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Part One

Rebecca and Rachel turned their backs on Bella Swan. They were sick of her following them about all the time, they did not need anyone but each other. Their father had asked them to play nicely with Chief Swan's daughter as she was only in town for a week visiting. Her parents were divorced and Bella lived with her mother in Phoenix, a dry dusty place, the total opposite to Forks. They babbled away in their own made up language, ignoring the other girl completely. She was only seven and they were big girls of nine.

"Why are you still here?" Rachel turned and stamped her foot in annoyance as she saw the skinny pale faced girl still standing rooted to the spot.

"Daddy said I had to stay with you." Bella yanked on the ends of her long brown hair nervously.

"Well we don't want you here, just go and play by yourself." Rebecca sneered disdainfully. She took her twin's hand and ran into the house.

Bella felt warm tears roll down her cheeks. She wished she was still back in Phoenix with her mommy. She shuffled away from the house, her head hanging down and her hair hiding her face. Rain began to drip down from the sky and she was soon soaked to the skin, her hair hanging in tendrils round her face. It was like the sky was crying for her, all Bella Swan had done for the last twenty four hours since arriving to stay with her dad was cry.

She wandered aimlessly, not caring where she was headed. The sky darkened overhead and the rain really began to pelt down. Bella searched around for somewhere to take shelter and she saw the edge of the forest looming near. She ran as fast as she could and finally reached the overhanging leaves. Crouching down she pressed her back against the trunk of one of the trees and put her arms around her body, seeking warmth.

Ten minutes passed and Bella's body began to shake with the cold. The rain had turned into a torrential downpour and the tree no longer provided enough cover for Bella, she was drenched from head to toe. More tears poured forth as she curled up into a foetal position and rocked slowly, trying to put some heat back into her frozen body. She was so absorbed in her attempts to keep warm that Bella did not hear the pitter patter of paws on the forest floor.

The small russet brown wolf, which was no bigger than an average size dog, stopped. It sniffed the air with a quivering nose and inhaled the scent of ripe strawberries. Its tail, which had been drooping, suddenly rose in the air and the wolf trotted in the direction of the interesting aroma. Its ears perked forward and listened carefully as the sound of weeping assailed its sensitive ears. Carefully stepping through the undergrowth the small wolf crept silently toward the noise. It poked its head out of some leaves and finally located the source. A small, pale looking girl was lying curled up on the dirt floor of the forest. She was shaking as the cold pierced her body. The wolf never felt the cold.

Bella was brought out of her stupor by a yapping noise. It started off quietly and then increased in volume. She raised her head and her eyes met those of a small wolf, it wagged its stumpy tail and to her astonishment licked her face enthusiastically.

"Eeeeww...stop that." Bella sat up and gazed at the small wolf. It continued to wag its tail and its tongue lolled out as it gave her a big grin.

Bella knew that she should feel scared of the small wolf but really it was so sweet and incredibly friendly. Her tears were forgotten as she watched in amazement as the wolf sat down beside her and curled its warm body round her frozen one. The heat pouring from the wolf's body seeped through Bella's skin right to her bones. She nestled closer to the dense fur and ran her hands through the rough strands. The wolf actually made a rumbling noise and Bella thought it sounded rather like a cat's purr when it was feeling contented. She smiled to herself as she continued to caress the wolf's thick pelt.

Bella became so comfortable snuggled next to the wolf that her eyes became heavy and she drifted off into a deep sleep. The wolf felt her body relax against his and he opened his jaws in a wide yawn. He too felt tired and he placed his head next to hers and closed his eyes in contentment.


Billy Black found Bella curled up next to his son. Charlie Swan had been frantic when the twins had finally revealed that they had dumped Bella and gone off to play by themselves. They could find no trace of his small daughter and so he and Billy had decided to search for her themselves. Sarah Black had been extremely angry with the young girls and remonstrated with them fiercely.

Billy approached the two youngsters cautiously. He knew that Jacob had not even realised that he had phased back to his human form. Everyone in the tribe who was in the know had been shocked when Jacob Black had phased into a wolf at the age of five. His father had been reprimanding him for throwing water over his older siblings when he saw the young boys outline blur and within seconds a small russet coloured wolf stood trembling before him. Every other tribe member who knew about the spirit wolves began watching their young children in fear, which one of them would be next? Thankfully Jacob had been the only one.

Sometimes Billy was shocked at how easily his son had accepted this other side to himself. Maybe because he was so young he was able to adapt better. The young boy had been in much need of guidance however and Billy took pride in talking things through with his son. Weeks passed and Jacob would turn wolf and leave the house and go missing for hours at a time. His mother Sarah was finding it hard to comprehend that her youngest child was destined for such a future. Would he always be alone? Cursed with the misfortune of turning into a wolf as soon as he lost his temper, how would he ever be able to maintain a normal human relationship?

"Jake you need to wake up..." Billy's soft voice carried through the air. He watched as Jacob sat up and yawned widely, his chin length black hair was matted to his head and he rubbed his eyes sleepily.


"Hey son, look you need to go back to the house before Bella wakes up, she might be a bit shocked to see you next to her instead of the wolf. You shouldn't have let her see that Jake, I did tell you it must be a secret."

Jacob's full lips turned down into a pout. He had just been trying to make a friend and the girl seemed nice, she hadn't been scared or upset. "Girlie was cold, she liked me. I heard her say so."

Billy sighed and hunkered down in front of his son. "Her name's Bella Jake, she is nice but maybe she will think it was just a dream when she wakes. Come back to the house and get dressed, perhaps you can be her friend in your human form huh? That would be better wouldn't it?"

Jacob frowned as he mulled over his dad's words, after a moment his expression brightened. "Yeah...I am gonna show her my treasures..."

Billy smiled and helped his son to his feet. "Good idea, you go on ahead and I will carry Bella back to the house."

Jacob gave his dad one of his big toothy grins and ran off toward the little red house.


Bella opened her eyes expecting to see a small wolf but instead she was lying on the Black's old sofa. Tears pricked at her eyes as she realised the so called wolf she had seen did not exist. She had been so sure it was real, she remembered the rough feel of its beautiful fur and the warm feeling that had surrounded her when it chased away the cold. Her recollection seemed so vivid that in her heart she knew that the wolf did exist.

"I will find you again wolfie I will." Bella made a silent vow to herself. She was interrupted from her thoughts by a nudge on the arm. She turned her head irritably to find the Black's son standing in front of her holding a box.

"Wanna see my treasures girlie?" The boy asked her with a big grin.

"Not really...Jack is it?" Bella scrunched up her forehead trying to remember his name.

"NO it's Jacob...you're a bit stupid aren't you girlie." Jacob shoved the box next to Bella on the sofa, causing her to shift over to make room. "I don't mind though. My sisters are stupid too, but I'll still play with you."

Bella was so taken aback by his little speech that she became lost for words. Instead she watched as he rummaged through the box and brought out some old rocks and dumped them on her lap.

"What are these?" Bella asked curiously once she had recovered her voice.

"Rocks...magic rocks girlie." Jacob announced proudly.

"My name is not girlie it's Bella." She picked up one of the rocks and examined it. The shape and colour was rather unusual.

"Okay then Bells..." Jacob pulled out more knickknacks, an old feather and some screws.

"It's Bella...not Bells." Bella said mutinously.




"Well if you are going to call me Bells than I am going to call you Jake." Bella declared, crossing her arms and glaring at him.

Jake looked at her as if she was mad. Everyone shortened his name to Jake, but if it kept her happy. "Okay Bells...you can call me Jake. Wanna play outside now?"

"It's raining..."

"Nah...Sun is out. Come on we can find more pretty rocks. You can have one if you aren't stupid."

"Will you stop calling me stupid?"

"All girls are stupid, my friend Quil said so. Rach and Beck are stupid, Leah Clearwater is stupid. My mom isn't though, she is way clever. She tells Rach and Beck off when they're mean."Jacob smiled at the memory of his sisters being sent to their room on the numerous occasions they had picked on him.

Even though Bella was annoyed at being called stupid, she had to agree with the rest of Jake's words."Yeah...you're sisters are stupid, but I am not."

Jacob shrugged. He was tired of talking about his sisters. "Are we gonna play outside or not?"

"Alright...Jake can I have this feather?"

Jacob stared at the large feather that was one of his most prized possessions. It had been a gift from the tribal elders to the young son of the Chief. He watched as Bells wound the feather into her hair. It did look rather pretty. "Okay...but only for today."

Bella smiled shyly at him and jumped off of the sofa. Jacob took her small hand in his and led her outside into the weak sunshine.

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