Because come on the dude has to be seething at Regina . . . .

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Gold - no Rumpelstiltskin - is angry.

It's not the right word he supposes because nothing can describe the twisting dragon that's in his head routing in outrage at what has happened.

He was lied to for thirty - horrible, lonely, guilt filled - years, and in this time his - sweet, beautiful, utterly precious - Belle had been within Regina's - no The Queen's - grasp, going through hell after he cast her out.

And he knows what happens next because Henry should he waking up right now - he knew that Emma would figure it out, that somehow she would know just like her parents that true love tromped all - and the curse would be one step closer to being broken, and The Queen would be running away her tail between her legs.

And soon the battle would begin for everyone's happy ending.

Emma would win like he always knew she would – because he knows good will always tromp evil and if he's honest that scares him because where does that leave him? – and the Queen would lose. But not before he got a crack at Regina and punched her fucking pretty little face in for deceiving him and making him live in such utter agony for years believing that it was his fault that the only thing that he had left worth loving was dead.

And he is livid, and he can feel the magic slowly seeping back into his bones, and he wants to fight because it isn't fair that Belle was trapped and he had to live with guilt as his one companion for so many years. He wants to be brave and live in the moment, instead of a cowardly lion that only plans, never acts. He wants to fight for his Bae and for his Belle.

Regina had made a mistake in choosing to lie to him about Belle, because while the action was meant to cripple him - and while it had worked for a time - all of it had been undone the moment he saw her – beautiful, confused, scared, beloved - face. And while Regina with her bloody smiles thought she had won, all she had done is make sure he would never help her again, all she had done is make him hunger for her blood to be spilt.

Because while he was no white knight - hardly a saint, or anything worth reverence - his heart beat, and as long as his heart beat than he would always, always love.

Regina had made a mistake in choosing to take the last thing he loved, because in trying to make him a cowardly lion, she had made him a phoenix that burned to protect all that was his.