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"Han, stop it." Spencer said unconvincingly. "Oh, gosh." She moaned as Hanna continued to kiss a trail up her neck and then nipped at the skin behind her ear.

"Yeah, it really sounds like you want me to stop, Spence." Hanna responded as slid her hands into Spencer's long chestnut hair and pulled her head back, giving Hanna a better view of her neck.

"I need to study for this French test. It's tomorrow." Spencer managed to squeak out before Hanna started biting and licking at her pulse point, causing Spencer to moan again.

"Well you can practice on me, I find it incredibly sexy when you speak French." Hanna offered, ceasing her assault on Spencer's neck, smirking when Spencer looked at her with desire.

"Oh really, Miss Marin?" She asked, surprised.

"Definitely. Now, let's hear it. Get your cute butt to studying."

"Je souhaite que je n'aie pas dû étudier, je vous embrasse plutôt à la place." (I wish I didn't have to study, I'd rather kiss you instead). Spencer said quickly in perfect French as Hanna smiled brightly.

"Bien, il y a toujours demain." (Well, there is always tomorrow). Hanna said in a sultry French accent.

"Wait. You know what I just said? And you can speak French?" Spencer all but screeched as Hanna laughed.

"Yeah, I was waiting for you to finish up at practice the other day, so I perused your French book. Turns out you can learn a lot when you imagine your sexy girlfriend saying it to you in bed." Hanna winked at the still shocked brunette in front of her.

"Well, I definitely wasn't expecting that, but I happen to think that that is incredibly sexy." Spencer bit her lower lip as she looked up at her girlfriend.

"Ce soir, nous étudions. demain, nous allons une date?" (Tonight, we study. Tomorrow, we go on a date?) Hanna asked as she looked into Spencer's gorgeous eyes.

"Stupéfier de bruits." (Sounds amazing.)


"You really are incredible, Han. You know that, right? You really don't give yourself enough credit." Spencer said sincerely as she placed a kiss on Hanna's rosy cheek.

"Of course I'm incredible." Hanna joked.

"I really wish that you would show this side of you to more people. You're so smart and loving. And just plain extraordinary." Spencer said, completely infatuated with the beautiful blonde sitting in front of her.

"Well I'm glad you think so, because your opinion of my mind is the only one that I care about. Everyone else can think that all I know is what is written in Cosmo, I don't really care."

Spencer just smiled and leaned into Hanna and placed a quick kiss on her lips before sitting back in her original spot.

"So does that mean that we can forget studying and just make out instead?" Hanna asked innocently as she started sucking on Spencer's pulse point, causing the brunette's eyes to flutter shut and to throw her head back and moan while Hanna continued to work her magic.

Spencer was at a loss for words, so instead of saying something, she grabbed Hanna's now shoulder length, curly blonde hair and pulled her head so their lips connected roughly.

Hanna smirked into the kiss before she dragged her tongue against Spencer's bottom lip, getting the brunette to open her mouth almost immediately so Hanna's tongue could enter into her mouth, fighting against Spencer's tongue for dominance.

Two minutes later, they both pulled away, slightly panting and desperately needing oxygen.

"I have a proposition for you, Han."

"I like the sound of that. Shoot. I love propositions, especially if you end up without clothes." Hanna winked as Spencer smirked

"For every 30 minutes of studying, we get 5 minutes of distraction time."

"It's not great, but I'm guessing that's the best you're willing to do. So I'll take it." Hanna kissed Spencer one last time before she walked over to Spencer's desk and grabbed her French book for her.

"Thanks, babe. Oh, there are some new magazines that I thought you'd like in my book bag." The brunette started flipping to the right page in her book before looking up at Hanna, who was just starting to look through her book bag.

"That's so sweet, Spence. Thanks." Hanna shot Spencer an adorable smile.

"Don't mention it." She smiled happily, "And maybe I can go over all my French stuff and then we can just have a conversation or something in French."

"Whatever you think will help, Spence! But I know about two more phrases. I only paid attention to ones that I could see one of us saying to the other."

"Well, it'll still be a big help!"

Hanna made her way over to Spencer's bed and sat down next to the brunette. After five minutes, she shifted and ended up laying on her back with her feet in Spencer's lap, causing Spencer to smile. She loved being close to Hanna in whatever way she could. She and Hanna would always rest their legs against the others while they were sitting next to or across from each other at school, since no one knew that they were going out.

30 minutes later, Hanna and Spencer were both engrossed in what they were doing. Hanna was staring at her magazine, but was really just listening to her girlfriend, who was saying words and phrases in French. Hanna was just about to flip the page in her magazine when she felt her leg being lifted up. She dropped the magazine onto her stomach and looked at her girlfriend, who was pressing a kiss to her ankle.

"Distraction time?" She asked innocently as she slightly tilted her head in the cutest way that Hanna thought her heart was going to burst out of happiness.

"Definitely." The blonde grabbed Spencer's hand and pulled her up, so she was kneeling above Hanna.

Spencer quickly put a knee on both side of Hanna's body and leaned down, pushing a lock of blonde hair off Hanna's forehead before she connected their lips.

Hanna had one hand gripping Spencer's hip and the other was sliding its way up Spencer's incredibly toned stomach and had just rested on one of her breasts when they heard a knock on the door.

"Shit." Spencer cursed as she rolled off of Hanna, groaning at the lack of contact.

Hanna sat up and started fixing her hair and quickly set the magazine on her lap while Spencer made her way to unlock her door, straightening out her shirt along the way.

"Aria, Emily, hi." She said as she opened her door, letting them in.

"Hey Spence. Oh, hi Hanna. Why was your door locked?" Aria asked as she walked in and set down her book bag.

"Oh, I was just tired of Melissa barging in here and being a bitch, so I locked it."

"Oh, gotcha. Hey, Han. I didn't know that you were over here." Emily said as she joined the blonde on the bed.

"Yeah, Spencer was just helping me with some algebra, and I was helping her with French."

"You don't speak French." Aria said as she snorted.

"I know, but I can read a flashcard." She said as she threw Spencer a wink.

"So, what's up?" Spencer finally asked as she went back to her place on the bed.

"We both need help in Chemistry. We tried calling, but you didn't answer." Aria explained for the two of them.

"Oh, I must have left my phone downstairs on the counter, sorry. But I can take a break from French and help you two for a while."

"Thanks Spence! You're a lifesaver." Emily quickly grabbed her Chemistry book, that way they could let Spencer get back to studying soon.

"Spence, you are amazing! Thanks so much!" Aria hugged Spencer tightly before she put her Chemistry book in her bag.

"Seriously, we owe you." Emily added as she pulled Spencer into a hug.

"No problem, I can help you whenever you need it."

The three girls left the room, leaving Hanna alone on Spencer's bed, looking through her magazine.

"I'm sorry that took so long, Han." Spencer said as she walked back into her room and quickly locked the door before she walked back over to her bed and straddled Hanna's lap as the blonde sat up against the headboard.

"That's okay, everyone just wants to take advantage of that big brain of yours. So the last time I checked, we still have 4 minutes of distraction time left."

"You are absolutely correct." Spencer immediately started placing kisses on Hanna's pale neck, smiling when she pulled back and Hanna threw her head back.

"Spence." The blonde moaned, waiting for Spencer's mouth to be on her neck again.

The brunette started sucking on Hanna's pulse point as she reached up and tangled her hands into Hanna's hair and pulled her head back a little bit more.

The blonde finally couldn't take it anymore so she grabbed Spencer's hair and pulled it back and roughly connected their lips.

Hanna almost immediately started dragging her tongue against Spencer's bottom lip, getting her to open her mouth and shove her tongue against Hanna's. She had already slipped her hand under Hanna's shirt and was slowly making her way up to her breasts.

"Stop teasing, Spence." Hanna said as she pulled her mouth away from Spencer's and tried to make the brunette's hand get to her breast faster.

"Patience, Han." Spencer smirked as she started kissing her lips again.

The second that she squeezed Hanna's boob, the blonde moaned and started to arch her back, throwing her boob further into Spencer's hand.

"Eager much, Han?" Spencer chuckled as the blonde sent her a sharp glare.

"Now is not the time, Spence."

"You know how much I want to, Han, but I need to study." Spencer said as she placed a chaste kiss on Hanna's lips and then climbed off of her lap.

"Seriously?" The blonde huffed as she semi-glared at Spencer.

"I'm sorry, Han, but I really need to do well on this test. We can definitely pick this up tomorrow after practice though."

"Yeah, we better. I really need to go take a shower. A cold one." Hanna added mischievously as Spencer's eyes got a little bigger.

"Well I'm sorry that it has come to that." The brunette said diplomatically as her insides were screaming 'forget studying.'

"I love you, my little genius." Hanna kissed Spencer sweetly.

"I love you, too. And I will make it up to you tomorrow, I promise." Spencer leaned forward, connecting their lips one last time.

"Don't have a shower after practice without me." Hanna whispered into Spencer's ear before she got up and left, leaving Spencer alone with her flashcards.

An hour later, Spencer decided to take a study break to go downstairs and make some coffee. As she cleared the landing on the staircase, she spotted her phone on the kitchen counter. The brunette padded over to the coffee maker and started it up before she turned around and reached across the counter to check her phone.

She saw that she had 3 missed calls, 2 from Aria and 1 from Emily, along with an unopened text message from an unknown sender. Her stomach instantly went into knots of nervousness as she opened the text.

Couldn't get Aria and Emily to leave fast enough, could you? How would they feel knowing that you and Hanna were studying each other instead of the books?


Spencer groaned loudly as she practically threw her phone back onto the counter before she turned around and reached for a coffee mug.

She and Hanna had been secretly dating for almost 3 months now, and this was the first time that 'A' had mentioned anything about them being together. They had done a really good job hiding it, they acted the same around each other in public and they still bickered as much, maybe even a little more now. The only time they behaved like a couple was when they were completely alone.

Spencer didn't know what 'A' had planned to do with the information that she and Hanna were dating, but Spencer knew that 'A' would let them know eventually. In the meantime, she had a French test to study for, so she grabbed her coffee and phone and made her way back upstairs.

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