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Me: Oh, I have an idea! Let's get Dan and Natalie to do it!

*Dan and Natalie disappear mysteriously after hearing this.*

Me: Oh, never mind…I don't own the 39 Clues, Gucci, Prada, video games, ninjas…or anything I might've mentioned in here that doesn't belong to me.

She glanced over at him and smirked, her glossy hair billowing in the wind. He rolled his eyes at her, but inside, he longed to just grab her and tell her what he thought about her-that she was beautiful, and that she was amazing.

He didn't have the guts to tell her-he never would. So he sat down and waited, until the day when his life ended, alone-without her.

She would never like him the way he liked her, never, ever. So there was no point in thinking about her, no point. It would just tear him apart and make him stay up endless nights, wondering about her.

He couldn't tell anybody, because nobody would understand, not even Amy, and most especially not Nellie.

Nobody had ever expected him to fall for the Cobra.

Nobody had ever expected him to stay up nights thinking about her, wondering if she had gotten another boyfriend-which was highly likely, considering how beautiful and rich she was.

Sure, she wasn't as good as ninjas, but pretty close.

Nobody had ever expected Dan Cahill to rank Natalie Kabra almost as high as ninjas and video games.

-Dream, Love, Smile-

She came home, her hair messed up and her clothes all wrinkled, grumbling about how relationships never seemed to work out.

Her brother smirked at her, and suggested that perhaps the reason relationships didn't work out was because she wasn't desirable. She knew this wasn't true. She knew that she was desired by all the boys in her neighbourhood-but the reasons relationships didn't work out was because of him. She had never succeeded in getting him out of her head.

Inside, she had held on to a fleeting hope that he had not forgotten her, so she had never allowed any relationships to work out. She had lured boys in, brought them close…and then built up walls that would shut them out. She wondered what he was doing, wondered endlessly. Wondered what those mischievous jade green eyes were thinking about whenever she saw a video game or a photo of a ninja.

Then again, almost anything reminded her of Dan Cahill.

She couldn't exactly tell anyone about her thoughts, her feelings. Ian, even though he had fallen for Amy long ago, would never understand why she had fallen for Dan Cahill, of all people.

Nobody would've ever guessed that she had fallen for Dan Cahill.

Nobody would've ever guessed she wanted Dan Cahill more than the latest edition Gucci bag, or Prada bag, or new line of Chanel perfume.

-Dream, Love, Smile-

And that is why it was so hard. What Dan and Natalie had was what the heart desired endlessly, but the mind steered them away from.

And it was slowly tearing both of them apart, thinking about the other.

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