Warning this chapter is rated M for strong references to child abuse as well as rape.

"You know I hate to see that lovely face so upset," says Frank zipping up his pants and acting like he has done nothing wrong.

Carla won't look at him. She just wants to get rid of the taste of him as she sits slumped against the wall where he left her. She just wanted to shower to scrub herself clean of him. She closes her eyes wishing she could block him out and wills herself to disappear. This wasn't fair, this wasn't right, why did bad things always have to happen to her? Why was if that every time she was ready to fight something bad had to happen to knock her back down? She scrunches her eyes in deep pain and frustration trying to hold back anymore tears and knocks the back of her head against the wall. She wants to feel any type of pain because any other pain is better then this.

"Stop that Caroline," Frank says kneeling to her level and whispering in her ear.

His voice is still hot and full of lust it makes Carla want to vomit until she can empty her insides out. She feels him touch her hair, grabbing a handful of it and letting it slide through his delicate fingers. Carla tries to yank away from him but he restrains her shoulder with his free hand.

"Steady now," he says his voice showing signs of a warning, "Hold still. I just want to touch your lovely face."

Carla's eyes shoot open glaring at him in disgust, "I don't want you to touch me!"

"Hmmm," he says amused, "You really don't have a choice. I'll do what I please with you. Remember when you younger, you swore yourself to me."

"No I didn't," says Carla even more repulsed as he brushes his lips against her neck like they are actual lovers.

"Oh yes you did Caroline. Don't you remember? …playing piano and all those secrets that just started to pour out. You told me all Uncle Aidan and how he was so cruel with you and then you talked about Robert and how you missed him so much because he protected you and adored you. I remember you asked if I would be your protector—"

"I trusted you and you took advantage and you still take advantage. You're wife—"

"What about her? You always seem to bring her up every time we meet. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're jealous of her. Even at the asylum you always had to mention her. Perhaps you want me all to yourself."

"You're sick! You're sick if you think I ever desired you."

He smirks again pulling out a handkerchief, twisting it around in those soft hands the wedding band gleaming under Carla's gaze.

"Let me say it to you plainly because you still seem a little dense. There is a natural order to this world. I don't know if your familiar with the simple concept us learned men like to call "The Divine Right to Rule" but in case you're not I explain it to you it's quite simple."

Carla tries to turn her head away from him but he grabs hold of her jaw and starts to dab away at all the stickiness and any signs him left on her. He does it in a methodical matter; he had always liked to keep things clean. He had told her once how he liked his possessions to be clean always and this applied to her, he had a ritual of cleaning her up after he was done with her.

"A person Caroline, gives up their personal rights in favor of the general will. And they acknowledge that in order to stay protected from the dangers of this world they have to respect the superiority of their leader. It's a compromise really, in order to be protected you in trust your whole life in one protector."

Carla is about to shout that she does not accept his superiority or that he is any sort of protector. It just showed how truly deranged he was. But before she can speak he brings a finger to her lips stopping her.

"You asked me once after we played your favorite song on the piano, you asked if I would be your protector. Don't you remember, how I said yes Caroline?"

Carla ignores him. She doesn't want to remember anything else from that period in her life. Her silence only makes him happier, because he knows he is right. But as a girl of fourteen how could she be expected to fully understand all she was agreeing to. The images of that day flash before her eyes, her hands drifting across the keys as he sits next to her…

Her hands rest on the piano taking a rest as the Doctor takes a whack at the piano keys. She can't help but smile and be happy every time they get to meet. He was so much kinder and personable than all the other doctors at this place. And he was also much younger and handsome then all the other doctors as well. She liked being here in this office with him, where the sun always shun and out of the darkness and dampness of her own room

In a trance Carla watches as his delicate hands cascade across the piano keys. His band always stood out. Carla was a bit envious that some lady managed to get a man so nice and caring as him to her husband. She hoped one day she could get a lovely husband too.

"Your turn," Doctor Frank whispers softly smiling at her and bringing her from her thoughts.

Without a second thought and always eager to show off her skill because she liked his praise Carla starts to play a few keys herself. She can feel the doctor sliding closer to her on the bench and it makes her blush a little. Lately he had been doing strange stuff like this, hugging her for long periods of times and rubbing her back in ways that made her nervous. But she pushed her fears and doubts aside, because Carla felt she could trust him. His shoulder was touching hers and their knees were pressed up against one another's. He didn't seem to particularly notice the closeness of their bodies as he focused intensely on the keystrokes she was making.

She feels guilty for staring at him and the shameful voices of her parents echo in her head telling her she is a sinner. Carla quickly shakes these thoughts away, she only adored him, she didn't love him and there was nothing wrong with her adoration. He was like the father she never had.

She focuses back in the piano and sees his fingers now joining in on the song from the other side of the keys, making there way closer to hers. His head jutting back and forth as he gets more and more into it and she glances up at him perplexed by his talent. Wanting to show off some more for him, she looks at him as her hands flutter away on the piano having memorized all the keys. It was an exceptional skill for her young age.

She sees his brown eyes take notice of her delicate swan like fingers working away at such a scale and his head turns to her abruptly his eyes full of that strange look he often gave her but this time in even greater intensity.

It happened so quickly the way he shifted to slid behind her so she could sit in between his legs. His chest pressed against her back as he grabbed hold of her hands directing them across the keys as they played together. Carla stole glances at him as his chin extended over her shoulder, focused on the precision of each note. She felt confused, like this didn't feel appropriate as it reminded her of her uncle. But he seemed very comfortable so perhaps she was overreacting.

"Doctor," she whispers as she feels his chin resting on her shoulder. She makes eye contact with him, "Doctor Foster."

"What is it Caroline?" he says holding her stare for a time and then abruptly turning attention back to the piano.

"I'd like to get out now, if that's alright with you." she says meekly.

"Why wouldn't it be?" he says raising his chin slightly off her shoulder. However his arms were still extended over her person.

She didn't have an answer. She really didn't know why it wouldn't okay to ask him to get out from behind her. She blushes because she believes he has no sinister intentions and she feels bad for even letting her mind go there.

"Hey," he says noticing her nervousness, "If I've made you uncomfortable in anyway, it was not what I intended." With one last dazzling smile he slides away from her and off the bench.

Carla stays rooted in her spot her fingers now resting on the piano. She is too ashamed to look at him.

"Hey," he says again walking over to her side of the bench and kneeling down, "Look at me Caroline. Won't you please?"

She feels her eyes filling with tears and wants to kick herself for overreacting. She thought Doctor Foster must think her to be an absolute baby. But she blamed herself for so long about Uncle Aidan. She felt like it was her fault, like she had encouraged him. Carla turns her head to stare at him ready to burst into tears under his concerned gaze. He grabs hold of her engulfing her in a great big hug as she bursts into tears.

"I'm so sorry," he whispers, "I should have thought…uncle Aidan, of course. I'm so sorry Caroline."

"It's okay," Carla sniffles, "You didn't mean anything by it. I feel safe with you… you're my friend."

"Well you know I'll always be here for you. I'll always protect you."

"You're my protector like Robert was, before father sent him away."

"Exactly," says the doctor retrieving a handkerchief from his coat pocket and beginning to wipe away her tears.

The way he did it was with so much kindness. Her father had never so much as offered her a handkerchief when she cried. She loved the feeling of being loved and this was truly her first experience of such human kindness. It was unaltered. His brown eyes were wide, as he makes sure to wipe away every teardrop. He acted like her skin was something extraordinary.

"You won't leave me?" Carla says, "You won't leave me like Robert did."

"Never," he utters winking at her, "I'll always protect you Caroline," and then hesitating for a moment as his hands caress her cheek he adds, "But you have to let me. Will you let me?"

Carla doesn't even think, her tears have calmed and she nods her head feeling much better. Then she sees a different sort look come over his features and it made her confused again. She did not like when he looked at her like that, but perhaps he didn't mean to. Perhaps she was reading into it all a bit much. He wasn't her uncle because he was nice.

He is all smiles at Carla's response and tucking his handkerchief away he grabs her by both shoulders pulling her from the bench so that she is kneeling in front him and looking into his eyes.

"I can only protect you if you let me. I'll never leave but you have to do something for me first."


"Swear yourself to me," he whispers.

Carla is confused by exactly this means, but because she trusts that he will always be there to listen to her she feels obligated to say yes. She didn't want to lose these afternoons spent playing the piano and talking about her family with someone who wouldn't judge her.

"Yes?" he says nodding his head and coaching for her to follow his lead.

Carla nods her head slowly with his and a faint smile enters his lips. All the sudden Carla feels a chill, like perhaps she has made the wrong choice. But just as quickly as the strange frightening look crossed over his features it went away. There is a deafening silence between them for a time. He reaches for her dark hair and tucks it behind her ear. Carla's eyes dart to the floor again feel like he is crossing another boundary but also feel immature for reading into everything.

"You don't know how beautiful you are," he whispers, "You're much too beautiful."

Carla looks up into his eyes again unsure of what to say.

"When someone pays you a compliment, the least you can do is say, thank you."

"Thank you," Carla whispers now feeling like it is time to leave.

There is another long silence as he caresses her cheek yet again.

"Caroline," he whispers pulling her in for another hug.

"Yes?" she says unsure of how to interpret this hug like all of his hugs.

"I'm afraid I'm going to want a little more than a thank you."

"Okay," Carla says meekly.

He looks at her again cupping her chin in his hand he moves to kiss her.

"Doctor Foster—" says a confused Carla, "What are you doing?" She starts to panic.

But he ignores her kissing her on the mouth, forcing his tongue inside. She wants to tell him to stop and ask him why he is doing this to her. But she just shuts down and goes immobile as he pulls her onto his lap and then violates her. She cries and cries but it only makes him more forceful. It only makes her cry some more and he pulls out that handkerchief again after he is done, acting like he hasn't done something wrong.

"You must stop crying Caroline. It's perfectly normal what we've done. You shouldn't be ashamed. You're a beautiful girl..I couldn't help it with that lovely face."

It was disgusting how he tries to justify himself to make it seem like she had provoked him to this act. He tries to touch her, but his touch just isn't the same it makes her feel dirty and she flinches. In that moment Carla realized how the meaning of words began to change. How simple actions, like wiping away tears with a handkerchief had new meaning. He looks angry at her rejection of him, refusing to see that he has done something completely monstrous his brown eyes now cold as he grabs her by the arm and makes her look at him. Carla wonders how long that monster has been sleeping inside of him, how long it has been etching to get out. He cupped her chin roughly and glaring at her says,

"Remember you swore yourself to me…"

"You remember, don't you?" says the doctor leering at Carla as she comes back to the present, "You must remember."

Carla shudders just feeling even dirtier as Frank puts his handkerchief away and rises to his feet.

"You might want to wash your mouth out," he says smirking as he walks over to Antony's drinks cabinet and retrieves a bottle of cognac and two glasses, "Will you be joining me?" he smirks casually back in Carla's direction.

"Not in a million years!"

"You should feel very brave right now, sacrificing yourself so Giulia wouldn't have to endure that. You might have to do it more often—"

"If you dare put a hand on her, I'll kill you! Alasdair will kill you!"

" Well if she's anything like her mother—"

"I will kill you with my own two hands," Carla says shoving herself off the wall. She would die before she let Frank Foster but his hands on her innocent daughter.

Frank ignores her pouring the two glasses and saying, "So about those documents?" he raises his face staring her directly in the eye, "I am thinking I wouldn't be too far of guess to venture they have something to do with the Connor families shipping business. Am I in anyway incorrect?"

How could he possibly know this? Carla can't hide her panicking and he smirks at her his eyes lingering on her tremors, which are starting to come back again.

"I take that as yes," he says now walking towards her with the two glasses in hand and offering one to her.

Carla does not accept his offer and stands frozen in her spot. How the hell did he know? Did this mean Antony knew something as well? How much did he know? Carla felt she could just flat out deny everything, but she figured it best to keep her mouth shut and find out what Frank knew.

"Oh don't be so doom and gloom Caroline," he says biting back laughter at her rejection of the drink, "It doesn't take all the tea in China to figure out this snooping around has something to do with your precious little Liam. He was looking all-smug at his fathers home today. I thought he'd be so depressed."

"He's over me," says Carla lying, "He utterly hates me."

"He hates you?" says Frank in a mocking tone; "He utterly hates you now, does he?"

The doctor now takes a deep sip of his cognac before he beings to slowly circle Carla who is rooted still in the same spot. Carla looks straight ahead willing herself to be as strong as she can for Liam, she will never confess their plan.

The doctor stops behind Carla leaning over her shoulder and behind her neck he whispers in her ear, "Strange then isn't it? Why would you be looking for any documents on his behalf?"

"I never said I was," Carla spat, "You arrived at that conclusion all on your own. This has nothing to do with Liam."

"What are you looking for then?" says Frank still not buying it.

"None of your business! Go to hell!"

"I guess I'll have to tell Alasdair and Antony then," says Frank tutting her for her behavior, "I don't imagine they'll be too happy with you. They'll surely want you out of this Palace and away from Giulia forever…then how will you protect her from me?"

Carla's face goes white at this possibility of Frank having access to his daughter for any amount of time. She felt ready to throw up. But surely Giulia would be safe under Alasdair's protection, but then again he seemed to trust Frank a great deal.

"That's what I thought," Frank says, "So just between us friends, what are you up to? What is your game?"


"Try that again."

"I was looking for documents needed in order to file for divorce."

"You forget I was in Cairo. I know that Alasdair specifically asked that if you wished to be free of Antony, Liam would have to be the one to ask. No-other-options."

"It's kind of difficult," Carla says growing more and more uneasy, "It' s kind of difficult for Liam to do that, when he has left me."

"Hmmm," says the Doctor beginning to circle her again like a vulture circles a dead carcass or hunts prey. He bits down on his bottom lip, his hands behind his back as he interrogates her further, "Has he?"

"Has he what?" says Carla knowing where this is going.

"Has he truly left you, Liam?"

"Yes," says Carla almost too quickly trying to recover she says, "Of course he has. He is tried of Antony always having some control over me. He won't do it anymore and I can't blame him. I am the best person to live with…thanks to monsters like you- I realized I have make some changes and the only way I can do that is to free myself from Antony once and for all."

"Alasdair wouldn't be too happy to hear that. He clings to the idea of you and Antony reuniting and giving Giulia the home he has wanted for her. He won't be very happy at all."

'You won't tell him then."

"Then I suggest, you tell me the truth, for real this time. You and Liam are still together aren't you? I saw it in his eyes, the way he looked me when I made reference of you today…his concern for Giulia…those little threats."

"That doesn't prove anything," says Carla, "Only that he is nursing a broken heart."

"I thought it was him that broke your heart?" Frank raises his eyebrows; "You might want to get your story straight darling because it is showing a lot of cracks."

"We broke each other's hearts then!"

"Even if I believed you, which I don't, but if even if I did; I'd still say you were looking for documents for Liam."

"And why would you say that?" Carla musters.

"Because you're so desperate to be loved and liked," he snarls, "You'd do anything to make him happy, so that he'd take you back," he lets it sink it having caught his prey finally before adding, "Remind me again what caused the fight? That bootlegger Peter Barlow, right?"

"Yes," says Carla, "He caused the fight and so what?"

"So how many times has it been now that Liam has caught you in the arms of another man? I'm sure you professed your love a great deal but he just wasn't buying it. I mean who would Caroline; you've perfected the role of seductress quite well. So you concocted a plan to get back into his good graces, didn't you?"

"Excuse me?"

"You concocted a plan to steal some documents on his father's shares to get back into Liam's good books. It makes perfect sense. I mean it's no secret Fionnbharth Connor has practically given your husband Antony as equal a stake in his company as he has given to his own sons Paul and Liam."

Carla is stunned. How could he possibly know all of this? Antony was very secretive when it came to his plans.

"And just how do you know all of this?" Carla bites

"I own shares Caroline. I attend the board meetings monthly in London. I've watched from the beginning as Antony slowly crept his way up to getting more shares. He's quite the suck up when he needs to be."

Carla was astounded how right Frank managed to be about what she was after. This could go one of two ways and Carla remembers Liam's advice. This plan could only work if they allowed all the players to believe they were invincible and the only smart people around. So she'd make him believe his theory was completely right while in reality it was only half right.

"It's Liam's rightful share. Antony has no business in taking that money when he already has Alasdair's money," Carla says relenting and playing up the game.

"Oh I know," says Frank, "The other board members are starting to lose their patience with him. They want him out and so do I."

This was a surprise to Carla. She had always had the opinion that Frank was completely loyal to the Gordon name. It turns out he was not, he wanted a piece of the profits from Antony's scheming.

"Don't look so surprised Caroline. You should know by now that this world is every man for themselves. The Gordon name is fine and all, but damn Antony is the one who convinced me to invest in the Connor family's old shipping business. He said the profits were numerous but it seems like it is mostly him who reaps the benefits. I want my piece."

"Good for you," says Carla, "Liam wants his too."

"I know."

"I did what you wanted," Carla says regaining some of her power and strength, "So now you won't tell Alasdair or Antony about me rummaging through this office."

"You need the documents still don't you?" Antony says smirking at her, "Go on, you don't have to pretend with me Caroline."

" Fine, I want them."

" Well you were looking in all the wrong places."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Antony didn't hide the documents in here."

"How would you know that?" Carla glares at him disgusted by his gloating.

"That's the funny thing about being a doctor, Caroline. People begin to trust you with their lives as much as they do the parish priest. You become their little confidant, they bring you along when they need someone to witness things. It's like they've never heard of lawyers."

"Get to the point."

"Alasdair insisted that I come along to Cairo to witness you hand Giulia over to him, that and to administer some calming medication. Well Antony also likes for me to bear to witness to some things as well. He took me into Giulia's room one day—"

Carla shudders again, thinking that this monster has step foot into her baby's bedroom.

"Don't worry Caroline, your precious Giulia wasn't in there. She was probably still in New York anticipating her grandfathers visit, while you were busy gallivanting all over Cairo with your former lover. Antony took this opportunity in his father's absence to grab a whole bunch of documents and beckon me upstairs with him. Taking one piece of paper from the pile, he waved it in front my face and said that it was his security for the future. Naturally my eyes took in the information and it was all pertaining to the transfer of Liam Connor's company shares over to Antony, sanctioned by Fionnbharth himself."

Carla listened intently trying to gather as much information as she could. She would have to tell this all to Liam later.

"What did he do with the paper? Did he hide it in Giulia's room?"

"Bingo! It's in a place where Alasdair could never happen upon it. And the old man gets so angry about Antony locking his cabinet doors, it makes him feel like Antony has something to hide."

Carla didn't blame Alasdair as Antony always had something to hide.

"Why put in Giulia's room?"

"Because Alasdair would never go in there. He thinks it improper for a man to venture into a young ladies room or even a girls room ever. His Giulia is the apple of his eye, her innocence as fine as jewels, she needs to be protected."

"I'm going up there then," says Carla because she really wasn't going to leave this place empty handed after all she had endured tonight.

It frightened her how truly unaffected she was by the mere fact Frank had just assaulted her. It had happened to her so many times now; perhaps she just didn't know how to react to it anymore. Perhaps she was just so used to it and it wasn't right but it was the truth. How else could she explain her ability to have normal conversations with men like Antony or the Doctor when they have both violated her beyond measure? It was like she had accepted her father's words about what to expect in a husband and men general, although it was in all evident in her actions, even though she rejected it in her mind.

"That's why I told you, so that you will. And you're very welcome."

"I am not thanking you for anything!"

"You ought to rethink that. Remember I can very well expose your snooping but out the goodness of my heart I have decided to protect your interests."

"How is forcing yourself on someone protecting them?"

"You and I will never see eye to eye on that. You seem to think that you were an innocent, but you weren't when I first had you. You always seem to enjoy it."

"I didn't and you know it!"

"Never mind that victim stance," he says losing his temper, "I'm helping you so that you'll help me in return. Once you manage to get that information on that sheet to your precious little Liam, you might want to put in a good word for me. Let him know who helped him get that valuable information."

"I'll do no such thing!"

"Oh you will. I have all the information and insight he'll need if he wants to take down his little enemy Antony Gordon once and for all. You can't get that information without my help, believe me Antony is watching you like a hawk. But no one ever watches me because they have no reason not to trust me. Come on Caroline, you know I'm right."

"I will only take information," says Carla realizing that she is making a deal with the devil but that it may necessary in getting Liam his rightful shares back. She wanted him to be happy and in his families good graces once more, "But if I need you. I will only meet you here and I'll be the one to set up the meetings."

" Covering all your spots, making sure you're well protected? Is that a yes then?" says Frank now gripping her arms and like history repeating itself all over again he nods his head coaching her to do the same.

Carla hesitates for a moment, the feelings she had when she was fourteen surfacing again. She knows she can't trust him, he raped and abused her as young girl and somehow he had managed to do the same tonight. But she wants to think of the way things can be in the future, when she can leave it all behind and finally just be with Liam and for good in their own endless paradise. So she nods her head, yes.

"Good girl," Frank whispers cocking his head to the side his brown eyes leering at her full of lust once again as he takes her all in. He makes no attempts to hide that he is undressing her with his eyes.

Carla finally turns away from him, trying to calm herself. She had just made a deal with her rapist and she was no fool to think history wouldn't repeat itself. She would just have to make sure to stay away from him as much as possible and only use him when it was the last resort. She remembers Liam said he would hire a P.I. to watch over her, in case Antony tried to kill her by surprise. The suggestion was welcome now, because she would need protection from the Doctor. But still she didn't want Liam involved with this man in anyway and has it in her mind to tell Liam she doesn't need protection and she'll be fine.

Smoothing out her dress and gathering her thoughts she knew that all she had to do was get to Giulia room and find the paper. She turns around glaring at him again.

"Where exactly is it? The paper?"

"Hidden in a chest amongst old dolls Giulia never plays with. She never can again, now that she is to be married."

Carla ignores his last remark but inside her head she is smiling. Antony really thought he was so clever and no one would ever be able to match his cleverness. Liam was right; this trait would truly be Antony's undoing.

"Shall we celebrate our unlikely partnership? Would you like a drink?"

"Never with you, " says Carla heading for the door and turning to unlock it when she feels the yank of her arm.

He pulls her close into him by the waist and steadies her against any attempts to fight him, "Now," he whispers, "Lets make one thing very clear Caroline, I'm protecting you. The least you can do is say thank you. But I'm afraid even thank you won't cut it. So the next time I see you darling, I'll want a little more appreciation; a little something more if you get my drift."

He yanks Carla's head so she is staring directly into those dark soulless eyes. She is trying her best not to emote. This bastard would have her do those disgusting things with him every time they met. It wasn't going to happen. He was truly depraved.

"Do you understand?"

She nods her head, her neck throbbing in pain from such a position.

"Good girl," he says releasing her and throwing her forward in almost a gentle fashion, "I think we understand each other perfectly, we always have though. You remember the day at the piano how things changed for both of us then."

Carla doesn't say anything. This man was truly sick if he is trying to claim he fell in love with her, a fourteen-year-old patient of his. She truly wondered if his wife knew about this evil behavior. Carla hoped for her sake, the lady did not. She quickly throws the latch of the door unlocking it and turning the door open. She can hear voices from the sitting room, laughter and happiness, and the piano… that song twilight and mist.

She looks back at him because she knows he has heard it too. It makes her feel ill, that Giulia is playing song. It makes her feel ill that she has adored that song for as long as she has when it represented some of the sickest moments of her life. Carla had blocked those moments out far too long. She had played it for the doctor, for Antony when they had just become engaged and for Liam in New York. Liam was only good memory behind that song.

She just found it ironic how Giulia must be playing it for Trevor on the occasion of there engagement. Carla still can't believe her daughter is engaged and to a man Carla has kissed first. How old was Trevor Dean, Carla thought. From all the gossip Maria has shared Alasdair had planned to have the engagement between his Giulia and his business partners youngest son who was twenty. Conrad and Vivian had referred to Trevor as there eldest, so what had happened to the younger son to now make Trevor the front-runner? She would have to find this all out in good time and protect Giulia's interests.

Carla steps out into the opening, but Frank has one last thing to say.

"Oh and Caroline-"

"What?" she says trying to control her emotions as she glares at him one last time.

"You'll be sure not to say anything about us to Liam, won't you," his look is stern as well as smug.

Carla inclines her head. She wasn't exactly going to tell Liam, if she did he'd be arrested for murdering this man. She'd always keep him from harms way and away from the ugliness. She had to, because he was the only pure thing in her life. He kept her sane. He wanted to protect him from all the evil in this world.

He smiles now, "Oh so sad. The secrets we have to keep to save our own souls and the souls of everyone we love. But you're a strong girl... you can do it."

Carla flings the door open at an alarming rate stomping down the hall and past the sitting room where she see Giulia playing at the piano as Trevor stands smiling an encouraging her at the insistence of all the elders. He glances up upon sensing her presence spying on them. And Carla can see in the way he is looking at her, that he wants it to be her in the room with him instead. It is infuriating, because Carla never wanted any of this. They hold each others eyes for what seems an eternity, trying to test one another and see who has the courage to look away first. It is Carla who finally breaks it, turning away quickly not wanting to inspire any deeper feelings between them.

She carries on further down the hall cursing that doctor's every being, everyone apart of this world she cursed. As she flounced towards the grand staircase she wishes Frank dead a thousand times over, that he will get his day of horrible reckoning, that all of them would. She swore to herself as she made it to Giulia's room and pushed open the door that before this year done she would look down upon Frank Foster's corpse and smile.