Taking a Chance: A Klaroline Fanfic

Based on the movie The Holiday

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers

Author's Note: Thank you guys so much for your feedback, I love hearing that you guys are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it... Sorry if it seems like I take a while to update, I'm trying to update as much as I can! Well here's a little more Rebekah for you, as she makes another new friend, one she never would've expected (people who've seen The Holiday know what I mean, but I bet you'll never guess which TVD character it is!)... And this won't be the Mabekah date chapter, it'll be another kind of date with Rebekah's new friend Bonnie and Klaroline's morning after date... Also I hope you guys liked my nod to Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto in the last chapter ;)

Anyway, without further ado...

Chapter 8

"No, I think you should totally go the skinny jeans route..." Bonnie said, looking at the two options Rebekah was holding up.

"But this dress is cute!" Rebekah objected.

"Bekah, if I had your figure, I wouldn't hide it underneath a baggy skirt, I'd be flaunting those curves..."

"You're ridiculous, you have a gorgeous figure..."

"Don't patronize me, I have no ass! I've accepted it!" Bonnie insisted, Rebekah laughing, and pointed at her, "And don't try to deflect and make this about me! I'm telling you, skinny jeans plus a cute top is the way to go for your date..."

"It's not a date, Bonnie, he's got a girlfriend... you know that..."

"A girlfriend that ditched him, even though she knows that he loves The Killers! It's one of his favorite bands! That being said, you have a duty to be some much needed arm candy for Matt while his girlfriend cheats on him with her restaurant..." Bonnie said, taking the dress out of Rebekah's hands and putting it back on the rack where she got it.

Rebekah laughed, "So you're her bff, right?" Bonnie rolled her eyes at her.

"Of course... I just came from getting mani-pedis with her after we went to see a chick flick together... duh..." she said sarcastically, Rebekah laughing the whole time.

"Oh... fine..." Rebekah conceded, draping the black skinny jeans Bonnie had found for her over her arm and moving to the rack beside her to start flipping through tops.

"You know, I asked if you'd come shopping with me to help me pick out an outfit for the concert, not pick one for me... I thought I'd implied there'd be a certain amount of teamwork involved..."

"Hey, there may be no 'I' in team but there is a 'me' in team, so anytime you want me to leave, just say the word..." Bonnie said, smirking and raising an eyebrow to Rebekah. Rebekah raised her hands defensively and then continued flipping through the rack, and Bonnie gave her a knowing look before turning back to the clothing rack she'd started sifting through.

"Besides, why do you need a brand new outfit if he has a girlfriend?" she said, glancing up at Rebekah, who'd started to turn pink.

"I told you... I don't have any clothes appropriate for a concert... it's not for Matt..."

"Uh huh..." Bonnie said, sounding unconvinced, "...You know, Beks, it's okay to admit you like him..."

Rebekah sighed. "Fine, okay, I like him! So what?" she said, pausing and looking up at Bonnie, "...Does it change anything? He's still dating someone, and I'm still single with the man who ripped my heart out and put it in a blender emailing me and texting me all the time..."

"I knew it! It was that rat bastard that emailed you at the beginning of lunch, wasn't it? What part of vacation doesn't he understand?" Bonnie said. They had just come from lunch after Rebekah had texted her if she came to help her find an outfit for the concert, she'd treat for lunch. They stayed talking for so long the wait staff were already starting the change over for dinner, and Rebekah had told Bonnie about the whole Damon ordeal.

"Yes, it was him... but I did tell him I would read his pages..."

"That's bullshit and you know it, Bekah!" Bonnie said seriously, "You said that he emailed you when you were flying over and you were honest and told him that you needed separation, now is he giving you that? No!"

"But... I mean he needs me, and he says I'm the best at giving notes and critiques..."

"Oh please, stop excusing him..." Bonnie said, scoffing, "You asked him to leave you be, and he isn't... he's taking advantage of you like he always has and you just don't wanna see it that way..." Bonnie suddenly stopped and took Rebekah's hands in both of hers. "Rebekah Mikaelson, you're one of the sweetest people I've ever met and you have so much to offer the world. You deserve someone who sees the beautiful, kind, thoughtful, strong woman that I do and really appreciates you for who you are..." Rebekah started to feel a little teary eyed at Bonnie's ardent confession, and breathed out a tiny laugh and looked at the floor.

"You sound like my friend, Carol..."

"Sounds like a smart woman..." Bonnie said, smiling and squeezing Rebekah's hands. "Okay... now let's find you the rest of your outfit for your date..."

"It's not a date!" Rebekah groaned, shaking her head.

"That's what you think..." Bonnie said, pointing a finger at her and smiling, then returning to the clothing rack she'd been inspecting.

"Seriously, Bonnie... I'm not a home-wrecker... I couldn't do to any woman what was done to me..."

"Oh, I know that! Still... Matt just might see the light about Jules and profess his everlasting love and devotion to you and make you stay here stateside..." Rebekah laughed so hard she nearly snorted. Bonnie couldn't help but join in on the laughter.

"What? I can dream, can't I? I mean they've only been dating for less than a year..."

Rebekah let out an exasperated sigh. "Come on, I still need some sort of top and shoes to go with these jeans..."

Rebekah waved as she drove away from Bonnie's house. Bonnie yelled her thanks for giving her a ride as she waved from her doorway and she went inside and closed her door behind her. Rebekah turned on the radio, found a good song and popped her last Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in her mouth. Oh god, I've missed these! Rebekah moaned happily, savoring the chocolate and peanut butter. The last time she'd had a Reeses cup was when she and Damon were dating and he brought some back after his trip home to the U.S. Bonnie had laughed when she'd gotten all excited seeing them in the vending machine in the mall, but after learning that they didn't have them in the U.K. she immediately sympathized.

She swayed her head to the music, smiling and feeling in the best mood ever. She had spent the day with Bonnie and had the Killers concert with Matt tomorrow night, and Bonnie had talked her into going to a spa with her tomorrow before Matt picked her up; what more could she ask for? She stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things for the next week and soon was turning the corner and approaching Caroline's neighborhood. She looked around enjoying the scenic houses and foliage, when she suddenly saw the little old man with the walker that she'd bumped into the other day. He was alone and he had a worried expression on his face, and Rebekah watched him and realized. Oh no, is he lost? she thought to herself, and as she drew closer, she knew she couldn't just pass by, so she found a good spot to stop and drove ahead of him and pulled over. She turned off the ignition and hopped out of the car and walked back towards him.

"Hello! How are you?" she said brightly. He looked up at her and blinked and didn't answer. Rebekah decided to stay up beat and not scare the poor man, so she kept smiling and added, "Might I give you a ride home?"

"Why? Do you know where I live?" the man asked, not sounding harsh, but honestly curious.

"I believe I do, yes!" she said just as brightly as before, trying to look and sound encouraging.

"Good... that makes one of us..." he said with a cheeky smile. Rebekah laughed and gestured to Caroline's car.

"Well then, shall we?"

"By all means..." the man answered, starting towards the car slowly, inch by inch with his walker.

"I'm Rebekah, by the way... Rebekah Mikaelson, I'm staying in your next door neighbor Caroline Forbes' house..."

"Very nice to meet you, Rebekah... My name is Alaric, Alaric Saltzman..."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Saltzman..."

"Oh please, call me Rick..."

"Only if you call me Bekah..."

"Can't argue with that logic..." Alaric said with a smile and Rebekah returned the smile. Before they knew it, they were pulling into Alaric's driveway.

"Here we are..." she said.

"You know," Alaric started, "there used to be 5 houses on this whole block... then more and more started popping up and the ones that had been here, like your friend's, were remodeled. That's why I couldn't figure out where I was, nothing looked like what I remembered..."

"Oh, well that would be confusing..." Rebekah sympathized. Alaric smiled at her.

"How do you spell your name?"

"Oh! Um, with a K-A-H... it's R-E-B-E-K-A-H..."

"The Biblical spelling..."

"That's right!"

"Is your family either Jewish or Polish?"

"Um, no, not to my knowledge..."

"I just wondered, it's a more faithful translation of the Hebrew... Spielberg debated whether to use your spelling or C-C-A when he was naming his daughter Sasha..."

"Oh really? That's interesting... how do you know that?"

"Because he told me once..." Alaric said nonchalantly as he turned to open the car door. Rebekah stared after him, stunned, before turning and scrambling out her side to fetch his walker and help him out.

"So... you, uh... worked for Steven Spielberg?" she asked, opening his walker and placing it in front of him.

"In a way..." Alaric said, taking hold of his walker and slowly starting towards the front door, "...I was a historical consultant for him when he came to Richmond to film that Lincoln movie..."

"Wait, the Lincoln movie he's making with Daniel Day-Lewis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tommy Lee Jones?" Rebekah said, shocked.

"Yep..." Alaric said nonchalantly again.

"So... you're a historian then?"

"Was..." Alaric corrected, "...over the last few years, I've helped consult for a few historical movies and TV series..."

"Really? That's incredible! Which ones?" Rebekah said, excitedly.

"Huh... hmmm... well, let's see..." Alaric said, pausing on the ramp leading up to his door to think. "Well, uh... there was that Civil War one with that blonde Australian actress and Julian Law, or something a few years back..."

"Cold Mountain? With Nicole Kidman and Jude Law?" Rebekah asked excitedly.

"Yes, that's the one... he was very nice, and I was very impressed by his Southern American accent... you Brits..." he said, winking at Rebekah, and she laughed. "Uh... I also consulted on that John Adams series with Paul Giamatti and Laura whats-her-name..."

"Laura Linney? I love her..." she all but squealed.

"Yes, she was very kind... Umm... I also worked on the TV movie about the suffragettes with that boxer girl and McSomething, the one with the hair, and the Sally Hemings TV movie with Sam Neill..." Ever the movie junkie, Rebekah's head was spinning as she realized the amazing list of award-winning directors and actors Alaric has worked with included Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney, Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, Frances O'Connor, Anjelica Huston and Vera Farmiga.

"That's incredible!" she managed to gasp.

"Yeah well... I liked Spielberg the best... I was very impressed with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan, and he let me pick his brain over lunch one day during the filming for Lincoln... I told him Schindler was never arrested for kissing a Jewish girl, only for black market trading, but he knew that, he said it was just a believable plot device... which I absolutely agreed with... not to his face, of course, but..." he said with a grin and Rebekah laughed.

"Nothing like scolding an Academy Award winner to brighten your day, eh, Rick?" Rebekah asked, unlocking his door for him and getting a laugh from Alaric.

"Yep... it keeps me young..." he joked, entering his house and depositing his walker before walking into his living room. Rebekah looked around and smiled, enjoying the warm and cozy feeling of Alaric's house. She saw thousands of books, most them historical ones of course, but she also saw maps and pictures, a few with his celebrity acquaintances, a few autographs, and she saw a black and white photo of a beautiful woman in a long white gown and she knew it must be of his wife Isobel, whom had recently died last year he informed her. She turned and saw him approaching his pitiful looking dinner of chicken and vegetables on a tray by the armchair and TV and realized how alone Alaric was. This must be a day that the aid she saw him with the last time wasn't with him or only with him part of the time. She cleared her throat.

"Well... goodbye then..." she said, and Alaric turned back to face her, "It was so good to meet you, Rick..."

"Well, thank you... thank you for rescuing me..." he replied with a wink.

"A pleasure..." she assured him, placing his keys on the hall table, then turning to leave. She paused and turned back.

"Actually... I've just arrived here, I'm here for two weeks on vacation and Caroline is staying at my home in London... I've only met a few people... if you're not busy, would you like to join me for dinner tonight?"

"'Busy'?" Alaric repeated, smirking, "Honey, I haven't been busy since 1978! Feel like Italian? I know a great place..."

Rebekah smiled widely at the adorable old man. "I love Italian... where to?"

Caroline groaned as she exited the taxi and stepped onto the street.

"Come on, Klaus! Tell me where we're going! I'm not good with surprises..."

"You'll know soon enough..." he laughed, tipping the cabbie and crossing to Caroline, offering up his arm, which she grudgingly took after rolling her eyes.

"Seriously... What if I don't like it?" she pouted, like she pouted the whole taxi ride over.

"Then we'll go somewhere else! Just wait and see, let loose and let someone else drive the car for a bit, will ya?" Klaus nudged her and Caroline couldn't help but smirk.

"So, what? You're saying that I`m basically an insecure, neurotic, control-freak, right?"

"I didn't say anything, love... But now that you mention it..." he said, with a smirk.

"Shut up!" she laughed, almost pushing him off the curb but she stopped short when she saw the sign of the building that they were approaching.

"The Savoy Grill?" she gasped.

"Mmhmm..." Klaus murmured.

"Isn't this Gordon Ramsay's restaurant?"

"One of them..."

"OH MY GOD! I LOVE GORDON RAMSAY!" Caroline squealed, but she stopped when she saw the knowing, cheeky smile on Klaus's face.

"Fine, I'm a terrible, awful person... but I'm working on it!" she admitted defensively. Klaus laughed and took her hand.

"Come on, love... let's get some food in you..." he said, leading her inside. Caroline glanced down at their entwined hands and smiled a bit to herself. Once they got inside, Klaus dropped their hands but it was only because a man in a chef's jacket greeted him loudly and pulled him into his arms to hug him.

"Klaus! How's it going, man?" the man said, hugging Klaus then pulling back and gripping his shoulders.

"Hey Nate... thanks for squeezing us in, mate..." Klaus said gratefully, clapping him on the shoulder.

"Anytime, Klaus... I owed you one anyway..." Nate said, shaking Klaus's shoulders teasingly, but then turned and grinned at Caroline. "So this is your lady friend?" Klaus rolled his eyes at his friend's description, but Caroline chuckled, so he smiled as well.

"Nate, this is Caroline, she's staying in Bekah's house while Bekah's on vacation in the States... Caroline, this is my good friend, Nate, sous chef and all around tosser..." he said, jokingly punching him on the shoulder.

"Bullocks! I've got more class in one finger than you have in your entire body, you twit..." he said, giving Klaus an indignant look while taking Caroline's hand and kissing it. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Forbes..." Klaus rolled his eyes and Caroline laughed, blushing slightly.

"Likewise... thank you so much for getting us a reservation!" Caroline smiled at Nate and he smiled back.

"Of course... I mean I couldn't say no, it's not easy to return favors for Klaus, so I had to jump at the chance," he said lightly with a smile, and Klaus grumbled.

"He exaggerates... how about you show us the table, there, Nate?" Nate looked back and forth between Caroline and Klaus and smirked.

"Sure thing, mate... Right this way..." he gestured for them to follow him, grabbing two menus and leading the way.

"Well Nate is quite the character..." Caroline whispered to Klaus, smiling.

"You don't know the half of it..." Klaus replied.

"What favor did you do for him?" she inquired.

"Trust me, you don't want to know..." he replied quickly, and she laughed.

"Here we are..." Nate said, stopping by a nice booth tucked in the corner, but still close by the kitchen.

"Thank you so much..." Caroline repeated as she took a seat.

"Of course," Nate said, waiting for them to sit before he handed them their menus. "And if you like seafood, Caroline, I suggest the Smoked haddock and king prawn fish cake with poached egg mustard sauce..."

"Oh, okay! That sounds delicious..."

"It is, and Nate cooks it the best..." Klaus assured, and Nate made a face and put his hand on his heart.

"Oh Klaus, I'm touched!" he said dramatically and Caroline laughed and Klaus shook his head at his friend. "But as Klaus knows, Caroline, if you'd like something else, just let me know, I can whip you up something from the dinner menu if you'd like, the staff knows Klaus well enough, they know I prepare his stuff..."

"Great! Thank you so much!" Caroline smiled.

"You're most welcome... Good to see you, Klaus..." Nate said, shaking Klaus's hand.

"Thanks, mate..." Klaus said, shaking his hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you, Caroline! Enjoy!" Nate said with a smile and a nod as he turned to go back to the kitchen.

"You too, Nate! Thank you!" Caroline called after him.

"Don't worry, it's all good, so you can't go wrong, no matter what you choose..." Klaus assured her. Caroline nodded and smiled, then scanned the menu. A friendly looking middle aged woman suddenly approached their table. Klaus smiled at the woman.

"Hello, Lisa, how are you, love..."

"Fantastic now that you're here, Klaus, darling!" Lisa smiled at Klaus, putting a hand on his shoulder, then smiled at Caroline, "And who is this lovely lady you've brought with you?"

"This is my friend, Caroline... Caroline, this is Lisa... she's been here as long as I've been coming here... at least as long as Nate's been here..."

"Longer! But don't tell anyone that... I can usually fool people when I tell them I'm only 37!" The woman fake whispered, and the pair laughed.

"It's so nice to meet you, Lisa..." Caroline smiled, extending her hand which Lisa took and shook.

"You too, dearie... you are just so pretty... I've never seen Klaus bring a girl in here before, much less one as gorgeous as you are!"

Caroline blushed, "Thank you... you're too kind..."

"Oh nonsense, ducky, you are! Anyway... now that I'm finished thoroughly embarrassing Mr. Critic over here, what will you be having to drink this afternoon?" she said with a knowing smile.

"I'll have a glass of the house red, Lisa, thank you... and Caroline?" he said, looking over across the table.

"Oh, no wine for me! I really should detox today..." Klaus chuckled and Caroline smiled up at Lisa, "I'll just have water with lemon please!"

"Right away! I'll give you lovebirds a chance to look over the menu then..." the woman said, winking at Klaus and walking away. Caroline and Klaus chuckled nervously with each other and stared at their menus, sneaking glances at each other here and there.

"So... um... you're a critic?" Caroline said, putting on her business face and wanting to break the awkward silence Lisa left them in. Klaus was grateful she did.

"Yes I am..."

"What kind of a critic?"

"A very mean one."

Caroline laughed, "No, you know what I mean, are you like a film critic? Or like a book critic?"

"I'm an art critique, actually... I write for an art magazine, Art Monthly. It's Britain's longest-established contemporary art magazine, it's based here in London. I actually started in 2007 when they started expanding their website in the hopes of reaching a more diverse contemporary art readership..."

"And what did you study in school?"

"I received both my Bachelor's Degree and my Master's in Fine Art..."

"And did you always know this is what you wanted to do?"

"Okay, my palms are starting to sweat," Klaus said, putting his menu down, "I feel like I'm on a job interview, do you by any chance know how to be on a date?"

"I'm sorry! Oh my gosh... I'm interrogating you..." Caroline said, blushing and covering half her face with her hand, and Klaus laughed, "...Sorry, the news reporter's coming out...I'm sorry, I haven't been on a first date in... a very long time..." she said, casting her eyes down at her place setting, embarrassed.

"Well... maybe since we've already had sex and slept together twice..." Klaus started, lowering his voice, "...maybe we can bend the first date rules..." It caused Caroline to raise her eyes up and look at him shocked that he said it out loud, in public, and glanced around to make sure no one heard him, but was relieved to see that they were in the perfect little nook in the corner that afforded them some much appreciated privacy.

"I mean, especially if you consider last night a date, I mean it was kind of a double date since Paul came with Torrey—why are you blushing?" Klaus suddenly stopped himself, gazing at Caroline.

Caroline covered her face with both hands when he mentioned her blush. "I didn't realize I was! I guess you make me nervous..." she laughed nervously to demonstrate what she meant, then added, "Okay! I'm going to try to be myself, which is never easy... but I'll try to be the non-neurotic version of myself..." she nodded to reassure both him and herself. Klaus nodded as well, and they realized that the conversation had suddenly stopped and they both spoke at once.

"So, um-"

"Oh right... so your question was: did I always know I wanted to critique art? The answer is yes and no... Art has always been a big part of my life, it's probably my greatest passion... it wasn't exactly what my parents had in mind, my father built a fortune capitalizing on producing firearms and other weaponry and my mother originated the White Witch Organic Skin Care line, it became pretty popular in France and a few other countries... so they both expected me to go into the business world, but when I started pursuing art, they decided if I was going into the art world I was going to be the best at art, so they immediately put me in classes at the Central Saint Martins College, which is part of the University of the Arts London." Caroline nodded and reacted periodically through Klaus's explanation, and when he finished looked at his empty wrist and smirked at her.

"Okay, I believe my time is up..." he said, giving her a knowing look and she realized he was telling her that he expected her to share with him now, and she felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach.

"Really?" she said quickly, and Klaus saw her go a little pale and he placed he hand over hers on the table to reassure her. "Deep breaths..." Caroline nodded and followed his instructions, and when she saw his expression, she smiled and made a show of fanning herself and summoning up courage.


"Yeah..." she breathed, then focused and looked at him and began, "Well as I mentioned last night with Paul and Torrey, I'm the executive producer for our local news syndicate in Mystic Falls..." Klaus made a face.

"I didn't realize you were the executive producer..."

"Hmm... that's probably because I didn't mention it," she admitted, although she didn't act concerned that she'd left out that detail and continued, "but now that I know that you were raised by a strong working mother, maybe I can say it and you won't be intimidated by it..." She finished, hoping that her gamble had paid off and that it justified leaving out that detail before. Klaus laughed.

"No no, I'm still a little intimidated by it..."

"Well 'a little' is perfect in my book... way better than I've gotten in the past..." she confessed, and Klaus nodded understandingly, before giving her a thoughtful look.

"And what about your family?"

Caroline sighed, hoping that she'd be able to skip right over that subject, but she conceded that having lunch with the brother of the woman whose house she was staying in probably wasn't the best way to avoid it.

"Okay, I'll say it fast..." Klaus blinked then let his face become neutral, not sure what Caroline was going to say next, and she took a deep breath and just dove in.

"My parents broke up when I was 15, I'm an only child, and I, uh..." Caroline blinked as she realized she couldn't figure out a more delicate way to say what she was thinking, so she was just honest and admitted, "...I didn't see it coming... we were really close, we used to call ourselves 'the Three Musketeers'..." Klaus reacted to her admission, but it was lost on Caroline, who had suddenly become very fascinated with her napkin holder.

"Then one night after dinner," Caroline continued, "they sat me down and told me that they were separating..." she laughed wryly, "...I thought they were joking... but that's when I saw that suitcase in the hallway out of the corner of my eye... and my dad moved out that night... and I think I cried myself to sleep for... well, a long time... then I realized I had to toughen up, get a thicker skin, so I got through it and..." she squinted her eyes embarrassedly, "...I sort of haven't cried since..." when Klaus's face looked sympathetic instead of appalled or shocked, she continued, "...I also haven't thought about that suitcase, like... ever... not in over 10 years... jeez Louise, that's a long time... God, that makes me feel old!" she said, shocking herself. "Anyway, that's my tragic little story... let's order!" she finished, holding her menu up in front of her face, which she knew must be beet red at the moment.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Klaus interrupted, gently lowering her menu to see her face, "You haven't cried since you were 15 years old?" Caroline sighed, afraid that he'd get as hung up on it as Tyler had and decided to make fun of herself in light of it.

"I know it must mean something awful... but... I mean I try! Honestly, I really do! I sat there for like 30 minutes after Tyler and I broke up trying to conjure up tears, and nada!"

"Right, but that could also mean that he wasn't worth crying over, Caroline..." he said, honestly, giving her a look and she laughed.

"That is very true and most likely why... Anyway, let's talk about you some more, please, I..." she started and he took the cue, he knew she'd bared a little more than she'd intended, but he appreciated her honesty, and he wanted to make sure she knew he wasn't judging her.

"Right! Absolutely, well... I cry all the time..." he said in a light tone and Caroline laughed and slammed her menu down.

"You do not!"

"Yeah, I do..." he said, very seriously even though he was smiling he stared her down, "...more than any woman you've ever met, I'm serious..."

"Please, don't humor me... you don't have to be this nice..." Caroline laughed, shaking her head at him disbelievingly.

"Well I know you happen to think it's solely for your sensitivities... but it's the truth... a good book, a great movie... a birthday card... I weep..."

"Shut up..." Caroline said in between hysterical laughs.

"I'm serious! I'm a major weeper! I am!" Klaus insisted, and Caroline laughed, loving how his accent turned the word 'weeper' into 'weepah.' From then on, the conversation flowed continuously and effortlessly. They laughed, shared food, and just enjoyed each other's company. Caroline couldn't believe how good a time she was having. She took up Nate on his suggestion and had the fish cake, and it was one of the most delicious things she'd ever tasted. She even caved and finally agreed to have a glass of wine with Klaus, but only one.

Caroline felt bad for enjoying the fact that the tables had turned from last night and now suddenly Klaus was the one with nearly a bottle of wine in his system and her being in control. They ordered their desserts, both agreeing to get a different one to share with the other, and by this time, Klaus was on his second glass of scotch so she decided to see what she could get out of him.

"Okay, so seriously, you've gotta offer up something better than being a 'weepah'..." Caroline mimicked his accent and he laughed, "...come on, I bared my soul! Now spill!"

"Ah... well what did you call your story? 'Tragic'? Well if you're looking for a tragedy, then look no further than this man, right here..." Klaus pointed to himself.

"Okay, most tragic life events..." Caroline laughed, "...and go!"

"Okay... well I told you that Finn is our eldest sibling, followed by Elijah, then myself, then Kol, then baby Bekah?"


"Well what I should've said was Finn is our eldest living sibling..."

"Oh?" Caroline froze, "Really?"

"Yep... My parents, my eldest brother Zachariah and Finn got into a car accident before Elijah or myself were even born, only my parents and Finn survived it, Zachariah didn't make it..."

"Oh my god... that's awful..." Caroline remarked sadly.

"Yeah, but it was long before I was born, Finn was super young and didn't even remember the accident, so my parents buried it deep in the past... Henrik, however, was a little harder to forget..."

"Who's Henrik?"

"Henrik was technically the baby of the Mikaelson clan... he was a lot younger than the rest of us, and it was pretty obvious he was an accident..." Caroline nearly choked on her sip of water.

"Um, why do you say that?"

"Well my parents began having serious issues when my mom was carrying Rebekah and after she was born, we all thought they'd get divorced, then out of nowhere came Henrik..." Klaus took another sip of his wine then looked very brooding. "My father was always a bit of a bastard really... he was always very hateful and spiteful, especially to me... and especially after Henrik died..."

Caroline gazed at Klaus and she knew she shouldn't pry, but she just had to know, "How did Henrik die, Klaus?" Klaus looked down at his place setting, his face suddenly clouded with shame and regret and slowly bit by bit, he recounted every last detail.

"I was about 16 or 17, so Henrik was around 8 or so, and it we were going through a bit of a rough time before my dad's company hit its stride, so I was working a job, just like Finn and Elijah to help support us all... I hated it, but with all of our combined efforts, we were making ends meet... it was not easy supporting a family of eight, but we managed somehow... anyway, there was this movie that Henrik wanted to see very badly... I sympathized with him, I knew all his friends and the other kids in his year were all going to see it, but we didn't have a lot of spare money to throw around for what my father called "frivolous expenditures"... but I'd kept a little money from one of my paychecks because I knew how badly he wanted to see it... so one night after I came home from work, we snuck out to go see it, and on the way home..."

Caroline reached over and placed her hand on top of Klaus's. "What happened, Klaus...?" Klaus balled up his fist under Caroline's hand and she rubbed it soothingly with her thumb and she saw him grit his teeth as he remembered.

"We were just walking home... and we lived in the worst bloody neighborhood, one of the most dodgy I've even known, and we were nearly home when we crossed paths with some thugs who kept harassing us and wouldn't leave us alone... The started scaring Henrik so I threw the last of the money I had at them and told them to piss off and one grabbed me and cold cocked me and one pulled a knife and it was all a blur..." Caroline could hear Klaus' voice wavering and she squeezed his hand. "...I don't know what happened, but I guess Henrik tried to protect me and..."

Caroline saw a single tear drop down Klaus's face, which he quickly wiped away with the back of his hand, but Caroline got up without a word and slid into Klaus's side of the booth next to him and wrapped her arm around his shoulders and rubbed his arm with her other hand.

"All I remember is them shouting and running away, and when I picked myself up off the ground, Henrik was keeled over, blood seeping from his shirt... He died in my arms..."

"Oh, Klaus..." Caroline whispered, laying her head down on his shoulder and rubbing his arm more.

"My father never forgave me... not like it mattered, he always hated me..." Klaus laughed dryly, "...it was actually because of Henrik's funeral that I learned why... he had one too many drinks, like always, and got angry and yelled at me, saying that God took the wrong son, he should've taken the bastard mutt..."

"What?" Caroline gasped, raising her head up to look at him.

"Yep... apparently my mother had 'a moment of weakness' as she called it that drove her into the arms of another man... meaning the man that I took shit from for nearly 17 years wasn't really my father... and I was only a half-sibling to the people I'd grown up with my whole life..." he said humorlessly, throwing back the last of his scotch.

"Klaus... that is a terrible burden for anyone to take... much less at the age of 17..." Caroline said, trying to show him the compassion she knew he'd been due since he was a teenager.

"Yep... Bet you're glad I asked you out to lunch, eh?" he said, his humor becoming more stony and morose.

"I am, as a matter of fact..." Caroline said seriously, turning to face him more and clasping his hand with both of hers. Klaus, still staring at his place setting, scoffed tersely, and Caroline, frustrated that he didn't believe her, took hold of his chin and turned his face, forcing his eyes to meet hers.

"Niklaus Mikaelson, you are the most kind, considerate, warm, unselfish, noble, and loving man that I've ever been lucky enough to know... I have never felt more cared for and important in my life than when I'm with you, in your company, either publicly or intimately. You are a great person who shouldn't have a tragic past define who you are... Just because your father never loved you, you can't assume that no one else will either..." Klaus tried to turn his face away but Caroline held her ground and wouldn't budge, "And that's why you're relationships with the rest of your family are strained, and why you have one night stands, it's because you won't let anyone in, Klaus... And Henrik would not have wanted you to carry this burden around for half your life... he just wouldn't Klaus..." Klaus took in everything Caroline had said and finally sighed, blinking back the rest of his tears, gratitude and admiration in his eyes.

"Caroline... I..." he started slowly, but she put a finger to his lips and smiled and shook her head slightly, searching his eyes. He closed his mouth and smiled, knowing that she wasn't expecting a reply and was stunned and couldn't believe how lucky he was to meet someone who just got him. Caroline's eyes flickered back and forth between his eyes and his lips, before slowly bringing her lips to his in a sweet kiss. She had let go of his hand and was gently cradling his face in both of her hands. Klaus surrendered himself to the sweet release and placed his hands over hers and when she pulled away and he rubbed his thumbs on her hands, which were still on either side of his face. He gazed into her eyes and mouthed his thanks, and Caroline just smiled at him. They suddenly heard a throat clear and they looked over and saw Lisa standing by apologetically, holding a dessert in each hand.

"Sorry, I hate to interrupt, really I do, but these won't last forever, and they're best when their fresh, trust me!" Caroline and Klaus laughed and straightened in their seats.

"Thank you, Lisa... we'll take them now..." Caroline said, smiling at the kind, sweet lady. Lisa smiled at her and placed the desserts in front of them without another word and left them. Caroline turned to look at Klaus and smiled.

"Nothing like desserts for a broken heart..." Caroline said cheerfully, her hand moving from the back of his neck where she'd been rubbing her thumb gently, and picking up her dessert fork.

"I think my heart's already mending..." Klaus said, gazing at Caroline, and Caroline paused, and looked at him from the corner of her eye and could tell he wasn't looking at the desserts. Caroline couldn't keep the small smile from gracing her face, but she decided to change the subject to a lighter one and dipped her fork into her dessert. She murmured approvingly and she heard Klaus's voice.


"Positively scrumptious! Here have some..." she said, getting a forkful for him and feeding him right from her fork. He murmured and nodded in agreement.

"You got the cherries jubilee right?" he asked.

"Mmhmm! What about you? What did you get again?"

"Chocolate marquis with lavender ice cream..." Klaus said, holding out his fork for her to try some, which she did and murmured.

"Oh, you definitely got the winner... not that this is bad, but... I may just have to steal that from you..." she grinned, stealing a big forkful, and Klaus yanked the plate away as she stuffed it in her mouth.

"Hey! I thought we were sharing..." Klaus said, defensively throwing a hand over his dessert and Caroline gave him a serious face.

"We are... you're just going to be sharing the rest of that dessert!" Caroline said, before cracking a smirk, and trying to get another forkful of his dessert.

"Hey! Watch that fork, Blondie..." he said with a smile, deflecting her attack.

"Who're you calling 'Blondie,' Curly?" she said, placing her hand in his hair and tousling his curls. The pair laughed and enjoyed their desserts with Nate and Lisa watching them from afar and smiling.

After they'd finished lunch, they said gave thanks and said goodbye to Nate and Lisa, and left the Savoy Grille and walked for a bit, holding hands and fingers laced and Caroline groaned.

"God, I'm so stuffed... I'm gonna be as big as a house by the time I leave..."

"I like a girl with a little meat on her bones..." Klaus said with a grin.

"Oh do you?" Caroline quirked an eyebrow at him and paused on the sidewalk.

"That's what I just said," Klaus said, pulling her close.

"Oh, well I didn't say I was right now, so I guess we'll have to go find you one..." Caroline said, pulling away from him, but Klaus grabbed her before she could escape.

"Too bad..." he smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning his face down. Caroline met him halfway and as they kissed, her fingers buried themselves in his hair. The kiss deepened and she tugged on his hair gently, pulling him in tighter and he tightened his grip on her waist, pulling her to him. She thought she'd die feeling her lower body pressed so close to his and she pulled her lips away from him and rested her forehead on his.

"Do you wanna...?" she gasped.

"Abso-fucking-lutely..." he breathed.

"Good..." she said, resolved to get them back to the house as quickly as possible. She turned and flagged down a taxi on her first try and they clambered into the cab. Caroline gave the cabbie Rebekah's address and before they even pulled away, Klaus was kissing the side of Caroline's face and jaw. She gasped and leaned into his kiss before turning her head and capturing his lips again. Klaus grabbed her her face and pulled her close, and soon broke away from her lips to plant kisses down her jaw and neck. Caroline gasped, but suddenly felt self-conscious making out with him in the back seat of the cab with the cabbie inches from them.

"Wait, Klaus..."she gasped, and Klaus raised his head to look at her, and then he saw her embarrassed face and followed where she was glancing and realized she was indicating the cabbie.

"I apologize..."

"No, don't... I mean, I want you just as much... just... wait, not here..." she assured him quietly, touching his cheekbone. Klaus didn't say a word, but took hold of Caroline's hand that was touching his face and placed soft kisses to her fingertips. Caroline smiled sweetly and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before scooting away from him, since she barely trusted herself to keep her hands to herself, much less him. She looked over and saw him staring stonily out the window and she looked down and saw his hand resting on the seat in between them, so she took his hand and laced her fingers with his like they had when they walked on the street together. He turned and looked down at their entwined hands and looked up at her and saw her watching him, smiling. He raised up their hands and placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

A few minutes later, they were walking up the pathway to Rebekah's cottage, still holding hands. Klaus hadn't made a move, not even to kiss her since the cab left, but Caroline didn't question it as she unlocked the front door and they stepped inside. They released their hands to take off their coats and Caroline took off her arm warmers and hat and tossed them on the table by the coat rack. She looked at Klaus and smiled but he still seemed distant and deep in thought, so Caroline shrugged.

"I guess I'll... make us some tea or something..." she said, crossing into the kitchen. What I'd really like right now is a drink, she thought to herself, Did I blow it? I wasn't totally rejecting his advances, I just didn't want to be going at it in the back of a cab... She thought as the water started boiling and she gathered some tea bags and put them in mugs. She didn't know if he took his tea with milk so she turned to go get it out of the fridge, but was surprised by turning and seeing him standing right in her path.

"Jesus... Klaus, you scared the crap out of me!" she scolded, but stopped cold when she saw his undecipherable expression.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asked, but he didn't say a word and walked towards her slowly, and when they were finally face to face, he brought his hands up slowly and began caressing her face with his fingertips. They barely ghosted across her skin and Caroline's brain and senses were going haywire from the moment he started walking towards her taking in everything he did and everything that was happening. He'd stopped so deliberately close, she was amazed that they seemed to be pressing against each other when he didn't use a single hand to bring their bodies together. If she hadn't been so fascinated with his actions, her eyes would've slipped closed the moment his fingertips touched her skin. They seemed to dance along her skin, moving along her cheekbones and the sides of her face, then he slowly leaned down and placed his lips on hers.

It barely seemed like a kiss, it was merely lips touching, but a million different things were buzzing around in Caroline's head as it happened since he kept his hands on her face. He cradled her face even more gently than she had when she'd held his face in the restaurant, and Caroline was humming with desire. She moaned softly and attempted to deepen the kiss, which Klaus allowed but he kept the pace achingly slow. She came to realize that Klaus's hands on her face were keeping her from falling to the ground in a boneless, jelly-like mess, and once she regained the feeling in her fingers, she moved her hands up to take their rightful place in his hair.

She felt his hands slowly move away from her face, so she clung to his head to keep from falling, but even though his hands merely slid down her body, she knew he'd never let her fall. His hands moved tantalizingly down her sides and slid her shirt up her sides like they had the last time they they had sex and Caroline, overwhelmed by the anticipation, moved slightly and pulled her sleeveless Givenchy blouse off, pulling her bolero with it, tossing it on the floor. She moved back to kiss him, and as he kissed her, his hands were back on her body and they slid down her body, and they moved over butt and hooked themselves on the back of her legs. She realized what he was trying to do, so she grabbed onto the back of his neck and jumped up into his arms, allowing his to catch her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Instead of turning and carrying her up to the bed like she expected, he took hold of her, and gently moved her back and placed her on the countertop. She was intrigued but never let her lips leave his the entire time.

When he'd placed her down, he pulled away and held her face and gazed at it for a moment, and Caroline smiled at him, happy to see the Klaus she recognized gazing back at her. He brought his face back to hers, but instead planted a kiss to the corner of her mouth and proceeded to kiss way down her jaw and down her neck. Caroline moaned and, feeling him place light kisses across the top of her breasts, reached behind herself and unfastened her black lacy bra and tossed it across the room without a second thought. He gazed at her before lowering his head down and taking a nipple in his mouth, swirling it with his tongue. Caroline let her head fall back against the cabinet, letting him ravish each breast before he trailed his mouth down her stomach and stopping at the waistband of her pleated, grey tweed mini skirt.

He suddenly stopped his ministrations with his mouth and bunched up the skirt around her waist, revealing her black tights and black panties. Caroline could practically hear her heart thumping loudly in her chest as if it were amplified on a speaker, and watched Klaus as he slowly and deliberately pulled her tights down her legs, keeping his eyes on hers the entire time. When her panties joined her tights, forgotten on the floor somewhere, he slowly crawled up her body, kissing her calves and slowly placing kisses up her legs before he stopped level with her waist again and made sure the skirt was bunched up adequately around her waist. He watched her chest heave as her breathing got heavy and kept his eyes on hers his lips descended and he kissed his way up her thighs until his mouth was fully on her. Caroline cried out and buried her hands in his hair, her fingernails lightly skimming his scalp and his movements increased, and Caroline audibly reacted to everything she felt him doing. Very quickly she was undone, ironically just the kettle started to whistle, and Klaus kissed up her body before turning the stove off and moving the kettle aside.

He went back to Caroline and she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her face to his shoulder, but she became annoyed at his thin sweater being a barrier and moved away to pull it quickly up and off his body and returned to the same spot, kissing his shoulder and stroking his back with her fingertips. He suddenly moved and scooped her up off the counter, holding her behind her back and behind her knees and moved towards the stairs and Caroline planted kisses along his chest the whole way there. When they arrived at the bedroom, Caroline had already kissed up his neck and face and was sucking gently on his earlobe, he gently placed her down the bed. He buried his hands in her hair, pulling her face to his but Caroline pulled him down on top of her and one he was down, she rolled him over. She quickly rid him of his jeans and pants, but he pulled her back into his arms and she sat his lap and faced him.

He looked like he was about to say something, but instead he took his hand and let his palm trail the side of her face until his pointer finger trailed down her neck and collar bone and circled her shoulder. She watched his face until she finally placed her own palm to his face, and holding his face, moving her hand down from the top of his face to cupping his chin and he suddenly gasped. She realized it was because she had pressed her other palm to his chest, over top of his heart, and although the movement had not be as deliberate as the one on his face, it was nonetheless natural to Caroline. After he gasped, the last thing she expected was to feel his big warm hand press to the one the that was on his heart, but Caroline felt her own heart tug as she felt that his heart was beating just as fast as hers. She smiled and took his other hand and placed it over her own heart to show him how their heartbeats matched and he smiled back at her. She knew then and there that every time with Klaus would be like the first time. She had never had this much chemistry with anyone and she knew she'd never be able to be with another man like she was with Klaus. She was just herself.

She leaned in to rub the tip of her nose to his before capturing his lips with hers again, and their tongues came together in a harmonious dance and wrapped their arms around each other. Their bodies pressed so close she didn't even realize that they had become one and as they held onto each other, wrapped in the others embrace, they moved as one. It was so beautiful, any other person would've been brought to tears, but since Caroline lacked them, her body reacted to the emotional union by trembling. It only made Klaus hold her tighter, hoping to quell her trembling, which in turn made Caroline cling to him more tightly, wrapping her arms tightly securely around his shoulders. Klaus's arms were wrapped around her torso, they were practically squeezing themselves together, but Caroline knew that the either could never be closer to the other.

Caroline felt her release building and unburied her head from the side of Klaus's neck and pulled him in for a kiss, holding the back of his head, and Klaus mirrored her movements, his fingers rooting themselves amidst her long blonde locks. Their movements continued and Klaus placed hot kisses all the way down her chest and began ravishing her breasts once more. It sent a wave of pleasure shooting through her body and she couldn't help but let her head fall back, overcome and consumed by desire and wanting to give him better access to continue his actions. It was only a matter of moments, but suddenly Caroline's head snapped back forward.

"Klaus..." she breathed and his head snapped up as well. It was the first time they'd spoken since he moved towards her in the kitchen and he studied her face, but they continued to move together and Caroline held his face with both hands. It seemed like she was going to kiss him, but she kept their lips a hair's width away, their breath intermingling and she kept her eyes locked on his.

She soon fell over the edge and moaned gripping onto the back of Klaus's head and neck, shuttering slightly and watching her lose herself all the while looking at him made him follow soon behind her. They held each other, even after climaxing, and Klaus finally moved and raised his hand to her face, caressing her cheek with the palm of his hand and swiping his thumb across her bottom lip before pressing his lips gently to hers.

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