage with the other bills and simply let go of the pole with one hand and grabbed Sesshomaru's wrist. She dragged him closer and slid his hand over her strangely flat chest before snatching the bills from his hand to tuck them into her panties.

"Mm…Thanks babe." She purred and was up in the air again.

Sesshomaru blushed deeply, sitting down and looking away.

That was not a woman!

Miroku and Koga grinned, not even paying attention to their boss until the show was over and the stripper began to pick up the bills, disappearing back stage.

"Dude, she was like…wow." The human breathed, brushing his bangs back.

"If she wasn't a stripper I'd fuck the shit out of her until morning. She got me hard with just that one little look at the beginning!" Koga said, chuckling as he looked down at his tight pants.

"You idiots are clearly blind." Sesshomaru said, rubbing the bridge of his nose and standing. "That was clearly a man. I'm out of- oof!"

Forced down by a pair of nicely manicured claws, both employees stared in shock as Night Puppy wrapped his arms around their boss and tossed his head to the side nuzzling his cheek a little.

"You gave me enough cash for a lap dance. You don't come here often do you?" He purred.

Sesshomaru shook his head, trying to ignored the fact that the guy smelt too good to be an exotic dancer.

"Since you paid me for one, why don't I give you one?" Puppy purred and gave a lustful glance to Miroku and Koga. "That is if you don't mind. I should be off duty, but you're too pretty to just leave after such a generous sum of money for a cheap dance."

Miroku felt a smile spread on his lips when he saw the dancer put some of his charm on the boss. Looking at Koga, the wolf laughed and put a hand out.

"May as well boss! You did pay too much." He snickered.

"I don't do this crap." The demon seethed, shivering as he felt the dancer's hands drop over his chest. "You idiots didn't tell me it was too much."

"We were too busy admiring the beauty of this fine specimen to tell you that you're too rich for this." The human giggled. "Just do it. You'll enjoy it."

Sesshomaru didn't even have time to protest, Night Puppy was in front of him already, hands on either side of his head while he danced for him. The dancer ground and moved his ass in time with the music that was playing before turning to sit right on the demon's crotch, pushing his ass right into the growing buldge.

Smiling to himself, Puppy leaned back and laughed in the executive's ear. "You seem to be enjoying yourself…" He purred in his ear.

The demon didn't say a thing, he just coughed a little and enjoyed the feeling against his cock before it disappeared and the dancer shoved a card into his mouth.

"I'm here every weekend and on Wednesdays. If you come here often enough you may be able to make a deal with my boss to reserve my services. I also do parties and home visits." He said quickly before stalking away from the room, disappearing in a dark coloured door.

Sesshomaru grabbed the card and looked down at it, noticing it had no name or information. The only indication that it was a business card was the fact that it was printed on some fabulous paper, contained a phone number and held a little picture of a dog howling at the moon.

How adorable.

Miroku and Koga exchanged glances before standing up, grabbing their boss by his arms and dragging him out. As glad as they were that they discovered Sesshomaru was a big old pervert, they still wanted him to wake up with a hang over.

Sesshomaru awoke in the morning, snarling as he flung his arm over his face. Clearly he wanted to look out on the city after his little escapade to every single strip club and party his so called friends and employees could drag him too. And judging from how sticky his damn hand was, he either brought one of the fine young ladies home or decided to fantasize instead.

Either way, he didn't wake up thinking about his lesbian ex.

Instead he was thinking about Night Puppy.

The kid had to be no old than he was, maybe younger, and god damn was he beautiful. But weren't all ladies and men of the night supposed to be pretty? And what on earth did he mean by house calls? Did that mean he'd...?

The demon shook his head, regretting the motion right away before sitting up and getting himself cleaned up. At least it was Saturday. He could at least spend some of the day resting before doing more paper work.

He still had a never ending stack to hopefully finish up.

Washing his hands and face, he barely caught the click of a door opening before he ran out, completely naked to find a set of twitching ears and long white hair trying to leave his apartment.

The hanyou looked over his shoulder, his eyes widening as he saw the monster of a man he was about to leave standing behind him.

"Where do you think you're going?" The demon said, tilting his head just slightly.

"Home. Where else should I be going?" The hanyou shot back.

"Why are you even in my house?" Sesshomaru asked cautiously, taking a step forward.

"I could ask myself the same thing. I don't normally go to drunk idiots houses who only want a good time. You couldn't even get it in, I had to help you start jerking off while I raided your fridge and watched reruns of Friends on T.V." The hanyou said, turning around.

Well shit. Night Puppy. The dancer from the night before. Sesshomaru's eyes widened ever so slightly as he took in the dancers face. He was clearly a man. From the tanned skin to the angles of his face, oh yes, this billionaire dragged a man to his house for meaningless sex. And he was just an exotic dancer! Why would he even want that from him?

"Look, if you're just going to gawk I'll be on my way. I gave back the money you gave me for the dance so you could buy yourself some coffee and proper food. Fuck rich people are probably poorer than me…" Night Puppy said before tugging his coat around himself and disappearing down the hall to the elevator.

Sesshomaru stared at the empty space in his door before gently shutting it and leaning against the wall.

Well shit. And he didn't even get his name. How was he supposed to find the angel that showed him what heaven could be like when he didn't even know his real name? After that, it just seemed to blasphemous to call such a creature such a demoralizing name.