Little Brother

Do you really believe that? ... Doctor Tenma.

Those were the words that Johan Liebert said as he seen the doctor leave the police hospital from his window.

Some time after that he left the place and went to travel for the world over the following years, this without any of the involved knew that the master mind of all those crimes in Germany had woken up, to the he still is sleeping. But it was not long before he returned to Munich with spear time to see Tenma arrive at the house of Doc. Reichwien. He had planned on pay a visit to his "father" since the beginning but he preferred to take his time first, focusing on the now and reflex on what should he do with his new opportunity of life, so he passed from job to job, changing life style every time, dropping them whenever he got bored with it and making a fortune that no matter how much he expend it, it never reduced, but what was almost always a constant on his activities was the interaction with children and families, he got an interest on the development a child in different environments.

From a short but safe distance Johan observes, without being notice, how is that Reichwien along with Dieter, Nina and Otto Heckel are preparing the things for the welcoming on the backyard, soon the guest of honor arrives and all hug him cheerfully then they go to the back part to eat the meal that Heckel made; he watches them enjoy the food and drinks while the exchange stories, he smiles as he sees them all happy sharing that moment, Dieter, who sat beside the neurosurgeon, is the most exited with this and eagerly hears what he says.

"They make a nice family, there is a father with his daughter and son, a grandfather and even an uncle, the only lacking is a mother." There is a small laugh. "I wonder if Eva would be interested?"

The celebration continues for a little more and then the soccer player drags the doctor by his hand out of the table.

"Come on Tenma, lets play a match!"

"Alright, alright, don't pull so much, lets play all."

"Pass! I would only be hitted by that kid if I play."

"Then you can be the referee, I on the other hand, am still on excellent shape." Reichwien claims.

"I will play too." Nina adds.

"Great! So it will be a two a against two, I want Tenma on my team!."

"He really likes Dr. Tenma; you were raised by Hartmann, he tried to make you like me but of course that was a failure, no one can be like me, then Dr. Tenma appears and takes you away from him, since then you appreciate him, you even accompanying him in his quest to find me and tried to stop him from killing me, to you he is a like a father... Just like me."

The peaceful looking murderer laughs all of sudden, is a brief sound that is the result of a hypothesis.

"Then that would make us brothers, you even love Anna like a sister too; we really are brothers.

His gaze becomes more intense, Johan is deeply attracted to the scene displayed at the backyard.

They all look so happy together, they make a nice family. Would there be a place for another member? I wonder if "father" would be right with it. What do you think? Little brother.

So the no longer nameless monster walks to...