So this short angsty drabble has been sitting on a ripped, crinkled paper in purple ink for nearly a year. Just found it and thought I'd upload it. :) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts = Not Mine

The sand crunches under your feet as you walk out to watch the sunset. You close your eyes, inhaling the salty air deeply. Amidst the sounds of the crashing waves, you hear footsteps. You barely register that fact until you feel two strong arms wrap around your waist. You keep your eyes closed, holding your breath and waiting for the person to speak.

"Hey, Kai." He whispers, breathing on your neck - sending chills down your spine, despite the summer weather. His arms tighten around your waist as he tries to turn you to face him. Although your eyes are still closed you can feel him smiling at you, the warmth you feel from it like the sun's warm rays on your skin. The blush on your cheeks is evident; you can feel it developing. You hear him chuckling as he lightly brushes away loose strands of hair from your face, leaving a trail of electricity wherever he touched. Everything is suddenly noticeable – the warmth of his skin, the beat of his heart matching yours, the closeness of his presence. You can hear the soft inhale and exhale of his lungs as he gets closer and closer. You hold your breath as you feel his lips touch yours. You open your eyes…

…and you're met with nothing but the waves and the sand – completely alone on the beach.

"I thought," You speak out loud, choking on the lump forming in your throat and tears falling from your eyes. "That maybe, just maybe, I would see him."

I know, stories like this are getting kinda old.

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