Taking a Chance:

A Klaroline Fanfic

Based on the movie The Holiday

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers

Author's Note: This fanfic is purely for fun, I do not claim to own the premise or circumstances of the story or the characters, just the idea of meshing Klaroline and The Holiday (one of my all time fave movies) together.

"Well... so much for that..." Caroline murmured to herself as she shoved the last few bits of her things back into her suitcase. She should've known that her spur of the moment decision to jet across an ocean to spend her Christmas vacation... alone, was a bad idea. She sighed, she'd hoped that being somewhere other than the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia would help her feel less alone, but no such luck. Being in this nice little cottage just outside of London was fun for a bit, exploring all the little nooks and crannies, finding what was where, and settling in. But after food shopping, reading half of the cheesy romance novels she'd brought with her, and watching the one DVD she brought with her, The Notebook, for the umpteenth time, Caroline was just ready to go home. Or whatever semblance of a "home" she'd left in Virginia.

She felt bad she'd have to call Rebekah in a moment after she brought her luggage downstairs, and explain that they would have to switch back places sooner than they'd thought. Since it was around 1 am in London, she did the math and knew it was only 8ish on the East Coast in the U.S. so she knew she wouldn't be disturbing her or waking her up, but Caroline hated the thought of short-changing Rebekah, who sounded like she needed a change of scenery and a vacation as much as Caroline had thought she did. But she'd already switched her plane ticket for next week to tomorrow, so maybe Rebekah would be alright with allowing Caroline to put her up in a hotel for the remainder of the week; but it was settled. She was leaving the U.K.

Suddenly, Rebekah's Cairn terrier, Julie, was barking and running down the stairs from the bedroom to the front door. "What is it?" Caroline, called after the little dog softly. She heard a couple knocks and Julie downstairs barking at the door, so Caroline followed suit and descended the staircase, careful not to bang her head on the low ceiling and rafters that she'd banged her head on earlier. Still on the stairs, Caroline suddenly heard more knocking, and an accented voice from outside call through the door, "REBEKAH! Open up!" She paused on the stairs, not recognizing the man's voice-why would she? She didn't know anyone in England!-so she called out, with slight hesitation, "Who is it?"

"It's me! Come on, Beks, open up, it's freezing out here!" the man responded, still thinking that Caroline was Rebekah. He must not be that smart or he's just totally out of it, Caroline thought to herself, does he not realize I don't have a British accent?

"Who are you?" Caroline questioned, stepping off the stairs, but still keeping her distance from the door. She still didn't know who it was or what they were capable of, so it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Beks, seriously, if you don't let me in, I'm going to piss all over your porch..." the voice responded, sounding less loud than it had, which made Caroline realize they must have their back to the door which meant... Oh my gosh! Don't pee all over my, I mean, Rebekah's porch, you psycho! Caroline thought and panicked, rushing to the door and flinging it open, ready to push whoever this asshole was off the porch and open a can of good old American Whoop-Ass on him.

All she saw when she opened the door was a hunched back, clad in a black pea coat and dark jeans, but upon hearing the door open, the man turned around, hands on their fly with an half relieved, half impish look on his face as if he were relieved to finally have access to a toilet but ready to rag on the owner of the house for almost making him leave her yellow pictures and messages in the snow on her front porch. But the blonde standing before him in pink pajama pants, slipper boots, and a long, draping gray sweater with black trim was not the blonde he expected to answer the door. Frankly both were shocked at the other person standing there before them, and took a moment staring at each other before the man finally spoke.

"You're not Rebekah," he said, still staring at Caroline, somewhat at a loss for words, until he grinned a cheeky smile that revealed dimples and added, "...or if you are, I am much, much more drunk than I thought I was..."

Caroline reddened at his words and pulled the loose edges of her drapey sweater tighter across her chest, suddenly feeling very underdressed in her pajamas in front of a total stranger. A rugged, super gorgeous, adorably dimpled, British accented stranger. She shivered, but she credited it to the door being wide open.

"No, no... I'm not Rebekah..." Caroline assured him, taking in his short, sandy blonde curls and piercing blue eyes, which had never left her face since she opened the door.

"Well, in that case, I'm sorry for my earlier rudeness, I do apologize, I didn't think that you would be the one answering the door," the man said with sincerity, but ending with that cheeky, dimpled smile.

"Well, I didn't think you'd be at the door either..." Caroline answered lamely. She was kind of at a loss, she didn't really know what to do next. Sizing him up, shivering and shifting from one leg to the next obviously holding in his bladder, he really didn't seem like any imminent threat, so she tried to put herself at ease.

"I'm sorry, do you, do you mind if I...?" he suddenly asked, pointing over her right shoulder, and she instantly knew he was pointing at the door to the hall bathroom she'd discovered earlier.

"Oh! Sure! Sure sure, sorry! Please come in!" Caroline exclaimed, stepping aside and gesturing for him to come inside.

"Thank you so much..." he said hurriedly, stepping inside, wiping the snow off his boots on the doormat very quickly and rushing past her, but as she moved to go and close the door, he suddenly turned back to her and extended a hand to her.

"I'm Klaus, by the way... Rebekah's brother..." he said, warmly, taking hold of her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze and a slight shake and continuing to his desired destination.

"Oh...wellI'mCarolineforbesandI'mstayinghere..." Caroline responded in her fast speech, which was normal for her, especially when she was meeting new people.

" 'Carolineforbes,' is that all one word?" Klaus said quizzically, pausing with his hand on the doorknob momentarily to look back at Caroline with a tickled expression on his face.

"No," Caroline chuckled lightly, knowing that he must have suddenly tuned into her American accent and speaking fast probably wasn't helping much.

"Oh..." Klaus laughed nonchalantly as he closed the bathroom door behind him and Caroline could immediately hear him relieving himself, both in the physical act and his audible reaction. 'Brother'? Caroline mouthed to herself before she squealed softly and panicked for a second, her instincts searching for the nearest mirror to check herself in, which happened to be right by the front door. While Klaus, the mega hottie was distracted, she quickly wiped her face, around her eyes trying to fix smudged eyeliner, she tousled her hair a bit, which had lost some of its earlier volume it had this morning from using a curling iron and squealed again, knowing that he could walk out of the bathroom at any moment, and flipped her head upside down to scrunch her hair and tousle her roots a bit in a vain effort to fluff more volume up in her hair.

"So, where exactly is my sister, and why are you in her house?" Klaus called from the bathroom.

"She didn't tell you?" Caroline said, surprised that Rebekah hadn't told her family that she was going away for the holidays. Then again, Caroline hadn't really told anyone she was leaving, but in reality she didn't really have anyone to tell. Just then she heard the toilet flush and the sink start, so she flipped her head up quickly and tried to tame her hair so she didn't look like she'd tried to do anything, and so she didn't look like a crazy person. As he was exiting the bathroom, Klaus accidentally brushed a bookend with his elbow on the table against the wall outside the bathroom, so as he fumbled to catch it and anything else he displaced, and Caroline looked herself over quickly, and realized she had tucked her pajama bottoms into her fuzzy socks in her effort to keep warm, so she quickly untucked those, almost losing her balance herself, but quickly recovering just as he looked back up.

"Well, obviously not..." Klaus said sheepishly, looking at Caroline apologetically, stepping away from the table as if he were afraid he'd cause more damage.

"Um, well she's in Virginia!" Caroline said, brightly. Klaus stared at her as if she had fireworks shooting out of her ears and nose.

"No... that can't be true, Rebekah never goes anywhere!" he said, obviously not kidding from the honest shock evident in his voice. Caroline laughed at his innocent declaration and added, "Well, we're a match made in heaven then, because neither do I!"

"But you're here..." Klaus said plainly while taking off his peacoat, gazing softly at her, and that's when Caroline realized how close they were standing to one another, and she could really take a look at him. She noticed that he was wearing a very basic cable knit sweater and it was a lighter gray than hers was, which contrasted the darkness of his jeans, which looked almost black in this light and Caroline took in his muscular build. He wasn't body builder size, but he was just solidly built, and he was pushing his sleeves up to rest below his elbows, revealing his muscular forearms, which had a light dusting of hair on them. He deposited his peacoat onto the nearby coatrack and he placed his one hand on the wall and the other stuck half in his other pocket. His hands were nice, big and strong looking, and the hand in his pocket brought her attention back to his jeans, which he seemed to have no trouble whatsoever filling just fine. It made Caroline shiver again, and she knew for sure this time that it wasn't from the cold. She cleared her throat to regain her thoughts.

"Yes, well, I mean, your sister posted this cottage on a home exchange website and I saw the posting, so I contacted her and we've switched houses for 2 weeks, I'm here and she's in Mystic Falls..." Caroline said, retelling how she and Rebekah first met. Well, they had never actually met in person, all the arrangements were done either online, over the phone or over text messages, so she had never actually met Rebekah in person. It was a little sketchy at first, but the home exchange website was a legit site that ran background checks and the more Caroline talked to Rebekah, the more she liked her and everything just seemed to fall into place. Klaus listened to Caroline intently, his one hand still resting on the wall next to them for stability.

"People actually do that sort of thing?" he said bluntly. Caroline chuckled again, assuming that Klaus's directness was due to his state of inebriation.

"Yes, apparently so, because here I am, talking to you! In my pajamas!" Caroline said lightly, intending for it to be a joke, until she realized she was directing a hot, drunk foreign man to notice being dressed in nothing but a sleep shirt, pajama pants, socks and a sweater. Klaus gazed at Caroline up and down, openly taking her in just as she had and his gaze slowly lingered on its way back up to her face, causing her face which had died down to a slight blush to go back to red. Once his eyes were back on her face, he smiled again.

"Well she did give me a ring last night, but I called her today and she didn't-Ohhhh..." Klaus said, suddenly realizing why his sister hadn't answered her phone and hadn't called him back. He sighed and took his hand off the wall, saying, "Now I feel awful... that was lousy of me!"

He and Caroline stood their for a moment looking at each other, and now that he'd taken his hand off the wall, they were standing even closer and Caroline could smell the slight hint of his musky cologne, one she'd never smelled before, and the faintest whiff of liquor, which all just made him smell very manly. Then she realized his face was suddenly getting closer to hers. What is he doing? Is he going to kiss me? Caroline thought, panicking, but for some reason she just stood where she was and had no impulse to move or stop him verbally or physically. Klaus was still gazing at her, but then he must have realized how close he was to her.

"I'm sorry, do you mind if I take a seat, I feel like I might bump into you..." he said apologetically. Caroline immediately snapped back to reality and shook her head and moved slightly and gestured to the couch.

"No! No of course, go right ahead!" she said, suddenly realizing how long he'd been standing and that it was probably best if he sat, seeing as how he had the easiest time standing with one hand against the wall. Knowing the way, Klaus moved over to the couch, only staggering slightly, and plopped down on the couch, and moaned again in relief, starting to fall over slightly but steadying himself with one hand on the couch cushion. Caroline let out a breath that she didn't know she'd been holding from having him that close to her face, and watching him realized he must be having the spins and became concerned, not knowing how many drinks he'd had and how his body would react to the alcohol next.

"Are you okay?" she said, crossing to him, wondering if she should just go and get a trash can or something without questions asked.

"Oh no, yeah, I'm fine..." Klaus assured her, waving a hand at her, chuckling, then looking up at her sheepishly again, "Look I'm so sorry about intruding..." he apologized again, and Caroline shook her head and shrugged as if it was no problem, and he continued, "Although it doesn't look like it, I am Rebekah's mostly responsible older brother, but on the rare occasion that I go to the local pub and get piss drunk, my little sis puts me up so I don't have to get behind the wheel... although that rare occasion has become less rare, and it's a pathetic explanation that has unfortunately become a routine..." Klaus apparently had been thinking more, but chose not to say more out loud and trailed off, until he cut off his thoughts and looked back at Caroline. "So how are you? How are you enjoying your holiday so far?" Caroline laughed politely, not wanting to bog him down with her problems, but after being alone for past couple of hours-which alone seemed like days-she was glad to have someone to talk to and decided to make the most of it.

"Well, I mean, it's not... Not very much, actually..." she admitted, "I'm going to be leaving tomorrow on a plane in the early afternoon..."

"Oh... when did you get here?"

"Hmm about six hours ago?"

"Well we've done a great job impressing you, haven't we?" he laughed. Caroline laughed too, appreciating how nice he was being, but sighing.

"Well, I mean, it's not that, I mean, I just, I'm not really myself right now, I just came here impulsively on a whim, seriously, I've never thought of anything less, which is very unlike me..." she said honestly. He smiled at her, just listening and watching her, obviously seeing that what she wanted was someone to hear her. However Caroline wanted to change the subject so she tried to be a good host.

"Would you like something to drink? Water? Tea? ...wine maybe?" she said, doing her best to be cordial and accommodating in a house that wasn't her own. Klaus regarded her for a moment, then looked in the direction of kitchen and pointed, "I think there's some brandy there... fancy a glass?" he said with that cheeky grin. Caroline smiled and thought about it for a moment, but deciding that even though she'd never had brandy before, she'd give it a shot.

"Sure!" she said, as she walked in the direction he had indicated, and quickly found the glass decanter with the amber colored liquid and short liquor glasses beside them and picked up two glasses and brought them back to the living room.

"So... I'm sorry, I've totally blanked, I've completely forgotten your name..." Klaus said, sounding annoyed with himself for being so rude.

Caroline rolled her eyes and smiled, willing to forgive him for forgetting her name in his drunken stupor and offered up, "Caroline... you know like the Neil Diamond song?" Klaus laughed, thinking it was adorable that that was the first thing that Caroline thought of, and wondered if that's the reason her parents named her Caroline.

"Ah, right... 'sweet Caroline...'" Klaus enunciated.

"Ba ba BA!" Caroline sang, as she placed the decanter and glasses down on the coffee table and taking a seat in the arm chair across from Klaus on the couch. Klaus laughed at her lightheartedness and continued.

"So... 'Sweet-Caroline-like-the-Neil-Diamond-song'..." Klaus said teasingly, "...you're not married, are you?"

"Why, do I look not married?"

"No I mean, I was just, it was just a roundabout way of asking you if you were married..." he finally said , and Caroline smiled hearing him struggle to find the right phrasing like she had earlier.

"No, not at all.." she responded quickly as she poured the brandy, but then thought, "I don't even know what that means... but no, I'm not," as she put the stopper back in the decanter and handed him a glass and took one for herself.

Klaus chucked, "Yeah, me either..." holding out his glass to Caroline, which she took as an invitation to clink glasses and smiled and clinked her glass to his before taking a tiny sip, Klaus' sip bigger than hers, but he smiled as he swallowed, seeing her contain her reaction to the strength of the liquor, which she had apparently not been expecting. Once she'd swallowed, she smiled at him and he smiled back and he asked graciously, "Would it be horrible if I stay? I promise I will be gone before you even wake up, you'll never have to lay eyes on me again." Caroline only had to think about it for a moment, before she realized how rude it would be to turn Rebekah's brother out especially when they have such a responsible arrangement to keep him safe. Besides, she realized she didn't mind if he stuck around a while longer.

"No, sure sure, of course... lemme just... get you a blanket..." Caroline put her glass down and busied herself but then seeing how stupid she looked wandering around having no idea where to look for linens and blankets.

"Inside the cupboard, love, next to the Scrabble..." Klaus offered, smiling at Caroline's congenial effort.

"Right right..." Caroline said, knowing where to actually retrieve the blanket from, and being slightly distracted by him calling her 'love' and liking the way it sounded. Klaus smiled and started to take his shoes off and tuck them underneath the coffee table out of the way.

"So tell me, why is it that you're 'not exactly yourself' at the moment?" he inquired innocently, standing once his shoes were off.

"Uh, well, I just... uh, I just broke up with someone... yesterday..."

"Ah!" he said.

"And, I guess my train of thought had been that I didn't want to be alone over the holidays, and I thought if I was somewhere else, I wouldn't realize I was alone, but then I get over here and I've never felt so alone in my life!" she said, her speed quickening but not as fast as before, and she took a pillow and blanket from the cabinet and placed them in Klaus's arms. Klaus just stood watching and listening again, and smiling kindly at her as she confessed more than she had realized she'd meant to. She tried to recover the heaviness she'd dumped on him by laughing at herself.

"Bet you're glad you knocked on this door, aren't you?" she said, sarcastically.

"I am... actually..." he said, softly. He gazed at her with way he'd being softly gazing at her all night, and the natural huskiness to his voice combined with the sophistication of his accent made Caroline weak at the knees. All she could do was gaze back at him and look back into his piercing blue eyes, which she could see now were more of a light sea foamy blue green and were so unique, she knew she'd never seen anyone with such beautiful eyes. Caroline wasn't sure what to do next, she felt like she could hug him, she was so grateful to him for being a listening ear when she needed one and he'd been so polite and friendly, but they'd just met, and they had been staring at each other in silence for a while, so she was bold and daring and made the first move and laughed off his sincere response.

"Yeah, well... anyway... good night!" She said with a smile. Klaus smiled back at her and seeing those dimples made her smile even more.

"Sweet dreams, love," he said nicely, and leaned in and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, pecked her on the lips. He pulled back and they both stared at each other, slowly registering what had just happened. Both gasped, and Klaus's eyes softened, realizing how forward and untoward he'd been and he was immediately inclined to apologize, but Caroline spoke first.

"Do you think you could... um... would you mind..." she said, her tone indiscernible, Klaus immediately readied himself to grab his shoes and coat and run through the snow, knowing that surely she'd throw him out for coming onto her.

"...trying that again?" her voice changed and was undoubtedly 100% serious and meaning business, which was the opposite of how Klaus expected that sentence to end. He didn't say a word, just searched her face for confirmation, and found it in her expectant expression and her body language with her body leaning forward ever so slightly and her face even more inclined.

He was intrigued by her unconventional reaction, so he slowly brought his face to hers again, eyes flickering back and forth between her lips and eyes, until his lips met hers again, and he held his lips to hers for a moment or two longer than just a peck, reveling in how soft and supple her lips were, not wanting to break the kiss but needing to see her reaction. As he pulled away, she had apparently been leaning into it, so much so that as he pulled away she caught herself off balance then set herself straight again. He smiled inwardly because body language alone that was a good sign, however her face looked puzzled for some reason. He waited for a response until finally just had to know.

"Bad?" he said simply. Caroline sucked in a breath, shaking her head slightly.

"Weird," she responded distantly, her face still puzzled as she sank down and took a seat on the couch. What is going on with me? Caroline wondered to herself. I jet set across the Atlantic fucking Ocean, which I have never done before, to London, where I have never been before, and kiss a complete stranger, who happens to be the brother of the woman who's house I'm living in, whom I've never actually met before and is just as much a stranger to me as this guy!

"I'm kissing a total stranger..." she mused out loud as Klaus took the seat next to her, listening to her, but then reacting, surprised with her revelation.

"Really? Well I do it all the time..." Klaus said unabashedly. Caroline didn't even care, she suddenly had another idea and was curious to how she herself would fare.

"Here, let me try this..." she said as she grabbed the back of his neck, and she pulled him towards her for another kiss. Klaus smiled, liking her boldness and liking her smooth, small hands on the back of his neck, gently grabbing the hair at the base of his neck, and allowed her to control this one. Caroline put her lips to his, putting much more of her body into it, and liking it, but something still felt not right. Klaus's eyes were still closed, until he suddenly heard, "Maybe if I try with my eyes closed." He opened his eyes and laughed and realized her confusion came from keeping her eyes open while they kissed, which he had never noticed since he always tended to close his eyes while kissing, so he nodded encouragingly and she very obediently closed her eyes, then extended her face towards him again, this time waiting for him to initiate it.

Caroline sat patiently, waiting to feel Klaus's lips against her own. She felt his hands lightly brush the sides her face and move her hair out of the way to gently hold and caress her face and neck, but instead of on her lips as she expected, she suddenly felt his lips lightly touch on her eyebrow, between the eyebrow and the crease of her eyelid. With her eyes closed, every other sense was suddenly heightened, and the smooth sensitive skin of her eyelid picked up every little sensation, from the smoothness of his lips to the slight prickle of the scruff he had on his face, and it felt amazing.

So amazing, that Caroline couldn't control the gasp and moan that came out of her, and Klaus smiled and continued to slowly place light kisses all over her face which he still held with both hands, working his way to her mouth, on which he planted the most passionate kiss yet, which Caroline gladly accepted and reciprocated his passion, nearly pushing him back on the couch. Feeling her forcefulness, Klaus upped his intensity to match hers, smoothly gliding his tongue along her bottom lip, which she immediately took his hint and quickly opened her mouth. He took her invitation and the two began kissing as if they'd been kissing each other all their lives, even though it had only been for the past 3 minutes.

Caroline suddenly broke away though, catching her breath and saying, "You know, given that I'm in a bit of a personal crisis, and I'm staying in a complete stranger's home in a little town in England that I hadn't actually heard of before coming here, and considering that you showed up and you're insanely gorgeous and a really good kisser and really drunk and probably won't remember this anyway, um... I'm thinking that we should have sex." Klaus was stunned, it didn't happen often but Klaus was speechless. He'd never met a girl who had admitted so much openly and actually propositioned him for sex. But he couldn't even really focus on her words, because while she had been speaking, she'd realized her hands had been grabbing bunches of his sweater in an attempt to pull him closer, and she had released her hands and was stroking the front of his sweater, trying to put it back nicely, but had absentmindedly kept the ministrations going while she spoke, but he did manage an eyebrow raise a beat after the word "sex." She reacted to his eyebrows raising immediately turning the offer more polite.

"I mean if you want to." Klaus just stared back at her, thinking, Is she nuts? Why wouldn't I want to sleep with you, darling, you're gorgeous, and quirky and smart and...

"Wait a minute," Klaus said, interrupting his own thoughts, "...is this like, a trick question or something?"

Caroline smiled, "I'm... actually serious..." trying to feel out what he was thinking. "And not that this matters, but I've never said anything like that in my entire life, which was so thrilling and I actually loved saying it," she admitted excitedly, and Klaus thought it was absolutely adorable and tucked a strand of her hair which had fallen in her face behind her ear, and she took his pause as an opportunity to explain her proposition more clearly.

"It's just that this whole you showing up out of nowhere and me leaving tomorrow and probably never seeing you again thing is really exciting, and I mean isn't this what you're supposed to do on vacation? Do things because just you want to, embrace the unexpected and you are..." Caroline trailed a hand through his curls to the back of his neck as her words trailed for a moment, "...definitely unexpected..."

Klaus snickered and brought his hand up and placed his left hand over top of her right hand, which had rested on his shoulder while the other one still in his hair, played with his curls, and his right hand to her thigh, since they were sitting face to face since she'd broken away from the kiss. He gave her thigh a gentle squeeze, and said, "Oh so I get it, so I'm your little cabana boy, am I?"

Caroline laughed, "Gosh and you're so funny, total bonus..." and leaned forward to touch her nose to his.

"Is that so? Well then, you should never meet me when I'm sober then..." Klaus admitted lightly but teasingly. Caroline let out a breath which sounded as if it were a small laugh, but then suddenly said, "Deal," and grabbed Klaus and this time was the one holding his face in her hands while she assaulted his mouth with the most passion-filled kiss she could muster, which caught Klaus off guard and allowed her to push him back towards the couch a bit, before he caught her, holding onto her torso above her waist. His hands then slid up her sides to go to her shoulder blades, but on their way up, lightly grazed the sides of her breasts, which were still covered from his touch through a sleep shirt and a sweater, but his touch still managed to take Caroline's breath away.

"Uh also I should warn you, I'm not very good at this..." she said, being the sheepish one this time. Klaus paused and stared at her, confused.

"And 'this' being...?"

"Huh... well... sex..." Klaus nearly died, she must be kidding. He laughed and shook his head. What the devil is this girl going on about? She calls me a good kisser, she's a phenomenal kisser, she can't possibly be 'bad' at sex... And just look at her, she's a knockout... what wankers have you been going out with, love?

"No, no..." Klaus refused to believe it, "there's no way that's true, love..." Caroline smiled, touched at his sincerity, but had to explain why she was so bad at sex.

"Yeah, well, the guy that I was living with for the past five years mentioned it, one, or twice... or five times, but who's counting... I mean, how was I supposed to forget a comment like that?"

"Quickly and easily, sweetheart..." he said simply. Caroline's eyes flickered around his face, realizing the raw honesty and sincerity, and loving that he was probably the most gracious and sympathetic people she'd ever met, much less become romantically involved with, and it was such a breath of fresh air...and a total turn on. She attacked him again, this time him welcoming it and meeting her every move tit for tat. She broke away again and opened her mouth to speak, making Klaus laugh at how verbose she was and finding it highly entertaining and completely adorable.

"You're right, I mean, how bad can I be? I mean sex is so basic, I mean it is pretty straight forward, I mean right?"


"Am I talking too much? Am I talking you out of this?"

Klaus looked her over and wondered how such a strong and spirited girl could be so unsure of herself, and realized that her humility was something that wildly attracted him to her. She was so real; no pretenses or filters, just her-sweet, simple Caroline. He chuckled, "No, surprisingly, not at all, love..." He leaned back in for another kiss, but paused close to her face, adding, "...how do you feel about foreplay?"

Caroline grinned in her own cheeky way, and murmured in a low tone, "I think it's seriously overrated... completely and extremely overrated..."

Despite the negative words, Klaus regarded the twinkle in her eye and her cheeky grin which succeeded more at being seductive than cheeky, and grinned back, "You are honestly one of the most interesting girls I have ever met..." And he meant it wholeheartedly. Caroline took the compliment and started to close the gap between them, both hands now in his hair, but when their lips were millimeters apart, she slowly pulled away, slowly and tantalizingly dragging her fingers through his scalp, down the sides of his face until one hand was holding his chin as she rose from the couch and held his chin until she was an arms length away and finally dropped it. Klaus's closed eyes and intimate face, from thinking he was about to kiss her, evolved quickly into a saucy grin as he realized what she was doing and saw her casually grab her glass and slowly drag the decanter of brandy off the table, her sweater sliding off her one shoulder slightly, revealing her smooth, pale shoulder as she slowly walked away from him, never tearing her eyes from his. Klaus groaned softly and said, "You see that? You're already better than you think, love..."

Caroline took the stopper out of the decanter and just placed it down somewhere, and poured herself a bit more brandy and took a big sip, then licked her lips, causing Klaus to groan again, and said, "Well I'm happy to prove that asshole wrong to you, Mr. Mikaelson..." Hearing her say his name like that, with that seductive tone and grin on her face, Klaus couldn't contain himself, he growled a bit and stood up from the couch, and crossed to her, and pulled her body into him and captured her lips with his own, still tasting the brandy on them.

As Klaus ravished her mouth, Caroline nearly dropped the decanter and glass just from the sheer feeling of her body against his. He was the yin to her yang and in their own unique, nonsensical yet sensical way fit together perfectly. His semi-soft yet woolen sweater and rough jeans contrasted her soft fuzzy sweater and the soft, flimsy fabric of her sleep shirt and pajama pants, which made it easier for her to feel things through the fabrics she was wearing. And all she felt was his solid, manly physic against her softer, feminine one, and that wasn't all she felt.

Apparently sitting on the couch in jeans had hidden it fairly well, because his arousal was completely evident whilst he was standing, and more importantly pressing his body to Caroline's. Her head was getting dizzy from his passionate kisses, the brandy, and the feeling of his body pressed to hers. Klaus pulled away though, allowing Caroline to catch her breath and pressed his forehead to hers, "Easy there, love... Pace yourself, wouldn't want to tire yourself out before the night's even begun..." He then swiftly and smoothly took the decanter and glass from her, finishing off what she had poured herself, and walked past her, holding the glass but letting his forefinger trail down her arm, from her shoulder down past her elbow, which only caused another shiver, and she staggered like he had earlier.

She turned and saw him ascending the staircase, knowingly dodging the low rafters which hung overhead, and heard him call over his shoulder, "Mind your head on the way up, darling..." Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Yeah, uh huh, could've used that advice 4 hours ago there, buddy..." as she followed him up, having to hold onto the railing to steady herself the whole time. She heard him chuckle, but was too preoccupied with getting up to the bedroom as quickly as possible.

When she arrived in the bedroom, dimly lit by only the lamp on the bedside table where the decanter of brandy sat, Klaus was already waiting, sitting on the bed, a freshly poured glass of brandy, sipping from it and giving her an inquisitive look. "Fancy some more, love?" he said, offering the glass to her.

"I can think of something much better..." she said as she charged at him, grabbing his face and kissing him with everything she had inside of her. All of her frustration, all of her neuroses, all of her insecurities, all of her fears, everything she loved, everything that made her happy, made her sad, made her angry; everything that made her who she was. Klaus sensed the difference in the kiss and put the glass down on the bedside table and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him until she was sitting on top of him, a knee on either side of his leg, straddling him as he sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled away and touched his forehead to hers and began rubbing her back, "Shhh shhh easy, love, easy..."

Caroline, breathing heavily, pulled away from Klaus and studied his face, taking in his concerned eyes. It was nice, seeing that shining back at her in his eyes, she couldn't remember the last time a guy looked at her like that; like how she felt meant the world to him, and event though they'd only met less than an hour ago, Caroline for some reason felt more at ease with him than any other man she'd ever been with. It was totally crazy, but she couldn't believe how quickly or how easily she clicked with him.

Once he saw that her hurriedness had died down, Klaus looked deeply into her eyes and then leaned in and placed a sweet, but strong kiss to her lips, before trailing his lips down her chin, then under her chin, down her neck, across her clavicle to her shoulder, which he unveiled slowly dragging her sweater down to expose the smooth, pale flesh that made him groan at the mere sight of before. He took his time doing all of this, and even though her breathing had slowed down, it stayed heavy as her senses went haywire feeling his lips dance across her skin. His eyes cast back up to hers as he slowly peeled her sweater off, taking the sweater off but still silently asking for permission and also giving her leeway to stop him if she wanted.

Instead of shying away or stopping him, Caroline let him peel the sweater off and let it fall to the ground, completely forgotten, and once it was gone, she moved her hands above her head. He immediately recognized the invitation to take her shirt off, and even though he was quivering with anticipation-knowing that she probably had nothing else on underneath the sleep shirt and would be half naked in front of him-he paused a moment to appreciate her and the gesture, and smiled at her warmly before bringing his hands to the bottom of the shirt.

He simply placed his hands underneath the shirt, flush against her skin and brought them up her sides, letting the fabric gather as it went up, until it was at her wrists and then he grabbed it and tossed it aside. Caroline brought her arms down and sat plain faced, waiting for a reaction. Klaus immediately kissed her, wanting to show her how much he appreciated her trust and openness to him, and he broke his lips away to kiss down the side of her face and her neck again, which Caroline let her head fall back to grant him better access to her neck, which Klaus gladly took, placing hot, open mouthed kisses along her soft skin, all the way to her shoulder, where he paused and took hold of her shoulders, lightly caressing them and rubbing them as he pulled his head back to gaze at her.

He could sit and admire her for hours, he was sure of it. She was ethereally beautiful, with her medium hair cascading loosely around her neck and shoulders, stopping just around her clavicle bone. The silky strands rested against her soft, supple pale skin which was like touching pure silk, and he admired her beautiful, perfectly sized round breasts. He let his hands fall to caress the soft skin at her waist and he said softly, "You're stunning, love..." Caroline smiled sweetly at him, she'd never had a guy make her feel as special as Klaus made her feel just uttering a single phrase and she loved how much of a gentleman he was being, it was like he was taking his time to worship her body. She gently took his hands off of her hips and placed them on her breasts, sighing at the feeling of his big, warm hands.

Klaus paused, unbelievably moved, even after her holding up her arms for him to take off her shirt, she was undoubtedly inviting him in, telling him, I want this... please... He gently moved his hands, caressing them gently, until he took each completely in each hand again and squeezed them gently, which caused Caroline to throw her head back and groan, which only aroused Klaus further, and he lowered his head to take one of the rosy pink nipples in his mouth. Caroline's hands flew to Klaus's hair and rooted themselves there as he lavished upon her one breast, then the other, until he moved back up to her lips and gently held her and laid her down on the bed and returned to continue his lavishing on her breasts.

Lying on her back, Caroline couldn't help but arch her back every time Klaus made the slightest little movement on either breast, wanting more of it, wanting more of him. She felt like she could never get close enough to him and it frustrated her and increased her desire exponentially as her hands trailed out of his hair and down his neck to his upper back and shoulders, equally frustrated with his sweater, which kept his skin out of touch. Hearing her groan and feeling her hands on his back, grabbing at his sweater again, Klaus paused a moment and sat up a bit and grabbed the back of the collar of his sweater and pulled it swiftly over his head, his undershirt going with it, and quickly returned back to Caroline and kissed her deftly.

The moment his sweater was off, her hands were everywhere, all over him and Caroline's moan was drowned in the back of her throat, feeling his heated skin underneath her touch. Klaus was apparently enjoying it, because he'd leveled his body with her own and was gently but firmly grinding himself against her body, which he had settled comfortably between her legs. Caroline nearly forgot her name and where she was, the stiff quality of the fabric of his jeans making his arousal even stronger and rougher against the flimsy quality of her pajama pants, but she wanted her own turn to lavish upon his body.

In a moment when his body allowed a little space between hers, she took the opportunity to push him and flip him over. It surprised him, but he loved how bold she was, taking control and allowed her to rest on top of him, their tongues still battling for control over the other. Caroline's lips, however, left his and traveled across his chin, down his neck and across his chest, which was broad and just muscular enough for her liking, and she happily placed hot, wet open mouthed kisses all over him, which made Klaus groan loudly making Caroline grin devilishly. Oh you moan like that now, you haven't seen anything yet, hon... she thought as she descended, placing kisses all along his abdomen, kissing each one of his abs in his six pack, but then moved lower and her hands went to the waist band of his jeans.

Klaus was completely lost in the feeling of having Caroline's lips on his skin, he couldn't believe his luck, he was sure he was the luckiest man in the world and would die happily in Caroline's arms if this is what it felt like. His breath tightened as he felt her kiss lower and lower down his abdomen but when he felt her hands go to his waistband, he immediately snapped out of it and grabbed her hands. No way, I'm not making this about me, she's had a rotten time since she got here, I'm going to show her a good time even if it kills me...

"Hold your horses there, sweetheart... tonight's not about me, love..." he said, holding her hands firmly and gently tugging her up to have her face parallel with his again. Caroline looked confused again, like when she was first kissing him, and she finally managed to say, "What?" Klaus laughed lightly at her obvious confusion, and rolled her over gently and pecked her sweetly on the lips again until he trailed up her chin and sucked on her earlobe gently. Caroline didn't understand. Why wouldn't he want her to go down on him? Hell, Tyler wouldn't even consider going down on her unless she did first, and here he was, stopping her from going down on him, insisting that their time together wouldn't be about him... Have I walked into a parallel universe or something? Caroline wondered to herself, I must have...

But her musings were interrupted as Klaus moved from sucking on her earlobe to kissing just below her ear where her skull met her neck, and she blanked on who she was again... How could he know that that was her weak spot? She moaned loudly and turned her head to give him better access. Klaus grinned and remembering her reaction for later, and kissed down her neck and body, going lower than he had before.

"You're so beautiful, Caroline... You're unlike any other girl I've ever met..." he murmured softly against her skin, and hearing his sexy accented voice and feeling his lips ghosting across her skin made Caroline's toes curl. Once he reached her navel, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her pajama pants and looked up her and he could've sworn he'd died and gone to heaven. Her golden hair fanned out on the pillow, her bright deep blue eyes gazing down at him over her luscious round breasts, her mouth gracefully turned upward into the sweetest smile he'd ever seen; this girl was truly an angel, he dared God to show him a single angel who could surpass the beauty of this lovely creature before him. He wanted to be sure she wanted him, and wouldn't go further unless she wanted to, but silently she reached down and untied the ties of her pajama pants, and he knew that she wanted him to keep going...

He slowly pulled her loosened pajama bottoms down her slender, beautiful legs, which were as beautifully pale and smooth as the rest of her body, and tossed them aside. She hadn't been wearing underwear, so he gently pressed his hands against her thighs so that she would open her legs and allow him to look at her. Caroline watched his careful ministrations with rapt attention, but swallowed at seeing his face while he was looking at her. The look on his face made her scared, but not in a way that made her want to push him off and run out of the room; his face looked hungry, ravenous even and he suddenly looked up at her and she could see the insatiable desire in his eyes and Caroline got even wetter than she'd already been.

Klaus lowered himself down her body and rested on his elbows and immediately began placing open mouthed kisses along her creamy, delicious thigh and Caroline let her head rest back into pillow and whimpered, savoring the feeling of his mouth on that lower part of her body, becoming anxious to feel his mouth on her parts. He kissed his way up her thigh, then repeated that motion on her other thigh before finally reaching the apex where he put his whole mouth on her, his tongue lavishing her, making her arch her back and call out suddenly, "Oh my god!" Klaus chuckled hearing her reaction, but wasn't letting up and allowing her arched back to distance her from his mouth, so he slid his hands underneath her, caressing her delectably smooth ass then hooking his hands over to pull her closer to him and trapping her there. Caroline was loosing her mind, she thrashed a bit, but began moving her body, meeting Klaus's tongue and grinding against him. Feeling her grinding against his mouth, Klaus took his mouth away and inserted two fingers into her, hooking them slightly, and pumping them in and out.

Caroline nearly fainted. She of course had done this before, I mean she was human and she had needs, especially Tyler stopped taking an interest in having sex she needed to take matters into her own hands, literally, but this was so much better, and hooking his fingers, he was hitting her G-spot which only heightened the whirlwind of sensations she was feeling all at once, and she moaned loudly when his mouth returned, lavishing her clit again while his fingers kept their motion. Klaus moaned, feeling how tight she was around his fingers, thinking, Oh dear god, what it would feel like to be inside her and have her slick tightness enveloping my stiffy, which was raging and straining against his jeans even more now, but he used that desire as fuel for his movements, and he thought, If you've only been with bloody selfish tossers before Caroline love, then I'm going to make sure you enjoy this and I promise I will make you feel so good, as you deserve, sweetheart.

She grabbed fistfuls of the sheets and even bit one of her fists at one moment and writhed uncontrollably and kept bringing her legs together instinctually to bring him even closer, but Klaus wouldn't allow it and kept pressing her legs to the bed, which only gave him better access and made him do even more, her constant moans and gasps spurring him on. He could feel her trembling and grinding against his fingers harder and knew she had to be close to climaxing, and he murmured, "Come on, sweetheart, come on love... Come for me, sweetheart, come for me darling..." At the sound of his voice, Caroline lost it all together, half moaning half screaming, "Oh... Oh Oh! Oh! Oh god, I'm coming... ooooh I'm coming, oh god, Klaus, mmmm Klaus!" Klaus went crazy, hearing her call his name like that, and quickened and intensified his movements, murmuring, "Yes, love, that's it... come, darling, come for me..." and his tongue played with her slit while his fingers kept moving, but he used his other hand to stimulate her clit, and that's when Caroline fell over the edge, her entire body going rigid and she didn't even try to mask her loud moans and screams, "Oh, oh! Yes! YES! OH YES KLAUS OH... YES! YES, KLAUS OH MY GOD..." and Klaus felt her clench around his fingers and felt her suddenly get even more slick, and kept pumping his fingers as she road the wave of her orgasm.

Caroline lay there, a boneless jelly like mess, breathing heavily and glistening slightly, and Klaus kissed up her body until he reached her face, which she summoned the strength to take his face in both hands and she gently rubbed his face with her thumbs, "You didn't have to do that..."

"Yes I did, love..." grinning that adorable dimpled grin that she loved, his eyes brightly smiling at her, and Caroline pulled his face to hers and kissed him tenderly, trying to thank him for unconditionally giving her such pleasure, which Klaus readily accepted, glad that she seemed to enjoy what he did, and Caroline pulled his face away and said very calmly, "Take off your pants." Klaus grinned, excited that she still wanted him, he wouldn't have blamed her if she'd called it quits after that, doing that to her had been thrilling enough, but he couldn't wait to feel that glorious tightness he'd felt on his fingers around his hard on, and cheerfully rose up and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and tossed them aside without a thought.

Now it was Caroline's turn to be speechless... she gazed upon his massive hard on and couldn't help but turn beet red again, thinking, Jesus H. Christ, he's huge... I don't know how much of him I'll be able to take, how do I even bring this up to him? Klaus saw the troubled look on Caroline's face and held her chin and tilted her face up and said, calmly, "Don't worry, love, we'll take this one step at a time..." Caroline was touched by how thoughtful he was being, and leaned up to kiss him. Klaus kissed Caroline sweetly, not wanting her to worry, he would only take things as far as she'd allow and he'd be happy for just that, when he broke away and suddenly moaned, her small hand wrapped around him. Caroline smiled, happy to know she had just as much power over him as he did her, and kissed his chin and slowly glided her hand up and down once, and said, "How about you let me handle this and we'll see what happens..." Klaus would've done and handstand and sang 'Happy Birthday' if she'd told him to, so he nodded, eyes still closed, reveling in the feeling of her hand touching him and Caroline easily rolled them over, so that he was on his back and she was straddling him. However, something did snap him back to reality for a moment.

"Wait, bullocks, I have a condom in my jacket downstairs, love..." Klaus said, holding her still, and scooting up into a sitting position so that he was resting on the pillows against the wrought iron headboard, his eyes telling her he wasn't about to be careless and was thinking of what was best for both of them. Caroline just smiled and kissed him, and touched his face gently, trying to smooth away the worried creases in his forehead.

"It's not important, I'm on the pill, hon..." she said simply, slowly touching her nose to his and rubbing them ever so slightly. She'd had no pressing reason to stay on it, since Tyler hadn't touched her in months, but she was glad to have her period regulated and be much lighter and consistent than it had been.

Klaus gazed up at her, believing that this strong, take charge, independent woman was telling the truth, and overcome with so many things at once; like the fact that she called him "hon" which was the first term of endearment she had used on him-he of course used terms like, "love" and "sweetheart" and "darling" all the time, either sincerely or sardonically, but when he was with Caroline, he found that those words flew out of him much more rapidly. He was also overcome with the thought of being in Caroline, nothing keeping them apart, just the two of them together. He brought his hands up to her face, gazing into her eyes and seeing her appreciative look, and realized how great they were together. They spent a moment gazing at each other, softly caressing each other and savoring the other's company, before they both moved at the same time, and they locked lips again in another slow, but wildly passionate kiss.

He allowed her to take control, he didn't want to push her further than she could go, he'd had bad experiences where he had been with women and they'd gone too fast and he unintentionally hurt women, and he couldn't let that happen with Caroline, he wouldn't. He'd let her set the pace, and he groaned as she started grinding against him again, her warm wetness rubbing against his hardness, but not entering her.

Caroline gasped at the feeling of his hard on coming in contact with her, and realized how long it had been since she had actually had sex. But she hadn't forgotten everything, and she confidently took hold of Klaus, which made him gasp, and she positioned herself over top of him, feeling the tip of him just begin to part her folds and she gazed down at him, him gazing back up at her with not just lust, but warmth and adoration, she knew she couldn't stop even if she tried.

She slowly slid down on him, little by little, testing herself, letting him stretch her and fill her slowly to see how far she could take him, and she moaned at the feeling of him filling her more and more and more and... suddenly she was sitting, her butt resting against his thighs, with him fully inside her. And it didn't hurt, it didn't hurt at all; actually it felt fucking amazing to Caroline. She sat for a moment, with her eyes closed, appreciating the feeling of fullness, she could feel Klaus everywhere and it felt phenomenal. Klaus's breathing suddenly was heavy too, he was overwhelmed by how good, no fucking brilliant she felt around him, how tight and warm, and he couldn't believe how much she was able to take in, not just most of him, but all of him. He tried to remember the last time a girl was able to, and he suddenly became aware of the fact that he had never, in his life, been with a girl that was able to take him inside herself fully. They really were made for each other.

"You're so incredible..." she suddenly heard. She opened her eyes and felt him caressing her hips softly like he had when he'd taken off her shirt, and he had that same tender look of appreciation on his face. She took his face in both hands and kissed him adoringly, not wanting the moment to end, but she felt the urge to move and she lifted herself up to the point that he was almost completely out of her and suddenly slid back down. Both couldn't sustain the kiss because both had to gasp at the amazing feeling she just created, and they couldn't stop. Caroline held on tightly to Klaus's face as she continued moving up and down, sliding him almost out of her then sliding back home, she was already trembling, feeling her next orgasm sneaking up on her. Klaus sensed it again, feeling her muscles flutter around him, and moved his hands to her hips, holding them and helping her move, and said, "Yes... that's it darling, go on... yes.. go on, love... let it happen..."

Hearing his encouragement and support and having his hands on her hips, Caroline began moving up and then slamming her body down to his, whimpering, "Mmm harder, Klaus... uhhh harder..." and Klaus needed no other motivation, and gripped her hips even tighter, pulling her down onto him harder, bringing his hips up with each thrust. Caroline moaned loudly, her hands leaving his chest and riding up her body, over her breasts and into her hair as she leaned back slightly, arching her back and thereby arching into Klaus's thrusts. Klaus swore he'd never seen anything so sexy, which made him even harder, if that was possible. One hand in her hair and one on her breast, Caroline leaned back until she took her hand from breast and reached behind her and held one of his legs for support. The angle drove Klaus crazy, and used one of his hands to rub her clit as that finally tipped her over the edge, Caroline shuddered and moaned, and screamed out his name as her orgasm washed over her.

Caroline fell forward and rested her head on Klaus's chest as she tried to catch her breath, "That was... oh my god..." she couldn't even find the words, and Klaus laughed lightly. Hearing his laugh made her lift her head up to study his face, "How was it for you?"

"It was great, love..." Caroline wasn't buying it. He was still in her and she could feel the tension in his lower abdomen and that he was still hard.

"You didn't come did you?"

"I enjoyed myself, love, that's all that matters..." he said, pecking her on the lips.

"How are you... like hell it does..." Caroline said, suddenly very energized. There was no way that a guy was going to give her that much pleasure in such a short amount of time and not experience some himself. Caroline suddenly sat up and spun so that she was facing his feet. Klaus moaned loudly, he was still inside her, and her spinning around him felt-he lacked the words.

"Bloody hell, Caroline..." Klaus managed to get out, his voice sounding strangled, his hands gripping her hips in an attempt to get a grip on himself. Caroline looked over her shoulder and looked at him and grinned, thinking to herself, I'm going to show you a good time even if it kills me... and began grinding against him, rotating her hips and swirling around him. He seemed to be liking it judging from his moans and how his hands had practically never left her ass since she turn around, so she tried something she remembered reading about in one of the numerous Cosmo magazines she'd read on the plane trip over. She leaned her front down, closer to his legs, then held onto his shins and ankles for leverage to push down on him more forcefully, and the new angle felt so amazing. She hoped it did for him too, she had read this kind of position would be pleasurable for a guy, when she heard him moaning her name, she let herself get lost in the feeling too. Suddenly he started lifting his hips more and that feeling intensified exponentially.

"Fuck!" Klaus suddenly heard it, following a gasp and he was shocked at hearing the profanity escape Caroline's lips. Again, he'd been the one "bloody this" and "bloody that" but hearing it come from Caroline, now, after 2 orgasms already, Klaus knew she was an open book and it was so mind-blowingly sexy. He wanted her to do it again, so he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on him as he thrusted up harder, and he wasn't disappointed.

"Oh god, fuuuck. Fuck yes..." he heard escape her lips and he felt her hands leave his feet and he saw them grab the small railing at the foot of the bed, her knuckles turning white instantly. Klaus sat up, wanting more control, loved watching her ass bounce up and down on him, but he suddenly heard her command, "Harder... ohhhh god Klaus, fuck me... fuck me harder..." Hearing how badly and forcefully she wanted, Klaus growled, more turned on than he had ever been, and rose up, without leaving her body for a second, into a kneeling position and pumped into her as if the devil were at his heels.

It was exactly what she wanted, and she moaned when she felt his hands leave her ass and slide down her back and around her front to massage her breasts, and she felt his lips follow the path his hands had made and she felt him take one of his hands and brush her hair aside so he could lavish kisses on her shoulders and neck, which she leaned her head to the side so he could kiss more skin. He lightly pinched her nipples and kissed her right on that spot below her ear, she felt her orgasm starting, and she instinctively arched her back and reached behind her and buried one of her hands in his blonde curls and tugged gently, moaning, "Oh god, yes... ohhh oh yesss... mmm fuck, Klaus... I'm coming... I'm coming Klaus, come with me... come with me, Klaus..." and hearing her beg him to come with her made Klaus completely stark raving mad and his alpha male came out and he growled possessively of her and rose up and grabbed her hips, slamming her down onto him, his boys coming in contact with her clit and pushing her over the edge. Once her walls clenched down on Klaus again, it was all he needed to follow her right over the edge, with what sounded half like a roar and half screaming out Caroline's name.

They both were panting, Klaus still in Caroline, who was resting her head on the bed, trying to gain control of her lungs again, which felt like all the oxygen in the world could not assuage. Klaus, still panting himself, leaned down and pressed kisses all along her lower back, neither his body nor his mind believing what just happened to him. Caroline smiled, feeling the intimate kisses, and as she turned up to look at him, he gently pulled out of her and pulled her up to him and kissed her ardently. Caroline loved this, Tyler'd fuck her fast then having had what he wanted roll over and pass out, but Klaus's worship of her body didn't stop after he'd climaxed. He brought her down in his arms with her to lie on down on the pillows with him, never breaking the kiss, if anything only intensifying it.

Caroline smiled, rolling on top Klaus and ran her hands down his shoulders and back up to his face as Klaus's lips left hers and continued to dote upon her neck and throat. She hummed contentedly, and she heard him whisper softly against her skin, "I enjoy you, Miss Forbes..." She ran her fingers through his hair peacefully, "As do I, Mr. Mikaelson..." she sighed, "...that was... the best I ever had..." Klaus looked up at her proudly, and she smiled, and lightly traced the features of his face, "...I can't remember the last time I felt this way..." Klaus was so taken aback by the combination of her words and the look on her face, he had set out to make sure she had a good time here before she left tomorrow, and he knew he'd accomplished that task. But remembering that by tomorrow afternoon, hell, this afternoon, she'd be gone was suddenly an thought too unpleasant to bear and made Klaus's stomach flip. Caroline saw the change on his face from being proud and happy looking to troubled and wondered why.

"What's wrong?" she asked softly, sounding worried herself, placing a her hand on the side of his face and rubbing his cheek with her thumb. Klaus smiled sadly, taking her hand in his and placed a kiss on the palm of her hand, and a small gasp escaped Caroline's lips. She'd read about that in romance novels and seen it once or twice in movies or TV shows and always wanted someone to do that to her. He smiled at her reaction even more, then said simply, "Nothing... nothing at all love, I'm just really glad that I'm here..." Caroline smiled at him, wondering how lucky she felt right now, to be in the arms of a man that was so happy just to have her in his company, who made her feel more amazing than she'd ever felt her in life. She felt like she'd known him forever, even though it had only been for the past couple of hours. She placed a firm kiss to his lips and whispered, "So am I..."

Klaus smiled, trying to memorized every little detail: how long her eyelashes were, the curve of her eye brow, her cute little button nose, her naturally rosy lips which were even more rosy and swollen from his kisses, the way her silky blonde hair fell gracefully in her face. He kissed her again, and pulled her tight in his arms, Caroline naturally folding down into his embrace, her head resting on his chest, tucking underneath his chin. She placed a kiss to his chest before she nuzzled her head back in her little nook and sighed contentedly again. Klaus switched off the lamp beside them, pulled a blanket over them and ran his fingers along her back, tracing designs all the way up, then all the way down, he loved touching her... circles, spirals, her back became the canvas for his fingers, even though to him, she was already a masterpiece.

"Good night, Klaus..."

"Good night... sweet Caroline..."