AN: Well, this is just a short story of Hal Jordan receiving the power ring that I've written for my English class. Nothing special, but I decided to post it either way. I'm a non-native speaker, so if you see any huge mistakes here (grammar, logical or else),please, feel free to point them out.

Also I didn't found any info on Hal's age, so if you know how old was he at the moment, let me know ;)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All the characters belong to DC.

''This can't be happening to me,'' thought Hal looking at the ring on his finger. The little green thing — although compared to your average rings it was anything but little — contained unlimited power within. It could do anything your mind creates. Or so he was told.

''Well, good thing I don't have any problems with imagination,'' said Hal to himself.

Never in his 27 years he had thought that would happen to him. Hal Jordan was a US airforce pilot and he'd seen a lot. But that, that was something new.

Going to the airforce base that morning he couldn't even imagine how strange and surreal the day would turn out to be.

He was driving home to his apartment when he saw an object falling from the sky not far from the road. Immmediately thinking the worst, Hal drove to the place and saw a rather big crater in the earth. At the bottom of it laid a strange spheric object, which looked awfully lot like a space ship. And yeah, there was an odd man inside the ship. He looked really like a human, aside from the fact that his skin was purple and his face features looked..well, other-worldly. From the way he was struggling for breath it was obvious the purple dude was dying.

''Hal Jordan. Do not be afraid,'' Hal heard the voice saying, although allien's lips weren't moving.

''Come to me.''

Hal didn't know what to think, but he moved on autopilot. The allien had a hard time trying to stay conscious. He held out his hand and there was a ring in his palm.

''The ring. It chose you. You're the first of your kind to be honoured to wear it. Use its power to defend the Universe. The only thing restricting it is your imagination,'' the allien shifted his gaze to a strange looking thing to his left.

''Take the lantern, say the oath,'' his eyes started to close.

''Oath? What oath?'' asked Hal bewildered.

''Become one of us. Become a Green Lantern,'' with that allien's head lulled to the side. He was dead.

Then Hal heard the sound of a helicopter. Immediately he sprang into action and ran to his car. He had to get out of there before being seen.

Now he was sitting on a couch in the middle of his living room, casting glances between the ring on his finger and the antique green lantern on the coffee table.

''What's on Earth is this oath?'' Hal wondered out loud. It felt really creepy talking to some allien-made 'lantern'.

''I've just got a power ring from a dying purple allien who was mindreading me,'' he mused. ''Could it get creepier?''

Without thinking Hal bumped his right fist into the lantern and suddenly an emerald light appeared from the center of that thing, enveloping his body and pulling him out of the window into the night sky.

''Guess it could,'' thought Hal as the light which surrounded him was rapidly raising him higher and higher above the ground.