Sometime after Over the Limit 2012

It was another very sad epidode of Raw. Sad as in predictalbe and boring

Brotus Clay won yet another match, against the Miz

"I'm getting all these wins, yet I havan't gotten a title shot," Clay said while he was dancing after his win

(He Really should get one now. Ry-back to)

Cole was annoying everyone watching theday night show on their TV's

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger STILL hadn't got the message they should drop Viky as they both lost matches.

D. Bryan was also being annoying.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!..."

The vegan superstar said as he beat some mid card nobody

All the while AJ was still trying to get back with him

And most of all...John Laurinaitis was still the biggest asshole, pile of crap, makes the WWE universe buy earplugs and barfbags. And tune into TNA instead.

Anyway Johnny "Asshole" Laurinaitis was in the ring at the moment. Talking about his "people power." Which had nothing to do with the people at all.

"I beat Cena at Over the Limit," he boasted "I am..."

Just then HHH's music played, and the Game appread.

"John." He began "I may have issues with Brock Lessnar now. The only reason you won at Over The Limit was cause you made Big Show sell out. Now I talked to the board of directors, and tonight. You're job will be on the line again!"

HHH left.

Soon enough the main event came

Johnny was in the ring, wondering who HHH had picked for his opponent

"WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!" Zack Ryders music played as the main broski came to the ring. A smile on his face, yet under that happy face. Deep down Zack wanted revenge for having Jackass Johnny lose his U.S. Title.

Zack took no time toying with Johnny and quicky Broski Booted and Rough Rode Johnny into a 1,2,3.

Once he won though, HHH's music played.

"Congratulations Zack. Because of you Johnny is no longer the GM of Raw and Smackdown. Yet now I need a new GM to take his place, you up for it?"

Zack gradly took up the job, and his first orders of business was fire David and Eve, and then fire Cole and give Teddy his job on comentary.

So with practically all of the annoying people gone, the WWE rose to new heights.

Rating went though the roof and broke records, every show was sold out.

And the WWE universe was as happy as ever.

The End