(AN: Sorry for way long delay; I lost my muse for this story. This is going to veer off from the original canon that Korra can give people their bending back, and also her accepting Mako, as a boyfriend, in this world she and Mako remained good friends rather than romantic partners, Generally because I feel like that's far more fitting and this is a fanfiction so I can do whatever I want. Anyways Thank you for your patience if you've been waiting in hope for an update.)

Over a week had passed since his meeting with Mako, and Tahno was sitting motionless without a shirt on his bed in his room. The heavy dark blue curtains were drawn shut, with the rays of sunlight peaking from where they met together in the middle, giving the room a gentle glow. The umbrella, which was a clashing red to the dark blue and gold theme of his room, was propped against the frame of the door. There was a certain stillness in the air, and a fragile silence accompanied with it.

He was entertaining himself to some small degree by watching the dust swirl around in the air while he gathered his thoughts. He'd visted several healers; none of which could bring his bending back. He hadn't been socializing with his team mates. He'd been holing himself up in the room for sometime, and had only eating a single meal a day.. It showed in his face as bags under his eyes became darker by the day, and his thinning body frame seemed more of a sickly pale rather than the vibrant Ivory tone it'd been before the loss of his bending.

Normally he'd spend his time practicing in a lake somewhere private and tranquil. Even if he did rig the games he wasn't a totally bad bender. He did win the first championship with his talents after all. He just fell in love with the fame, and would do anything to keep it in the process. Now that his lifes dream was simply gone, he saw the fragility of his entire existence, and did a lot of brooding moping and thinking about it. The tabloids finally got bored of him and the loss of hisbending powers, and the scandalous wins he'd had, the majority of the focus was actually on the Avatar losing her powers right now.

He shifted his position to stand, and went to his dresser putting a shirt on, drew his curtains open, and sat at his desk and dipped a fountain pen into a well, and started to write.

A half hour later he set the pen down. He prefered these pens to the new style pens with wells in them. These ones just flowed like water, his letters were neat, clean. He put away his pen and ink, and then glanced at the red umbrella. He should return that. as he squinted into the blinding sunlight smashing down over the earth surface. He certainly preferred the cool rain to a hot day. His walk would be greatly uncomfortable because of the heat.

The sponsors would be removing him from his home soon. He was no longer useful as a bender and therefor no long capable of participating in the games that he had dedicated a better part of his life to. He didn't even actually own most of this stuff. His clothes maybe. Despite his now unemployment he still did have a pretty decent sum of money from all the sponsors that had paid him, and the winnings from the championships.

He found himself standing beneath the red glow from the umbrella open in the sunlight protecting him from the harsh rays, in front of the still shut down arena. Things were still being organized and the re-opening of the arena was the least of everyones concerns incomparison to all the damage that the equalists had done to the city. This was the only place he knew of that Bolin and Mako had ever lived. From what he knew he went to live with Korra. But that was before the equalists had been stopped. Although, Korra's connections were more predictable, He brought his hand up to the bottom of his chin tilting his head downward thoughtfully, before looking back up at the arena.

"I'd like to know how I can get in contact with Mako formerly a member of the fireferrets?" He said now standing at the receptionist desk in the police station. "oh sure. Officer Mako usually comes in around this time of day, to file reports."

Tahno's eyes widened slightly in surprise as he considered this new information. Questions reeling in his head.
"You can wait for him over there if you like."
".. thank you."

He sat down on the hard bench watching people go about their business. He fidgeted in his seat, looked at, and then re-looked at the decor, waiting, a minute felt like an hour. After almost 20 minutes he stood up and stopped by the Receptionist again.

"I'm leaving, when you see him can you tell him Tahno was looking for him?" He said lifting the umbrella closer to his chest. He couldn't help a strange sense of dissappointment, he did go out of his way to look for Mako after all.. He turned walking across the lobby, with his gaze lowered to the floor as he pushed the door open only to walk directly into Mako. Tahno of course didn't see that it was infact the person he was looking for.
"watch where you're walking!" He snapped angrily.
Mako responded, quickly, "Watch it yourself . What are you even doing with that umbrella it's sunny out."
Tahno looked up his eyes meeting Mako's before he quickly glanced away, "Oh. Mako." he was silent and looked down at the umbrella.
"well... it was garishly ugly it was taking up space in my living quarters. So I wanted to get rid of it. But it would seem like a waste to just throw it away considering how you and Bolin used to live, but seeing how you have a nice new job as an officer and a local hero I guess it's no big deal." He was being defensive. Mako gazed at him with calm resilient eyes in silence. Tahno still felt like he was being mocked. He gazed annoyed at Mako waiting for the others answer.
"If you didn't like it to begin with why didn't you just say so?" Mako retorted.
"I tried and you made me take it anyways!" Tahno snapped.
"really that isn't how I recall the conversation." Mako said in an agitatingly calm voice.
"well I mean.. I said I didn't want it in the beginning!" Tahno said loudly, and shoving the umbrella into Mako's chest before he stepped around Mako. The firebender turned and followed Tahnos path umbrella in tow.
" You didn't come here to just give me this umbrella. Thats way to inconveniencing for someone like you. What do you really want?" Mako asked following to keep up with him.
"Just leave me alone you have your dumb umbrella back theres no reason for us to be around one another anymore.." His expression was sour.
"You don't even know where I live you came to the police station to look for me to return it. You sought. me. Out. Tell me why!" Mako repeated. He sounded like he wanted answers. Tahno diverted his direction going down the emptiest street.
"Just back off Fire rat!" Tahno shouted angrily.
"Thats fire ferret," Mako snapped reaching out and grapping Tahnos shoulder, pulling on it roughly turning the other forcing Tahno to face him, "Tell me why-" Mako stopped short as soon as he saw the tears the frustration, the sorrow, the raw anger. The raw emotions in Tahno's silver eyes was jolting.
"Because!" Tahno screamed, "I don't want there to be any debts left before I die!" There was a silence that grew between them. A concerned look crossed Mako's features. Tahno averted his silver eyes, He wished that Mako would stop looking at him like that.
"Tahno.." Mako started, his tone was serious. "Are you planning to attempt ending your life?" He said his voice just above a small whisper. Tahno glanced away from him. Mako's grip tightened on his shoulder, it was almost painful.
"answer me! Are you ?" He asked his tone was still low, Tahno cringinging, replied, "No! I'm not!" he said, his gaze was still averted. "Now let go that hurts." He was only saying what Mako wanted to hear.
"Don't lie to me." The firebender snarled. Tahno glanced up at the other meeting his eyes before he threw a fisted hand into Mako's chest, forcing the other to let him go. Mako stepped back placing his hand over his jaw, his eyes on Tahno burning with fury. As soon as Tahno saw it he knew his mistake. Mako dipped low placing his hands on Tahno's hips, and hooked his foot fire trailing after it, behind Tahno's throwing the smaller male off balance, Tahno's hands up trying to command water that wouldn't be commanded by him to his defense. Mako gripped his upper arms keeping him on his feet but holding him in place forcing him to meet his eyes. Tahno in his shock started gasping in a panicked manner. The tears dripping down from the corner of his eyes.
"Why not you'll try to stop to me! Bending is the only thing I was good at. It was the only thing I had! There's nothing left for me anymore!" The octaves of his voice rising. "I've lost my entire life because I can't bend anymore! Every little thing ends up reminding me of it! Even.. Even now." He said whispering his last few words. "At the end of the week I won't even have a place to live because I can't waterbend. I can't even protect myself anymore.. Tell me why I shouldn't!" Mako was silent, he didn't have an immediate response for that answer, his tight grip loosened.
"I can protect you." He said his tone was unsure.
Tahno had to double take, to make sure that he heard correctly, "wait, what?"
"I said I could be the one that protects you." Mako repeated in a more confirming tone. He carefully let Tahno go making sure the other wouldn't fall when he did.
"Why...? Why do you even care anyways, why do you keep trying to go out of your way for me, aren't we Rivals?" Tahno asked wiping his tears away with his sleeve.
"I never really hated you.. I just don't like you very much..Or I didn't like you. I mean... I don't know why okay?! I just.. I don't want to see you disappear Tahno!" Mako said, his anger rang in Tahno's ears.
"Promise me you won't" Mako continued, "Promise!" He pushed.
"I... Fine! Fine! I-I won't." Tahno said.
"Say you promise!" Mako growled. Tahno could feel his fingertips heating up though the fabric where Mako had gripped him again.
"seriously?.. I promise"

Mako walked back towards the police station with Tahno, along the way speaking and arranging contact with one another.
"I'll come check up on you later, and show you to where I live. I have my own Home and get some rest." Mako said.
"Well then I should be walking in the other direction." He said.
"right. Well..." Mako stopped them and put both his hands on Tahno's shoulders. "don't do anything stupid."
Tahno pushed one of Mako's arms off. "I said I won't!" He yapped. The corner of Mako's lip twitched upward at Tahno's reaction, and waved at him as he walked off angrily.

Mako returned to the police station Tahno on mind, Regardless of his new heavy concern He had to do some work. In reality he was exhausted. He'd been working so hard to obliterate any remaining "equalists" and general opportunists taking advantage of darktimes. He hadn't had much sleep.


It was later he was standing outside Tahno's studio apartment silently, waiting for a responce. He knocked again.

He tried for the handle. Locked. He jiggled the handle a little. No avail. What if Tahno actually did hurt himself?
"Tahno!" He banged on the door fearfully a few times before full on throwing his shoulder into it. Knocking it open with brute force into Tahno's empty apartment. He glanced around for any sign of Tahno finding nothing. At least until they fell upon the well written note.

"This is the last sign of my existence and I suppose an immortalization of my existence in general. I was a once was bender with purpose reason, and in the end I fought, until my bending was taken away from me. There Is no reason for my life or existence any longer, my purpose to live is no more.
I won the championships legitimately twice. The last time the fireferrets would have won. But I bribed the coaches. I'm sorry if I've ever wronged you.