Chapter 1: The Confusing Problem

Rocky Blue's P.O.V.

I was walking down the hall to my locker like how I do everyday before school starts in my normal attire; a black tank top with a white over shirt which matches my dark blue ripped jeans which match my light blue Nike high tops. Well until I heard my name that is.

"Rocky!" I turned to the source of the voice and found Cece Jones; my best friend, running towards me. Her fiery red hair flying behind her as she sped down the hall towards me. Her sparkly black 'Dance Is My Passion' shirt hugging her torso nicely showing off her lovely slight curves, her light blue ripped skinny jeans showing her slim legs with her black leather boots. I'm surprised she hasn't tripped yet. Speaking of tripping, she just tripped right now... Oh my gosh she just tripped and is falling towards me. I held my arms out to catch her and she falls directly into me and we both fall to the ground, me cushioning her fall.

"Ow," I chuckle a bit, "Hello to you too Cece." She blushes as she looks up to me, then retreats her gaze. "Gosh she's so cute." I thought. I look at our potion and see that Cece is laying directly on top of me, my arms securely wrapped around her waist, her hands on my shoulders to keep herself from fully collapsing on me, her stomach and lower region fully pushing onto mine.

"Sorry Rocks." She smiled shyly at me and all I could do was smile back. Before I speak I push a strand of hair out of her face and look into her eyes.

"It's alright Red. Now let's get up before people stare any longer and tell me why you screamed my name as you ran down the hall." We both laugh as we look around the hall and get up. We dust ourselves off and go to our lockers. "So what's so important that you yelled my name and ran down the hall to me. You usually never run to tell me something." She opened her locker and looked around.

"Well there's a rumor going around that there's going to be this huge fight between your bother and Gunther." When I heard this I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Gunther and my brother; Ty have been having a good friendly relationship since my bother tired to help Gunther get a girlfriend. In fact Gunther's been coming over to our apartment to hang out, I've even gotten closer with the Hessenhefer.

"Did you hear why they are going to fight?" I asked curious but, Cece shook her head.

"No one really knows, not even Tinka. She's been freaking out this entire morning." I nod my head now concerned for Ty, I need to find him. Luckily he was walking down the hall with Deuce and Dina right now.

"Hey I'll be right back okay? I'm gonna talk to my brother real fast." Cece nodded, kissed my cheek and looked down at her iPhone. Well I should probably answer a question to you all as I start walking to my brother.

Am I dating Cece? No I'm not we're just really friendly.

Do I want to date Cece? Do I have a crush on Cece? Yes and yes; you see I have some what developed a crush on her since well about a few months after we met. I didn't quite understand what I was feeling until middle school when I asked Ty about it (So yes he knows about it but only him and he accepts it). Well you all know my secret but she doesn't know so... Shhhhh.

"Ty can we talk?" I say as I approach him. He nods and he fixes his plain gray button up long sleeve shirt, matching with his black jeans and white Nike high tops.

"Sawp lil sis?" I cross my arms and sigh.

"What's this rumor about you and Gunther? I thought you guys were friends." Ty stiffened and ran his fingers through his black slick hair.

"I know, that's what I thought too but Gunther called me last night and totally blew up at me and I don't even know why. I asked Tinka this morning but all she told me was to avoid him for the time being, she even told me to tell you not to have any contact with him either." I couldn't believe what I was hearing no one knew why Gunther was so mad at Ty and it seems like Tinka is scared about what may happen so she's warning everyone. We all then say Tinka walked quickly towards us.

"You guys have to go right now, Gunther is coming here soon." She looks towards my locker and keeps her gaze there. I raise an eyebrow and look as well, all I see is Cece. After a second I understood what she wanted and quickly walked over to Cece closing her locker and grabbing her hand.

"Come on we have to go." I tell her, she looks at me strangely but nods following me and the others out of the halls to the band room. We all walk in and sit down around the room. Dina and Deuce sitting near the furthest wall from the door, Ty sitting at the drum set and Cece and I sitting on the piano bench. Everyone was silent until Cece turned to me and asked me a question.

"Rocky what's going on? Did you find out something about Gunther?" I sigh and look at her.

"We did but it's confusing. All we know is that we must stay as far away from Gunther as possible. I don't know why but we have to." I then remembered Ty had a phone call with Gunther last night. "Wait, Ty what did Gunther say to you last night?" Ty scratched his head trying to recall what had happened.

"Well he said that he wasn't happy, that he found something out, that I should have told him and that he's going to get us back for not telling him. I don't know what he's talking about though I wasn't hiding anything from him, none of us were." That's we all were confused. Deuce then spoke up.

"Maybe he found out that we all went to that senior party without him." I shook my head.

"No he knew, I had asked him to come with us the day before but he told me he was busy that day." This time Cece spoke.

"Do you think he find out that I took his betwinkler?" We all looked at Cece with a confused face. "What? I like sparkly cloths sometimes sue me!" We all chuckled a bit and all agreed that Gunther wouldn't get mad about that (He owned at least 56 be twinklers... I'm not joking he does).

"Then what can it be, it's not like we have a huge secret that none of us knows." Dina said, that's when it hit me, did he know that I was bisexual? I looked over at Ty who had gone into a deep thought, I guess he was thinking the same thing. Everyone was now starring at us like they were trying to get into our heads. I looked over at Cece and she had worry in her eyes. I had sighed and pulled her into a comforting hug.

"Cece don't worry, there's nothing to worry about okay?" Cece just nods and buries her face into my neck, I look over at Ty and he gives me a sympathetic smile. He knows that I may not be able to have Cece but he knows I'm happy and satisfied with what I have now but he also know that I just wish that it was a bit more than just a friendship.

Tinka's P.O.V.

"Gunther, stop all of this nonsense what is that point of all of this?" I have never seen my brother like this, he has never been this mad. In fact he's never been mad in general.

"You wouldn't understand Tinka, this is between me and the Blue's and Jones." What did Rocky OR Cece have to do with this? They are best friends who haven't caused ANY problems to anyone... Well except some of the teachers and their parents but that's it. They were too loyal to their friends, they would never do anything to hurt us.

"What does Rocky or Cece have to do with this? They haven't done anything to you Gunther!" I yell, that's when he snaps at me for the first time in his entire life.

"Shut up Tinka! I told you you wouldn't understand so stay out of it!" He fumed, slammed his locker and walked off to his homeroom. I was afraid, not just from Gunther but I was afraid that my friends were in some deep trouble. I just hope that this blows off soon... before things start to get worse.

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