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ReallyaDog!Alfred x Matthew

Rated: T

It had been exactly one week since he last saw Alfred or Arthur.

'Maybe Arthur fixed his fence?' Matthew thought, rather missing Alfred's enthusiastic and very affectionate greetings (even if that meant being knocked down to the ground and getting his uniform a little dirty).

He took a glance at Arthur's house as he walked past it, a bit disappointed that even couldn't even hear Alfred barking at some random squrriel, let alone see him within the yard.

'Tomorrow, I guess.' He sighed, clutching his backpack tighter to his shoulders and continued his walk home in absolute silence.

That is, until he was tackled from behind and knocked face-first into the dirt, "Whatever I did, I'm sorry!" Matthew quickly said in a panic, hoping that he wasn't being robbed or was going to be abducted or something even worse.

"Mattie~ you smell awesome as always!"

'What. The. Hell?' Matthew stiffened under whoever was on top of him and he wondered mentally if he had heard those words correctly.

"I haven't seen you for a long long time!" The voice said excitedly, "Look, I can talk like you now!" Matthew flinched when a tongue licked at his cheek.

The teen remained in a state of total shock when he was forcibly turned over on his back and a heavy weight settled on his chest.

His mouth opened, but nothing came out as he stared at blond male with bright blue eyes and golden hair that reminded him of a certain dog, "..."

But the thing that stunned him the most was the stranger was wearing nothing except for a pair of boxers – and he was sitting on top of him.

"Mattie, you okay?" The boy titled his head in the exact same manner that Alfred the dog would do, "Mattie, look! Look at me!"


What the f**k was going on?