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Better than Good

Sam slowly spun the volume dial down from ear shattering to slightly deafening and watched as Dean unconsciously twitched. Sam felt the dry blood on his lip crack as the corners of his mouth rose in a smile. It had been a long week tracking down the ghouls running amok in Greendale, Iowa. It was suppose to be a simple job, but then nothing was ever simple for a Winchester.

As Sam drove his mind was flooded with the events of the past few days. The hunt. Dean's capture. And most importantly their conversation as Dean lay bleeding out preparing to die in the grimy basement of an abandoned house.

"I'm already gone Sammy, I'm ready."

"I'm not and I never will be. You can't leave me. You go, I go." Sam fought back tears that were threatening to spill over. He couldn't show any sign of defeat.

"Dude," Dean struggled to keep his eyes open, "Don't you dare quote Titanic as I lay here dying."

Sam wasn't sure if the noise he made following that request was a snort, sob, or laugh, "That's 'You jump, I jump' Dean."

Sam's mind was swimming with plans of how to get both of them out alive. There was still one ghoul alive upstairs. He wouldn't be able to fight him off and carry Dean out at the same time.

"Now I can rest in peace with the confirmation that you did sneak out to see that chick movie and not the Werewolf in London one." Dean had stopped fighting the urge to close his eyes and his words were becoming slurred. " 'I'll never let go'…Bit"

Sam jerked the wheel realizing that he had been way over the double yellow lines. The sudden movement roused Dean from his restful slumber.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes Dean sat up straight, "Everything good?"

Sam stole a glance of his older brother with disheveled hair; crease lines from sleep on his face, and wrinkled clothes. He was still a little pale and the circles under his eyes were going for a record. But he was alive.

"Better than good."


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