(AN: BOLINS NAME DOESN'T MEAN 3RD WHEEL FOR NOTHING whahaha Acutally it means elder brother, or gentle rain or something like that.
Warning for: Alcohol consumption, Mentions of suicide & Eroticism)

It was another blazing hot day again. Mako kind of enjoyed the heat. It was mostly because it was cloudless days, his firebending was strongest. Days like this made him feel powerful and intouch with his bending the most. Today Mako didn't have to work, so he didn't wake up at the crack of dawn like he usually had to. Despite that he still woke up early. He went to bed excited to go meet Tahno again. He woke up with the same level of excitement buried in the pit of his stomach. He had been trying to bury the feeling all day. What happened the night before made him curious about him even more.

He restlessly waited in his apartment pacing and making a fuss. It was around the hottest point of the day when noon rolled around that he made his way to Tahno's on foot. They lived in the same general area and it was only a fifteen to twenty minute walk. Thirty if he really took his time. Bolin had left to go train only an hour after he rose to wake up. He was surprised at how hard he'd been working. But Bolin said something to him not many days ago about, how since Mako wouldn't be there to back him up he had to be a better probender to make up for the lost backup. Mako assured him that the new firebender could probably back him up and get into the swing of things easily. Especially once the actual competitions started.

At Tahno's, he straightened himself in appearance, then he knocked sturdily and surely on the wooden door. He listened trying to hear for Tahno's movements inside.

Mako furrowed his brow and knocked once more when his first knock was met with silence. More stangnant soundlessness. He was about to knock again but he didn't have time by the time the door had opened. Tahno was standing there without a shirt on. While he was surprised by this, that wasn't the thing that Mako noticed the most. He noticed how much more "back to himself" Tahno looked. The heavy bags under his eyes had finally seemed to have gone away. His hair was still damp looking, but it was obviously styled back to how he wore it before he lost his bending, it's usual luster very obvious even in it's damp state. His bare shoulders were more squared off and confident in his posture, the gentle curve of his clavicle.
His eyes wandered down the rest of Tahno's body. He noting that he didn't have chest hair. His well toned muscles made up for it. It was exactly what he would expect the waterbenders body to look like. He did have a soft dark happy trail of dark hair leading under the belt of his pants though he noted. Tahnos half nude appearance was beyond enticing. He bit the inside of his lip for a moment, tearing his eyes away from Tahno's body.
He realized he wasn't saying anything and Tahno had just been standing there waiting. He cleared his throat and finally offered an "..Afternoon." His eyes met with Tahno's.
"Hey." Tahno said, Mako thought he was done speaking and for a second even worried it would get awkward again. Tahno had other things on his mind. "I want to talk to you." It was unlike what Mako expected, but he wasn't sure what he did expect.
"Oh.. er, Yeah okay lets talk then.. Can I come in?" he inquired tentatively. He almost worried that he would be rejected for a moment but Tahno waved his hand towards himself and stepped aside with a bit of a sheepish smile,
"right! Yeah. Yes of course."
For some reason Mako felt like this exchange was too formal. He faced away from him quickly when he had the chance. He didn't want to appear as if he were staring at him because he was. "s-So..what did you want to talk about?" He asked his gaze fixated on one of the chairs infront of himself. His ears turned obviously red.
Tahno behind him shuffled around. There was a very obvious sound of a drawer opening. This told Mako he was dressing himself the rest of the way. A part of him felt relieved and another part felt weirdly disappointed.
The waterbender picked out a shirt, it was simple and dark blue. He started to put it on as he spoke, "I.. um.. I need your help to move some of my stuff out today. I was, well, I was going to lose my place.. and I don't have anywhere to go, I was supposed to be .. well I didn't really plan on.. well still being, if you know what I mean.." Tahno said sheepishly. Mako wondered to himself if Tahno was embarrassed about his desire to end his life? The other only paused shortly, to finish buttoning his buttons clumsily with one hand. "I was hoping one of my old teammates would let me stay with him.. You know the wolfbats fire bender, Shaozu. I just.. with my hand this way I can't carry a heavy Box around." He added. He walked from behind Mako, and sat in the chair on the right side of the table from the firebender.
"Oh." Mako said blinking. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but again, not this.
"I dont have very many things, so it'd be easy enough, but it could take a while Shaozu doesn't live anywhere near here." Tahno said,
"Why with Shaozu, and not Ming?" Mako asked, his question was innocent. The Waterbender seemed much closer with Ming when he saw their team together. He knew that from just watching and following the wolfbats in his silent rivalry. The same way Tahno knew that he and Bolin were close.
Tahno met the others amber eyes with his own silvers, then a solemn expression crossed his features he looked away from Mako down at the surface of the table.
"Ming isn't.. around anymore.." Tahno said. Mako could see his jaw tighten. His hand on the table curling into a tight fist. "Those equalist pricks drove him to it." he said through his teeth.
" That must have been a terrible loss." Mako said lowering his eyes to the table understanding what happened. He'd already known, but he had forgotten. He silently berated himself for not being more sensitive. He had been such a jerk.
Tahno let out a slow breath and forced himself to relax, but his fist remained clenched. "I was there, I tried to stop him like you tried to stop me, but unlike you showing up early, I showed up too late." his words had lost the anger they held only a sentence before. "Timings a funny thing isn't it?" He asked looking back at Mako. "I actually was really angry that he was selfish like that. Now I just kind of really miss him. At first I acted like I didn't even care. But as time went on, I contemplated following him because I miss him so badly." Mako listened in stunned silence just watching Tahno.
"Ah.. Listen to me getting all depressing about this. I'm sorry." Tahno finished, his words snapped Mako out of the silence almost instantly.
"No no it's okay! don't apologize, it's okay you can talk to me if you want, I'm always here to listen if you need me." The Firebender hurriedly assured him raising both his hands.
Tahno gazed at the others worried expression and couldn't help himself, he smiled at his words and leaned forward on the table laying his head on his crossed arms. "Who would have thought you would be the one I end up spilling my feelings on?" He chuckled with a note of dark amusement.
He had such a nice smile, the way he chuckled too. Mako couldn't help but grin back at him.
"yeah, you're right we rivaled pretty hard didn't we?... So you said you needed my help with moving boxes?" he added remembering the original topic.
"oh yeah that's right." Tahno remarked.
They both paused and made eye contact again. Mako couldn't help but think about how easy it was to get lost in conversation with him his voice was short of hypnotic. The corner of his lip turning upward in a small smile, as he thought to himself, what a good thing to get lost in.
"I'll help, how many boxes do you have?" He asked Tahno.
"Just a box for most of my personal belongings and a bag for clothes. I haven't talked with Shaozu about it though yet. I already packed most of the stuff. I can get the bag since I can just put it over my shoulder I just haven't packed it yet. It's really just the box hurts my hand to lift. Shaozu also lives at the edge of the city far to the east I can give you directions from your motorcycle." He explained looking down at the bandage. He did his best to keep it dry during his bath he'd finished just before Mako got there, but it still got a little damp.
"Sure okay, we can carry it to my place to get my bike. I actually live in this neighborhood with Bolin so it's not a long walk and we can bring your stuff with us." he said considering the best options.
"great, I have to pack the rest but it won't take long." Tahno said, his voice sounded relieved. He gave Mako another one of those smiles.

After about a half hour of Tahno packing or asking Mako to help pack things he couldn't himself; Tahno stood in the apartment and then checking around to make sure he didn't miss anything particularly important. He let out an accomplished sigh, "Well then, I think that's everything." He commented, finally. He lifted the bag over his shoulder. " Shall we go to get your bike then?" He asked Mako. "Alright then." Mako responded. He leaned forward and lifted the box. It was surprisingly lighter than he thought..
They left his apartment leaving quite a bit of his stuff that didn't matter behind. The pair walked towards Mako's chatting most the the way side by side. Towards the end of their walk, Tahno was panting from the heat.
"ah it's so hot lately" Tahno remarked gazing upward towards the blindingly blue sky.
"It has been, I like it a lot." Mako responded a grin spreading over his lips. "it always makes me feel powerful or rejuvinated and energetic."
"really? I like the winter and the cold. I'm from the North." Tahno said panting sounding pretty miserable in the heat.
"would you like to come in for a drink and cool off? Bolins out right now though. We're basically here too so you don't have to wait to get there either" Mako offered obviously going towards a set of stairs up to his apartment. He paused and turned to face the waterbender. Tahno looked up at Mako on the stairs and smiled again thankfully. The firebender couldn't help but notice the other was smiling a lot more at him, and looking at him more. He couldn't miss the blushing either. He didn't want to say anything. Maybe it was the heat and he was imagining things that weren't there.
"I'd love to, Thank you." Tahno said following him up to the door. Mako unlocked it and let Tahno go in first. It looked dark after steppng out of the bright of the day but his eyes quickly adjusted to see Tahno's arching his back after he put the bag down. It brought his figure into view. Mako swallowed and coughed turning his eyes away and finding somewhere to set the box. The waterbender looked around Mako's unfamilair apartment. "It's spacier than I thought" he said looking back at Mako pointedly. Mako set the box down and left to the kitchen in the next room over, talking louder as he went making sure his guest could hear him.
"yeah it's new. I don't know why but Bolin suddenly wanted more room he started to insist on having his own bedroom so we pooled our money and moved in after the rebel revolution. Most of our furniture were gifts after the revolution from people all over the city and we even got a good deal on the place. It's nothing compared to what Korra recieved in honor though." He sat down on the couch beside Tahno and handed him a glass bottle. The contents contained a sweet alcoholic drink. "this was a gift from Asami. If you want to drink something else though I can bring you other options." he offered. He was thinking of having one and letting time pass to let it exit his system before intending to drive Tahno anywhere. It was still fairly early and Tahno didn't appear to be in a hurry exactly. He wanted an excuse to spend more time with the other anyways.
"No this is great I actually really love this kind." Tahno grinned. "It's just expensive so I haven't had much of it lately."
"really? It's one of my favorites." Mako said popping the cap off and indulging a drink from it. "I have like 12 of them and Bolin hates them, but I hate drinking alone because it's kind of, I don't know, lonely I guess."
"Actually I feel that way too." Tahno said, smiling over the mouth of the bottle before he took a drink himself.

They shared drinks, and one drink turned into two which turned into three into four. Time passed by as they chatted back and fourth about this and that, but something bothered Mako at the back of his mind, it wasn't until after the fourth bottle and some way into his fifth of the sweet drink his head was swimming enough to give him the courage to ask Tahno.
"So, were you and Ming a, um, y'know.. Were you together? Because yesterday you said your fans weren't your flavor. I didn't understand what you meant. and the way you spoke. It's like you were talking about a lover." he curiously remarked.
Tahno looked up from his drink, his smile fading. Mako instantly regretted his inquery. "Ah.. never-" he started but Tahno spoke over him,
"Yeah actually, we were. Mr. Detective." He joked lightly trying to show Mako it was okay. "Ming was the only person beside Shaozu that liked me for, just me. Shaozu was just a friend though he doesn't go for the same team that I do. But he got mad at me for acting like I didn't care when Ming took his own life." He said his gaze was sad. "I'm not even sure he'll let me stay with him right now I think he might even still be mad at me."
"Well I like you.. for you." Mako declared quietly, he was half done with his fifth bottle. Tahno was at about the same pace as he was. After he said his words Mako noticed how close Tahno was sitting. He could feel the heat from his body, their arms, and legs touching slightly side by side. The lighting had gotten dim, since the sun went down it was a twilight hour. He looked at the half full drink on the coffee table and leaned forward to pick it up. Tahno had done the same their hands bumping each other then their heads bumping together as they both turned to speak at once, "Ah, sorry" they both said. Both looked up at the same time. They unintentionally made eye contact with the other.
They held their slightly drunk gazes together before Tahno spoke, breaking the silent gaze.
"I think.. I like you too.." He confessed quietly. The air was still between them. They were so close. Mako's heart beat hard. He was stunned he didn't know what to say. Joy and releif washed over him. He smiled a wide smile. His own cheeks felt warm. He wasn't sure if it was because of what he said, or the alcohol in his system.
He wasn't sure who leaned forward first, they seemed to kind of meet in the space between them.
His firm lips pressing to Tahno's soft ones. One of his hands automatically reaching up, and his fingers tangling with Tahno's hair in the back pulling him closer. The kiss was soft, and sweet, and it tasted good, with the undertones of booze they had been consuming together.
Their kiss broke, and they both gazed heatedly at one another, both exhaling, both breathing faster. It was only for a moment though, before both advanced towards one another, for a deeper kiss simultaneously, their tongues sliding over the others. Mako's other hand found it's way to the small of the others back he started to pull Tahno towards himself wanting to be closer to him.

The sound of the door clicking, made a strike of panic shoot through him. The only other person with a key was Bolin. He didn't want him to see him like this with Tahno. They both jerked away from each other looking away from one another instantly and leaning in opposite directions. Their cheeks bright red. This is when Bolin opened the door and stepped into view of the couch to see them both.
"oh! Hey.. um Mako.. and Tahno..?" He said in curious surprise. "I wasn't expecting to see you here." He said looking at Mako quizzically.
"Oh. Um yeah, we met the other day when I went out to buy you prescriptions and have been, uh, Talking since. We've become friends. Haha.." Mako chuckled nervously, he had to think of a reason Tahno was over. The situation was complicated. "He's here because um. He's staying with us." Mako said avoiding looking at his brother. He cleared his throat. He wasn't sure why he felt like he had to lie. He immediately realized what he said was ridiculous. That was the best excuse his swimming alcohol blurred mind could think of? He mentally berated himself for being so stupid.
Tahno stopped biting his lip and hesitated the path of his drink to his mouth to remark "I am?" with astonishment,
"He is?" Bolin asked at the same time with just as much astonishment as Tahno.
"Oh! er yeah I am." Tahno said agreeing with Mako's suggestion.
"You are?" Mako said with equal surprise to the both of them. He didn't think the other would even go for that suggestion.

Bolin stared at them both with a confused expression, "You guys are acting kind of weird. But, I'm only stopping by to get something. Korra wanted me to go meet her. I'll be back later." He said walking through the apartment to a door under the overhanging walkway that was the second floor access to Mako's bedroom and own bathroom.

"Bolin will you wait?" Tahno suddenly called after Bolin. Whom was trying to escape the room. The waterbender stood quickly and swayed slightly. He had less of an alcohol tolerance than Mako did.
Bolin stopped and turned to look at Tahno cautiously.
"Mako and I have.. cleared the air with one another but, I'm sorry for my bad treatment with you in the past. It was wrong of me. I don't want any bad blood between us." He said bowing his head apologetically in Bolin's direction.
Bolins features relaxed visibly and he lifted his hands, "Thats okay. I forgive you." He said simply giving Tahno a forgiving smile. He opened the door and then he grabbed a bag from what Tahno assumed was the door to his room. Then he left with a short, "see you guys later then." Shutting the door behind him. Leaving Mako and Tahno, who was still standing, alone together once again.

Tahno looked down at Mako sitting ont he couch. Everything was silent. "so.. is.. Bolin and Korra..?" He asked implying what he assumed before.
".. I'm not actually sure but it would explain a lot." Mako grinned,
The waterbender let out a giggle. But the way his eyes lit up when he did caused Mako's heart to skip beats.

Tahno turned his head to look at Mako, his expression becoming serious. "were you telling the truth about letting me stay here? You barely know me." He said biting his numb lips together. "and I .. I don't have very much money to give you." Tahno continued "I don't want you to feel like I'm a bur-"
Mako stopped him there. He rose his hand, cutting him off. "Yeah I am serious. Tahno I like you a lot. I .. I don't want to ignore this feeling. You're the only guy I've ever felt like this for."
Tahno looked at him his expression was blank. Mako couldn't begin to know what he would do next. "I don't know if.. If I'm ready for another relationship.. Losing Ming hurt me.. I don't know if I'm okay with.. committing again so soon. It hasn't been that much time since he died.." He said looking away from Mako a sad expression crossing his features.
Mako smiled gently at Tahno. It was an expression of empathetic understanding. "That's okay. How about you stay with us, and we'll take it slowly. You can have your own space here and sleep on the couch if you really want to. We don't have to do anything you aren't ready to do yet." Mako stated. He stood and set his drink down, which was only a quarter full. He squarly faced Tahno looking down into his silver eyes.
"Lets be together at your pace." He affirmed.
Tahno nodded slowly, "yeah.. Okay... I.. I would like that. I.. I don't want to ignore my feeling for you either. I'm just unsure of if I want to seriously pursue them yet." He said to Mako's relief. Mako couldn't help but smile at the feeling that accompanied Tahno's acceptance of him. He felt light and giddy with excitement about this new turn of things. It was such a breath of freshair in the depression that Amon left in his wake.

They talked for some time again, drinking the last of the alcohol that Mako had together.
Before long Tahno's arms were around his neck. His hands on Tahno's hips. He was in a drunker haze now than before. Their numb lips meeting once more. It made Mako's body feel like a shock was going through him starting at his lips. He leaned forward pressing his tongue into Tahno's mouth guiding the kiss, their tongues twisting around one another again. Tahno's mouth was warmer. He could feel the other males hips grind into his own, His hands had found their way around Tahno to where he was cupping each of Tahno's ass cheeks through his pants. His nether region was stiff under the friction and pleasure of indulging in Tahno's body he wanted more than just a kiss.
But keeping in mind what Tahno said about taking things slowly, Mako turned his head to break the kiss. He spoke while breathing heavily, "I'm... If we keep going..I don't think I can keep my promise to go at a slow pace like this." He breathed out, it took all of his will power to stop and say it. He wanted more than anything to continue. He undeniably wanted Tahno. He wanted him bad enough it ached.
He looked at Tahno who was breathing as heavily as he was.
Tahno was swaying dizzily "mm..feels'good." Tahno slurred. The firebender furrowed his brow and pulled away from him.
"This.. isn't really how even I, nor you, want things to begin between us." Mako said, turning away from Tahno. He was clearly the more sober one here.
"Um...take a seat, I'm going to get some water." he said guiding Tahno's shoulders to sit him back on the couch. "Wait here. I'll be right back." He said leaving Tahno alone.

He was only gone in the next room over for about two minutes when he came back with a cup filled with water. When he returned Tahno was asleep on the couch.
He looked down affectionately at his sleeping figure and set the glass down on the table. He didn't know what a lightweight Tahno was until now.
After positioning Tahno carefully so he wouldn't have a crook in his neck when he woke up; he retireved a blanket and laid it over Tahno. He tossed away the empty bottles, then finally staggered up the steps that led to the walkway that looked down into the apartment with a railing between he and the ledge. Going into his own room where a four poster bed and canopy was made up, the colors were red and gold the wood was a dark pretty polished brown. The rug had an elaborate fire bender design on it, another gift from a fan. There was a wooden chest at the end of the bed and a dresser placed inside of an endent in the wall that was a clothing space. There was a love seat pressed against the wall and four red paper lanterns hanging. The walls had tapestries decorating them.

Mako drank his own water, setting the empty cup on the bed side and laid back, one of the lanterns lighting the room with a dim red glow. His heart was still racing hard. He looked out the window the sky was black he could see distant city lights. The faded horizon. It was later than he realized it was. When did it become so late? How did time slip by like that?
He couldn't stop thinking about Tahno. He wanted to continue with the waterbender so badly. He couldn't get his mind off of it. His loins ached and refused to go down. He tried to just sleep but even though he was tired, it still persisted.
The feeling of Tahno pressed into his body still burned freshly into his mind. Along with his hot alcohol flavored kiss. The lusting look in the waterbenders eyes.
He laid there for a long time before he just relented and allowed his hand to wander almost automatically. He slid his fingers under the belt of his pants and gripped his hard dick, rotating his hips upwards at the pleasure of his own touch. He released a soft sigh and let go to undo his pants and free himself from them at least partially. He was pretty well endowed and the idea of the other riding his uncut cock was enough to make him as hard as it could get. It was unusual for him since he normally had to at least help it the rest of the way up. He gripped himself and stroked down once more, this time arching his back at the pleasure.
He imagined the sharp contours of Tahno's pale clavicle. He ran his hand down his length again. He thought of the way his lips moved when he spoke. The soft dark trail of hairs that led below his belt. He imagined the ivory color of his skin. The way it felt smooth and soft, with tell tale signs, small scars, that told of Probending. Tahno had gentle hands. The hands of a waterbender. His fingers were flexible and slender.
He imagined the way Tahno's eyes lit up when he laughed and smiled. He thought about the fluid way the waterbender moved. The low hypnotic note of his voice when he spoke. Mako loved his voice. He loved to hear him talk and laugh.

He imagined Tahno's mouth, how his tongue pressed into his own mouth, the way he so readily accepted his tongue without even a moment of urging between them.
He imagined Tahno's face with his cock buried in his mouth, about what it would feel like to have Tahno's thin fingers touch him rather than his own. The feeling of his hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock. His soft tongue sliding over the head.

Mako realized he was holding his breath, he let it out, and then gasped for air. He sat up and put more effort stroking himself for a moment. He only paused, to reach for his bedside desk. His fingers coiled around a bottle of lubricant kept in the drawer and gave himself a more than generous amount to spread over his hand which immediately went back to working his own cock.
He wondered what it would be like to have sex with the other. He was inexperienced but he wasn't stupid. He knew how it worked between two men. His cheeks burned hot at the idea of it. It was flat out lecherous. The way Tahno's defined muscles gave him a very pleasantly curved body. Mako sighed out in pleasure. His hands fit perfectly around him no matter where he placed them. Like Tahno was made for him.
He imagined the sweet smell that seemed to radiate off of him just like his body heat. The weight he would have pressing down on the mattress infront of him.
"ah.. Amazing.." He whispered quietly into the dark, his eyes closed. He pictured gripping Tahno by his beautifully defined hips. Tightly digging his fingers into the soft skin and pulling him into a position ready to be fucked. He visualized Tahno's husky lustful voice. The sounds he would make when he spread his pink ass cheeks and press the tip of his head against Tahno's tight puckering hole. Slowly thrusting inside of him. Savoring the feeling of those velvet insides. He imagined the way his body would protest at first, maybe even causing it to hurt or ache, and how Tahno would writhe under him. He thought about how it would soon quickly accept him and tightly squeeze around his rod. He would keep pushing deep inside carefully until he couldn't fit himself inside any further. He would gyrate his hips to making the other feel the full length of his dick. He would be perfectly placed, pressed up against that little pleasure spot deep inside him..

His hips thrust upwards into his own hand. Sweat, as he imagined Tahno's flavors and smell touches, beaded up on his brow and made his hair damp. It had been a long time since he was this turned on by anyone. He was breathing heavily. The feeling of tension building up in his abdomen, small waves of pleasure spreading through his body from his groin. He bit his lip, letting out a pleasured moan and releasing his breath he didn't even realize he was holding again. He imagined the lighter noted sounds of pleasure that Tahno might make.

He would slowly draw himself out of him and then thrust roughly, once, deep inside of him. To surprise and pleasure Tahno. To hit that spot without warning. He would withdraw again this time slowly, to relish the moment as he rethrust his manhood gradually back inside of Tahno. He would keep a painfully slow pace until he had the waterbender squirming below him for more. It would be then he would relent to his natural urges and pick up his pace.

His breath was ragged, and Mako's body shook at the waves of pleasure coursing through him. His hand worked rapidly over himself. Sweat dripped down his brow.
He imagined Tahno cumming after only a few short minutes of his rapid thrusts. The white milky liquid roping out of him onto his red silky sheets. Mako would continue, and rub his hand over Tahno's cum sensitive cock. He visualized his quivering form below him and sounds of uncontained pleasure with is beautiful voice.

Mako let out a loud moan and his own ass clenched, and his balls jumped his orgasm took him by surprise. His cock strongly pulsed in his hand, and he came onto his own exposed stomach. His body trembled at the feeling of the release. His legs were numb. A glisten of sweat lined his body. He rubbed the tip of his cock, gently wiping some of his seed off. He flopped back on his bed breathing heavily. He placed one arm over his eyes and tried to catch his breath.

He had never masturbated over any man before. Except for once. It was over Tahno once before, when he was rivaling with him. The waterbender had been particularly mocking, and he angrily pleasured himself to the thought of fucking him into submission and making him his. It was one of his most closely guarded secrets. He suspected it was also around then he started to think differently of Tahno.
This was different than just an angry jerkoff. He went into much further detail than before. He didn't think he would like him this much, but he never knew the real Tahno either.

He was embarrassed about masturbating over him. Tahno was so sensual, he was more sensual than any woman he had been with. His smile and those lit up eyes were still burned into his mind. He couldn't get it out of his head even now.
"man.." he breathed out quietly. "I have it worse for him than I thought"