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Epilogue: Hey Unloving, I Will Love You

There's a place that I've found
As far as I can see
This place lies within the depths of my dreams...

"...This just in. Onigumo Naraku was found dead tonight on the 29th floor of an apartment complex, mutilated. The police say that the man had come to the apartment to gun down Sesshomaru Taisho, successful son of the infamous, Touga Taisho, who had died 5 years previous. Naraku shot and forced Mr. Taisho into the window of his apartment several times after shooting a hanyou who had been visiting the demon in the head. Reports say that the hanyou had entered a trance like state after he had been shot, supposedly reviving him and allowing him to save the other demon who was being attacked. While some say that this should be cause for action against demons and that their strength can be deemed as dangerous, it seems that most disagree, saying that this is a natural reaction for them. The police had dropped charges not even a month before the incident, and the body is still being examined. Both victims are in hospital in critical condition."

Kagura wasn't sure how far she had driven, but in 10 years she had managed to drive her and her sister miles away from that city. New York wasn't her city of dreams like it was when she was a child, and now that she was far away from it with Kanna, she was able to finally relax and dream again.

Even now she was still driving. They would settle and then pick up and move again. Kanna had asked why, only to get the one simple response from her sister.

"Because I go where the wind goes..."

It was simple, yet affective, and Kanna slowly grew to understand how horrible things had been and that being nothing but wind was far more rewarding than being around Onigumo. Her and her sister were free, free like everyone else, to do as they pleased, and to be with who they wanted to be with, and be who they wanted to be. This time, Kagura said they were going to go to Las Vegas, somewhere that seemed appealing to Kanna now that she was looking a lot older than she was before. She could have fun with her sister, and do things with her there where before she would be stuck in a hotel or a small house. Kagura always made sure to look out for her, to take her places she wanted to go first before going where she wanted to go.

So Vegas it was this time, and both of them could already hear the slot machines and the shuffling of cards as they sped over the interstate. The desert passed by the window of their new car, and Kanna rested her head against the window. They were going to go somewhere fun and new...and Naraku wasn't around to stop them now.

When the chief of police had come to the apartment to find the two brother's clinging to each other and covered in blood, he wasn't sure what to think. Seeing as the hanyou was the one who looked like he was drenched in the liquid, it was safe to say that he had done the deed of tearing Onigumo apart. That spider had escaped arrest for years. It didn't matter what for, somehow he had always managed to get away or bail himself out of trouble. This time there was no escaping, seeing as when he was found his eyes were wide open with a bullet lodge in his head and his guts nearly spilling out.

They had bagged him up after taking a few shots of the body and the scene. Almost everything around the demon had been drenched in blood, and there wasn't much left of him to even consider him a body. It was like the hanyou just ripped apart his middle and chest so much that he actually managed to make it look like he ripped him in half. No one survived that. Not even a demon like Naraku.

Even more surprising was how Sesshomaru even survived the attack, let alone Inuyasha. The hanyou had been shot in the side of the head, which was beyond lucky. It just narrowly missed being lodged deep in his brain, possibly from trying to move out of the way. They had to shave the side of his head to get to it, and it was nestled deep in his skull, but he must have been really thick headed to have it stop just at his brain. Sesshomaru even had glass chunks stuck in the back of his head and a bullet stuck in his lung. Demon's were beyond tough, and the chief was just relieved that it was all over.

Heading down to the morgue to get the status of Naraku's body, he wondered to himself if there was a chance that there could be more than just Naraku out there. He did have two girls, but when he had gone to the apartment to tell them about their father they were already gone. Where, he had no idea, and there was no note or anyone who knew why or where they could be going. There were no leads, and he let the matter go for a moment so he could finish off the report of this case before he went to them.

Entering the morgue, the medical examiner was elbow deep in organs, having just taken out the torn stomach and a few of the other damaged organs, "Ah! There you are! I've got something interesting for you to come look at."

"What could be interesting about the body besides the fact that it was mutilated?" The chief smirked and came up beside the body, across from the doctor.

"Well it's the amount of damage Naraku took...There are multiple signs of a struggle, like blood and skin under his nails, but the damage done to these organs were done first. Any human who would get stabbed through the stomach would have been unsalvagable in my eyes. But Onigumo still had the strength to fight back a transformed hanyou. It's just curious...most demons would even be out of commision to heal from a wound like this. There's hardly anything left of his stomach."

"What race was he anyway? Dog? Cat?"


"They aren't exactly regenerating creatures on their own. So what demon would be able to keep going with a wound like that? Even Taisho nearly entered a coma from his injuries, and they were less than this."

"I don't have a clue...but some of these organs...are still working..." The examiner said, looking up at the cop, "Which is unusual."

"What do you mean by still working? You mean this body isn't dead?"

"Not completely...Look...the heart is still..." He gently touched the organ and shouted in surprise when the body's arm shot out and grabbed his wrist.

"Didn't anyone tell you it was rude to touch someone's organs without permission, doctor?"

Red eyes fell on the chief and Naraku's body smirked, "You both will do."

Tentacles shot out of his back, bending the metal table he was laying on and flying at the doctor and officer. The chief reached for his hand gun as the medical examiner screamed and was instantly covered in two tentacles which seemed to transform into one large chunk of flesh. He clicked the safety off and fired one shot before another pair wrapped around him, one appendage slipping down his throat as the other covered him completely before the tentacles evolved into flesh as well.

The spider groaned, looking down at his midsection as his organs and flesh slowly began to regenerate. Another tentacle shot out of his back and went to the door of the morgue, shutting and locking it to keep people out. It was time to heal, he needed to get back out there. The two brothers would pay for this. They would pay for destroying this body and forcing him to this. This was the old way of demon's, but it seemed that it was time to bring the old ways back. No more playing fair. Onigumo Naraku wasn't going to be brought down like this again!

10 years.

10 years gone by and it felt like the world was actually at peace; or well, more like Sesshomaru's world was. For the most part anyway. He and his brother had gone to hell and back, and all that changed was how scared they honestly were of the world. He had never seen a hanyou back out of physical contact and social situations so fast as his brother had. It took so long and so many hours of therapy for Sesshomaru to be able to touch Inuyasha again without him pushing him away. Naraku had done more than raped him and tried to kill them both, he had completely destroyed them.

The demon though didn't mind so much. It was something he got to work on with his lover. He was able to destroy half of his empire a year after the incident and restarted the whole project. No more computer systems for the military, no more secret business being done under the table, just plain old systems sold to companies around the country. Along with that, all the other buildings around the world were shut down, and he even traveled in person to see that it was all done his way. Inuyasha hadn't wanted to go then, so he had stayed with Kagome and her mother while he finished off destroying what was left of his father. Kouga and Miroku had backed him up 100% and by the end of it he gave them the best possible raise he could, and then turned his attention to Rin.

She had been so helpful through everything, and the least Sesshomaru could have done was make sure that the work she did for him matched the job description. So she was the boss of his company. The boss people went to because he wasn't around. He refused to be. Sure, he was CEO, he owned the company and all the stocks, but he didn't need to be there anymore. He didn't want to be. Everything there reminded him of Naraku and his father, and after years of trying to forget what his father had done to him, his mother, and all the men and women he'd seen, he couldn't stand it.

10 years later and he wasn't even in New York. He had packed up and left with his brother to the one country that held only one memory for them and started up a family; something Inuyasha seemed to want just as badly as he had. Adoption was their only option, and they had two lovely children under their wing, living in their secluded house, with acres of land behind them for the kids to run free.

But Inuyasha was still not himself, Sesshomaru could see that. Every night he would leave their bed, come back, only to leave early in the morning and not be see until breakfast was ready. The demon knew where he was, he had watched him leave many times, but he wasn't completely bothered by it. No matter how bad things had been before Inuyasha, Sesshomaru knew that the dancer was fighting a battle he could never help him win. His angel in leather saved him, but he could only do so much to save him in return.

So another night gone by, Sesshomaru felt the hanyou shift against him and then roll away, lifting the blankets enough for him to slip out before tucking the demon in tightly. His feet were silent on the carpet and all the way out into the hall. The demon could faintly hear him look for a sweater and some shoes, and then he was out of the house completely, leaving the businessman all by himself for the rest of the short morning in bed. No sooner had his husband left did his children pad down the hallway and peek into the bedroom.

Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder, rubbing his eyes and sighing, "What is it?..."

"Is daddy in bed still?" The girl said. Her name was Kiyomi, something they never bothered to change when they adopted her from the age of 5. She was dog demon like them, something they had told the agency they preferred, and she was hanyou, with flowing white hair and striking golden eyes. She had ears like Inuyasha, which made the demon think that maybe they had been related, though the thought left him when he noticed how shy she was.

"No...he's outside..." The demon yawned, bearing his fangs to the morning light, and then sat up, "Come here...is your brother with you?"

"Estuo was too scared to leave bed. I'll get him." She whispered and disappeared from sight. She was attached to her brother like glue, and even though she was shy, he was shyer. It was funny to Sesshomaru how she could suddenly burst out of her shell the moment her brother needed her. Especially since he was practically mute. At least around Inuyasha and himself. His sister probably heard his voice more than they ever had.

Coming back not long after, Kiyomi dragged her brother inside their parents room, and Sesshomaru allowed them to climb up onto the bed with him.

"Will daddy be back in time to help me practice for my dance class?" She asked as she held her brother tightly, who was currently looking anywhere but the demon.

"I'm sure he will be...He would never go back on his word..." Sesshomaru smiled softly and yawned again.

"Can we go outside and see him?"

"If you wish...Just let me get up first..." The demon sighed and flipped the blankets over his children, submerging them in darkness and watching their forms just flatten under the weight of the duvet.

Making his way to the bathroom, Sesshomaru tried to remember the last time he got laid as he looked down at his tenting pants and sighed. He quickly hoped into the shower, knowing the two brats they were attempting to raise would stay put under those covers until he told them to come out. Facing the water and pushing his hair back, he let the cold water rain over him and hoped to god he wouldn't have to resort to touching himself for relief, especially with his children in his bed. That would honestly be the last thing he would need right now.

Leaving the shower a few minutes later, towel drying his hair and trying to yank his pajama pants up past his hips, he sighed at the small lumps under the covers. "You can get out of there now, you two..." He sighed and shook his head as two blinding white heads of hair popped up.

"We can see daddy now?" Kiyomi asked, pulling Estuo off the bed like a rag doll.

"Yes, let's go say good morning, shall we? I'm sure he'd appreciate seeing his kids up so early..." He smiled and lead them downstairs, helping them with their shoes and sweaters he demanded that they wear.

It was strange, looking after someone else besides himself and Inuyasha. His brother was a handful as it was, especially in these days, but now they were a family of four. There were other people who needed them around, needed them to be strong; and Inuyasha was more than perfect to be a father. He couldn't help but smile every time he had to help with homework, or dance recitals and picking nice clothes. Who knew what would happen when it came time to sex talks and make up, puberty and girlfriends or boyfriends. Sesshomaru was finding himself smiling already.

Walking out of the back door, the kids ran from him in a heartbeat to the figure standing so far off, he was nothing but a blob of colour in rising sun light. The fields were in need of tending, but they were perfect enough for them, long and forever reaching ahead, past the mountains that surrounded their new home. Sesshomaru stood behind, watching his kids run and plow into Inuyasha, sending him forward so all three of them disappeared into the grass. He chuckled when he heard the hanyou shout in protest, and then begin to laugh as his head popped up. Taking that moment to come forward, Sesshomaru took his time and crossed his arms as he finally reached his family.

"You should be nicer when greeting your dad...It's so early...you could have broken his back." He shook his head with a smile at the two kids, listening to Kiyomi's giggled as he caught a glimpse of Etsuo's smile.

"Whoever told you two that you could be up should be arrested. What if your father and I wanted some alone time?" Inuyasha grinned, ruffling his kid's hair before pushing them off of him into the grass so he could stand up, "But if you're up this early then you should be worked to the bone, eh?"

"No!" Kiyomi squealed as she got up and tried to run away, her brother quickly getting up to follow her.

"So much for a quiet morning," The hanyou whispered as he looked up at Sesshomaru, "But I guess that means I'll get to eat breakfast with all of you."

The demon bent down and smiled, allowing his brother to place his lips gently against his before he ran off after the brats, shouting after them and getting ambushed and tackled to the ground again. Laughing, Sesshomaru closed his eyes and turned to face the morning sun. Whether he and Inuyasha were intimate or not, whether they were alone or together, content or on edge, he was positive that their lives would prosper. His father would still forever haunt him in his dreams, in the mirror, in his bed, but the demon wouldn't be held down by him anymore. Naraku and him were a thing of the past, and Inuyasha and his family were his future. Together they could conquer mountains and seas.

Together they could be free.