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I started writing this story after it got stuck in my head while writing me original EVE Online fic after playing Mass Effect. It got so stuck I needed to write it out so I figured I might as well post it. I saw another EVE and ME cross over was here as well, but it seems un updated and I have a different take on it anyway. I have no idea how frequent updates on this will be, but we'll see where it goes.

I also have no idea how familiar any of you will be with either EVE or ME from either side and I will be using some terms that might be unknown. I will try to explain most of it as best I can, but if I miss something feel free to ask and I'll either update the chapter or just give a definition at the start of the next or current chapter. Either way I hope someone has fun reading it.

Lost and Found

"So Commander, what do you think?"

"I really don't know Joker." Shepard answered as he stared at what appeared to be a massive disturbance in space. Almost as if space had collapsed in on itself in that spot. After picking up Jack from the purgatory, they had been waiting for word from the Illusive man for there next target when EDI detected a strange anomaly in their present system. Curious Shepard had ordered a course be set to check it out and now here they were.

"I have completed my analysis of the anomaly." EDI piped up.

"I'd love to hear it." Shepard said, never moving from the cockpit window looking out at the anomaly.

"It appears to be some type of wormhole. The readings I am getting indicate a great amount of gravimetric, electromagnetic as well as mass effect field distortions. Visually you can see what appears to be another set of stars through the wormhole itself."

"So basically it's a big hole in space, but where does it go?" Joker piped up.

"I am uncertain, I am cross-referencing all know star clusters against this profile, so far no match."

"Commander, I suggest we document all readings and send them along to Cerberus before moving forward. This phenomenon is interesting, but hardly a task that is mission critical." Miranda added.

"Not entirely true operative Lawson. Find anomaly interesting. Lots of theories on wormholes but never discovered one before, implications stunning. Could have possible use for travel, how did it form and can it be duplicated? New technology gained from new principles could be used against collectors, maybe reapers. Travel not dependent on Mass Effect fields? Very interesting."

Shepard rolled his eyes at Mordin who just rattled that off. "Were not in that much of a hurry yet Miranda and were sending the data to the Alliance, not Cerberus." Miranda decided to ignore that last comment, more focused on gaining data from the wormhole at present.

"Shepard the wormhole seems to be changing, its readings are spiking across the board. I suggest we clear to a safe distance."

"Already on it!" As Joker started frantically operating the Normandy, quickly moving it over 40 clicks from the anomaly and aligned out for ftl jump if needed. The rest of the crew had moved to the holographic display in the center of the CIC to watch. The anomaly flared up brilliantly and all of them let out a cry as the anomaly seemed to crash in on itself. The resulting singularity burst outwards in a pulse that flooded the Normandy sensors and rocked the ship as it passed by.

"Status Joker?" Shepard yelled.

"Were all ok as far as I can tell, some fried circuits, but nothing major."

"Shepard I'm picking up another energy signature. It appeared right at the moment of the pulse. However I am having trouble tracking it with current interference, attempting to clear up sensors." EDI piped up. "Done, reestablishing sensor lock. Analyzing and routing the feed to your command console."

They all stared at the picture of a sleek gold gleaming hull.

Shepard was the first to find his tongue again. "Is that a ship?"

"Preliminary analysis suggest so. The object is exactly 479 meter long and thruster ports of some sort are active at the back judging by the heat signature. I am detecting significantly higher power outputs then would be normal for a ship that size. Additionally I detect no mass effect field distortions of any kind." Was EDI's response.

Mordin immediately started rattling off. "Implications astounding, could signify non eezo depended form of space travel. Wonder if anomaly is connected to….."

Shepard tuned the noise out as Miranda and Edi started weighing in as well and took a moment to think. "Joker make sure were ready to go in a moment's notice if that thing is trouble. Engage the stealth drive and make sure the Javelin launchers are loaded in case we need them quick."

"Aye aye, commander."

Now let's hope this thing turns out to be friendly.

On the other ship Eve was cursing that the wormhole had closed behind here. It had been an unknown wormhole, but according to her readings it shouldn't have collapsed with only her Legion class strategic cruisers mass passing through. Now she would be stuck here without a prober with her. Oddly she noted that she wasn't getting a K code identification either and all her comm. channels seemed to be down. Only two seconds later did she notice she wasn't alone here.

"Unknown signature? Odd." She thought as she zoomed on it further and her sensors started piping data into her brain, part of it she brushed off to Aura for analysis. It didn't match any know ship models on the market today. Hell it didn't even resemble any form of design she had seen. At around 100 meters long the ship was slightly longer than a frigate, but with remarkably lower power outputs. Her sensors were also picking up some strange energy readings she couldn't identify. Besides the normal heat signatures there were some odd gravimetric readings that seemingly made no sense.

Suddenly some of her sensor lost all track of the vessel. It was still there, she could see it, and her gravimetric and magnometric sensors were still telling her it was there. But heat emissions and the strange energy were completely gone. Quickly analyzing the rest of the data with the new maneuvering the frigate was doing she deduced it must have cloaked, or whatever that things equivalent of it was. For her it didn't really make it that much harder to spot.

She was still curious though. It appeared in no way a threat though her scans of the ships suggested it was armed. Was it alone here or would it have backup close by. Her directional scanner was clear of objects, beyond the normal planets and moons. Her instincts screamed at her to make the first move, he who shot first generally won after all, but she didn't know anything about this ship. Quickly she considered her options only to come to the conclusion that the simplest thing to do was just to start talking. If worst came to worst one or 2 rounds of her energy neutralizer should definitely cap something that small out and she could leave.

Choice made, opening a channel.

"Commander I have an incoming comm. signal from the unknown vessel. It's blanketing most known spectrums, in all likely hood it is unsure as to how to contact us."

Shepard looked up from studying it on the map and answered. "Can you isolate and establish a connection on one of the frequencies?"

"I believe so." Came the immediate reply.

Shepard nodded. "Good route the signal to the comm. room, I'll take it there. Let's see what were dealing with here."

Upon entering the comm. room a highly distorted hologram and static noise appeared in front of him. "EDI can you clear this up?"

"I will try, the vessel is using an encryption I am unfamiliar with." Came the reply.

Before she even finished the sentence the hologram cleared into a crystal sharp image of what appeared to be a young human women. With a strong emphasize on human. "Well that was fast EDI."

"That was not me. The signal modified itself to match our incoming communications protocols. Shepard this modification was made with a speed and accuracy not obtainable by any organic, there is an AI on board."

Shepard nodded and focused his attention back to the hologram. In front of him stood a rather small, but good looking human women with short blue hair to her shoulders. All she was wearing were some form of black combat trousers and sturdy looking boots and a blue tank top the complimented her hair. What still nagged him though, was that she seemed human. That didn't seem possible.

The hologram just smiled and started. "Well I was hoping for a slightly more conversational meeting."

The second surprise, she was talking the same language as him. He knew translators had come a long way so he could perfectly understand any alien known. But this one wasn't known, no matter how human it may have looked. Even more worrying was that the translator hadn't kicked in at all, the designated light wasn't burning. It had deemed the output understandable to Shepard, which meant the alien was actually speaking English. "Well this is certainly unexpected." He mumbled.

The hologram smiled even brighter. "Ah it speaks after all. Allow me to introduce myself, you may call me Eve."

That broke Shepard out of his thoughts. "I'm Commander John Shepard, captain of the SSV Normandy. I'm assuming you're the one in charge of the other vessel."

The holo nodded. "You could say that, yes." She looked around a bit as if to take in the interior. "Now could you be so kind as to tell me where I've exactly ended up, because it doesn't seem to be where I expected to go."

Shepard couldn't help but smile at the light tone Eve had taken. "Well, we call this the Osun system. Though I'm not sure that will mean anything to you."

She shook her head at the smile faded to a small twitch at the side of her lips. "No it doesn't."

Shepard couldn't contain his curiosity by this point. "I have to ask though, are you human? And where did you learnt to speak English?"

The question seemed to surprise her. "I'm mostly human yes, as far as I know anyway. What's so odd about that? As for the speaking English, I simply downloaded the translation package stored in your standard communications protocol."

"Wait you just downloaded our language and now you can speak it?"

"Well yes, it only took a few seconds to learn." The holo giggled and continued. "Though I have to ask what kind of language Salarian is. That many clicks and squeaks in a language is just odd. Even Minmatar for all their grunting have proper words and syntax."

Shepard was struggling to wrap his head around that. "Sorry, but this is just a bit odd to me. I don't know these Minmatar, but pretty much all aliens we run into are not human."

"Not human?" That seemed to surprise her more. "The Minmatar I just spoke of are also human. Every race I know of is human, even the Jovians for all their genetic enhancements are technically still human."

"Wait you've never met any aliens?"

Eve shook her head again. "Not as far as I know, pretty interesting concept though."

Shepard briefly considered all this. They had much to talk about and Eve definitely seemed friendly enough. "Well if you want you can come on board so we can talk in person, would make a lot of this a lot easier wouldn't you agree."

For a second the holo remained eerily motionless before it nodded. "Eh why not, I'll maneuver beside you. Tell your pilot to ready the airlock, I'll be over in a second." And with that the hologram clicked off.

"Eh, commander. That thing just started moving towards us. You want me to start powering up the mass effect drive?" Joker came over comms. a split second later.

"That's a negative Joker. Prep the airlock and alert the rest to meet us in the comm. room, we've got a visitor coming over and I think you'll like her." Shepard responded as he headed towards the front of the ship again.